how to donate a mattress

How to Donate a Mattress Know A to Z

In some cases, we’ve bought a new bed and want to donate the old mattress instead of merely throwing it out. In other cases, our child has graduated to a bigger bed and we want to give the bed to someone else in need. The problem is how hard it is to donate a mattress. Many charities refuse donated mattresses out of fear that they carry diseases, mold or insects like bed bugs. Here are a few tips on how to donate a mattress to a charity that you want to support.

05 ways How to donate a mattress

01.Donate It to a Mattress Recycler

Mattress recycling converts the 23 cubic feet of foam, cotton, wood and steel into its constituent parts and recycles each of them. Mattress recycling is a viable way to get rid of a mattress that has urine stains or may have mold in it. Unfortunately, most local recycling programs won’t touch mattresses. Before you assume this isn’t an option, though, call and ask. However, there are other options.

The simplest solution is locating a mattress recycler and donating the mattress to them. Some of these facilities have the added bonus of employing those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find work or provide occupational training. You can find your local mattress recycler by finding programs run by going to Navigate their map to find a local mattress collection site or recycling facility. You can also enter your zip code into their search box to find the drop-off location closest to you.

02.Contact Your Local Second Hand Store

The biggest recipients of donated mattresses are the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity. The Furniture Bank Association will also accept donated mattresses in good condition. You can arrange for the pickup of a mattress in good quality condition by the Salvation Army by going to You can find a local furniture bank that will accept a mattress by visiting . The alternative is calling the local Habitat for Humanity Restore and offering them a mattress in good condition.

03.Contact Your Local Homeless Shelter

And there is a fair chance your local homeless shelter and women’s shelter will accept mattresses, as well, as long as they’re in legal, usable condition. You can find local charities in this category at the DonationTown website. Enter your zip code into their national directory to find charities near you that will accept furniture like mattresses. They even show you which charities will pick up the donated mattress from you for free.

04.List It On a Website

There are websites like Freecycle and Craigslist that let you list a mattress for sale or available for free to anyone who wants it. You could list it on the Facebook classifieds section, as well. The upside is that you’ll be giving the mattress to a local person who wants it and needs it. There’s also a fair chance they’ll haul it off for you. The downside is that you are rarely able to get a tax deduction for this de facto donation. However, you can look for charities who post their needs on sites like this.

05.Ask Your Local Pet Shelter

This is a rather new place for taking old furniture. However, an increasing number of pet shelters and sanctuaries are taking old chairs and beds for use by animals. For example, rescue dogs find it emotionally reassuring to sleep on a couch instead of a bare bed, while some animal shelters let the dogs and cats sleep on human beds so that they have something more comfortable than the standard pet bed. They won’t care so much about old urine stains, but they will reject mattresses with fleas or bed bugs in them.

To find your local shelter to ask if they may accept the mattress, look up the information for your local Humane Society and SPCA chapters. You can find out if they want a mattress by checking out the local Humane Society or SPCA chapter wish list. Ironically, this is one group that will be happy to consider accepting a worn out orthopedic bed.


We’ve provided an outline of the biggest charities that would accept a donated mattress. We’ve also given tips on finding local charities and people in need who would take your mattress.After donating you need a good mattress to buy.Here is 05 queen size mattress review you can read.