Mattress Sizes : Everybody Should Know (Very Important )

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, but there is significant confusion as to what these sizes mean, much less who would be comfortable on such a bed. Here, we’ll explain what each mattress size means and the variations you may find on the market. We’ll also provide mattress size information in commonly used units and compare mattress sizes to each other.

Mattress Sizes:

Sl NoMattress NameSizeNo Of Person
Sl No01.Mattress NameTwin MattressSize38″  x 75″No Of Person1 person
Sl No02.Mattress NameTwin XL MattressSize38″ x 80″No Of Person1 person
Sl No03.Mattress NameFull (Double) MattressSize54″ x 75″No Of Person1 person/ 2 adults
Sl No04.Mattress NameQueen MattressSize60″x 80″No Of 2 adults
Sl No05.Mattress NameKing MattressSize76″ x 80″No Of Person1 adult with child(s)/ 2 adults with child
Sl No06.Mattress NameCalifornia King MattressSize72″ x 84″No Of Person1 adult with children/ 2 adults with   children
Sl No07.Mattress NameToddler MattressSize28″ x 52″No Of Person1 Toddler
Sl No08.Mattress NameCrib MattressSize28″ x 52″No Of Person1 baby

Twin Mattresses

Twin mattress size
Twin mattress size

The standard twin mattress is 38″ or 39″ wide and 75″ long. For metric users, this is roughly 97 cm by 191 cm. They’re regularly called “single” or “cot” mattresses. The height of mattresses varies. The standard bed frame has a thickness of 7″ while the standard box spring is 9″ thick.

These are the smallest standard size of mattress available. They’re typically given to children, though shorter adults can also sleep on them.

The “twin” name refers to the fact that you can easily fit two beds this sized in children’s bedroom so that two children can share the same space. This is the mattress you find in day beds, bunk beds and guest room beds.

You can sometimes find mattresses called a “small” twin bed, though in the UK they are called small-single beds. The small single or small twin mattress is 30″ by 75″ and used in toddler beds.

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  • It is Easy to move
  • It is a Cheaper mattress
  • It is suitable for children
  • You can fit this mattress several beds in a room
  • This mattress save space in a room
  • It can be used with other bed for make the bed larger so it is a versatile mattress
  • It can be used alternative to sofa


  • This mattress is so narrow that  couples can not sleep on it
  • It can decrease the beauty of a room
  • only one adult can sleep on it
  • The taller person find it narrow

Twin XL Mattresses

Twin xl mattress size
Twin xl mattress size

A twin XL or twin extra long mattress is 38″ or 39″ wide and 80″ long. This is five inches longer than the standard twin mattress, hence the XL in the name. These beds are designed for taller children while still allowing parents to fit two beds in the same bedroom.

You want a mattress that is taller than the tallest person sleeping on it, and this is the longest child sized, commonly available mattress on the market.

The longer length makes them suitable for young adults; this is why they are often found in college dorm rooms as well as guest bedrooms.

If you own a king sized adjustable bed, where each side of the bed can be angled or elevated based on the person’s preferences, you could just order two twin sized XL mattresses to fit it.

Note that while mattresses come in standard sizes plus or minus half an inch, bed frames come in a wide array of sizes, so verify the size of the space where the mattress will sit before buying a mattress.

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  • It is bigger than  twin mattress
  • It is suitable for adult so it can be used in guest room
  • You need to change the bed size future  as your child grows
  • Best for single sleeper
  • It is also fit for tall person
  • It can be used for both lying down and sitting.
  • It saves room space


  • At least need 10 x 10 ft room
  • It is not so popular for this reason all manufactures do not offer this mattress size
  • It is not perfect for an adult who want to extra space during sleeping
  • It is not suitable for couple

Full Mattresses

Full mattress size
Full mattress size

A full size mattress is 53″ to 54″ wide and 75″ long. For metric users, these dimensions are roughly 137 cm by 191 cm. Another name for this mattress is a “double” mattress, but it isn’t intended for two people, since two people trying to share it would have only 27″ of sleeping space.

These mattresses are larger than the “small double” or “three quarter” mattresses found in some countries.Full mattresses are the ideal choice for heavier individuals who aren’t comfortable in a twin size bed.

If you twist and turn a lot at night, you’ll probably want a full size mattress, as well. Full size mattresses are also attractive for those who want to have room for a child or pets to sleep with them.

The another mattress is full xl. The mattress which has same width as full size but 5 inches more height than full size is called full xl mattress.The size of this mattress is 54″x80″.This mattress is suitable for the tall people who need more space to sleep.This is the best mattress size for active sleeper.Many people like this mattress .

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  • It is good for single adult who want to extra space
  • It is also suitable for couple who have no child
  • Most of the company offer this mattress
  • It is perfect for teenagers, combination sleepers and single adults so it is more popular than twin xl
  • It is best choice for guest room
  • It is great for 10 x 12 ft room
  • It is easy to find out accessories
  • Less expensive than king or cal king mattress


  • Couple who want to extra space do not love it
  • It is also not suitable for heavy couple
  • It is most costly than twin xl
  • It is not suitable for tall adult or couple

Queen Size Mattresses

queen mattress size
queen mattress size

The standard queen mattress is 60″ wide and 80″ long. You really don’t find the plus or minus an inch difference between manufacturers with this size of bed.

For metric users, the dimensions would be roughly 152 cm by 203 cm. Many queen beds have not only the standard bed frame and box frame but padding on the top that makes it hard to find sheets that fit.

Queen sized mattresses are one of the most popular standard sizes, since couples that don’t toss and turn a lot and can sleep next to each other are able to share this mattress. The Olympic queen mattress, if you find it, is 66″ wide and 80″ long.

