How to Pick a Mattress You Must know !

Learning how to pick a mattress is important because you spend about a third of your life on this surface, so you want to make sure that you pick the right one. Each mattress is different, and you must consider factors like firmness, material, budget and several other things. This guide will bring up the important questions that you should be asking when looking for a mattress so that you get the right one.

Just be open about your needs and really consider what you like and prefer. The perfect mattress is out there waiting for you. You just must know what really works for you and how to get it.

Mattress Material

The first big factor is material. Mattresses come in memory foam, latex, innerspring and so on. Each one is very different from the next and it can be hard to know which is right for you. Refer to this list to help you choose:

01. Latex:

Made from pure latex foam, these mattresses are cooling while being responsive and comfortable. Like memory foam, but cooler and firmer. Doesn’t get that pronounced contour that memory foam is known for. Latex is often considered the best material available, but it’s also one of the most expensive.Click here to see the best latex mattress

02. Memory Foam:

Made from a body-shaping foam that delivers great support and relief from pressure. Used to have a bad reputation for sleeping hot, but newer memory foam is much cooler. Comes in a variety of firmness options.Click here to see the best Memory Foam mattress.

03. Coil:

The most common and inexpensive type of bed, also known as innerspring. These mattresses have steel coils made to support your body. Gives good bounce and has strong edge support. Temperature neutral, often somewhat cooler. Good for those who want a “traditional” mattress feeling.

04. Pillow Top:

This is an addition that sits on top of other mattresses (hybrid, latex, coil, etc). A layer of soft, pillow-like material is sewn or stuffed into the top of the mattress. This gives you a very soft sleeping surface with cloud-like support.

05. Adjustable:

These mattresses are adjustable. The most common ones can adjust the sleeping position and angle, while more advanced units can also adjust temperature and softness. Some even have a vibration and massage function. This is ideal if you have specific sleeping needs or if you want perfect control over your mattress.


This is a combination of two or more beds to maximize their benefits and reduce their cons. For example, latex and coil would be more affordable than full latex while still giving you the benefits of this material. These will usually combine two or three different types of materials in unique ways.Click here to see the best hybrid mattress.

There are other mattress materials like air beds and waterbeds, but these are less common and typically not as good as the materials mentioned above. While you are free to choose any type of bed that you’d like, these six materials are the best of the bunch.

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Mattress Firmness

Firmness is a mixed factor when you want to know how to pick a mattress because it depends on sleeping position, weight, whether you experience back pain and your overall preference. While there’s no perfect guide for picking firmness, this will give you some guidelines to help you choose.

In terms of sleeping position, there are three main positions to consider: side, stomach and back. Most people are side sleepers and the best firmness for this ranges from soft to medium firmness. Back sleepers come next and they do best on medium to firm mattresses. Stomach sleepers have a wide range going from medium-soft to medium-firm.

Weight can also play a role in what firmness you should choose. Those who are lighter, around 100 to 150 pounds, you can often get a softer mattress as you won’t be putting much pressure against the mattress. Those in the middle, around 150-200 pounds, should focus on getting medium mattresses. People who are over 200 pounds might want firmer mattresses because they will do a better job of supporting your weight.

The last thing to consider with firmness is back pain. If you experience back pain, then most people feel some relief from firmer mattresses. A minority feel that soft mattresses help because your back isn’t fighting against anything, but firm mattresses give you the best support.


Budget will differ wildly based on the size of the mattress. For example, a twin is almost always be more affordable than a queen or king. With that being said, you should have a tentative budget of around $1,000. This should be enough for most mattresses, plus it gives you access to luxury items like latex mattresses.

If that sounds like too much or too little for you depending on what you’re looking for (like an affordable twin coil or an expensive king adjustable), then just look at similar products and see what their overall prices are. This will give you a good idea of how much you’ll have to spend to improve your sleeping.


Longevity is determined by how long you’re on a mattress, your weight, if you toss and turn and several other factors, but the most important factor is what material the mattress is made from. Choosing the right material can increase longevity by two or three years if you’re smart.

If you want the best longevity, then latex outshines the rest. Just slightly behind latex is memory foam. Pillowtop and innerspring mattresses are far behind these two materials, but you can still expect them to last at least seven years, and their affordability can make them attractive options.

Hybrid options are generally about as good as memory foam, but it largely depends on its construction and what types of materials are being combined.Click here to know how long memory foam mattress last.


There are many factors that go into finding a mattress, but these guidelines will show you how to pick a mattress based on common needs and questions that you should be asking. It comes down to material, longevity, your budget and which firmness is best for your body and sleeping style. Just keep these factors in mind when shopping around and you’ll find the right mattress for your needs.

How to Pick a Mattress infographic

How to Pick a Mattress infographic