An Honest Lucid Mattress Review in 2020 (Updated)

This Lucid mattress review can be a helpful tool in the decision of which mattress you should invest in. After all, there are many options on the market, and not all are as comfortable as they claim. Is this the one you should buy? Keep reading to learn about the comfort level, design, materials, and craftsmanship that this mattress has to offer. Once you have this information, it will be much easier to decide if it’s the bed that you should sleep on night after night. If you’re ready, then dive right in and learn more about Lucid mattresses right now.

Company Information

Lucid is a company that started with a goal to help people sleep better. In an effort to make sure each individual is given custom sleep, they don’t make just one mattress. Instead, they offer choices that give people the option to find something they genuinely like and enjoy sleeping on.

If you don’t want to settle for just one mattress that everyone else gets, then this is the company for you. They have a variety of mattresses that may be just what you’re looking for.

Are They Comfortable?

Yes! Lucid mattresses have been known to be very comfortable, especially since they have so many positive reviews. Additionally, these mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels, which means you can find which suits your needs the very best.

Whether you prefer something more firm or you like squishy and soft, you should be able to find a comfort level that you like when you shop with Lucid. Most buyers end up keeping their beds simply because they are made well and they’re made with your comfort in mind.

What Materials are Used?

One of the features that sets Lucid apart from all others is the fact that they use a variety of different materials. This helps ensure you can choose the firmness and comfort that suits you the best. The different types of materials you’ll find in the different models they have to offer include:

  •  Natural Latex
  •  Latex Foam
  •  Latex Hybrid

What are the Layers of the Bed?

Due to the fact that Lucid offers several different mattresses, not all are made with the same exact design. Therefore, it’s important to learn about the layers inside to get a better idea of which is right for you. A few examples of the different types of beds that are available can be found below.

 Latex and Natural Memory Foam

These beds are made with 10″ of supportive high-density foam at the base. On top of that is 2″ of natural latex foam. On top of this, you’ll find 3″ of memory foam with gel that is ventilated foam followed by 1″ of bamboo charcoal memory foam.

 Latex Foam Mattress

These mattresses begin with 7″ of high-density foam that creates a supportive base layer. On top of that is 3″ of ventilated foam, followed by a Tencel cover.

 10″ Latex Hybrid Mattress

This mattress begins with 1″ of support foam at the base. This is followed by 5.5″ of encased steel coils and then another 1″ of support foam. On top of this is 1.5″ of gel memory foam and 1″ of latex foam.

 12″ Latex Hybrid Mattress

This design begins with 1″ of support foam at the base followed by 6.5″ of encased coils. On top of this is 1″ support foam and another 1″ of transition foam. This is followed by 1″ of gel memory foam and 1.5″ latex foam, which is then covered with the brand’s infamous soft cover.

 Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress

This mattress begins with 1″ of support foam below 5.5″ of encased coils. On top of this is 1″ of support foam followed by 1″ of aloe vera transition foam and finally 1.5 bamboo charcoal memory foam.

 Plush Memory Foam

This mattress begins with 10″ of supportive high-density base foam and is followed by 3″ of gel memory foam featuring ventilation. It’s finished with 1″ of bamboo charcoal memory foam and a soft Tencel cover.

What are the Comfort Levels?


Mattresses that offer firm support include the 6″ gel mattress made with memory foam and the 5″ gel mattress made with memory foam.

 Medium Firm

The mattresses that offer this comfort level include: 10″ memory foam mattress with gel, 8″ memory foam mattress with gel, 10″ latex foam mattress, 10″ latex hybrid mattress, and 12″ latex hybrid mattress.

 Medium Plush

The mattresses that offer this comfort level include: 10″ memory foam (plush), 14″ gel memory foam (plush), 12″ gel memory foam (plush), 12″ bamboo charcoal and aloe vera hybrid mattress, and 12″ bamboo charcoal and aloe vera hybrid mattress.


The mattresses that offer this comfort level include the memory foam mattress (plush) and the natural latex memory foam mattress.

