How to Deep Clean a Mattress?

Do you want to know how to deep clean a mattress? Many people forget to clean their mattress, which can lead to bad smells along with increased deterioration of the mattress itself. Here we’ll go over the steps to give your mattress a deep cleaning.

Getting Ready

You’ll need some equipment for the deep cleaning. Be sure to have a vacuum, baking soda, bleach and water ready. All of these will be used. There are also some optional steps that we’ll add in, but these are the essential items that you will need.

Open the windows and take everything off the mattress. You want the mattress bare so that you can easily reach it. Feel free to wash the covers in hot water with strong detergent.

Baking Soda and Vacuum

Liberally sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the mattress. This will deodorize the mattress along with absorbing any moisture on the surface. If you’d like, you can mix essential oil with the baking soda for a fresh scent. Consider lavender, sandalwood or chamomile. Allow the baking soda to sit for at least 1 hour, though you can keep it there for 24 hours for an even deeper clean.

Vacuum the surface of the mattress to remove the baking soda and any loose debris. Even if your mattress is always covered, you will have dead skin and crumbs on the mattress surface. The vacuum will be able to remove all of that.

Bleach and Water Mixture

This is a DIY disinfectant and it’s great if you want to know how to deep clean a mattress. Feel free to buy a professional product if you’d like, both are effective at killing bacteria and mites. Mix two ounces of bleach to one gallon of water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spray the top of your mattress. Allow it to completely dry.

Wear protective gear (glasses, gloves, apron) if you are sensitive to bleach. Be sure the room is well ventilated, and feel free to bring the mattress outside if it’s a nice, warm day. Do not add any extra ingredients to the mixture as they may interact with the bleach.

Steam Clean (Optional)

This is an optional step, but it can really help you get a deep clean with your mattress. Canister-style steam cleaners tend to be the best, but you can also use mop-style steam cleaners. Just make sure that the steamer is hot and leaves little moisture behind.

Much like with the vacuum, go over the surface of the mattress. If the steamer starts to cool down, then give it time to heat up so that it doesn’t leave too much moisture. This is a great way to get deep beneath the layers to really clean the mattress.


Learning how to deep clean a mattress is quite easy. It involves some DIY mixtures with baking soda and bleach that anyone can do, along with a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner (if you want that really deep clean). Just follow these steps exactly and your mattress will feel like new again.

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