The Leesa king mattress review 2018(Updated)

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”375″ identifier=”B01N3CCOZ3″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″]When looking for a mattress, you require one that is not very expensive, but rather it is still firm enough to address your needs. You require a comfortable mattress which will give you a reason to sleep for several hours without getting bored and tired. You also require one that will maintain its shape and keep you healthy. The mattress we are talking about here is Leesa king mattress[easyazon_link identifier=”B01N3CCOZ3″ locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″] Leesa king mattress[/easyazon_link] from  Leesa  mattresses. Before we look at other features in this leesa king mattress review, let’s look at the pros and cons of buying this mattress.


• It is sturdy and firm with a comforting structure

• It has high movement isolation

• Gives a sweet sleep than other types of mattresses

• Relatively light when you compare it with others and easy it is to move with when relocating.

• If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you get free shipping when you buy from Amazon

• The core is produced using high-density polyfoam.

• Has additional layers with a memory foam and 2-inch cooling Avena


• Its edge support is weak

• It can develop an odor

• Not good for heavyweight sleepers

With the above pros and cons, it is good lets go on with leesa king mattress review and look at more features that leesa king mattress amazing. Here are some of the features.
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Movement Isolation:

The presence of compact multiple layer design in this the Leesa king mattresses construction lowers and cuts down motion transfer very well. The material in the mattress is touted to support high movement isolation. That means no movement occurs during shifting of position or waking up. In short, this mattress can be used by sleeping children.

Couple’s Benefits:

In case you are married, Leesa king mattresses give you a lot of bounce while sleeping. Depending on your body weight, this model will provide enough responsiveness if you are light. It has been reported that the does give bouncy for sex in case you are too heavy.

Health Benefits:

Leesa king mattresses are made to maintain and enhance your comfort and health while sleeping. It retains your body shape by creating a cradle-shaped that assists your spine and spreads pressure to all points on your whole back. In case you experience backaches while sleeping it will lighten pains and leave your body painless and healthy.

Support and Comfort:

Support and comfort is the first option for those planning to share their bed with partners. The power to isolate movement is an essential factor which can conclude if the mattress is comfortable or not. A good mattress like Leesa king prevents your bedmate from feeling your development when you get into and out of bed. It also lets you sleep comfortably when your partner is turning or tossing. Leesa king mattresses are excellent in reducing the intensity of movement from spreading along the whole mattress.


The cover of Leesa king mattresses has some polyester that makes it feel comfortable, look attractive and soft. The cover is porous and breathable thus allowing free airflow. That feature also helps in heat regulation. The cover is a bit thicker making it very durable than standard covers.


Leesa king mattresses have three layers with different compositions. The 1st one is the comfort layer with Avena froth –latex. The layer is 2 inches thick thus responsive to pressure making your mattress bounce. The middle layer is the memory foam. It is also is 2 inches, and it is also responsible for reducing weight and retaining heat. The last layer is the base which is 6 inches thick. This layer is made of high-density polyfoam thus giving your mattress its shape. It is also responsible for its long-lasting and durable nature.

Edge Support:

Most foam mattresses do not provide firm edge support. The best thing with Leesa king mattresses, though not very high, they give some degree of edge support. If you share your bed, you need to use the whole mattress surface area. An excellent edge support gives you security and prevents you from falling from the bed and supports you well. It will prevent you from hanging off and rolling out of bed when changing position or shifting.


The firmness of any mattress depends much on the different size of the body, and weight distributions of your body give out. The Avena layer is responsible for receiving the body pressure when pressing your mattress down. It gives bouncy as you push into the layers of the mattress you will feel air coming out through comfort layer holes. That is a sign of breathability of the mattress and its cover. Due to that Leesa king mattresses are many firms, and their firmness can be proved for effective breathability.


The lifespan of these fantastic mattresses is more than 4years roughly since the company has been producing mattresses for about four years now. The continued strength of these mattresses is not proved, but we can say that it can last for at least 4years.

Heat Retention:

As stated easily in this leesa king mattress review, this mattress has latex layer which is decent material for its excellent cooling capabilities. The mattress has holes at the top of the comfort layer for free and quick air circulation. It also has a convoluted design at the base that helps in regulating temperature while keeping your whole body relaxed. The memory foam is good in retaining some heat.

Off-gassing odor:

If you buy a new mattress, you will notice the production of some particles when unpacking it. Sometimes the particles may include unpleasant off-gassing smells which can last for a few days. New Leesa king mattress produces some off-gassing smell, but it disappears within some days of use.

Warranty and Trial Offers:

Leesa king gives it buyers a period of the 100-nights trial on all mattresses that are sold. During the 100 days of testing, you will have 30 days of sleeping on the mattress. You will never receive a full refund if you have not tested the mattress for 30 days. Remember you will not be charged for any return costs of the mattress. You will also get a 10-year full-replacement and non-prorated warranty which is constrained. The warranty has some pros and cons which you should note.

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If you choose to buy a mattress that will meet your sleeping needs, Leesa king mattress will give you what you require in a conventional mattress. It is our hope that this leesa king mattress review has helped in making a wise decision of buying a leesa king mattress.

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