Mattress History – A Deep Dive Under the Covers and Into the History of Mattresses

mattress history

The earliest mattresses for humans that archeologists have found consist of dug trenches in the earth piled with leaves and other plant matter. Fast forward to today, and you can find a wide range of options from traditional feather beds to hybrid mattresses. Here, we’ll take a deep dive under the covers into the history of mattresses.

Ancient History

Mattress history is as old as civilization and probably older. We know that ten thousand years ago and possibly well before that, mattresses were invented. Piles of straw, wool and other soft material were stuffed into sacks and laid on a bed frame of sorts. We know the Romans used reeds, hay, wool or feathers based on what they could afford. We know Egyptians used palm boughs. They also invented the raised bed, though a layer of solid wood wasn’t really comfortable, just protection from snakes and spiders.

For the middle class, a wood frame with slats was used to raise the sleeper off the ground, keeping pests and drafts from reaching them. Another option was using tight ropes to hold the sleeper and mattress above the ground; this was the origin of the phrase “good night, sleep tight”.

The Persians were credited with inventing the first waterbeds; they used goatskins filled with water as mattresses. These were almost exclusively used by the wealthy. For the middle class, leather bands were often used. The poorest literally slept on the floor in a pile of hay.

The Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, your sleeping arrangements depended on your family’s wealth. If you were wealthy, you had a wooden bed frame with slats underneath that would sell today as an antique still suitable for any home. Their beds often had canopies to capture insects that might fall from the ceiling. The bed posters also held up the curtains that hung up around the bed and could be dropped down for privacy. This was due in part to the fact that separate bedrooms were still rare, and it was common for children and servants to sleep around the main bed.

For the poor, a hay stuffed bag called a tick or basic wooden platform to keep them off the floor was all they had. This is the origin of the term “hitting the hay” that means to go to bed. They hit the hay to try to drive away bugs before they laid down on it.

By the 1700s, many people used mattresses consisting of mass produced linen and cotton covers stuffed with cotton, wool and any other available material. For the poor, straw and pea shucks were used. Many of the mattresses were buttoned to close them. Metal frames started to replace wooden frames, but wool ropes or leather straps still suspended the mattress of the poor.

The Industrial Age

The first steel coil spring was patented in 1857, initially used in chairs. In 1865, the first coil springs for beds were patented. In 1871, Henrich Westphal invented the innerspring mattress. By the early twentieth century, the typical American mattress had an innerspring core covered by a layer of cotton batting. Paget designed the first known modern water bed, and the first ones were sold by Harrods in 1895.

Marshall Coils, the individually wrapped coil springs used to build an entire mattress, were invented in 1899 and became popular by mid-century. Marshall Coil beds are still sold today.

In the 1950s, foam mattresses hit the general market. Vinyl made water beds affordable to the general public. By the 1980s, air beds made with vinyl are being sold on the open market.


Innerspring mattresses remain the most common type of mattress sold in the developed world. The sleeping surface is now as likely to be filled with artificial fibers as cotton. The core is increasingly made from latex or polyurethane foams. Air and water beds have been a small part of the mattress market for decades.

Top 5 Best Single Mattress For 2020 ( Save Money & Time)

Best Single Mattress Reviews

Single sleepers have the distinct privilege of having the bed all to themselves, which allows you to choose a mattress without compromise. Whether you like it firm or a super comfy plush memory foam, the only person you have to answer to is you. Because of that, we’ll explore five different distinct mattresses that are great for single sleepers who want the best sleep of their lives.

What is a Single Mattress?

Single mattress is just smaller mattress, typically around the twin, twin XL or queen size for those who toss and turn, where only one person intends to sleep. While there isn’t any mattress specifically made for single, this allows you to make very specific decisions about texture, material and features that you may otherwise have to compromise on.

Best Mattresses for Single Reviews

01.LUCID 12 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress 

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This mattress gives you the perfect combination of texture and features. From being a very thick mattress to simultaneously being both firm and slightly soft, this unique skill set makes the LUCID 12-inch ideal for single sleepers who want to experience everything a mattress can be.

The base layer is a thick 6.5 inches with individual coils that improve air flow while also keeping your motion isolated. That may not seem too important as a single sleeper, but it actually provides a more restful sleep.

On top of the base layer is a plush layer of latex followed by a firm layer of memory foam. This gives you the mixed benefits of both, as you slightly sink into the material, but still feel firm support around your body.

For those worried about aesthetics, the outer cover is two-tone and has an intricate design that most will love.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about this bed is that it takes all the best sleep materials, including springs, latex and memory foam, and mixes them together perfectly. You get a bed that’s just firm enough for good support along with great durability.

Perhaps the only con is that the bed isn’t super firm, which may be a problem if you want a firm bed. It’s also slightly heavy for a single mattress.


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02.LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – Ultra Plush – Individually Encased Coils

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Going to the other side of the spectrum, this ultra-plush mattress is so soft that you’ll just sink in and never want to get out. The base layer is a good 8-inch layer of heavy-gauge springs, which is necessary to ensure the durability of the mattress. Anything less and the bed loses its longevity.

Above that is a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam, which is super soft and cooling, and then another 2-inch layer of even softer memory foam.

You also get superior edge support so that the edges remain intact, even if you sit on the edge. This is the softest bed Linenspa offers, so it doesn’t get more plush than this.

Pros and Cons

If you love soft, cooling beds, then you’ll fall in love with this one. Not only that, but it negates the usual weakness of poor durability with the thick base layer. You’ll also enjoy how you sink into the mattress as you lie down on it.

On the other hand, this bed is incredibly soft, which may be too much for some people. Only get this if you truly love softer beds.


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03.Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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Some people are on the fence about the benefits of green tea mattresses. The potential health benefits are that the antioxidants will absorb through your skin. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal effects.

However, what can’t be disputed is that green tea reduces the amount of chemicals necessary to make the foam, as this oil is used instead of petrochemicals. This also reduces the off-gassing smell when you first get the mattress.

Even if you don’t believe in the benefits of green tea, this is an amazing mattress. You get four different layers, each one ventilated to improve comfort and coolness.

