How long should a mattress last? ( Read Before Buy)

When purchasing a mattress, the first thing that comes to your mind is how long the mattress is going to last. The truth is, the longevity of your mattress is going to be dictated on how you use it and what type of mattress you get. There are many different types of mattresses you can get ranging from various price ranges. In this article, we will talk about the lifespan and how long you should expect a mattress to last.

A general rule of thumb is that a mattress lasts around 4 to 10 years. However, some mattresses will last you longer than 10 years, and some mattresses will last you less than 4 years, it all comes down to how you maintain your mattress but 4 to 10 years is the average lifespan.

Different types of mattress and longevity

We will discuss some of the different kinds of mattress you can get on the market, and talk about how long they will last considering you do routine care. You can increase the longevity of these mattresses if you take extra care of them. Regardless, we will talk about the mattress material and the average lifespan of those mattresses.

Memory Foam: The memory foam mattress is starting to become very common amongst people; it’s very comfortable and reasonably priced. You can expect the memory foam mattress to last you around 6 to 8 years, which is a decent lifespan for a mattress.

Latex: Latex mattress is considered to be the most durable, and many people who have gotten them are loving it. You can expect a latex mattress to last you around 12 to 15 years; you can expect more than 15 years if you take care of the mattress properly. What makes the latex mattress so durable, would be the ability to switch sides and having the ability to replace layers.

Waterbed mattress: If you like to keep up with old traditions, then you still have a waterbed mattress. Since they don’t have any attachments besides water, you can expect the mattress to last around 8 to 9 years. You can crank out more than 9 years if you properly maintain the mattress.

Innerspring mattress: Since these mattresses are made from many springs and coils, they will not last you a long time. The most you can expect from these mattresses would be 6 to 7 years if you take good care of the mattress.

Hybrid mattress: Hybrid mattresses are very comfortable because they have a layer of comfort similar to a memory foam mattresses and the springs from innerspring mattresses. Even though a hybrid mattress may be extremely comfortable in the beginning, you can’t expect them to last you a long time.

A basic hybrid mattress only lasts around 5 to 7 years; if you take care of it properly, it could not last you more than 8 years. There have been some cases where a hybrid mattress lasted more than 8 years. However, it was made from high-end material.

Air Mattress: Since most people use air mattresses when they are in a pinch, you can’t expect air mattresses to last you more than 4 to 5 years. Only because the air pump is going to wear out, and the mattress is going to lose air eventually and break down its material. It’s best to use air mattresses when you are going out for camping, or when you don’t have access to a typical mattress.

Futon mattress: Unfortunately, these mattresses only last 3 to 5 years. The maximum will be 5 years if you take care of them properly.

How to increase the lifespan of your mattress

Now that you have a basic understanding of how long different mattresses are going to last let’s talk about some of the things you can do to increase its lifespan.

Clean regularly: Make sure you disinfect your mattress regularly, and you dust down the mattress, not allowing the bacteria to get inside the foam and deteriorate its quality. We recommend cleaning once a week, but once a month is fine.

Keep yourself clean: Hygiene is crucial for health and wellness, but also your mattress life. Most of the mattresses soak up sweat and dead skin from your body, which causes your mattress to break down faster. We recommend you go to bed fresh, this will allow for less shedding of skin and sweat which equals longevity for your mattress

Weight on the mattress: If you want your mattress to last a long time, then we recommend you have less weight on your mattress. The lesser weight you have on your mattress, the longer all of the mechanisms will last. If you have kids, then please make sure you don’t let them jump on your mattress as it won’t last long.

Eating or spilling drinks: We don’t recommend you eat or drink on your mattress. If any drinks or food spill on your mattress, then it won’t go directly down to the foam and will reduce the mattress’s lifespan.

Less usage: This goes without saying, the less you use, the longer it will last. We do recommend you only use the mattress for sleeping if you want it to last longer.

Get a mattress topper: A mattress topper is a fantastic way to increase your mattress’s lifespan, you can get them at any store, and they will help you to keep your mattress from getting any dust or debris deep inside the foam. Mattress topper will add an extra layer, which will keep your sweat and dead skin from affecting the quality of your mattress. Many people who use mattress toppers have said to add 2 to 3 additional years to their mattress.

Flip your mattress: Flipping your mattress could be a great option if you’re looking to increase its longevity, this will allow for an even distribution of weight which will keep your mattress in pristine condition.

Many people flip their mattress every 6 to 12 months, allowing them to get an even distribution of weight and other factors. Some mattresses don’t allow for flipping, so make sure you can flip your mattress before you flip them.

We can understand that doing certain tasks might not be feasible for you, but if you want your mattress to last longer, we recommend you follow the tips above. Even if you can only do a couple of the things we have mentioned above, you can significantly increase the longevity of your mattress.

How to tell if you need a new mattress

There are many sings which will let you know if you need an upgrade, but we will talk about the simplest ways to tell if your mattress needs to be replaced. The first way to tell if you need an upgrade would be if the mattress is not comfortable for sleeping.

If you feel like your mattress is not as comfortable as they used to be, then it is a straightforward sign that you need to purchase a new mattress. Secondly, if you feel like your mattress sinks too much and it is not as firm as it used to be, then you need an upgrade.

If you’re noticing that you’re getting sick more frequently and that your allergies are increasing, then there’s a high chance that you need to upgrade your mattress. We leave a lot of dirt and debris into our mattress, and sometimes it could become toxic for our body. Make sure that you take care of your health and that you invest in a good mattress once it’s time.

You can start by cleaning out your mattress thoroughly, and if you still notice that you’re getting sick more frequently or that you’re becoming more allergic to certain things, then there’s a high chance that your mattress needs to be upgraded.

These three signs are the most prominent signs that you need an upgrade. Make sure you do the right thing and get a new mattress for your well being. If you have any concerns about your mattress, then we recommend you test out a brand new mattress and see how it feels. If the new mattress feels much more comfortable compared to your old mattress, then there is a high chance that you need to upgrade.

Final verdict

Most experts suggest a lifespan of 4 to 10 years for most of the mattresses, but you can increase its lifespan if you take care of your mattress. It’s essential to know how long your mattress is going to last you, but what’s more important is to know when your mattress needs to be replaced. Make sure to replace your mattress as soon as you feel like it needs an upgrade, also make sure to keep your mattress in pristine condition by following cleanliness protocols.

If you can manage to upgrade your mattress when necessary, and take care of your mattress while it lasts, you will be getting a good quality sleep without affecting your health. Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to longevity and wellness. Make sure that you don’t neglect your sleep and take care of yourself by taking care of your mattress.

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