King Mattress Size Dimensions- You Should Know it !

King Mattress Size Dimensions

Getting poor sleep at night is annoying as it creates fatigue instead or reducing it. It unknowingly makes one feel moody, edgy, irritable and it can ruin your day by making it unproductive. We run our lives by creating daily objectives for our careers and general growth and we arise each morning to chase for our dreams.

Anything that causes us to unproductive should be completely shunned and removed from our lives because it is a destiny killer.

There are many reasons why we can lose sleep at night. It might be our partner’s tossing, turning or other disturbances, ill health, poor posture, fatigue, anxiety, stress, illness, etc.

One of the ways of solving some of these problems is getting a king-size mattress. It is possibly what you need right now as the missing link to your dreams and great health.

Many people make a mistake of buying a mattress that is too small for them due to a lack of information about mattress size dimensions.

King mattress size dimensions can be quite confusing and it is probably the reason why some people are not able to get it right when making the initial purchase.

Mattress chart for dimensions:

Sl NoMattress NameSizeNo Of Person
Sl No01.Mattress NameFull (Double) MattressSize54” x 75”No Of Person1 person/ 2 adults
Sl No02.Mattress NameQueen MattressSize60” x 80”No Of 2 adults
Sl No03.Mattress NameKing MattressSize76” x 80”No Of Person1 adult with child(s)/ 2 adults with child
Sl No04.Mattress NameCalifornia King MattressSize72” x 84”No Of Person1 adult with children/ 2 adults with   children

Another Important thing you should know what are difference between king and california king mattress.

The king-size mattress dimensions are 76 x 80 inches and it can provide plenty of room for 2 adult sleepers and is best used in bedrooms that have a lot of space in them.

Therefore, you may need to know whether your room is big enough to accommodate this mattress and leave a little space between the bed and the walls.

This bed is appropriate for couples because It will give you enough space to toss and turn and reduce the risk of disturbance which is one of the major causes of lack of sleep. It can comfortably fit 2 adults and give them adequate space to themselves regardless of their sleeping positions.

king mattress dimensions
king mattress dimension

Benefits of king mattress size dimensions

Are you aware that king size mattress has health benefits?

Sleeping well continuously is important for your health because it gives your body enough rest thus keeping it healthy. Yet, you may not be able to sleep well in a mattress that is crowded and squeezed.

A king-sized mattress has an increased surface area which makes sleep you comfortably through the night and wakes up feeling fresh and ready to start your day to chase your dreams.

Below are some health benefits:

01.Good blood flow

When you lie comfortably in a bed during sleep time, you give your body a chance to have a good flow of blood which is essential for good health.

Whenever blood doesn’t circulate properly, you might wake up feeling like you have pins and needles in the parts where there was poor circulation.

Ultimately, this poor circulation may have adverse health effects on your body over an extended period of time. With a king-size mattress, you will ensure a good blood flow because the mattress is big enough for total comfort.

02.Leg Comfort

The king mattress size dimensions of the length of 80 inches of 6.67 feet and it gives you adequate space to stretch your legs all through the night.

This eases pressure on the ankles and Achilles tendons that may come when you sleep on a small mattress that causes you to fold your legs due to its short length.

03.Ease of breathing

This mattress is big enough to ensure that your breath easily. With smaller beds, due to poor sleeping positions, you might end up not having enough space to breathe especially if you are with your partner. Good breathing ensures that oxygen flows into your body properly even in slumber.

04.Good Sleeping positions

This mattress ensures that you have good sleeping positions that are responsible for the reduction of joint tension and pain, body soreness, and reduction of pressure points.

Does bigger mean better?

In most instances, a bigger bed means better conditions for your body as research shows that couples who sleep on bigger beds have more quality time. They are able to relax more and therefore sleep better and they are in great moods in the morning.

Sleeping on smaller beds, on the other hand, is likely to cause fatigue, backaches, joint pain, and several other issues that make a couple uncomfortable and can lead to disagreements.

Why you should get king mattress size dimensions

Reduce back-ache

There are many reasons why your back could be aching including sports injuries on your joints, bad posture when working. A low-quality mattress that you don’t fit on properly could be the cause. The worst thing is that you may not think that it is culpable because it is like a hidden enemy.

A king-size mattress, on the other hand, will help you sleep in your natural position and allow you to comfortably turn without hurting your back.

Good Health

Sleep is an important part of our health and in fact, we should spend a third of days sleeping. It is recommended that we should sleep for between 6 and 8 hours every day. Getting quality sleep at all times is as essential as getting food and water for the body.

It affects almost all tissues and processes of the body including the brain, heart, metabolism, and the lungs. In fact, the lack of sleep leads to high blood pressure, depression, obesity among other complications.

There are 3 stages of sleep and your body needs to undergo all of them in every sleep cycle for good health conditions. You should set your body to work on a sleep schedule where it goes to bed at a certain time and wakes up at a certain time. This way the body will adjust itself and you will be able to undergo all the stages of sleep.

Also, before falling asleep, you should have a bed that you can relax your brain by having a time of self-reflection, devotion, quite-time just to prepare your mind for shutting down. A king size mattress is big enough to allow you to put your body in different positions that can stretch your body as it prepares to shut down in sleep.

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