What is Box Spring & Best Box Spring Reviews (Very Useful)

Box springs are nearly invisible in modern society. They are often sold with new mattresses, though not all mattresses come with one. This raises the question: do you have to have one? But what are box springs? What is box spring or divan used for? We’ll answer these questions and more about this popular bedding product.We also review the best box springs in the market.

What you will Learn Here :

  • What is a box spring?
  • What are the benefits of a box spring?
  • What are the alternatives to box springs?
  • What are the disadvantages of box springs?
  • How large does a box spring need to be?
  • Top 3 Best Box Springs Review

What is a box spring?

A box spring is essentially a box containing springs. It is more than that, though. The sturdy wood frame contains springs that provide additional support and bounce to a mattress. The springs are covered with cloth, though this isn’t as thick as you would find in a mattress full of springs. The springs in the box spring are larger and more widely spaced than those in a conventional mattress.

What are the benefits of a box spring?

The box spring raises the mattress up higher. (The height of box springs range from 5 to 9 inches, but this makes no difference in the support they provide.) This elevation makes it easier for the average person to get in and out of bed. The box spring absorbs a lot of shock the mattress gets if you sit down on it or a child stands on it.

This somewhat reduce wear and tear on the mattress, and it certainly slows down the process of mattresses developing low spots. This is why your mattress warranty may require you to have a box spring under the mattress for the warranty to remain in effect.

It creates a firm structure for the mattress to lie on that is not as hard as a solid floor or hard boards. That makes the mattress somewhat more comfortable, and it reduces the hardness of pressure points. The box spring will prevent the bed from dramatically sagging under a heavy load. In some cases, it keeping the bed both flat and relatively soft eases their back pain relative to the alternatives.

However, you should not continue to use a mattress to the point that you’re sinking down to the box spring. Nor is the box spring made for you to sleep on by itself.

What are the disadvantages of box springs?

Box springs take up a lot of space under the mattress. That reduces the amount of storage space under the mattress unless you elevate it unnaturally high off the ground. The box spring is made of springs that get crushed over time.

This means you’ll have to turn it over periodically. That’s an awkward process since you have to move the mattress out of the way first. And the box spring needs to be replaced once in a while, just like your mattress. We would recommend replacing the box spring when you replace your mattress. And if you didn’t already know, the mattress should be replaced every seven to ten years.

What are the alternatives to box springs?

All mattresses need a firm platform under it. This could take the form of a bed frame with slats. The biggest alternative to a box spring bed is a platform bed. The platform provides that support, and it is much more even than slats on a bed frame. After all, slats can shift or break.

Platform beds hold the bed above the floor, and you have the ability to use all of that space for storage. Note that a soft, supportive mattress can lie on top of a firm platform, making this a viable option for those with back pain. You’d actually get more back pain if you’re sleeping on a worn down mattress on uneven or widely spaced slats.

Another alternative to a box spring is having a mattress so thick that you don’t need a box spring. Think of air beds, water beds, and some memory foam beds. In these cases, the mattress has massive amounts of support built into it. All you need is the bed. On the other hand, these beds rarely have space under them. Furthermore, some of the memory foam mattresses still require a box spring under it, if you want the warranty to remain in effect.

Do I have to have box springs under my mattress?

Modern mattresses are much thicker than the thin ones that must have a box spring under them. The box spring was required to make it comfortable to sleep on the thin cotton or spring mattress while sleeping on a wood frame with slats. Very thick mattresses may not need a box spring if it is on that type of mattress frame. (Pillow tops don’t make a top in this regard.) And it won’t require a box spring if it is resting on the floor or a platform bed.

However, you may want a box spring under your bed to provide additional support for a traditional, double-sided innerspring mattress. And you can use a box spring if you just like the added bounce. Note that this is what allows so many kids to jump on their bed, and you’ll need to replace the box spring more often if they do this.

How large does a box spring need to be?

Suppose a box spring makes sense for you. You’re concerned about having even support or preventing mattress sagging. How large does the box spring that goes with your mattress need to be? The ideal box spring is as large as the mattress itself. This means a twin bed should have a twin sized box spring.

Do not use a box spring smaller than the mattress. You’ll end up with accelerated wear and tear on the edges of the mattress. You also increase the risk of the mattress flipping over. A box spring that is larger than the mattress is not going to lack support for it.

However, it increases the odds the mattress will slide around. You also get a drop off on the side of the bed that doesn’t follow a standard profile. Whether this affects the lay of your blankets and sheets depends on how you make your bed.

