Top 10 Best Cool Mattress Reviews of 2020 ( For Better Sleep!)

Welcome to our best cool mattress reviews post. Memory foam mattresses relieve pressure points, and they may be the cure for your joint and back pain. Yet memory foam beds have their disadvantages. Traditionally, the memory foam retains body heat to the point that many people overheat.

Fortunately, newer memory foam and hybrid mattresses provide the same benefits as memory foam beds without leaving you hot and sweating at night. Design features like air channels and cooling gels that dissipate your body heat can be found in the best cool mattresses. However, memory beds vary in their ability to help you keep your cool. Here are the top 3 best cool mattresses we’ve identified.

Top 10 Best Cool Mattress Reviews

01. Ghostbed 11 Inch Queen Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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This bed is available in sizes from twin to king, but the queen is the best overall value. It is large enough for individuals who need space and couples who sleep close. The bed contains three different layers of memory foam. The top layer contains the cooling gel that prevents excessive retention of body heat.

This is partially due to the 1.5 inches of aerated foam underneath. The bottom layer offers a greater degree of support. One point in favor of this mattress is the removable mattress cover that comes with it. That’s unusual in this product space.

While the bed is a bed in a box that can be shipped to your home, know that it weighs over a hundred pounds. Be careful when carrying it into your home. This bed is easy to set up. Be careful removing the plastic. Let it unroll.

It should fully expand within two days. There isn’t a nasty chemical smell with this bed. What little odor there is may dissipate within an hour, well before you lay down to sleep on this bed.

One issue with this bed is usable life. The bed is initially firm, but the supportive layer starts to break down within a year. The problem is worse if you’re heavier than average. The bed can cause back issues with side sleepers, too.


  •  Comes with a washable bed cover
  •  A literally cool memory foam bed


  •  Not suitable for heavy individuals
  •  Causes problems for side sleepers



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02. Brentwood Home Brand Cypress Bed, 13 Inch White Queen Mattress


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Brentwood Home isn’t known for their memory foam beds. They’re more famous for their premium furniture. That carries over to their memory foam beds. This bed is available in sizes ranging from twin to California king. It comes in 9, 11 and 13 inch thicknesses. We’re recommending the 13 inch thick mattress because it is the most comfortable.

One point in favor of this memory foam bed is that it is made in California. It also meets exacting environmental standards. It is more than Certipure certified. It Is Green guard gold certified as nontoxic. It has almost no odor. The bed is made instead from organic wool and rayon derived from bamboo.

If you want an eco-friendly bed, this is it. This is a major selling point if you’re allergic to latex, because it doesn’t contain any. In short, this is the best cool mattress for those who don’t want artificial materials or actual latex.

What is unclear is if it resists mold, fleas, or dust mites as well as conventional memory foam beds. In theory, you can replace the wool filler if necessary, but there is little information on how you could do so.

The bed is soft and flexible enough to be shipped as a bed in a box. It inflates rather quickly.

This bed doesn’t contain conventional memory foam, so heat retention isn’t a problem. It does not entirely eliminate pressure points like memory foam beds.

This bed is medium-soft. It is far softer than many supportive memory foam beds. It gets softer as the room temperature goes up. Unlike many memory foam beds, the mattress can be flipped if necessary.

More importantly, it will start to sag within a few months of regular use. It will sag even faster if you’re overweight, though it may give you enough support early on. The bed will be uncomfortable for even light back sleepers within two years. Ironically, the sides hold up better than the middle. However, this bed does not have good side support in general.


  •  Eco friendly and nontoxic
  •  Bed in a box
  •  No heat retention


  •  Little support for the average sleeper
  •  Wears out fast


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03. Linenspa Brand Latex Mattress

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This memory foam bed is one of the most affordable ones on the market. It is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sizes.

It is only available in a ten inch thick form, though the manufacturer sells both the mattress and mattress with a platform bed frame.

