What to Use to Clean a Mattress-Know Everything !

What should you use to clean a mattress? The real answer depends on the nature of the stain you need to clean up. We’ll share what to use to clean a mattress based on what you need to clean.

Urine Stains / Poop Stains

Whether it is a human or pet who had an accident in bed, the best cleaner you can use is one designed specifically for urine and poop stains. Note that you can use pet stain remover on a human mess. Remove any physical material and try to soak up any immediately liquids with towels and paper towels. Next, apply the stain remover to the surface of the bed. Let it soak in and do its work. Dab the area to try to draw out the mixture of mess and cleaner.

You may need to repeat this process more than once. Next comes cleaning the area to get the cleaner out. Get a sponge damp or towels moderately wet. Press it into the area to let some of that moisture seep in. Then use dry towels or paper towels to wick the moisture out.If you want to know complete process how to remove urine from mattress just click here.


Blood may originate from a wound or a woman’s period leaking through her clothes and into the mattress. The literal solution here is mix of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. Another option is applying a paste made from table salt and dish soap with a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide. Either way, apply the mixture to the stain and let it do its magic. You don’t want to put hydrogen peroxide on a wound because it kills healthy cells around the edge of the wound, increasing the odds it will scar.

However, it will break up blood cells and break them down in stains for the same reason. After it has bubbled for a while, scrape off the residue, taking care not to push the mass into a new, unaffected area. Dab the area with a clean rag to soak up any residue. You’ll probably want to apply a wet sponge, letting the water soak into the mattress before drawing it out to get the remaining chemicals and blood out of the mattress.

Vomit and Other Biological Stains

Biological messes like these need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Find towels or rags and scoop up as much as possible, getting it off the bed. Remove solid chunks and wet liquid, soaking up what you can’t clean up. You may want to put paper towels around the worst of the mess while you do this in order to prevent the mess from being spread around and inadvertently pushed into the fabric. Next, apply the enzymatic cleaner that breaks these biological stains down. Let it sit for at least five minutes.

Dab the affected area with clean towels to soak it up. Get sponges damp before pressing them into the affected area. Next, dab these same areas with clean towels and try to soak up the mixture of water, cleaner and biological matter. Repeat the process as necessary. Avoid pressing dirty towels into clean sections of the mattress or else you’ll spread the stain.

Note that you can use this same process with other protein based stains like the chicken soup you spilled in bed.

General Cleaning

Your mattress may need to be cleaned simply because. It may need to be cleaned not because of a specific stain but because it is on the receiving end of dead skin cells, sweat and dust mites. The first step in this case is vacuuming the surface of the bed. This can suck up dead skin cells, pet hair, your hair, dust mites and crumbs.

For general stains or mixed stains, create a cleaning solution from dye-free liquid dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix it in a spray bottle, and spritz the affected area. Let the mixture soak in for a few minutes. Then dab it up. Use a wet sponge to dab the area, allowing some water to soak in. Then use a towel or dry paper towel to draw out both the water and the cleaning solution.

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