The texture is about medium, which gives you plenty of support throughout the night. Another benefit is that the mattress can be rolled and shipped, making it easier to buy the mattress.

Pros & Cons

This is a very cool bed that has a good amount of softness and all the benefits of green tea mattresses. The memory foam does a wonderful job of supporting your body weight.

On the cons side, the edge support could be better and it might be somewhat softer than you may like.


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04.Sunrising Bedding 8 Inch Hybrid Natural Latex Independently Encased Coil Innerspring Mattress

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Latex is regarded as one of the best materials for beds because it’s wonderfully comfortable, shockingly durable and incredibly responsive to shifts and moving.

This hybrid bed combines both latex and independent coils to give you great durability, but at a fairly affordable price.

The base layer uses thicker coils than normal. Most coils are around 1.5mm to 1.8mm, but this uses 2.0mm coils to give extra support. The latex layer is CertiPUR approved, meaning that it’s free of harmful chemicals.

Texture is medium firm, and both layers resist sagging and sinking, which many sleepers find annoying. Latex does a great job of regulating temperature throughout the night, so you’ll stay cool while you sleep.

Pros and Cons

As a hybrid mattress you are getting both the benefits of coils and latex. Also, this mattress has been made to specially resist sagging, which improves durability and makes your sleep more comfortable.

While this is more affordable than other latex mattresses, it still costs more than other mattress types. Latex is also fairly firm, so this may not work if you like softer sleep surfaces.


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05.Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress


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Some people love very cooling beds, and this mattress fits the bill. Utilizing two different layers of gel-based memory foam and a ventilated base layer, this mattress ensures the best airflow to keep you nice and frosty. Each layer works together to disperse heat and keep you cool.

The base layer is a durable 6-inch layer of high-density memory foam, followed by a 3.5-inch layer of cooling poly foam, and finally a 2-inch layer of foam specifically made to keep you cool. This is ideal for warm sleepers who wake up sweating, or tossing and turning because the heat is so high. The texture is medium-plush, so it’s a little on the softer side.

Pros and Cons

If you want a cool bed, then this is perfect. Everything here is made to reduce temperatures and keep you feeling comfortable throughout the night. The plush texture is also nice if you like softer beds that aren’t too soft.

As with most beds made with memory foam, this one will get softer over time. It also won’t be good for those who get cold overnight, as this will make the problem worse.


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What is a Mattress & Its components?

what is mattress &its components

What is a mattress?

A mattress is made up of several components. At a minimum, it consists of an outer layer that contains the padding that makes it soft. Modern mattresses contain several layers to keep the person comfortable, safe and supported. There are several components all mattresses share, even when they are made of different materials. Let’s look at the components that comprise the modern mattress.

The Sleep Surface

On memory foam mattresses, this will be called the comfort layer. This is a layer of foam that molds to the body’s shape. For innerspring mattresses, the top upholstery layer is what covers the mattress. This layer is often called ticking or quilting. On some memory foam beds, a stretchy knit “ticking” was put over the memory foam layer so that the bed looks like a standard innerspring mattress.

The Second Layer

For traditional inner spring mattresses, the puffy pillow-top is the sleep surface. This is the soft layer that makes it comfortable to sleep on the springs. The padding has significant impact on how the mattress feels overall. Some innerspring mattresses have several layers of padding. The padding is separated from the mattress core by a layer of fiber or mesh. In some hybrid mattresses, there is a layer of memory foam underneath the cotton or polyester padding.

In memory foam mattresses, the support layer is the layer between the sleeping surface and the core. The foam at this layer is more rigid than the comfort layer so that it offers support for the sleeper and helps the mattress retain its shape.

The Core

The average mattress has an “inner-spring” core. The mattress may consist of a number of networked coils. As the coil count goes up, so does the cost. The thicker the wires used to make the coils, the firmer the mattress will be. The thickness of the wires is called the “gauge”. The lower the wire gauge, the thicker the spring.
More expensive mattresses have pocketed coils where each coil is encased in fabric. These coils are more comfortable to sleep on and are less likely to poke through.

For water beds, the water “mattress” is the core. For memory foam mattresses, the core is also called the base layer. This is the most rigid and thickest layer of memory foam.If you have an air mattress, the air bladder is the “core” of the bed.

The Bottom of the Mattress

If you have a two sided mattress, the bed has the same upholstery on both sides of the mattress as well as a padded layer on each side. On one sided mattresses, there is no such duplication of the sleep surface on the bottom of the mattress. If you have a one-sided mattress, the bottom of the mattress has a woven, somewhat more durable surface.

The Foundation

The Foundation is the base unit. It is typically a timber platform that supports the mattress and lifts it up off the floor. A side benefit of the foundation layer is that it prevents the mattress from getting wet if the room is somewhat flooded and makes it harder for insects to reach the sleeper.

If you have an innerspring mattress, your bed foundation is probably called the box springs, since most of them are made from extra heavy-duty springs. Springs make the bed plush, while a wood foundation gives you more support. All wood foundations became more common after one sided mattresses became common after 2000. Grid-top foundations are a mix of steel and wood supports.

When You Should Change Your Mattress ?

when change mattress

When should you change your mattress? This isn’t a cut and dried answer, though there are obvious signs that the current mattress needs to go. Here are a few tips on when you should change your mattress.

When It Smells

You should change a mattress when it starts to smell. It doesn’t matter if the smell is due to biological accidents that seeped into the mattress, mold and mildew because it now hosts a fungal colony or you cannot tell what the cause is. If the mattress smells, it is becoming a health hazard and needs to be replaced.

When You Think It Is the Source of Your Bug Bites

You should replace your mattress if you think the bed is the source of any bites you’re getting at night. The prominent example is bed bug bites; in this case, you have to replace the mattress and the bed frame. Then thoroughly vacuum the floor, have your bedroom treated, the bed frame disposed of and sleep somewhere else for a while. You may need to wash all your clothes repeatedly and store stuffed animals in plastic bags for at least a month to ensure that you get rid of all the critters.

