What are the different dimensions of pillows?

What are the different dimensions of pillows? What are the standard sizes pillows come in?

01.Toddler/Travel Pillows

Toddler/travel pillows are typically 16” by 20”. Their smaller size fits small children and cramped airline seats.


Standard sized pillows are designed to fit on a twin or double sized bed. They are typically 26” wide and 20” tall. Standard/Queen sized pillow cases fit these pillows. Two standard pillows covers the width of the twin bed. Pillow thicknesses vary widely, with pillows between two inches and five inches thick commonly available.


Queen sized pillows are 30” wide and 20” tall. When you put a Standard/Queen pillow case on a queen sized pillow, it covers the pillow nicely while leaving a few inches of extra cloth on the end of a standard pillow. However, they are both just as tall. Two queen pillows side by side are designed to be the entire length of the queen sized bed.


King pillows are 36” across and 20” tall. Two of them side by side span a king size bed, hence the name. Note that a king size pillow spans the entire width of a twin bed, too.

05.Neck Roll Pillows

The average neck roll pillow has a 6” diameter. It ranges from 12” wide to 18” wide, though a few bed width neck pillows exist for those who might toss and turn in bed. You can find smaller and larger neck roll pillows designed to support those larger and smaller than average. Half-roll pillows have a 3” radius, where the pillow forms a half moon that lays flat on the person’s bed. These are commonly available in 12” and 18” lengths.

06.European Square

European square pillows are 26” inches squared or 66 centimeters squared. These are popularly used as square pillows but may be used as head pillows. American square pillows commonly come in 16”, 18”, 20” and 24” sizes.

07.Throw Pillows

Breakfast pillows are 12” by 16”. Brunch pillows are a little longer at 16” by 20”. A more common size of throw pillows is 18” or 46 centimeters square.

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