What is Memory Foam & Its 4 Awesome Benefits

Many people want to know what memory foam is and its various benefits. Memory foam might have one of the most peculiar starts of any mattress material, but it has proven to be an incredibly comfortable material that many people love and actively look for. Not only that, but ithas numerous health benefits and has advanced greatly since its inception. Read on to see what memory foam is and its numerous benefits.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is made from polyurethane, which is a polymer (long chain of repeating compounds) made of organic compounds and urethane links. Known for being dense and viscous, this foam uses an open-cell structure that allows air to move within the mattress. The material changes density according to heat, which is why it can mold around your body so well.

Originally made in 1966 for NASA helmets due to its ability to react to temperature, be super soft and to easily fill out the helmets. It was in the 1980s when NASA released the material to the public, where it was used for various purposes. Many companies found the material hard to work with at first, but in 1991 Tempur-Pedic began to master memory foam and made it into a soft and luxurious bedding material.

Memory foam has gone through several generations and changes. The open-cell structure became more open to reduce heat, and gel foam became the norm as it is easier to work with, cooler and makes a more efficient product. This material is still being worked on and improved today, with constant changes making it better and better each time.


01.Reaction to Temperature and Weight

Unlike most other materials, memory foam reacts to heat and weight. It can easily compress under weight, unlike other materials that are forcefully bent by weight, and it softens with higher temperatures. Your body weight and heat will literally change the material, which makes it form around your body for a custom fit. This allows the material to be softer and provide a better sleeping surface for you.

While some other materials react a bit to your weight and temperature, none do it as well as memory foam. This material is unique in that it gives you a custom fit. Even at the beginning, when the material is adjusting to your body, it is still very comfortable and responsive.

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02.Relieving Pain

If you frequently have sores, joint pain or body aches, then memory foam is one of the best materials that you can sleep on. As stated above, memory foam softens when exposed to higher temperatures. You may not know this, but areas that experience pain often have a slightly elevated temperature due to the extra blood and fluids that rush to that area.

The memory foam exposed to those areas will soften as a reaction, making them more comfortable and easier on the body. This material is also known to give above average support to the body’s pressure points, cradling them and ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the night.


When most people experience allergies around their mattress or during sleep it’s caused by dust mites. Microscopic but very problematic, dust mites are a common allergen for people and it can cause fits of sneezing, coughing and other symptoms that just aren’t good for sleep.

The good news is that memory foam inadvertently resists dust mites. This wasn’t intended, but memory foam makes a poor home for dust mites. Not only that, but memory foam doesn’t have any known allergens, so very few people experience issues with this material.

04.Ideal Sleeping Posture

Other materials, like innerspring mattresses, don’t resist your movement very well. Due to this, you can easily toss and turn without the mattress keeping you still. Memory foam’s ability to form around your body makes it harder to move around, which allows you to keep the ideal sleeping posture all night long.


Memory foam is an interesting and unique material with several amazing benefits. Not only is it one of the most comfortable mattress materials available, but it’s also free of allergens, helps with relieving pain and it resists tossing and turning. If you want a great mattress that is durable, comfortable and helps with pain, then you found the best material. Memory foam mattresses are popular and always getting better.

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