Another time you need to replace the mattress is if it is hosting any other colony of insects. For example, a bed may be hosting a colony of spiders that are eating your dust mites and periodically bite you in the process. You can have the bedding washed to kill most of the dust mites and the bedroom sprayed for spiders. Yet it is far simpler to just replace the bed.

When It No Longer Holds Up

You should replace a mattress when it no longer holds up, regardless of its age. If you’ve constantly sat on the edge of the bed while getting dressed in the morning, the sides could start to sag well before the five year mark.

If your kids ever jump on the bed, they wear out the springs at a vastly accelerated rate. And the center of the bed will start to sag no matter what you do. In these cases, the solution is to replace the mattress. This is especially true if turning it and flipping it no longer gets rid of the indents in the bed.

Another issue is the load your body puts on the mattress. If you have a mattress that isn’t firm enough or strong enough to support you, you’ll be uncomfortable as you sink into it even as the high load causes it to warp and deform. You can try to add memory foam mattress covers to the bed, but the real solution is replacing the existing mattress with one that provides the right level of support for your body.

When It Hurts to Get Out of Bed

You need to replace the mattress when it seems like you feel worse in the morning than you did when you went to bed. Your mattress may be the cause of your neck, back, shoulder and hip pain because it isn’t providing enough support; the pressure points on these joints cause arthritic joints in particular to hurt in the morning.

If your body is stiff in the morning, this is another sign your mattress doesn’t give you the right level of support anymore. If you have specific points of pain, this could be a sign of a lumpy mattress or springs breaking through their coil covers to poke you at night.

If you’ve ever slept on the couch or in the recliner and found it to be more comfortable, you definitely need a new mattress.

When Too Much Time Has Passed

You need to replace a mattress when the surface is worn and the padding on top has become too thin. It is going to wear out in five to ten years by design, depending on wear and tear patterns. You should replace a mattress over ten years old no matter what because it likely contains as toxic levels of dust mites, chemicals, dust and other debris anyway.

Top 5 Best 12 Inch Mattress Reviews For 2020 ( Most Comfortable !)

best 12 inch mattress reviews

Mattress thickness is always a matter of preference. Some people may like a thinner 8 inches, while some may want a super thick 14 inches or more. While it is a matter of preference, it is recognized that 12-inch mattresses are among the best in many regards. From offering a comfortable amount of thickness to having great durability and extra features, these mattresses tend to be within the premium line of beds.


While there are no special benefits of 12-inch mattresses, you’ll find that most of these beds offer various features within their class. For example, memory foam beds in this size tend to use more layers, or hybrid beds tend to have premium coils. In general, this is the sweet spot where you find the most benefits while still being fairly affordable.

Top 5 Best 12 Inch Mattresses

01. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

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Have you heard of green tea mattresses ? These are foam mattresses that replace some of the petroleum with green tea extract when forming the foam. Not only is this eco-friendly, but it also imparts many of green tea’s natural benefits like being an antioxidant and reducing bacterial growth.

Outside of the tea, this bed has several layers that build up to one incredible mattress. The 7-inch base layer is very firm foam that is specially ventilated to reduce heat, while the top two layers (a 2-inch and 3.5-inch, respectively), are gel-infused and softened up to give you a very comforting sleep.

This bed is smartly shipped, meaning that it’s rolled in a box and easily shipped, and the green tea greatly removes the initial off gassing smell most mattresses have.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits here to choose from. The multiple layers are great, acting to keep you cool, comfortable and to improve longevity of the bed. The green tea extract removes many of the harmful chemicals used, and many believe it has healthy benefits.

On the cons side, the foam is a little on the firmer side (which some may not like), and many people don’t believe in the green tea benefits. While the jury’s out on the antioxidant benefits, this does definitely reduce chemical usage and initial odors.



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02. Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

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This is a simple bed that gives you the major benefits you’d want in a premium 12-inch mattress. The bottom base layer is a husky 8.5 inches. Composed of high-density foam, this base layer makes the mattress a little firmer while improving the durability of your bed.

The top layer you’ll be sleeping on is a 3.5-inch layer of CertiPUR memory foam, free from many of the hazardous chemicals found in other foams (like fire retardants, heavy metals and so on). Considered eco-friendly, this foam properly supports you during the sleeping hours and distributes your weight so that no area is pinched or improperly moved.

Like many other foam mattresses, this one can be easily rolled and shipped to your home.

Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a basic memory foam mattress made from eco-friendly materials and is reasonably thick and durable, then this is it. It hits all the big areas that you’re looking for in a great mattress.

At the same time, it doesn’t really have any special benefits that can’t be found with other mattresses. It’s basic, but basic isn’t always a bad thing.


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03.LUCID 12 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Coming in a medium-firm feel, this mattress is in the sweet spot of not too firm and not too soft, making it ideal for people who dislike soft mattresses or who are new to firmer beds. Not only that, but the gel-infused layers are super comfortable and you’ll never want to get out of bed again.

The 3-inch top layer uses gel-infused memory foam that responds to your body weight and keeps you properly in alignment while sleeping. Like most other foams, this one transfers very little motion, making it ideal if you move while asleep.

Another major benefit is that this layer has an open design that allows air to transfer through, cooling the mattress so that you don’t wake up.

Pros and Cons

You get the best benefits from memory foam here. From CertiPUR foam, to a great feel and cooling design, this mattress ensures you get a great sleep every night.

Perhaps the only con with this mattress is that it’s a little on the firmer side, which some people may not like. However, as a medium-firm mattress, it’s definitely not too hard, making it easier for those who want the benefit of a firm mattress without feeling uncomfortable.


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04.Olee Sleep 12 Inch Euro Box Hybrid Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress Review

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This 12-inch mattress comes with more layers than any of the other beds on this list, each one imparting some special benefit that will help improve your sleep. Starting from the top and working down, there is a 1.5-inch layer of soft memory foam that surrounds your body and gives you a soft sleeping surface. Under that is a 1-inch layer of medium memory foam to support your weight, another 1-inch layer of firm memory foam to disperse weight and then a 2-inch layer of poly jacquard fabric that is ventilated.