These mattresses are attractive for couples that want to share a bed but need to maximize the space in their bedroom. The queen sized mattress is best suited to a room that is at least ten feet by ten feet.

Note that the mattress’ dimensions are separate from the dimensions of the bed frame and headboard that can add inches in both directions.

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  • Great for the  single adult with pet
  • Best for  couple with child
  • It is widely used mattress
  • It is available in every mattress store
  • It is easy to find out accessories
  • Less costly than king mattress


  • More costly than full size mattress
  • Not suitable for the couple who have children and pet
  • It is heavier and large so difficult to move
  • Need big room for it

King Size Mattresses

king mattress size
king mattress size

King size mattresses are 76″ wide and 80″ long. For metric users, the dimensions are roughly 193 cm by 203 cm.
King mattresses are the largest standard size of bed available. If you buy a split king bed that has an adjustable base, you’re actually buying two twin XL mattresses.

King mattresses are popular with couples that need a little more space than a queen size bed, since it is designed to let each person have enough room to stretch out. One benefit of king sized beds is that the box springs are split; this makes the bed easier to get up a flight of stairs and around tight corners.

The king sized bed should only be put in a master bedroom that is at least twelve feet by ten feet. The Super King mattress or Texas King mattress is 80″ wide and 98″ long. These mattresses are hard to find.

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  • It gives plenty of space for comfort
  • It is the widest mattress
  • It is More common and  accessories are available
  • Good for couple who have child/children with pet
  • best  for  heavy couple
  • It increase beauty in a big room
  • It is available in every store
  • It is called eastern king


  • More costly than queen mattress
  • It does not work in a small room
  • Heavy and large difficult to move
  • It may be short  for the tall people

California King Mattresses

cal mattress size
cal mattress size

The California King mattress is 72″ wide and 84″ long. For metric users, the dimensions are roughly 183 cm by 213 cm. The California King mattress is thus a little narrower but several inches longer than the standard king sized mattress. It provides as much space per person as a twin XL mattress.

These mattresses are invaluable for the tall owner who otherwise risks their feet extended past the edge of the bed. The extra few inches at the end of these beds makes them popular for use in adjustable beds, since the standard usable length is maintained even as the head or foot of the bed is elevated.

In general, the California King mattress is four inches longer and four inches narrower than a traditional King mattress.

If you’re looking for a California King waterbed insert, the dimensions are two inches shorter in order to fit into the water bed frame; this makes the California King water bed dimensions 70″ by 82″.


Perfect for tall couple with child/children and pet

  • It is called western king
  • The tallest mattress in the world
  • It May work better with certain layouts


  • More expensive
  • Need more space in room
  • It is large difficult to move

bed sets are also expensive

Crib/Toodler Mattress:

Mini Crib Mattress size
Crib Mattress sizes

There are four main sizes of crib mattress sizes. We’ll outline the sizes and design features associated with each crib size. We’ll also address the pros and cons of each type of mattress so that parents can choose the right one for their child’s age and sleeping arrangement.

We’ll also discuss common issues parents encounter when shopping for crib mattresses.


Bassinets are relatively small cribs designed for newborns, often sitting right beside the mother’s bed. The average bassinet mattress is roughly 26 inches long by 12 inches wide by 2 inches thick.

Most bassinets are too shallow for children more than six months old, because it cannot prevent the child from rolling out of bed.

2.Mini Cribs

Mini-cribs are generally portable cribs. Mini cribs are around 24 inches by 38 inches or 61 cm by 96.5 cm. Portable crib mattresses are generally thinner than standard crib mattresses, since you don’t want to lug around a heavy mattress. They may be anywhere from one to four inches thick.

The same concerns about sizing exist with mini crib mattresses. You could find a 24×36 inch crib mattress designed for mini cribs. However, you can be certain that standard crib sheets will not fit a mini crib mattress due to the size differences.

3.Standard Cribs

Standard cribs are 28 inches by 52 inches or 71 cm by 132 cm at most. A common problem for parents is that a “standard” crib mattress could be up to two inches narrower than this. This is why you may have to try out a variety of crib mattresses with your crib.

Note that you do not want more than two finger widths of space around the mattress and frame in any direction. Any more than that could cause the child to get trapped or even suffocate.

Standard crab mattresses are anywhere from one to six inches thick. Most are five to six inches thick. Child safety standards set a maximum crib mattress depth of six inches.

One advantage of the standard crib mattress sizes is that you can use it for up to three years. You could even put the crib mattress in a toddler bed in some cases.

We do not recommend putting foam mattress toppers on top of a mattress. If the child’s mattress is sagging too much, buy a new one. Don’t worry about softness. When it comes to mattresses for babies, firmer is better.

4.Toddler Beds

Toddler beds don’t have a standard size. The smallest ones the same size as standard cribs. Larger toddler beds are 31 inches by 71 inches. In theory, a twin mattress could be used in a toddler bed, though this is rare.

The biggest differences between toddler beds and big kid beds are in design and mattress type. For example, the frames either prevent the child from falling out of bed or put the bed so low to the ground it doesn’t matter if the child falls out.

Toddler mattresses can be softer than a crib mattress intended for infants, because a toddler has full head control. It is safe for a toddler to sleep on their stomach, because they can turn their head or body if there is a pocket of stale air forming in front of their face.

Infant beds must be firm enough to not let this happen, since a baby may not be able to move and prevent suffocation.


  • These mattresses are suitable for babies and toddler
  • Low cost
  • Easy to move


  • It can not be used long time
  • All mattress company do not produce this mattress

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