This is a real latex mattress. Do not get this bed if you’re allergic to latex. On the other hand, the material naturally resists bed bugs, mold and dust mites. Another benefit of real latex is that it doesn’t retain body heat like artificial memory foam.

The latex sits on top of steel coils. The coils give it some bounce. It provides a little more support than a pure memory foam bed. For example, a thick sheet of latex would sink through the gaps in the slats on a conventional bed. This bed could be used on such a bed frame, though a platform bed is better.

The mattress has a moderately soft top but lacks strong support. This is a problem because the bed is advertised as being medium-firm. The Linenspa brand latex mattress is better for back sleepers than side sleepers. It doesn’t cradle your body in supportive memory foam. The problem is made worse by the fact that the memory foam may not entirely inflate.

The bed lacks structural support. Like other memory foam beds, the center may cave in over time. Unlike others, the corners themselves may sink. This is worse than no edge support, because it means the bed corners may slope down from day one. That can create problems if you’re sleeping on the edge of the bed, since it could cause you to slide off.


  • Affordable
  •  Real latex
  • Cooler than artificial memory foam beds


  •  Relatively hard
  •  Not as durable as expected


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04. Classic Brands Queen Sized Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Classic Brands is a bed in a box company. They’re known for their simple, affordable and “classic” mattresses. We’re recommending the Cool Gel 1.0 mattress alone, though you can buy a matching foundation or platform.

The Cool Gel 1.0 is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sizes. This version of the Classic Brands mattress is not explicitly available in a split king size, the type of mattress intended for king sized adjustable beds. We recommend the queen sized bed because it is large enough for most couples and a good overall value.

The smell is similar to other mattresses in this product class. It actually dissipates much faster than average and may no longer smell by the time it fully inflates.

This memory foam bed has average performance because of the cooling gel in the surface as well as the vents in the middle layers. It is not as cool as some other mattresses on our list. Do not put a plastic mattress cover on this bed that prevents the vents from working. Fitted sheets are fine.

This bed is described as medium-firm by the manufacturer. It is somewhat firmer than this. Yet the mattress has little in the way of support. You’ll sink in without enough support to keep your spine straight. This can cause contortions if you are a side sleeper. Heavy individuals will sink into the bed, too.

The bed is much cheaper than average. This makes the fact that it starts sagging for every users after a few months reasonable, whereas such sagging would be offensive if you paid two to three times as much for your new bed.

Our best cool mattress review needs to include problems with the mattress. For one, the mattress is not Certi-pur certified. Don’t let the mattress get wet because it will wick up water and foster mold growth. If the mattress was stored in a wet area, it may house mold before you ever lay on it.


  •  Affordable
  •  Cooler than a plain memory foam mattress


  •  Not durable
  •  Heavy people and side sleepers won’t be comfortable

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05. Ghost Bed 11 Inch Memory Foam Bed


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This is one of the first bed in a box products. The Ghostbed is advertised as having a supernatural softness, letting you feel like you’re hovering above the bed platform. The product has been refined over the past 15 years. They contain memory foam laced with cooling gel and latex.

There are actually three layers of foam, because these two soft layers sit on top of a harder core of supportive memory foam. This is topped by a lovely mattress cover.

This bed is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, California king and traditional king sizes. We’re recommending the queen sized bed, because it costs so much less than the king sized beds.

This bed doesn’t out gas like other memory foam beds. There is no bad smell.

One issue with this bed is heat retention. It may have cooling gel and air channels in the middle layer, but you may still get hot. The problem is worse if you’re heavy or large.

The Ghostbed is advertised as so soft you won’t even realize you are laying on it. In reality, it is somewhat firm underneath that plush mattress top.

This can cause painful pressure points for those with hip, back and neck pain. This causes problems almost immediately, if you are a side sleeper or have joint pain. The bed also transfers motion, so it isn’t a good choice if one of you is always tossing and turning.

Don’t buy this bed because of the 100 night trial. It is very difficult to return the bed under the warranty. On the other hand, the mattress has average durability. It will start to develop low spots within a year.


