How Long Do Casper Mattress Last? Read On To Know More

How long do Casper mattress last? That is a question that most people ask. You are also reading this because you want. When you decide to invest in a quality mattress, you expect it to last for many years. In most, you are told to turn it every time you vacuum your upholstery and even when you are cleaning your carpet. Most people tend to believe that if you fail to turn your mattress it will be renewed and it will not flatten.

The analogy is not wrong because, in one way or another, it helps in making your mattress dry thus discouraging the growth of molds. An excellent and expensive, the higher quality mattress can stay firm for over ten years if it is given proper care. That happens also happen with Casper mattresses.

Before we know how long do casper mattress last, let’s good to know the advantages of proper mattress maintenance, and it can help in keeping your mattress in shape for long.

The proper maintenance of any mattress includes a Casper mattress can play a significant role in helping get the greatest return on your investment. A new mattress will feel different from a used one. At the start, it is higher with loft. That happens due to the presence of many layers of the mattress which help in creating comfort.

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As time goes on, mattress layers become flattened and compressed over time. In a new mattress, the layers have small air spaces too. When we sleep on the mattress, we further expand the air spaces, but that takes time. Here are ways that will make your mattress last longer.

Flip and turn your mattress regularly

The natural flattening process of the mattress can be minimized by flipping and turning the mattress on a systematic basis. It is mostly recommended that it is alternately flipped and rotated once every two weeks during it 1st three months. You can change to twice every year after.

That way, you will help your mattress stay for long. Some mattresses may require to be rotated and turned every few months to smoothen the contour. It is also good to flip the foundation then see if your mattress has any signs of wear.

Make sure you read your warranty well

A warranty gives you all the best ways of using your mattress. Remember improper, and installation of your new Casper mattress will damage it. Follow all warranty guidelines on how to bending your mattress when moving and even the best way to carry it. Your warranty will also come with other additional instructions on how to maintain your mattress and make it last longer.

Use handles well

Most handles are made to help in positioning your mattress on the box spring. Thus it should not be used to support the whole weight of your mattress. Remember, if you misuse the handles they may pull out thus damaging the fabric of your mattress.

Use vacuuming alone to clean your mattress

Most mattress including Casper mattresses should not be washed with water. The best option is to vacuum them. If you need to get rid of a small stain, you can use cold water and a piece of cloth. Rub the stain gently to remove it. For you to keep your mattress clean use a washable mattress cover to cover it.

Final observation

With above information in mind, it is time to know how long do Casper mattress last. According to reliable sources, Casper which is the produce of Casper mattresses was founded back in 2013. One year late that 2014, it was launched and it started selling its mattress with a warranty of 10 years. Since that time it has been producing and selling mattresses. If we count, the company is now five years old. We will not be cheating if we suspect that first mattress to be produced is still available.


Casper is a very young company, and it does not have much information about the durability of their mattresses. We believe that the Casper mattresses can last more than five years. The one thing that we can assertively say is that it Casper mattress has a lifespan of five years and it comes with a 10 years warranty to any buyer. If you want to prove that fact you can order Casper mattress from Amazon and test it. Remember if you take care of your mattress, it can stay up to 10 years without losing its shape.