Top 3 Best Box Spring Review

01. Sleep Master Brand Smart Box Spring, Queen Size

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This bed spring / bed platform offers a fair amount of support. It can support someone who is 300 to 400 pounds. However, it cannot handle point stresses near that level. For example, a 300 pound person standing on it can bend bars or crack a weld. However, many box springs can’t handle a 250 pound plus adult at all. This is one of the best box springs for heavy adults.

This box spring must have a thick mattress on it. A thin cotton or memory foam mattress won’t prevent you from sinking through and feeling the bars in it. The metal bars have eight inch gaps between them. The manufacturer also makes a wood version with around two inches between each slat. That’s the better choice if you’re concerned your mattress is too thin.

It is heavy, but it has relatively few pieces. On the other hand, that’s how it can provide so much support. It also comes with some of the tools needed to assemble it. For some, the assembly work is a hassle relative to box springs that ship assembled. Yet the fact it comes broken down means you can get it into almost any room.

The biggest issue is that it sometimes doesn’t ship with instructions, and the assembly is not intuitive. If it arrives without the tools or missing pieces, you can’t do anything with it. Screw things together tightly, or it will squeak.

Because this is really a bed platform, there’s a lot of space under it for storage. Note that this means you could put a box spring with real springs and a mattress on top of it. However, that depends on how high you want the bed to be.

This frame is listed as queen sized, but it is more accurately described as full size. This means queen size mattress may hang over the edge. And it doesn’t prevent a mattress from sliding around.


  • Can support very heavy adults
  • Can be shipped anywhere
  • Fits twin and queen beds


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Can be felt through a thin mattress
  • Not really a box spring


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02. Zinus Brand Armita 7 Inch Smart Box Spring

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This is another bed frame list as a box spring. It is made to support your box spring. This product is unusual in being available in Twin XL and California King sizes. Full sizes don’t always fit full size beds; it tends to run small. On the other hand, this probably the best box springs to buy with a Zinus mattress, since it is made to complement those mattresses.

It comes with everything you need to assemble it. It isn’t as easy to assemble as the instructions suggest. Manufacturer defects can make it impossible to assemble, though this is rare. For example, if it is missing slats, it can’t support a box spring and/or mattress.

For some, the fact that it is not pre-assembled is a selling point, since you can move it through narrow hallways and stairwells until you have it where you want to assemble it.

This mattress frame cannot be used with memory foam mattresses, unless you have a box spring or large bed board under it. The slats are more than four inches apart. That means memory foam mattresses sink down in places. Note that this isn’t a problem with spring mattresses. You want to either have a sturdy box spring or bed board over it, because the metal frame will rip up a cotton or memory foam mattress.

The cloth cover that comes with it to hide the metal frame doesn’t really fit. The cover may rip when you zip it shut, and if it is fine, it may rip if you move around too much. Nor does that protect any mattress on top of it. The cloth cover makes this metal frame resemble a box spring, but again, it is not a box spring.

The bed frame itself is rather lightweight. That makes it easy to move if necessary. Just understand that it is not a box spring, so you have to use a mattress if not a mattress/box spring combo with it. A lot of people buy this in conjunction with a Zinus box spring.

It sometimes squeaks. That is more likely if you move around a lot.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in unusual sizes
  • Looks like a box spring when the cover is in place


  • Need protection for soft mattresses
  • Somewhat challenging to assemble
  • Not a box spring but advertised as one


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03. AmazonBasics Brand Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame, 14 Inches



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Amazon Basics brand products are affordable, generic alternatives to many name brand items. This metal platform / bed frame is sold as an alternative to a box spring. It is a metal frame designed to support beds like the other so-called box springs on our list.

This unit has a lower weight limit than the others on this list. Each side can support a sleeper up to 250 pounds. Do not use this mattress bed frame is you weigh more than that.

The open frame is designed to maximize storage under the bed. It is also made to be foldable, something that simplifies storage if you want to put it away or move at a later date.

The middle legs are prone to be short, causing them to be unable to touch the floor. This is independent of the hinges in the frame. That doesn’t make the mattress uncomfortable, unless one of the four corners is also uneven.

This bed frame is probably the easiest to assemble out of those on our list. On the other hand, the metal supporting rods may poke up out of the frame. That will poke holes in your mattress, if you don’t have a true box spring on top of this bed frame.

It doesn’t squeak as much as others on this list, but the issue will occur after several months of continual use. You can’t attach this unit to a headboard.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Best box springs for those on a budget
  • A lot of storage space underneath


  • Low weight limit
  • Can’t attach to headboard


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Box springs were originally necessary to make up for the limitations of minimal traditional mattresses. They continue to provide a number of benefits, and there are bed designs that still warrant using them.You can buy any one of them from above mentioned best box spring.

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