  •  Available in a wide range of sizes
  •  More supportive than standard memory foam beds
  •  No odor


  • Heat retention
  • Causes pressure points

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06. Classic Brands Cool Gel Version 1.0 Bed, King Size


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We’re recommending the 14 inch thick Classic Brands Cool Gel first generation mattress. The version 2.0 is already out, but it isn’t appreciably better. For example, the 2.0 is available with a quilted mattress top in addition to a smooth mattress top. Both the version 1.0 and 2.0 are available with cool gel memory foam tops.

You can buy a platform or adjustable frame with the version 1.0 mattress. This mattress is unusual for being available in king, split king and California king sizes. In this best cool mattress review, we’ll add that this is the best memory foam bed for couples sleeping in adjustable beds for this reason.

Classic Brands memory foam beds are affordable. One benefit of this particular version is that the manufacturer throws in two free pillows. That’s on top of the gel infused memory foam that relieves pressure points, while the bottom layer provides an ideal level of support. There is also a layer of aerated foam to help vent hot air.

The memory foam is certi-pur certified. It doesn’t contain toxic metals or chemicals. Furthermore, the foam may expand within 24 hours though the manufacturer says to wait 48 hours. However, it may have a strong smell for the first few days.

This bed is unusual for being made form medium-firm memory foam that may get firmer over time. That’s on top of the foam being firmer than the advertised “medium plus” rating. The middle is more likely to get soft due to weight and body heat while the edges firm up. This can create a low depression, though the foam has not deteriorated. It can also be hard to get out of the bed due to the tendency to sink in.

This bed does not limit motion transfer. One person tossing and turning will bother the other.


  •  Excellent overall value
  •  Generally cool
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  •  Firmer than advertised
  •  Gets firmer over time
  •  It smells

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07. Revel Brand Premium Cool Mattress with Cooling Gel and LiftTex



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This bed is available in twin, twin XL, full, king and California king sizes. We’re recommending the full sized mattress for adults who want a quality full sized bed at a reasonable price. This mattress is twelve inches thick. The top layer consists of three inches of cooling gel laced memory foam. That is more cooling gel than some much more expensive memory foam mattresses.

The LiftTex artificial latex foam has airflow channels that help vent waste body heat. Beneath this is a seven inch thick supportive foam layer. This is probably the best cool mattress for hot sleepers on a budget.

One side benefit of the artificial latex is that it doesn’t harden on exposure to cold temperatures or get overly soft when things are hot, including when you’re tucked in under the blankets. Furthermore, the bed delivers that heat dissipation without toxic chemicals.

The bed is higher quality than other affordable memory foam mattresses. It has clean seams and doesn’t leak fiberglass or foam particles. It even has decent edge support. There’s no odor, either.

The mattress is listed as being medium-firm. In reality, it is firm once you sink past the soft top. This causes problems for people who expected a relatively soft bed or need exacting levels of support. That can cause problems if you are a side sleeper or heavier than average. We don’t recommend this bed if you have joint problems.


  •  Good overall value
  • Doesn’t change firmness with temperature swings
  • No chemical odor


  •  Firmer than advertised

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08. Sleep Innovations Brand Marley Mattress, King Sized



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The Marley bed by Sleep Innovations is a twelve inch thick white mattress. We’re recommending the King sized bed. It has a seven inch supportive foam layer topped by a three inch air channel layer and two inches of memory foam laced with cooling gel. It is medium-firm. This is a good bed for those who need a firm but cool mattress. It is better for back sleepers than side sleepers.

The Certipur certified memory foam is made in the United States. You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals or heavy metals or a Chinese manufacturer lying about its safety. It hardly smells. The bed expands quickly for a bed in a box. Just unbox, unwrap and let it inflate. It will be nearly full size the first night, though it might need three days for that final inch to creep upward. Sometimes one corner doesn’t expand. In some cases, you may get high spots in the bed for the same reason.

