Twin Vs Full Mattress : Comparison Guide in 2021 (Never Miss ! )

Twin Vs Full Mattress: Comparison Guide

A good night’s sleep is crucial in anyone’s routine, and to ensure you get the best sleep you can, it is important to have a mattress that is the right size for you.

The two most popular mattress sizes out there sold at modest prices are the twin (single bed) mattress and the full (double bed) mattress, in this guide we have highlighted the main differences of the two popular mattress sizes, let’s begin the twin vs full mattress discussion.

Before going to know the comparison of twin vs full mattress you should know about the different types of mattresses and their dimention.

Mattress Sizes:

Sl NoMattress NameSizeNo Of Person
Sl No01.Mattress NameTwin MattressSize38” x 75”No Of Person1 person
Sl No02.Mattress NameTwin XL MattressSize38” x 80”No Of Person1 person
Sl No03.Mattress NameFull (Double) MattressSize54” x 75”No Of Person1 person/ 2 adults
Sl No04.Mattress NameQueen MattressSize60” x 80”No Of 2 adults
Sl No05.Mattress NameKing MattressSize76” x 80”No Of Person1 adult with child(s)/ 2 adults with child
Sl No06.Mattress NameCalifornia King MattressSize72” x 84”No Of Person1 adult with children/ 2 adults with   children
Sl No07.Mattress NameToddler MattressSize28” x 52”No Of Person1 Toddler
Sl No08.Mattress NameCrib MattressSize28” x 52”No Of Person1 baby


Twin (Single Bed) Mattress

How Big Is A Twin Mattress?

Also known as “single bed” has a size of 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is slim in size and it is the smallest sized bed out there besides a crib mattress. Its standards are one of the shortest out there and are commonly used for single adult sleepers or in the children’s room.

Where Can You Use A Single Bed?

  • Children’s room – They are easy to fit side by side, so they are commonly used in shared kids bedrooms or stacked like bunk beds.
  • Solo sleepers – A twin mattress provides ample sleeping space for one adult, toddler, or teen sleeper. Though many adults think a single bed is too small.
  • Small guest rooms – They can also be used in smaller guest bedrooms, with their small size, they are easier to move around.

How Comfortable Is It?

If you are sleeping solo, a twin bed is enough for the job, but for those who are in the taller side may need to stretch out a bit. Maximum comfort ensured in this bed is when you are sleeping alone.

What Is The Recommended Room Size For A Twin Mattress?

A room that is 7 feet by 10 feet (2.1 meters by 3 meters) is ideal for a twin-size bed.

What Are The Different Types Of Single Beds?

  • Standard twin – The single bed and is used often by children, toddlers, teens, and sometimes adults.
  • Twin XL – Wider than the standard twin size but is similar in length to a king or queen-sized mattress, has a 38” x 80” dimension.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Single Bed?


  • It is modestly priced.
  • Lightweight and portable, easier to carry around.
  • The accessories it requires such as bed sheets are cheap.


  • It is too small for more than one sleeper.


Full (Double Bed) Mattress

How Big Is A Full Mattress?

This is the most purchased bed size. Also known as “double bed” it is a notable upgrade in space from a single bed, this bed has a size of 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, wider than a twin. Giving people extra room, this bed is big enough for an adult sleeper, couples will have the equivalent width of a crib mattress when using a double bed.

Where Can You Use A Double Bed?

  • Teenager’s bedroom – A full mattress a good alternative between queen and twin mattresses. This bed is recommended for teenagers who have outgrown their childhood bed, giving them ample size.
  • Smaller apartments – A double bed is ideal for young college graduates with its economical price and size that can easily fit in smaller apartments.
  • Guest bedroom – This mattress can be used in a decently sized guest bedroom.

How Comfortable Is It?

A full mattress is ideal for a single person providing plenty of room stretch. But its sides are short, but it is only 6 inches shorter than a queen bed, which is the next size option after it.

At 54 inches wide, couples can also use this bed but only if they are comfortable if being extremely close with each other. Though, it ensures maximum comfortability when only being utilized by one sleeper.

What Is The Recommended Room Size For A Full Mattress?

A recommended room size for this bed size is 10 feet by 10 or 12 feet (3 meters by 3 meters or 3.6 meters).

What Are The Different Types Of Double Beds?

  • Standard fullA double bed may have the same length as a twin bed, but this bed size is ideal for an adult single sleeper because of its additional width.
  • Full XL – Longer than the standard full-size bed by 5 inches. It has a size of 53 inches wide and 80 inches long.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Double Bed?


  • A full mattress has more foot room for single sleepers.
  • This bed size is suited for people on the taller side.


  • A double bed is significantly heavier than a twin mattress.
  • The accessories that this bed size requires such as bed sets are expensive.
  • Though longer in size, a double bed provides less sleeping rooming width wise.

Twin VS Full Mattress Specifications

SubjectTwin Mattress (Single bed)Full Mattress (Double bed)
SubjectWidthTwin Mattress39 inches (99 centimeters)(Single bed)Full Mattress54 inches (137 centimeters)
SubjectLengthTwin Mattress75 inches (191 centimeters)(Single bed)Full Mattress75 inches (191 centimeters)
SubjectPrice/CostTwin MattressA twin mattress is cheaper than a full mattress.(Single bed)Full MattressThis bed size is more expensive than a twin-size bed, but its mattresses, accessories, and frames are cheaper than queen size beds.
SubjectTarget Audience/UsageTwin MattressIdeal for children, toddlers, teens, and single adults.(Single bed)Full MattressIdeal for single sleepers but it can also be used in a teenager’s bedroom and couples that do not mind the smaller room movement can use this bed size as well.
SubjectAccessoriesTwin MattressInexpensive Accessories(Single bed)Full MattressSlightly more expensive.
SubjectSpace consumptionTwin MattressWith only 38” x 75” dimensions, this bed size only takes up a little space.(Single bed)Full MattressWith a dimension of 54” X 75”, it is wider than a twin bed and may require more space.
SubjectPortabilityTwin MattressEasier to move & Portability(Single bed)Full MattressHarder to move.


What Are Their Overall Differences?

The overall difference between the width a twin and full mattress is 15 inches, they have no difference in their length. Unless you are trying to use the less commonly used twin XL and full XL.

When sleeping it is ideal to have ample space for stretching out and moving around, but since both the bed sizes are relatively inexpensive, it is ideal to purchase a full mattress to ensure maximum comfort and decent space.

When it comes to the bed’s accessories, both single and double beds are modestly prized, making it easier for people to save money whilst looking for a new bed, this additional cost will not be a big factor when it comes to the twin vs full mattress comparison.

Final Verdict

Always go for a full-size bed if you are looking to buy a bed for yourself, it provides more space and it is only a little more expensive than a twin mattress.

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