Full Vs Queen Mattress – You should know Before Buy !

Welcome to our full vs queen mattress comparison article.In this article we described details about the difference between full and queen mattress.If you want to buy a new mattress you should know about it.Read the whole article and know everything.

Full Vs Queen Mattress

A full-sized mattress or “double bed” as they are sometimes referred to are typically bigger than a small twin bed but a little smaller by inches when compared to the queen-sized mattress. The differences in mattresses are seen in their overall surface areas, lengths, and widths.

People are vastly unaware of mattress dimensions and one of the key reasons for that is the many different names such as double beds, kings, queens, and twins that pop out of nowhere and make it hard for people to understand the differences.

Our goal is to equip you with enough information on the difference between a full and queen mattress to help you know the one that suits you better before purchasing it.

Comparison Chart

SubjectFull BedQueen Bed
SubjectWidthFull Bed54 inchesQueen Bed60 inches
SubjectLengthFull Bed75 inchesQueen Bed80 inches
SubjectPopularityFull Bed21 percent of every purchaseQueen Bed32 percent of every purchase
SubjectProsFull BedIt has a perfect size for anyone sleeping aloneQueen BedSuits a taller person or a couple
SubjectConsFull BedThe bed is too narrow to fit a couple satisfactorilyQueen BedThough the bed is meant for couples, its feel could still be quite narrow
SubjectCostFull BedSince a full-sized mattress is smaller than a Queen size, it’ll be less expensive because the size matters when it comes to cost.Queen BedA Queen size bed comes bigger and so is its mattress, hence it costs a little more than a full-bed mattress.
SubjectSpace UsedFull BedUsually set on the Children’s rooms, guest rooms, as well as small master bedrooms.Queen BedSuitable for Master bedrooms and larger guest rooms.


Full vs Queen Mattress Size


full vs queen dimension

According to the comparison chart above, the dimensions of a full-sized mattress is 54 x 75 inches whereas the queen-sized mattress measures 60 x 80 inches. This difference may appear pretty substantial but a queen mattress is still not large enough to offer a comfortable space for a couple to sleep freely. No wonder, couples and people who sleep alone choose both full and queen beds.

A full-size mattress is impressive in that its big dimension allows a single sleeper to enjoy a huge space that doesn’t occupy so much of their room space.

Despite being less compact compared to a twin bed, a full-sized mattress is a good fit in most bedrooms. Having enough space in your room for other important furniture and items is something to appreciate about a full-sized choice.


Whatever the brand or design both mattresses may be, a Queen size mattress will always go for a higher price than a full-sized one. Remember that these are among the most popular choices in the market. Even the spare parts of the queen-sized bed sell at a higher price.

The biggest factor that determines the costs is that full-sized beds are smaller and therefore a less expensive solution and with the queen, its larger size is more expensive. A queen-sized bed requires larger pieces of sheeting, comforters, and duvets, which also jacks up the price a bit.


The comfort and size of your mattress are of fundamental importance to your purchase plan. Comfort also comes from the quality of the mattress in terms of the built. Besides, the additional spaciousness of the queen size option is another reason it’s the most popular choice in the market.

As a solo sleeper with a plan to share a bed with a partner in a few months or years ahead, upgrading to a comfortable spacious queen mattress would be a pretty smart idea.

Choosing a queen size mattress as opposed to a full-sized one means you’re adding 5 inches of length to your sleeping space in the queen size vs full-size mattress comparison. This means that if you’re above 5″10″ taller, you should go for a queen size mattress because it provides ample space for your feet. A shorter bed means your feet will be dangling off the end of the bed.


It’s quite common to find full-sized bed accessories. They come in different sets and sell at fairly affordable prices. You can as well find a nice and suitable duvet set in one of the most regularly visited big box stores around.

Besides, with one or two clicks, you can get it online at about $20 or perhaps even less. You’ll as well be offered a room for an added pillow and that’s quite beneficial.

Also, queen-size bed accessories are commonly available and you can find and purchase them without any difficulty. The sets sell at almost the same price range as larger accessories come at slightly higher prices.

Recommended Room Size

Are you looking to buy a full-sized bed? By recommendation, they fit excellently in a room size that measures about 10 x 12 feet. If your room is that size, consider purchasing a twin-size as that gives you the necessary additional breathing space around its mattress.

Most importantly, if you go above 10 x 10 feet, it’ll work just fine though that offers you little space around it for your maneuvers. On the other hand, if it’s a smaller room than 9,5 x 10 feet, then you may have to go down a size to avoid any discomfort.

Pros and Cons of Full size mattress

Here are some pros and cons of the full-sized mattress to consider. Note than they are based mainly on its relative compactness and spaciousness.

The Pros:

  • More affordable
  • It’s a less heavy solution
  • Its accessories are easily accessible


  • Unsuitable for couples

Pros and Cons of queen size mattress

Queen mattresses have several merits and demerits which differ slightly in terms of their various dimensions.


  • It’s quite spacious but not large enough for couples
  • Its popularity makes its accessories quite accessible
  • It offers additional leg room


  • Slightly more expensive
  • A heavier choice


Whatever mattress one chooses, remains a personal decision. Your choice should consider the suitability of the bed as per the number of people to sleep in it, its dimension, the height of the person or people to share it, and the size of the room. A couple can share a full-sized bed but sleeping in a queen bed will relatively fit them more comfortably.

Full beds are a comfortable option for guest rooms and children’s rooms as they leave enough room for accessories and other furniture as well. Now, we hope that you’ve gathered the necessary clarifications to enable you to choose your mattress based on an informed and personal decision.

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