How long It Takes To Adjust To A New Mattress

When you buy a new mattress, it can take time before you become acquitted to it. You’ll find yourself tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable sleep. If you don’t know how long to adjust to new mattress, then this post is for you.

 How long to adjust to a new mattress

Your new mattress will feel different from the old one. This is because the materials are yet to soften. If you’ve just received a new mattress, it will take 4-12 weeks to fully conform to your body. However, sleeping on it the first couple of nights will help you evaluate whether it’s the right one for you. Keep in mind that the exact time will depend on the type of mattress and how often you sleep on it.

During the break-in period, you should ensure the mattress topper is not on. It not only limits decompression but also protects it from your body weight.

Low long it takes to adjust to latex mattress?

Because latex mattress is made from natural or synthetic materials, it takes less time to break in (2-14 days). Generally, the air in latex settles in the mattress quicker.

How long it takes to adjust to an innerspring mattress?

Most innerspring models are designed to adjust to the body weight quickly so you could enjoy some sleep the first night. The break-in period can take up to 30 days. Since the springs in the mattress break quickly, you should rotate it every 3 months.

How long to break in memory foam mattress

While you’ll feel comfortable when you sleep on your memory foam mattress the first night, you could sink in a hole a few months later. For higher density models, a mattress can take up to 60 days to conform to your body.

 Can I speed up the process?

Yes. It can take a shorter period for a mattress to adjust to your body by doing a few tricks.

01. Let it breathe out

Once you’ve taken the mattress out of the packaging, you should let it breathe before you put the sheets on. This can take a day or two or even a few hours.

02. Put on some pressure

If you find out that your mattress is too hard, you should apply some pressure. One way is to walk around to loosen it up – no jumping. For the innerspring mattress, you should crawl on it to distribute the weight evenly. This helps to loosen the materials to conform to your body. Make sure you don’t overdo it to avoid wearing off the springs.

03. Turn up the heat

If you bought a memory foam or hybrid mattress, you can turn on the heat to allow the materials to soften. A few degrees are good enough, but even the slightest heat can make a big difference.

04. Sleep on it every night

You should sleep on the mattress every night during the break-in period. You could also spend more time on it as you watch television or read a book.

The break-in period for a mattress varies based on the materials used. If you feel the mattress is not right, you should wait for at least 30 days before you return it to the manufacturer. If you decide too early, you could be missing some quality sleep that your body deserves.

Happy sleeping!