Top 7 Best Bedrest Pillows for You

How often do you wake up with neck pain because your pillow doesn’t provide you with enough support? If it’s every day, then you may want to consider investing in a new one. Fortunately, there are many great bed rest pillows available. These can provide you with the support you need to help reduce pain and alleviate pressure points while you rest. To help narrow down your choices, you’ll find seven of the best bed rest pillows below.


1. Brentwood Originals Shagalicious Bedrest Pillow

Available in pink, lime and blue, this fun yet comfortable pillow is perfect for the bed, couch, ground, or any chair in your home. It can even be taken with you on trips since it is lightweight and has a sturdy handle built right into the top.
The shag material on the front is ultra soft while the interior is made of a polyester fill that conforms to your body while you’re sitting up. It’s a great choice for reading or simply relaxing in bed to provide added support that helps reduce back and neck pain.


  •  Affordable
  •  Soft and snuggly
  •  Bright and fun colors
  •  Offers support while in an upright position


 Some colors of pillows are bigger than others Better for teenagers than adults


2. Brentwood Originals Plush Bed Rest Pillow

With a soft and plush feel, this pillow is made with a supportive back and sides so you can comfortably sit up in bed, on a chair, on the ground, or anywhere else you might be.
It’s made of 100% high-quality polyester in the United States and offers unsurpassed support for back, neck, and arms. It’s ideal for use while reading, relaxing, watching television, or even sleeping. It also has a handle attached at the top so you can travel with it quite easily.You can use it in any type of bed.


  •  Easy to spot clean
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Armrests for added support
  • Allows you to rest upright


  •  Doesn’t keep its shape for very long
  • Made for smaller bodies
  • Too soft for some individuals

3. Comfysure Bedrest Reading Pillow

This bedrest pillow measures 14″ x 19″ x 27″ and comes in gray with an easy carry handle located at the top. It offers back support as well as arm support so you can sit comfortably while watching television, reading, relaxing, or working on the computer. With a soft filling of foam clusters, this is one pillow that’s comfortable use for hours and can help reduce pressure on the back to reduce or even prevent back pain.


  •  Washable cover for easy care
  •  Great for adults, teens and even pregnant women
  •  Oversized for added comfort
  •  Breathable plush exterior to prevent overheating and sweating


  •  Needs at least 48 hours to fluff up after opening
  •  Handle tears off easily
  •  Can sag after using for a long time

4. Comfort Spa Bedrest Lounge Pillow

This bedrest pillow is excellent for reading or doing any other upright activity, but it’s also excellent for helping individuals who are recovering from surgery or who have heartburn and need to sit up for longer periods of time.
The interior is made of shredded foam that offers firm yet gentle back support that will help eliminate pressure points. It sits 18″ high and 15″ wide with arms that extend 11″ to provide support for arms. The exterior is one of the coziest features, as it is soft and fluffy for hours of comfort while resting in bed or on a couch.


  •  Remote control/phone holder built-in
  •  Soft
  •  Great return policy
  •  Easy to spot clean


  •  Too short for taller individuals
  •  Difficult to fluff up after opening
  •  Doesn’t offer firm support

5. Keen Edge Home Bedrest Foam Reading Pillow

This is one of the best bedrest pillows, as it measures 20 x 15″ and featuring two supportive arms that extend out the sides. With the higher back, taller adults can enjoy getting the back and neck support they need to remain comfortable while they sit in bed, in a chair, or on a couch.
The arms also offer support for reading or using a tablet/computer without straining the arms. The exterior is made with a soft velour fabric and the interior features a plush shredded foam that contours to the body to provide support for every curve of the back. This pillow also has a carry handle so you can take it with you anywhere.


  •  Removable and washable cover
  •  Built-in pocket for electronics or snacks
  •  Durable


  •  Takes a while to fluff up
  •  May not be large enough for some individuals
  •  Retains heat

6. Cushy Form Bed Wedge Bedrest Pillow

The wedge shape of this pillow is ideal for individuals who need elevation while they are resting, but do not need to be in an upright position. Measuring 12″, this can fit on most beds quite easily and can accommodate adults as well as children.
It’s white in color and made from a high-density memory foam that is comfortable as well as supportive. This is a suitable choice for individuals who want to sleep better but in a healthy position; it can also be used for the legs.


  •  Washable cover that’s comfortable and soft
  •  Risk-free purchase with a money-back guarantee
  •  Can turn any surface into a recliner


  • Doesn’t provide neck support
  •  Smaller than anticipated
  • Stiff

7. Brentwood Corduroy Bedrest Pillow

Another find by the brand Brentwood, this pillow is excellent for bedrest. Available in a variety of colors, including navy, red, and brown, this has a corduroy exterior and soft interior that provides support all over the back. With the extended arms, you can rest while using your phone, computer, or reading a book without causing any strain.
If you prefer to sit with pillows on your back in bed, this can replace them all without the need to constantly adjust.


  •  Soft and cozy
  •  Trusted brand
  •  Carry handle built-in at the top


  •  Some colors are very expensive
  •  Smaller than anticipated
  •  Interior flattens quickly

Bedrest Made Comfortable

Sitting or lying down for an extended period of time can cause pain and pressure on the back and neck. By investing in one of the high-quality pillows above, you may be able to prevent those pains from happening. With their overall support and smart designs, they are the best bedrest pillows out there to choose from.