This may be the best cool mattress for hot sleepers, if there are two of you, since the bed is both large and relatively affordable. More importantly, if one of you is tossing and turning, the other will hardly feel it. The bed has little bounce, but that’s the trade-off you make for limited motion transfer.

This memory foam is firm to hard, especially once you sink through the surface layer. That makes this bed firmer than advertised, and it causes many buyers to complain because they expected something softer. On the flipside, it loses its support after two to three years, so it is more durable than average in that regard. But it will not become soft and supportive on exposure to body heat or being broken in.


  • Only safe, high quality materials used
  • Hardly any odor


  •  Firmer than advertised

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09. Zinus Brand 12 Inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress



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The Zinus memory foam mattress is available in ten, twelve and fourteen inch sizes. We recommend the twelve inch because it is more comfortable than the ten inch, while the extra two inches of foam in the 14 inch thick version don’t make much difference in performance. The 12 inch thick Zinus mattress is a better overall value, too, due to its low cost. We’re recommending the queen bed. This is large enough for couples, and the mattress does a great job limiting motion transfer.

This isn’t a pure memory foam mattress. There is a strong innerspring layer. Each spring is individually coiled and wrapped, providing excellent support and limiting motion transfer. The bed has another four inches of memory foam on top of that. The cooling gel laced memory foam is roughly 1.5 inches thick. This bed can be relatively cool, though it isn’t the coolest on our list.

The foam itself is Certipur certified. The manufacturer brags about the green tea extract and charcoal mixed in, though this makes little difference. It does mean you get a more wholesome odor from the mattress than the standard chemical odor due to off-gassing.

One point in favor of this bed is the weight limit. A single person weighing 250 pounds or a couple approaching 500 pounds can sleep on it comfortably.


  •  Limits motion transfer
  •  High weight limits


  •  Only moderately good at heat dissipation


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10. Classic Brands Cool Gel 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen



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The Classic Brands memory foam mattresses are available in twin through king sizes. We’re recommending the queen size. You can buy it with a matching platform bed frame or pillows, but we’re focusing in the mattress itself. The mattress by itself is a great deal.

The 60 inch by 80 inch by 12 inch mattress is true to size. It has an inner layer of egg crate foam for ventilation topped with cooling gel laced memory foam. Underneath this is supportive foam. All of the foam is hypoallergenic while resisting dust mites and mold. The memory foam is Certipur certified and almost odor-free.

This is a classic bed in a box. The bed is unusual in being flexible enough for adjustable beds. If you have a king sized spit adjustable bed, we’d recommend 2 twin or full XL beds instead of their king sized bed.

The middle layer of foam is not as supportive as some of the other beds on this list. Yet it is relatively stiff. This can cause pressure points if you’re a side sleeper or heavier than average. For example, the egg carton type foam in the middle can actually cause contact points if you sink through the top layers of foam. Don’t get this bed if you need back support.


  • Affordable
  • Flexible enough for adjustable beds
  •  No chemical odor


  •  Can cause pressure points


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You don’t have to choose between having a comfortable temperature and sleeping surface in the same bed. We’ve outlined the top three beds for those seeking a soft and relatively cool bed.

Cool mattress FAQS

01. Do cooling mattresses really work?

The answer is that it depends on the mattress. A plush breathable cover on the bed could help keep you cool by allowing for air circulation under the cover. However, in some cases, it turns into insulation, making things worse. Beds with open cell structures or vented supportive memory foam are generally better, if the bed is well designed.

Cooling gel mixed into the memory foam can wick away body heat. Yet its effectiveness depends on how much cooling gel they use and the amount of gel-infused memory foam there is in the bed.

02. What is the best mattress for night sweats?

Night sweats may be caused by hot flashes or diabetes medication. It can be a side effect of depression and hormone blocking medication. Anxiety disorders and nerve damage can make it a common occurrence, too. This is why there are many people who want relief from night sweats other than waking up damp in their bed clothes. The solution is a cooling mattress.

