The Key Features Of A Good Mattress

Buying a mattress is a decision one will have to make at least a couple of times in their lifetime. Considering we spend up to 8 hours sleeping on a mattress, finding a design that supports your body and delivers the best sleep should be your priority. A good night sleep will not only save you the back pain, but also improved memory and creativity, lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation and stress among other benefits.

There are several types and designs available in the market and while finding one should not be a daunting task, not all offers are desirable. It is important to take time to review various features before making a decision. Fortunately, there are specific hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish reliable mattresses from the rest. Here is a look at 5 key features of a good mattress:

1. Firmness (how firm is the mattress?)

Firmness is indeed one of the most important aspects of any mattress as it does not only dictate how comfortable the mattress will be, but also affects its lifespan. Firmer mattresses tend to be more comfortable and they also last longer. When inspecting a mattress for firmness, it is worth noting that what is firm for one person may not be solid enough for you. The components that determine how firm mattresses can be are springs and coils.

Mattresses that feature more steel coils tend to be of better quality than those with only a few. You should be able to feel the mattress to gauge how firm it is. Unfortunately, shopping online makes this impossible until it is delivered. Nonetheless, you can look through user reviews and comments for information about firmness. Expert reviews and actual pictures (uploaded by customers) can also say a lot about the mattress.

2. Durability (should be durable)

It goes without saying that durability is one of the features of a good mattress. When you invest in a mattress, you should choose designs that you can use for several years before a need to replace them arises. It is imperative to find long lifespan mattresses. It does not only save you the time spend researching and replacing your old mattress, but also has long term cost benefits. Although mattresses with a longer lifespan tend to be expensive, the cost is lower than that of buying two.

Durable mattresses should take between 7-10 years before they are replaced. Within this time, you can buy up to 3 different shorter lifespan mattresses. Most brands will indicate the average lifespan of the mattress in their descriptions so make sure you find that detail. Some brands also offer lengthy warranty to reinforce belief in their mattresses.

3. Comfort (should be designed for comfortable rest)

This is another very critical aspect when looking for a mattress. A good night’s sleep does not only rejuvenate your body and spirit, but also protect you from various complications that are associated with poor sleep patterns. Cheap-quality mattresses are the prime culprit of back pain and joint pain as they disrupt you sleep. You do not want to spend a third of your life in an uncomfortable posture.

There are various features to inspect in a mattress with regards to comfort. Firmness and more padding usually translates to more comfort and these designs are usually costly. Nonetheless, they are worth the price as they ensure you have a good night sleep which is important for general health.

The Key Features Of A Good Mattress Infographic
The Key Features Of A Good Mattress Infographic

4. Bounce

Bounce is another attribute that reflects a good quality mattress. The goal should be to find a balance between firmness and bounce. Mattresses with a better bounce are more comfortable and they will adapt to your body weight absorbing and distributing all shocks during movements. Before you buy a mattress, look for information about its bounce and other features that increase weight balance.

It is worth noting that too much bounce can be discomforting so it should not be overdone. You can read through manufacturer information since different brands offer different forms of bounce. However, the best way to inspect this is to physically lie on the mattress and try moving. Like firmness, springs and coils are the main components that determine the bounce of a mattress.

5. Market reputation (how reputable is the brand?)

Although this is not an actual feature integrated into the design of a mattress, it is still a very important attribute. Good quality mattresses that satisfactorily guarantee user needs for comfort, durability and safety will definitely have a good reputation. The best way to determine this is through customer reviews and testimonials.

Manufacturers and independent reviews tend to be overly sales-oriented. Most of them will point to the pros and play down the concerns. For honest reviews, look for trustworthy stores like Amazon that provide genuine reviews from real customers. Only someone who has used the mattress can tell you the truth about its features and quality. Look specifically for the 1-3 star ratings as they contain the cons flaws.

Positive reviews and reputation are key features of a good mattress. If customers are leaving negative reviews and complaints, then it simply implies the mattress does not meet its function. Watch out for exaggerated flamboyant testimonials that are aimed at enticing you to buy a particular model.


Online shopping has made it easier to buy mattresses as they are delivered at your doorsteps and you can always find discounted prices and coupons. When shopping for a mattress, you should pick credible stores that offer quality guarantees including provisions to replace any delivery that does not meet anticipated standards. If you have the time, you can start planning early.

Do your online research and find highly reputable brands with good ratings from customers. You can then visit local stores and spend at least 20 minutes testing and inspecting the mattresses on the abovementioned features. This will give you firsthand experience on the quality and features provided. You can then compare prices and find your online discounts to gain competitive affordability.
There are several other minor features of a good mattress although most of them revolve around the above categories. You can buy you mattress from credible stores that can guarantee genuine quality from the manufacturer.

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