List of Lucid Mattress Available in Market

 LUCID 10 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress –Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam

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LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Firm Feel – Gel Infusion – Hypoallergenic Bamboo Charcoal


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LUCID 10 Inch 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Medium Firm Feel 

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Lucid 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam-Mattress – Plush Feel – Gel Infusion


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LUCID 12 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress – Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam


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What are the Features?

The features of the different types of mattresses that are offered by Lucid can be found below. It’s important to consider each of these in order to determine which will adapt to your body the best.

 Gel Memory Foam

This mattress is designed to offer a cozy feel with a supportive base. However, the ventilated gel won’t allow heat to build up, which means it’s much easier sleep on this without sweat building up throughout the night.

 Latex Foam

If you like the feel of memory foam but don’t want to sink into your bed too much, this is a great choice. The latex helps you spring back up so you can get up more easily in the morning. It’s also got a lot of support, so it’s universally comfortable for all types of sleepers.

 Latex Hybrid

This infusion of both latex and memory foam offers a very soft yet supportive mattress. It contours to the shape of your body and gives you a hug as you sleep. However, the latex keeps you from sinking down and the steel coils within help keep the motion of everyone else on the bed isolated.

Is There Edge Support?

Most of the mattresses offered by this brand offer pretty solid edge support, which can help keep you comfortable anywhere you sleep on the bed. However, this support will vary based on which individual mattress you purchase and what it’s made out of. Most buyers have stated that the edge support in this brand is better than others, which is a big advantage over others.

What Surface Should You Use?

You can use Lucid mattresses with any surface, which means you aren’t required to buy an expensive base (unless you want one). Whether you prefer the traditional box spring or you have simple slats on a platform bed, you can place your Lucid mattress right over it.

It can also be used on metal grid beds, slatted bases, and adjustable bases. This flexibility can help give you a lot more options when you’re searching for the perfect bed to place your mattress on top of.

Can You Return?

You can return your purchase within 30-days. To do so, you’ll simply need to call the customer service number to get the process started. This is a shorter return period than most other brands, although it should be enough time for you to determine whether or not you enjoy your mattress.

Is There a Warranty?

Lucid’s warranty used to be 25-years, but they have recently dropped it back to 20-years, instead. Still, this is a very long warranty period, which should outlast the length of time you actually keep the bed. If you need to make a claim on your warranty, then you simply need to contact customer support.

What are the Reviews?

Lucid mattresses have pretty good reviews from buyers, with an over 70% satisfaction rating. When you consider the price and materials compared to higher-end models, this makes Lucid an even better choice.

Many reviewers love the fact that they are able to choose between so many different options and that they can sleep comfortably all night long. The different comfort levels also helps ensure better sleep at night, especially for those who prefer firm or plush.

Where Can I Buy?

In this Lucid mattress review, we want you to be able to buy this mattress if you feel it’s the best for you. You can buy yours from their direct website, if you’re interesting looking at all of those that are available. However, if you want a more streamlined way to place an order, you can go right on to find the mattress that you want. There are many different styles available on Amazon, including:

Will the Mattress Last?

Since Lucid mattresses are made with high-quality materials and in designs that leave no detail behind, they should last. However, since the company has only been in business since 2016, it’s difficult to say what the actual longevity of the bed will be. Since you are given a warranty with your purchase, this can offer peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the event of any defects.

Is There Motion Transfer?

If you’re worried about feeling someone who tosses and turns throughout the night, , then the memory foam mattresses from Lucid are likely to be the best choices. These transfer very little motion, especially since their layers are so thick. However, because the steel springs in the other mattresses from this brand are covered, they have pretty decent motion isolation as well.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Just like with any other mattress brand, you’re going to have advantages and drawbacks. Fortunately, with Lucid, these are easy to point out. What’s even better is that there are many more pros than cons, which can make it easy to make your investment. If you’re looking for a more in-depth Lucid mattress review when it comes to pros and cons, take a look at those below.


01. Less Heat

The hybrid mattresses from Lucid do not retain much heat throughout the night.

02. More Options

Most mattress brands do not have as many options as Lucid does. However, just because they offer many options doesn’t mean they are low quality. Each mattress is designed beautifully.

03. Edge Support

Most owners say that edge support is pretty decent, especially on the hybrid latex models of beds.

