Best 05 Top Rated Queen Mattresses For Your Better Sleep !

The mattress market has exploded with a number of new companies and hybrid products that make it hard to determine which mattress works best for you. Here are the best 5 top rated queen mattresses 2018 options on the market today. We’ll share the reasons why we ranked them so highly and who would benefit most from them. We’ll also tell you who would be better off selecting a different mattress on our list and issues to look out for.

5 Sealy Brand Response Essentials Firm Mattress

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We realize that despite the massive market for soft and fluffy mattresses, some people need a firm mattress to sleep well at night. They may need it because they’re heavy, and anything less than an ultra-firm mattress will cause pressure points, and eventually, pain. Others require a firm mattress to maintain spinal alignment and prevent back pain each morning. The Sealy Response Essentials firm mattress offers exactly that. Yet it is not so firm that it creates pressure points for those who try to lay on it.

This mattress stands out for its affordable price. It is hard to find a firm mattress this cheap. If you like the design but not the firmness, the same model is available with a plush top and pillow top.
This mattress offers excellent support all the way to the edge. The edge won’t start to slump down because you sit on it regularly.

The mattress has a limited five year warranty, and that may not be available through all websites where you could order it. The mattress is of average weight, but you typically have to pay out of pocket for delivery. If you don’t like it, you’ll probably have to pay for it to be returned.

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4 Casper Brand Mattress

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Casper is one of the new brands in the mattress market, so there are many people who haven’t heard about it yet. They’re one of the memory foam mattress manufacturers that sell “beds in a box” that ship directly to the customers who buy it online.

The manufacturer says they save money by not selling it in stores, though this mattress is not cheap. However, it isn’t insanely expensive, and that’s why it made our list. And compared to well-known brands of foam mattresses, it is cheap. It costs half as much (or less) as fancier foam mattresses. The price tag does go up if you buy a matching foundation or sheet set.

How does the mattress itself fair? With several layers of memory foam, it offers an excellent mix of softness and pressure relief. You won’t overheat in it, and you won’t sink down to the bottom. However, this mattress is not the right choice for you if you need a lot of support, such as when you have back problems only solved by excellent alignment from a rather firm mattress.

Consumer Reports ranked this the fourth best foam mattress they studied. The best performance was for back sleepers of all sizes. It was better than average for side sleepers, but there were better choices for heavy side sleepers who need all the support they can get.

While they ship it to your home, the mattress itself is still heavy. This mattress ranked lower than others on this list because it sometimes has a lingering chemical smell weeks after you’ve purchased it. However, Casper is truly one of the top rated queen mattress options for those considering a mattress in a box.

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3 Tuft and Needle Brand Queen Mattress with Foam

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Weight        : 70 Pounds

Dimension : 60 ×80×10 inches

Sizes            : Twin, Twin Xl, King, Full, Queen, Califonia King

Foam           : Special foam by Tuft & Needle

Special Features:

01. Made in USA

02. 100 days free night sleep trial

03. Certified by Greengaurd

04. Certified by  OEKO-TEX

05. Certified by Certipur

06. 10 Years Warranty

07. You can return it without any hassle

08. Cheaper than other mattresses (Click here to know price)

This mattress was rated a Consumer Reports best buy because of its combination of features and relatively low price. This mattress is made from proprietary adaptive foam. The adaptive foam is more supportive than the average latex foam while still preventing pressure points. The foam itself won’t let you sink in so far that it is hard to get out of the bed, especially if you’re large and/or heavy.

Depending on where you buy the mattress, you may be eligible for the 100 night sleep trial that lets you return it if you don’t like it. Note that you may have to pay to ship it back if you decide to return it.

The manufacturer provides a very good ten year warranty. A minor issue with this mattress is the fact that they ship it rolled up. You have to unpack it and let it fully expand before usage. Sleep on it too soon, and it risks forming permanent depressions, though it sometimes does that anyway. It doesn’t release any toxic chemicals, but it can smell bad at first. These are the reasons it doesn’t rank higher on our list.

Consumer Reports ranked it 13th on their list for performance issues like this, but it was classified a recommended buy for the combination of affordability and better than average performance.

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2 Signature Sleep Brand Pillow Top Mattress

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This is a traditional coil mattress that comes with a built-in 3” pillow-top to provide a better night’s sleep than its rivals. This makes the bed softer without the heat retention, and the CertiPUR label means it does so without the potential chemical out-gassing most hybrid memory foam / coil mattresses have.

The incredibly high coil count – 630! – make it almost as form fitting as air beds but at a fraction of the cost. There’s hardly an issue with pressure points, and if you toss and turn in bed, it probably won’t bother your partner.

This bed ranks high on our list because it is so affordable. It is rated highly by its customers. A potential concern is its thickness; it is 13” thick, so not all fitted sheets will fit it. This is a full queen mattress, 60” wide by 80” tall.

The minor complaints about this mattress are regarding the tendency to sag after several years of use and the degradation of coils on the edges of the mattress if you sit on them a lot. Expect it to last two or three years of heavy use but not a decade. The manufacturer seems to expect this, since the warranty is only good for a year.

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1 Viola Box Hybrid Mattress

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The Viola Box hybrid mattress truly has something for everyone. The bottom layer is a classic coil mattress; there are more than 750 individually wrapped coils. Above that are two layers of memory foam. One is standard latex, while the top layer consists of gel-infused memory foam to minimize heat retention.

This gives you the form fitting and distributed pressure-point-free support of foam without any of the disadvantages. And the coils underneath the foam ensure that very heavy people and side sleepers don’t sink too deep into it. There is an airflow system between the layers to allow heat to escape, so you’ll be comfortable whether it is a hot summer night or you’re bundled under five blankets.

Another benefit of this model is the triple edge support. You won’t end up causing the edges to sag if you sit on them often. Nor will the amount of support decrease as you move close to the mattress edge.

This mattress was put on the top of our list because of its ten year warranty. The Certi-pure label that says the foam won’t outgas is another mark of quality, but it isn’t unique to this mattress. All of this together is why it is our top rated queen mattress.

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