A good cooling mattress like the original Tuft and Needle mattress provide that relief. The Tuft and Needle mattress has adaptive foam that doesn’t just relieve pressure points. It pulls heat away from your body using a mix of gel beads and graphite. This provides the same cooling as gels infused in the mattress but without the same chemical smell. The plush cover allows air to reach your body, adding to the cooling effect.

03. Which memory foam mattress is coolest?

We’d nominate the Ghostbed for that title. They combine cooling gel laced memory foam with aerated foam, creating a bed that maximizes air flow while removing body heat.

This is in addition to the plush mattress cover that protects the memory foam from stains while improving overall airflow.

04. How much does a cooling mattress cost?

One of the most common questions submitted cool mattress FAQS is regarding the cost. The cost varies depending on the manufacturer, the size and any deals and discounts available at the time.

The cheapest cooling mattresses cost less than four hundred dollars, though you have to do your research to find one that is durable and comfortable. Yet there are cooling mattresses that cost over a thousand dollars that are not as good as the best cooling mattresses available for half the price.

05. What causes body heat at night?

The answer is: you. Your body is constantly generating heat. It doesn’t seem hot to you, it is because you have sufficient air flow around you to keep you comfortable. We rarely feel hot unless it literally hot or our body is experiencing a “hot flash” or spike in body temperature.

06. Which cooling mattress should you choose?

The best cooling mattress for your situation will depend on your needs and your budget. The best cooling mattress will be affordable. Whether you need a firm or soft one depends on how much support you need. Side sleepers tend to need more support than back or stomach sleepers. The same is true for those with neck and back pain.

If you have joint problems, you may need a perfect balance between support and pressure point relief. If you are prone to overheating or hot flashes, excellent heat dissipation becomes a priority when shopping for a cooling mattress.

07. Do I need a cooling mattress?

One reason why get hot in bed is because the mattress and/or the blankets are insulating you. This can eventually result in overheating. You may throw back the covers or simply sweat a lot in bed. If you live in a cold climate and often end up cold because you are sweating so much in bed, a cooling mattress may be the solution.

The odds of overheating go up if you’re overweight, because your body has less surface area from which to radiate body heat. This is why those who are heavier than average will often need a cooling mattress to stay comfortable. Note that couples that like to sleep back to back are prone to the same issue.

Another major reason why people overheat in bed is because they’re experiencing spikes in their body temperature. This might be due to menopause in women or hormone replacement therapies. It could be due to cancer treatments or psychiatric medication. In all of these cases, a memory foam bed that can dissipate extra body heat will help you stay comfortable at night. And that will improve your quality of sleep.

08. How can I cool down my mattress?

A simple first step is removing the thick comforter from your bed and donning a lighter blanket. The warm, thick blankets that kept you warm in the winter contribute to over-heating in the summer. If it is still cool, you may want to switch to two or three layers of thin blankets. This allows for more airflow while giving you the option to remove a layer at night.

If you already own a bed, you can add a cooling memory foam mattress topper to it to help cool it down. A mattress topper is cheaper than a new bed. On the other hand, you might want to remove a plastic mattress cover to allow the mattress to breathe. You could still protect the bed with fitted sheets. The next step is replacing the mattress altogether.

09. Do latex mattresses sleep cool?

Artificial memory foam mattresses are known for their heat retention. However, real latex mattresses don’t trap body heat to the same degree polyurethane foam does. They often naturally have an open cell structure that helps the mattress to breathe. This has to be added artificially to synthetic memory foam.

Don’t assume that a mattress is automatically cool because it contains latex. For example, beds that mix layers of real latex and synthetic memory foam may not be cool. And a middle layer of latex won’t relieve excess body heat.

10. Do cooling mattress covers really work?

They often do or else the manufacturer wouldn’t stay in business. Do your research regarding each potential product, since quality varies widely. Read product reviews to see how effective it really is.