As a hybrid mattress, the bottom layer is 6 inches and composed of high-density coils that are each independent, meaning that little weight transfers as you move around. This provides the best benefit of coils, largely being great support and durability, while removing the weakness of motion transfer.

Pros and Cons

While the numerous layers may be overwhelming to some, this gives the mattress more benefits that nearly every other mattress here. It’s also incredibly comfortable, very durable and it will make your journeys to dreamland all the better.

On the bad side, this mattress is on the softer side (which may upset some sleepers), and it’s somewhat heavier than other mattresses, weighing about 100 pounds.


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05. LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – Ultra Plush Review

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Plush beds are the last word in softness, and few beds are as soft as this one. Made with three different layers, this 12-inch mattress is made specifically to keep you soft and cool through the night. At the bottom there is a very durable 8-inch layer of coils, each heavy gauge and individually wrapped.

Above that is a 2-inch layer of transition foam, and then another 2-inch layer of gel-infused layer. These are each very soft, ensuring that you have a very plush bed that you can sink into at night. Not only that, but the gel layer is made to dramatically reduce heat while properly distributing your weight.

There is also very good edge support to help the mattress keep its shape for many years.

Pros and Cons

If you love plush beds, then this will be amazing. It’s the softest bed this brand offers, and it has additional benefits of keeping you cool, being very durable and just feeling comfortable.

However, if you don’t like soft beds, stay away. While all of the benefits are great, if you’re unwilling to sleep on a soft surface or if you need something firm, then this bed won’t work for you.


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Top 05 Best Green Tea Mattress Review of 2020 ( Stay Healthy)

green tea mattress

Welcome to our best green tea mattress review post.In this post you will learn what is green tea mattress , its benefits and the best green tea mattress.

What is Green Tea Mattress?

One of the most interesting mattresses available is the green tea mattress. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This is a mattress that uses green tea extract in the creation of the foam. Not only does this make a significant difference in the eco-friendliness of the item, but it also imparts various benefits while improving your sleep.


Perhaps the biggest benefit is that green tea is used to replace some of the petroleum normally used to create foam. This reduces your chemical load, removes or drastically reduces initial off gassing and definitely makes the mattress green. There are also the numerous polyphenols, antioxidants and other beneficial aspects of green tea that you’ll be directly exposed to.

Not only that, but green tea is also antimicrobial and anti fungal, and the beds come in a variety of textures from soft to firm. Surprisingly enough, most of these beds are fairly affordable.

Top 5 Best Green Tea Mattresses

01.Zinus 10 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress Review

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As a hybrid mattress, you’re getting the best of many worlds here. Let’s start with the basic construction. You are getting several layers of green tea-infused foam with an array of comfortable coils to keep the mattresses firmly in place as you sleep.

The top layer is 4 inches of comfortable green tea foam with a soft to medium-soft feel. This comfort layer is there to give you a calming, comfortable sleep and allows your body to sink into the bed while supporting your weight.

The green tea infusion gives you all the major benefits of green tea, including the polyphenols and antioxidants, while also improving the smell of the mattress.

Under the foam is a 6-inch layer of coils. These are heavy-duty coils engineered to keep your body from transferring motion or moving too much in your sleep. They improve overall durability while better supporting your weight than foam.

Pros and Cons

The green tea-infused and CertiPUR foam layer uses as few chemicals as possible while providing you with comfort and softness. Not only that, but the entire mattress is easily shipped in a small box despite the coils.

Some people dislike coils because they may poke or prod here and there. While this rarely happens with this particular mattress, it may be a problem during its last years.


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02.Herbal fusion 8 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

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This mattress is made up of two different layers, each with green tea infusion. The bottom 6 inches are very high-density foam made to support your weight and keep the mattress in proper shape for years to come. This base layer is hard and is sure to cradle your weight through the night.

On top of that is a 2-inch layer of memory foam that is softer and will keep you comfortable through the night. This layer has been made to give you the necessary support while also improving circulation and spinal alignment.

The mattress produces very little odor upon opening, and it’s conveniently rolled and shipped, reducing shipping costs and the carbon footprint.

Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a mattress that has solid foam with green tea benefits, then this is perfect. You’re only getting the two layers of foam, no springs or other materials. It’s also a no-fuss no-muss mattress. Just open the box, plop the mattress down and that’s it.

On the other hand, this mattress doesn’t have many special features, and the foam may heat up during the night. CertiPUR foam tends to be cooler, but it might still be a little hot if you naturally exude a lot of heat.


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03. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

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There are several layers used in the construction of this green tea mattress, each with its own benefit. At the bottom are two different 3.5-inch layers of high-density foam, one denser than the other. These two provide a firm base, but they are also made to allow airflow into the mattress. This reduces heat and gives you a comfortable sleeping temperature.

In the middle is a 3-inch layer of memory foam, and then finally a 2-inch layer of comfort foam designed to give you a soft sleeping experience that is akin to sleeping on a cloud. Each layer works in conjunction to support your weight, keep you cool and calm and to improve your sleep.

Along with green tea, the foam also includes castor oil. This further reduces odor and bacterial growth, while giving you many of the same benefits of the green tea.

Pros and Cons

This mattress utilizes its layers in a wonderful symphony that will give you great sleep and a soft and comfortable surface, while also ensuring that you don’t heat up during the night.

Memory foam sometimes forms an indent of your body, which may be annoying to some. However, this particular mattress tends to resist that. You will also sink a little into the bed while sleeping, which some people like but others don’t.


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04.Herbal fusion 10 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

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Coming with soothing, gel-infused foam, this green tea mattress comes with several layers and numerous benefits. The bottom layer is a firm 7-inch foam base cushion made to keep the bed properly formed for many years. This firms up the sleeping experience while ensuring that your body is correctly supported.

Above that is a 3-inch gel-infused layer of green tea foam. Not only that, but the foam has a CetriPUR certification, ensuring that it has minimal chemicals and little harmful off gassing. This foam is antimicrobial, resists bacteria and is also hypoallergenic.

You also get a removable mattress cover meant to absorb moisture and making cleaning the mattress a breeze. Not only that, but it will improve the longevity of your mattress.