05. Quiet

These mattresses are well-made with thick layers so they are very quiet. You won’t hear a lot of creaks when you’re moving or getting into bed at night.

06. Affordable

Lucid mattresses are much more affordable than many others on the market today.It also certipur – Us certified.


01. Memory Foam Heat

If you choose a mattress made only with memory foam, you may find that these retain heat quite easily.

02. Off-Gassing

Most owners do say that these mattresses have a chemical smell after being unwrapped.

 03. Young Company

This company hasn’t been around long, so the longevity of the beds is not yet known.

Should You Buy?

If you’re reading this Lucid mattress review wondering whether or not you should buy it, the answer lies within your individual preferences. This has almost every quality that most shoppers are looking for, so it should fit your needs quite well.

From a varied of materials to different comfort levels, it’s an excellent mattress that is well worth considering. Keep in mind that you will also have a trial for 30-days, which can allow you to test out the bed to determine if it’s really for you. With that, this is definitely a solid choice that’s well within budget for most shoppers.

Lucid mattress FAQs

You can find plenty of ad copy for Lucid mattresses. However, there are a number of basic questions that people need the answers to in order to determine whether a Lucid bed is right for them. Here are the answers you won’t find on most Lucid mattress FAQs but need to know.

01. Is Lucid a good mattress?

Lucid gets better than average scores on ratings sites. It has a good overall value when you compare price to performance. Note that there are a variety of Lucid mattresses, ranging from ten inch thick basic models to sixteen inch luxury versions. All Lucid beds are better than average on heat dissipation.

02. What is the best Lucid mattress?

This depends on a variety of factors. How much can you afford to spend? We’d recommend against the cheapest Lucid mattresses. They don’t have enough support. The middle grades of Linus mattresses are a good value and have the same advantages as premium memory foam beds.

03. Is Lucid mattress toxic?

One issue with the mattress is that it absorbs moisture. This means it may end up breeding mold if you sleep directly on it and sweat a lot or the floor gets wet.

Another factor to consider is allergies. Lucid makes both a latex mattress and a premium mattress containing a mix of materials, including latex. If you’re allergic to latex, don’t get these Lucid mattresses.

04. Do you need a box spring with Lucid mattress?

You need something solid underneath this memory foam mattress. It doesn’t have to be a box spring. The company actually recommends a solid bed frame or platform underneath the mattress. You must have something under the Lucid mattress.

Memory foam mattresses can degrade over time, and Lucid beds are less durable than average. This makes a box spring less than desirable, because the box spring bouncing every time you sit on it flexes the mattress and contributes to the breakdown of the material.

05. Do Lucid mattresses contain fiberglass?

No, it does not contain fiberglass. It does contain fire-retardant treated cotton fibers that are sometimes mistaken for fiberglass if they leak out of the bed. The manufacturer says they do not use fiberglass material inside the bed to limit the risk of flames spreading on the bed.

06. Is Lucid or Zinus better?

Lucid beds are slightly firmer than Zinus beds, and they have better edge support. This makes Zinus beds inferior if you’re heavier than average or a side sleeper. If you’re lightweight and/or a back or stomach sleeper, both beds are comparable. Lucid would be better if you want or need a firmer bed than the low firmness Zinus.

07. What mattress do chiropractors recommend?

Chiropractors recommend memory foam mattresses if you have joint problems made worse by pressure points. However, they also recommend a bed that keeps your spine curvature in its normal, relatively straight position. This rules out a memory foam bed so soft that you sink down into an unhealthy U-shape.

08. Can you return a Lucid mattress?

This depends on how you buy it. If you buy it from the manufacturer and have an RMA, you can return it within thirty days of purchase. If you buy it through an unauthorized distributor, Lucid may not accept returns. The ecommerce site where you bought it may have its own return policy.

09. Is Lucid mattress is good for side sleepers?

This bed is better for back or stomach sleepers than side sleepers. It is rather thin, and you could sink down through it, especially if you’re heavy. Lucid mattresses do have a six to ten inch thick stiff supportive core, but this may not be good enough for heavier side sleepers or two side sleepers on the same mattress close to each other.