What Is A Duvet Cover ? Know Everything About It (Very Useful)

Having proper bedding materials is an essential thing to get quality sleep. When it comes to buying some bedding materials, many people do not have a clue on the best bedding they need. Therefore they end up choosing the unworthy linens. In this article, we are going to guide you on the essential type of bedding that you need to know and other things about duvet cover.

A duvet cover is a very crucial bedding material that helps in protecting duvet. After you have bought your best mattress, duvet, and other essential bedding, you need to protect them from dirt as possible. That is because cleaning things such as comforter, duvet, and others are very hard.

There is a need to get a duvet cover to offer a protective layer for the bedding. Below are some of the things you need to know about duvet covers

What is a duvet cover?

Many people confuse between a duvet and duvet cover. Therefore if you do not differentiate between the two mentioned types of bedding material, then you need to relax because this article got you covered. A duvet cover is a pillowcase like a sack that contains either zip or buttock and used to provide a protective layer to the duvet and comforter.

Duvet refers to a type of bedding made of a flat bag that is filled with things like feathers, cotton, wool, or any other synthetic alternative. In some places, many people refer to duvet as comforter.

What is the main uses of duvet covers?

Having known what is a duvet cover, now let discuss some of the uses of a duvet cover. Generally, duvet covers are essential. Some of the common uses of duvets covers include;

  • Used to protect the duvet

The primary purpose of the duvet cover is to protect the duvet from things such as dust and other types of specks of dirt. Therefore if you need to keep your duvet clean always, you should consider getting a good duvet cover.

Since duvet covers are machine washable, one can wash the duvet easily as compared to the duvets. According to the duvets maintenance tips, it is highly recommended not to wash your duvet more frequently. That is because the fabric inside your duvet will be affected by frequent washing.

Many people have reduced the duvet’s lifespan by washing them regularly. Thus to keep your duvet clean always, choose to buy a good duvet cover to provide maximum protection.

  • It also improve aesthetic appearance of the bedroom.

How to choose the best duvet cover?

It is crucial to know that not every duvet cover will fit in your bed duvet well. Therefore, you need to consider various things when choosing the perfect duvet cover. Some of the things you need to consider when buying a duvet cover are such as;


The material used to make a duvet cover is among the essential thing that one should consider when choosing a perfect duvet cover. Various duvets covers are classified according to the material used to make them. Also, the materials will determine the lifespan of the duvet cover, the ease of cleaning, the temperature regulation, and much more.

Therefore if you need a duvet cover to use during the summer season, you can consider choosing a duvet cover made up of heavy material. That is because it will help in increasing the temperatures on the bed. Also, if you need a duvet cover that can be cleaned easily or a cheaper duvet cover, you will need to choose a different duvet cover material.

Therefore depending on several things, you can select different duvet covers. Some of the common types of duvet cover classified according to the material that the duvet cover is made of are such as silk, cotton, cotton-poly blend, and polyester duvet covers.


Since the duvet cover will be used to cover you’re your duvet, it is clear that the duvet cover will always be visible to everyone entering your bedroom. Therefore for uniformity, you need to choose a duvet cover with almost the same color as your other bedding.

Matching the color of your duvet cover and other bedding improved the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom. Thus, ensure the duvet cover that you chose will improve the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom.

Ease of washing

It is essential to consider the fact that you will need to wash your duvet cover always. Therefore when buying a duvet cover, you need to ensure that the material of the duvet cover is easy to clean.

That will save you time that you could waste when washing the duvet cover. Choose the duvet cover made of soft materials that can be easily cleaned.


Price is another factor to consider when buying a duvet cover. Different duvet covers are sold at a varying amount depending on several factors such as the size of the duvet cover, the decoration and design, color, material, and many more. Ensure you consider the quality duvet covers sold at a pocket-friendly price.