Pros and Cons

This mattress has all the major benefits you’d expect from a green tea mattress. From the health benefits of sleeping on green tea foam to the minimal processing and comfortable sleep surface, this bed checks off all the major items you’d want in a great mattress.

On the other hand, there are few extra benefits outside of the norm. Some may also feel that the top layer is a little too thin, but this just firms up the sleep experience.


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05.Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Review


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A premium sleep experience, this uses multiple layers along with cutting-edge manufacturing to craft an amazing mattress. You get two base layers, each 3.5 inches thick, that are ventilated to both improve durability and airflow during the night. Few people will ever get hot overnight with this mattress.

The top layers are made with an extract of green tea. There is a 3-inch comfort layer that softens the blow between the top and bottom layers, and the very top is a 2-inch gel-infused layer that is ultra-comfortable. You can enjoy all of the benefits of green tea while also knowing true comfort. The gel improves durability and relaxation, and the green tea removes odors and minimizes chemical usage.

Pros and Cons

This premium green tea mattress promotes both comfort and functionality, along with cooling ventilation, to greatly improve your sleeping experience. Not only that, but the green tea usage improves health and reduces odor.

On the cons side, this mattress is somewhat heavy and more experience that other items on this list. It’s also firm, which people who prefer softer beds may have a problem with.


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Top 10 Best Mattress Brands

What are the best mattress brands on the market? We’ll give you a list of the top ten mattress brands. We’ll also provide information on some of their best mattresses brands and the general reasons why these mattresses made our list in the first place.


The Hybrid Elite Kelburn mattress the second best innerspring mattress of 2017 according to the 2018 Consumer Reports buyer’s guide. It was a recommended buy by Consumer Reports. The [easyazon_link identifier=”B0714D2L33″ locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]Sealy Posturepedic Performance[/easyazon_link] Lawson Euro Pillowtop mattress was the second highest rated pillowtop innerspring mattress on that same list. Sealy Posturepedic mattresses range from the basic, affordable and supportive mattress to luxury hybrid mattresses. They even sell crib mattresses.

Sealy does make foam mattresses, but their foam mattresses were ranked far below the rest of the mattresses made by this manufacturer. This is one of the best mattress brands for innerspring mattresses, but stay away from their foam mattresses.

02.Viola Box

Viola Box has a limited selection of mattresses on Amazon. However, its 11” Hybrid was the fourth best innerspring mattress according to Consumer Reports. It had a firmness rating of 6 while being one of the cheapest firm mattresses on the recommended list.

One of the reasons this mattress made our list was the amazing 768 coil count, and every coil is pocketed. The upper layer of the mattress contains both latex and memory foam. You get a triple edged side wall to avoid the sagging on the sides that comes from sitting on the edge of the bed to get dressed each morning.


The Beautyrest brand Recharge World Class Keaton inner spring mattress was the sixth best mattress in its class according to Consumer Reports. It ranked particularly high on durability. The Beautyrest Silver Golden Gate Pillowtop mattress was the highest ranked pillow top innerspring mattress on the CR list and was a recommended buy.

This particular mattress scored higher than the second place Posturepedic mattress because it is several hundred dollars cheaper. The Beautyrest Platinum Hailey Luxury Firm mattress was rated as a best buy due to its low price, excellent durability and widely satisfied consumer market. It even scored average when it came to big, tall and heavy customers who otherwise are uncomfortable on most mattresses.

The Bridgewater mattress line stood out for stabilization. If you have pets or children constantly getting in and out of bed, the Beautyrest Bridgewater mattresses. This is even more noteworthy when you learn that almost no inner spring mattresses received a high score in this area, while adjustable air beds did. And no foam mattress Consumer Reports tested was considered to have good stability. This makes the Beautyrest Bridgewater mattresses your best choice if one person in the family is constantly tossing and turning.

04.Denver Mattress Brand

Denver Mattress is a brand best known for its “Doctor’s Choice” mattresses. The Doctor’s Choice mattress was the highest rated inner spring mattress on the Consumer Reports list that cost less than $700. It came in seventh overall but had the durability of mattresses that cost twice or three times as much. This is why it was considered a CR Best Buy.

Do your research, though, because the brand doesn’t deliver the same degree of quality across all its models. For example, the Telluride mattress by Denver Mattress was one of the worst mattresses tested by Consumer Reports.

One way this brand stands out is the sheer variety of sizes the company makes. For example, you can find “short queen” and “narrow king” mattresses perfect for RVs. They sell the full suite of complimentary bedding like bed covers, sheets and pillows for these hard to find sizes. This is the best mattress brand for finding a comfortable mattress for your trailer.

05.Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen as a furniture brand is more than two centuries old. Many people own Ethan Allen beds. What most don’t know is that the company sells a line of mattresses as well. The Ethan Allen or EA Signature Firm innerspring mattress ranked fourteenth on the Consumer Reports list of innerspring mattresses. While other mattresses were cheaper or outranked it on durability and comfort, this mattress stood out as being comfortable for the very tall, the very heavy or both.

In particular, if you’re overweight and sleep on your side, it is difficult to find a mattress that eases pressure points where your knees, hips, back and shoulders hit the bed. The Ethan Allen Signature Firm mattress literally supports these people who lack any other good alternatives. It scored a 7 on firmness and was the highest rated mattress that was this firm. Duxiana has beds that support this demographic, too, but their beds cost twice as much as Ethan Allen’s.

06.The Winkbed

Winkbed mattresses are primarily a line of affordable hybrid mattresses. It comes with two layers of spring coils covered with a plush layer of foam. The Winkbed namesake mattress scored a 77 out of 100 on the scale created by Consumer Reports; the top rated mattress scored 80 while costing 10% more. This mattress is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes.

It is a firm mattress, despite the multiple layers of foam in the upper layer, so this mattress isn’t a match for you if you have problems with your joints made worse by pressure points. The chemical odor from this memory foam mattress is mild and fades quickly. Many people haven’t heard of this brand because it saves money by selling direct to consumers through the internet, so it is only available through sites like

07.Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Stearns and Foster create affordable luxury mattresses. The Signature Garrick Luxury innerspring mattress stands out for offering the right level of support for petite back sleepers, one of those demographic groups that has trouble finding a bed that suits their needs. If you’re willing to pay more, you can get plush pillow top mattresses from the same company.

