How Do I Clean My Pillow?

Cleaning your pillow is a wonderful idea. It improves the longevity of it, ensures the pillow still gives adequate support and it removes unsightly smells and stains. However, many people don’t know how to clean their pillows. It all depends on material, as what works for one material may not work for another.

Down and Synthetic Fillings

Many people love down because it’s so comfortable, and synthetic fillings give you affordable pillows that are nice and supportive. However, another benefit is that these pillows are very easy to wash. You can just throw these pillows in the washing machine and let it clean away all the oils and dead skin cells.

It’s best to place just one pillow in the wash at a time (two if they’re small or if you have a larger washing machine). Be sure to put the washing machine on delicate, or the lightest setting available. When it comes time to dry, place the pillow on moderate heat, expect it to take about an hour. If you have an auto-dry setting, turn it off. This only senses outer moisture, but what really needs to dry in the inside of the pillow.

Latex and Memory Foam Fillings

Latex and memory foam pillows are a little harder to clean, but it’s still possible. Washing machines are a no-no since they will destroy foam pillows. Instead, you’ll be hand-washing them. Start by filling a sink with water and gentle detergent. Add about one teaspoon of detergent per gallon of water.

Once the sink is filled, submerge the pillow and use your hands to work the soap in. Once finished, wring the pillow dry and then place it in a warm area to fully dry. This is best done on warmer days so that it dries quicker, but it can be done on any day when you have the time.

How Often Should I Clean the Pillow?

It’s best to wash your pillow every 3-6 months to ensure that it smells good and remains firm. This is the same regardless of material. If the pillow smells or is developing stains, then you may want to do it more frequently. However, don’t do it too often. Cleaning the pillow too often may cause it to break down quicker than intended, so don’t wash the pillow unless it really needs it.

Alternative to Washing

If the pillow smells but it’s too soon to wash it or you don’t have the time, then there’s a quick alternative that you can use. Just sprinkle the pillow with baking soda or a deodorizer and let it sit for a few hours. This will eat all the smelly particles and leave your pillow smelling nice and fresh.While this removes the smell, it isn’t as thorough as a real washing. Be sure to wash the pillow on a regular schedule.

Should I Wash the Pillow Cover?

You should definitely wash the pillow cover as well. This acts as a barrier and protects your pillow from moisture and oils. Washing a cover is like washing any other fabric item, so there are no special instructions. Be sure to do this once a month to keep the cover fresh.

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