Avoid duvets that are sold at a very high or low cost. That is because duvets covers sold at a meager price might be of low quality while the ones sold at high price lead you to a financial crisis. Choose the duvets to cover that their prices range between your budgeted amounts.

Size of your duvet

When buying a duvet cover, you need to ensure that the size of your duvet cover is slightly bigger than your duvet size. That is because choosing a duvet cover that is smaller or equal to your duvet; the duvet will not fit in it well. Therefore ensure you consider the size of the duvet before choosing any.

Seller reviews

Only a few sellers can provide quality duvet covers. To know the best duvet cover seller, you need to consider the seller reviews. Give priority on the sellers with the best reviews because they provide the best quality duvet covers.

Brand reputation

Various types of duvet covers are made by different companies. Companies that have been able to provide the best quality duvet covers are very reputable. Therefore you need to buy the duvet covers made by reliable manufacturers. That is because those duvet covers will serve you’re for a long time.

Different types of duvet covers you need to know

There are various types of duvet covers meant for different uses. For instance, if you need a duvet cover to use during the summer season, you will not require a similar duvet cover during winter. That is because those different duvet covers have varying priorities. Some can reduce the room’s temperatures while others increase the warmth. Therefore, below are some of the common types of duvet covers . They include;

1.Cotton duvet covers

As the name suggests, the cotton duvet covers are made of cotton material. There are various benefits of using the cotton duvet cover. If you need to choose a quality cotton duvet cover, you need to select the one with a thread count of above 300 to get a quality one. Some of the top reasons to choose a cotton duvet cover include;

  • They are easy to clean
  • A cotton duvet provides maximum comfort
  • Require little maintenance
  • They are soft

2.Polyester duvet cover

The polyester duvet cover is well known for providing a warmer sleep condition. In most cases, the polyester duvet cover is used during summer. Some of the things you need to know about the polyester duvet cover are such as;

  • They are less breathable as compared to other types of duvet covers
  • Traps moisture from your duvet
  • Increases heat

3.Cotton-poly blend duvet cover

The type, as mentioned earlier of the duvet cover is made up of cotton and polyester blend. According to the various reviews, the cotton-poly blend duvet cover contains very unusual features. One fantastic thing about the cotton-poly cover is that it is less expensive.

4.The silk duvet cover

For the people looking for a luxurious duvet covers, it is good to consider choosing a duvet cover made up of silk. The silk duvet cover is perfect to use in areas with low temperatures. If you have some conditions such as allergy or asthma, you need to choose a silk duvet cover. That is because that duvet cover repels dirt particles.

How to wash your duvet cover?

Since duvet cover is easy to clean as compared to cleaning things such as the duvet, it is essential to know how to clean the duvet cover. If you have a washing machine in your room, then washing your duvet cover will be very simple. But if you are planning to hand wash your duvet cover, consider the below-listed tips .The tips are;

  • Choose a suitable detergent
  • Clean your duvet cover on a bathtub using lukewarm and detergent.
  • Wash every dirty part of your duvet cover thoroughly
  • hang your duvet cover on appropriate position to dry

By considering the above-disused things, you will be able to clean your duvet cover thoroughly.

When do I need to wash my duvet cover?

Since many people inquire about how long they should wait to wash their duvet cover, it is recommended to clean your duvet cover once after every week. That is because it is the one absorbing all the specks of dirt.

What are the benefits of a duvet cover?

Finally, we have researched for you the top benefits of duvet covers that you need to know. Some of those benefits are;

  1. Helps to improve the duvet lifespan
  2. Helps in keeping other bedding clean
  3. Duvet covers are easy to buy
  4. Duvet covers do not need various maintenance tips
  5. Duvet covers are easy to clean
  6. Enhances the aesthetic appearance of the bedroom
  7. Protect to the duvet
  8. Helps in adjusting temperatures

Therefore by considering all the above-discussed things, you will be able to know everything you need about duvet covers.

Thanks for reading our what is a duvet cover article .I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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