This brand of mattresses is notable for the thick supportive edging that allows you to sit on the edge of the bed without causing it to sag in that area.While most of their mattresses are standard king and queen sizes, it also sells crib mattresses.


Essentia is a line of natural memory foam mattresses; they advertise themselves as the world’s only manufacturer of natural memory foams. They’re offered on a limited basis through Amazon and other online retailers. A few models like the [easyazon_link identifier=”B008XKVDXC” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]Energie Opus mattress[/easyazon_link] by Essentia are found in sizes from twin to twin XL to king and California king. They are notable for serving petite and average back sleepers quite well. They rank high on durability and stabilization. And they are affordable compared to other memory foam mattresses.

One of the benefits of this model is the lack of a chemical smell from the get go; they don’t use adhesives with it at all since the entire thing is individually molded. This is one of the best mattress brands for those who want a foam mattress that they can sleep on immediately. The mattresses are more “breathable” than the average memory foam mattress, and the foam itself adapts quickly if you change positions in bed.

09.Casper Sleep Mattress

The Casper Sleep brand of mattresses is well-regarded foam mattresses. It isn’t as well-known as others on the list because the company was started in 2014.

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00M9COERM” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]Casper namesake mattress[/easyazon_link] was the fourth best foam mattress in the Consumer Reports tests. The mattress is durable and had a firmness of 4. It is notable for its breathability, long hundred night trial period, good customer service and temperature control. The open cell uppermost layer helps prevent the overheating that many other foam mattresses suffer from.

The company’s two other main mattress lines are “The Wave” and The Essential”. The “Wave” model has improved ergonomic support for those with joint issues. All three of the mattresses are compatible with the Casper brand adjustable bed frame.

10.My Pillow

The “My Pillow” is best known for its line of form fitting pillows, but they make mattresses, too. Their foam mattresses range from twin to California king sizes. The first layer or comfort layer is a four way quilted cover designed to be soft to lie on. The second adaptive layer matches the contours of your body. The third layer offers body support like supporting your neck or spine. The innermost layer is the cushion core. The company’s luxurious mattress toppers can be bought separately or in addition to the mattress itself.

The My Pillow 10 inch mattress received a score of 74 when the best score in the category was an 81. And this brand was several hundred dollars cheaper than other mattresses that were only slightly better. It even ranked well above the Ikea line of mattresses. The company also offers an excellent ten year warranty.

Best Cheap Queen Mattress-You Can Buy Easily

cheap queen mattress

Are you tired working round the clock in the regular routine shifts and your body demands sound rest or sleep to revitalize the bodily tissues? Now, while heading home the basic thought that rises in every layman’s mind is to drink a cup of tea, have dinner and lay the body on the spongy mattress.

Next morning, you don’t feel sober as the mattress you are using may not have the exclusive features to heal the muscle pain. Either it’s of the poor quality or its cushioning function has expired with respect to time.

It’s a mere misconception that a good mattress is hard to afford but through online stores, you can make the best deal with the Cheap Queen Mattress. It’s easy, fast, reliable and affordable as you get the best deals on featuring the leading E-commerce sites like Amazon.

The mattress is a well-designed body supporter to provide rest with its cushioning features. It may consist of hair, cotton, foam rubber and springs. Most of the persons even use air or water filled mattress for their convenience. They all come in standardized sizes with respect to the size of the bed you are using in your room. This category is never ending as the list goes long to avail the Cheap Queen Mattress.

With loads of features, sizes, textures, materials it can be tiring to chose the best from all. This article will aid you in selecting the best from the top five mattresses available to shop online. Before we head with such description, let’s have a brief discussion on the features of a good mattress. This will help you in selecting the best for your sound rest.

Features of a good mattress

For a decent rest or sound sleep its necessary to continue it for seven to eight hours in a row. A good mattress owes you to provide bodily repairs and rest. Going to sleep is a thing kept aside and getting the sound sleep is what a mattress supports in.

The promotional methods of the various companies depicting the features of their product do not apply perfectly as it’s difficult to gauge the effect on these parameters.

Purchasing the expensive one may give you assurance for the best product but it’s always mandated to reconsider these options. If one calculates the effects of good sleep overnight does not only conquers a backache but also soothes with

  •  Enhancing memory
  •  Increases life cycle
  • Lowers your Blood Pressure
  •  Promotes metabolism
  •  Improves your physical problems
  • Induces happiness and sharpens the brainy activities

This list is huge and they prove the infamous words as Sound Sleeping is the world’s best meditation. To win this task a good quality Cheap Queen Mattress, can assist you with millions of ways. For the record, the word cheap symbolizes the affordability, not the quality. Factors for choosing the best mattress are

· A good design with integration of tested spring coils made up of the finest quality. It provides firmness and the best cushioning effect.

· Good quality padding can be expensive a bit but it increases the comfort zone of the mattress.

· High costs do not confirm the quality of a good and there are no medical statements as per the appealing advertisements. So, don’t get fooled with them and go on the original reviews of that product.

Top 5 best cheap queen mattress

01.Zinus Sleep master Ultra

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”333″ identifier=”B006L9VANK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

This cheap queen mattress is well listed and rated on the E-commerce site and comes in sizes like 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. The engineering applied in layering the mattress is superb and you get 2 inches of Memory foam, 2 inches of pressure relieving comfort foam, and 4 inches of higher density base foam for better stability.

The foam base is well treated with natural plant oils to provide you a lasting fresh feeling every time you sleep. The foam used in this product is certified and is of the finest quality which promotes long ability, best elastic performance and better contentment of the customer.

With respect to the shipping, the product comes nicely packed at your doorsteps without hindering its structural property.

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B006L9VANK” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

02.Linen Spa 6 inched innerspring mattress

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0113973YM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

This unique product comes with a long time warranty of 10 years and it has way lot to offer you with its purchase. With respect to its built, the components used are 18% rayon fiber, 62% polyester, with 15% of polyurethane fiber and 5% of polypropylene fiber. The bodily structure is well supported by the heavy-duty steel coils for more and long lasting comfort.

It has passed the inflammatory standards and keeps your family safe in such situations. The surface is artistically layered with quilted fabric for extra comfort while sleeping. On ordering the mattress comes compressed for durable shipping and installation.

 [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B0113973YM” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

03.Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”400″ identifier=”B00Q7EPSHI” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

The unique name of this product is self-explanatory for its features. The foam acquires the certification from CertiPUR which confirms its reliability and robustness. Being treated with the green tea extracts the product enriches the freshness while you sleep and provides you the complete comfort of resting.

While shipping, the product comes in compressed form and for better results, it is mandated to keep it for nearly 72 hours for expansion and eradicating the unwanted odor. It compiles of 3 inches in Memory Foam, 3.5 inches air flow memory foam with 3.5 inches of base support foam. The anti-oxidant properties of the green tea extracts keep it all time fresh and ready to use.

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00Q7EPSHI” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

04.LUCID 10 inched memory foam

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00474X5DO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

LUCID 10 inched memory foam comes with gel technology provides you a warranty of 25 years and also comes with the approval of CertiPUR. The gel infusion makes it more comfortable and reliable for consistent serving over the bed. Its structure compiles with 2.5 inched gel infusions with 7.5 inches of high-performance base support.

The gel technology maintains the temperature of the mattress and also controls the moisture content in the same. While shipping the product is shipped with proper boxing and setup instruction manuals.

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00474X5DO” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

05.Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00MWTJGDE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

The layering of this product is beautifully designed and managed to provide the best looks. With respect to the comfort zone, the gel-based infusion technology makes it the best choice for the customers. The design consists 2 inches of gel memory foam and 6 inches of base foam for extra support and elasticity.

The gel technology dissipates the body heat and keeps it cool while you are resting on this mattress. This Cheap Queen Mattress comes with 5-star rating as per customer reviews and satisfaction report.

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00MWTJGDE” key=”small-light” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]


Top 5 Best king Size Mattress Under 500

Best king Size Mattress Under 500

There are no words to describe the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital for our body to regenerate the energy that we need to deal with our daily chores. It also helps to ensure that our mind gets the much needed rest. When you have a good night’s sleep, you feel fresh and energy the next day, but above all, your health is also at its best.

A good mattress helps you to get the much needed rest

The sleeping pattern of a person is also determined on the mattress he/she sleeps on. A good mattress helps to distribute the weight of your body in the right way. It does not matter if you sleep on the side, back or on your stomach.

Choosing a mattress within your budget

Not everybody can afford a very expensive one. While choosing a mattress, you have to keep in mind            various factors such as the pressure you face while sleeping, the softness and thickness of the mattress and even the size of the mattress. Most of the time, people often end up waking with a neck, shoulder or back pain only because they are sleeping on a mattress that is not good for them, With the various options that you have, it can be confusing to choose the right one. Well, you do not have to worry about that because we have compiled a list of the best king size mattress under 500.

01.Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”400″ identifier=”B00Q7EPV8O” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

This king sized mattress is originally good and slightly costly, but if you get lucky you can get it at a discounted rate . It has a 4.5 rating making it one of the best king size mattress under 500 you can consider. This mattress is designed to ensure that you get a comfortable night’s sleep. It is perfect for people who sleep on their side or back.

Other features of this mattress.

  • The dimensions of this mattress are 80x76x12” and it weighs 88 ponds.
  • The memory foam material of the mattress gives you better protection and comfort when you sleep.
  • Before you sleep on the mattress, it is recommended to wait for at least 72 hours after to you have received it.
  • This will help to reduce any odor coming form the mattress. It will also help the mattress to expand properly.
  • The Green Tea extract that is infused along with the Natural Caster seed oil helps to take care of any bacteria or odor.
  • [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00Q7EPV8O” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

02.LinenSpa 8″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01IU6RP12″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

Another name that falls under best king size mattress under 500 is the LinenSpa 8”. This is priced at low. This comes with a 10 year warranty provided by the manufacturer. Even this mattress is rated at 4.5 stars out of 5; the revolutionary comfort feature of this mattress is possible with the latest technology that is present in the mattress.

Other features of this mattress

  • Reliable support while sleeping, this mattress also reliefs any pressure felt to the body.
  • With a weight of 70 pounds, this kind size mattress is sized at 80x78x8”
  • It comes with 1.5” comfort foam to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • The mattress moulds into your body shape so that you do not experience any kind of problems while sleeping or when you wake up.
  • [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B01IU6RP12″ key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

03.Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B003XVO0TK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

For the price of under $ 500, this king also has a special offer where a customer will get 2 Pillows as a bonus. This is a premium mattress and that is why it also comes under the best king size mattress under 500. The 4.5 star rating speaks a lot about the quality of this mattress. It also has a gel infused feature that helps a person to get the much needed rest he/she deserves.

The features that make this mattress a good choice includes

  • Cool gel feature to ensure that your body’s temperature is regulated properly so that you sleep well.
  • Memory foam of this mattress meets the CertPUR-US certification. This is why, it is ideal for people who have allergies from dust, bacteria, mold, allergens etc.
  • Friendly and adjustable base with a firm support and Medium Plush feel while sleeping.
  • Weighs 93.6 pounds and a dimension of 80 x 76 x 14”
  • [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B003XVO0TK” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

04.Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B005A4OOWQ” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

This king size mattress is designed with the best of everything. You will experience a comfortable and peaceful sleep thanks to the Memory Foam of the mattress. It is also an eco-friendly mattress and comes with a breathable knit fabric cover that is easy to clean.

Features that make this one of the best king size mattress under 500

  • This 12 “mattress is sized at 76 x 80 x 12” and weighs 83.6 pounds.
  • It is equipped with the signature sleep memory foam feature; this helps to make sure that your body is balanced properly while you are sleeping.
  • The soft breathable fabric helps the mattress to breathe and also helps to take care of any odor or smell coming from the mattress due to constant use.
  • [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B005A4OOWQ” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

05.Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00HS57PXA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]

If you want to get the feeling that you are sleeping on the clouds, then you can surely consider this mattress. It has a 10 year warranty and is also Certipur- US certified. With this mattress, you can have a deep and sound sleep.The mattress is worth every cent you invest.

Reasons why this is the best king size mattress under 500

  • The memory foam of the mattress is 3” in height while you also have super soft foam of 2” and high density foam of 5” in thickness.
  • This is a safe and clean mattress to sleep on as the manufacture has made sure that it meets all the quality requirements that are set. Each mattress has also been tested in a laboratory to confirm the same.
  • When you sleep on the mattress, it not only adjusts to your body; but also distributes the weight evenly so that you can sleep well.
  • [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00HS57PXA” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

Top 5 best Latex Mattresses for Better Sleep

best latex mattresses

You may have heard of latex mattresses before. They are often regarded as the premier choice for those who value a good night’s sleep. From their unique construction and materials to their numerous benefits, these mattresses are prized as being some of the best ever.

Their natural elasticity allows them to easily conform to your body shape, and you can choose between soft and firm according to your preference. Let’s go over some basic information and then talk about the five best latex mattresses on the market.

What is a Latex Mattress?

Natural latex mattresses are made from eco-friendly materials, primarily the sap of rubber trees. Synthetic latex is made from chemicals and carries many of the same benefits, but it is not derived from trees. While all-natural mattresses exist, many combine the two.

These mattresses offer many benefits, such as high durability, flexibility, anti-dust mite protection and “molecular springs” that cradle your weight.Latex mattresses currently hold the highest customer satisfaction rating of all materials, even above memory foam.

When to Use

In general, anyone who wants a good sleep will love latex. That aside, there are some situations in which this material is most appropriate. Anyone who needs that “just right” support should get latex.

This material offers superb weight control, ensuring that it isn’t too soft or firm, thus allowing it to cradle you and support your spine.

Those who are allergic to chemicals, or who prefer a more natural approach, should also consider latex. While some synthetic latex is used in many (but not all) of these products, you will still be facing far fewer chemicals than with other mattress materials.

Lastly, those who suffer from uncomfortable sleeping temperatures should consider latex. From moisture absorption to natural breathability, this material works wonders when it comes to keeping you comfortably cool.

Pros and Cons

Starting with pros, latex is a natural material that offers progressive support and natural breathability, conquering two of the most common sleep problems that people face.

High durability ensures that the mattress will last longer than other materials. Latex conforms to your body shape to improve sleeping, and it improves blood circulation. It’s also considered one of the most hypoallergenic materials.

While often considered the best, there are a few disadvantages. Latex mattresses are considerably heavier than most other materials.

If you buy a closed-cell latex, then you may face overheating (always go for open-cell unless you are too cold when sleeping). This may retain odors more than other materials, and some owners (less than 10%) say that latex is too firm.

Top 5 Best Latex Mattresses


01.Sleep On Latex: Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Featuring a 100% latex construction, this 8-inch mattress is separated into two parts. The base is made from very thick, firm latex, while the top 2 inches are a medium firmness latex.

This mattress is slightly firmer than others, making it ideal for those who like stiffer sleeping surfaces. Wool covers the top, rounding out the comfort and giving you a perfect sleeping experience.

If you want a pleasantly firm mattress that is entirely made from latex, then this is a great choice. Not only will it cradle your weight, but it will last for many years and even comes with a 10-year warranty. This mattress is built to last.


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02. Natural Latex Mattress With Organic Cotton Cover


This 10-inch latex mattress combines three different materials in an interesting and very functional way. At the bottom you have 7 inches of firm, CertiPUR foam as a base. Then there’s 1 inch of cooling memory foam, and finally 2 inches of plush latex for you to lay on.

This mattress is free of harmful chemicals like fire retardants, phthalates and formaldehyde, ensuring safety while you sleep.

Due to the cooling foam, along with latex’s natural breathability, this will regulate your body temperature through the night. Studies show that temperature can directly affect your sleep quality, so this is ideal for those who feel hot at night. The plush latex will support your weight and form around you for comfort your whole body.


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03.Eco Terra 11-Inch Luxury Latex Mattress

This is a thick mattress meant only for those who really want to relax when they lay down. Made only from latex, no other materials, you can choose between either medium or medium-firm, depending on your preferences.

Specially designed, fabric-wrapped coils are included within the mattress to greatly reduce partner disturbance if either move, along with improving buoyant support.

Covering the latex is a layer of pinstripe cotton. Not only does this improve breathability and reduce temperatures to a comfortable cool, but it also gives you a soft and pleasant surface to rest your body.


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04.Sleep EZ USA: Roma All Latex Mattress

This 9-inch mattress includes 6 inches of latex and 3 inches of CertiPUR foam, giving you ultimate comfort with minimal chemical exposure. Made completely from natural materials, this emphasizes the hypoallergenic nature of latex along with its ability to ward off dust mites.

Featuring a patented 2-in-1 Comfort Technology, you can easily switch between soft and firm textures by simply flipping the mattress. The fireproof comfort layer is composed of rayon made from bamboo and 100% organic cotton.

Regardless of which side you choose, both offer superior protection against sagging, along with pressure relief along your whole body. If you’re looking for an organic latex mattress that offers amazing comfort while allowing you to easily switch between soft and firm textures, then the Roma mattress is definitely worth checking out.

05.PlushBeds 10-Inch Medium-Firm Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

This is a very unique latex mattress that will help you dynamically change firmness level on the fly. You will get three different latex mattress pads, each of equal size. The difference between them in their firmness. You can set the top layer to whichever one you’d like to feel that night.

So, if you want to have a softer sleep experience, just place the softest layer on top. Changing the layers is easy. Just unzip the cotton outer-layer and start moving the layers. They fit perfectly into place, ensuring there is no bunching.

The cotton layer is breathable and soft, allowing you to experience the full benefits of latex. This is perfect for sleepers who change their mind about firmness, or who just want the option to change their sleep surface. Even if you’re set on firmness, this mattress is great as it carries all of the natural benefits of latex.