How to Get More Deep Sleep

How To Get More Deep Sleep

Sleep is an essential component of healthy living. It is estimated that adult humans need about 8 hours of sleep daily. This number varies mostly depending on age, with younger people requiring more sleep than older people.

It is widely acknowledged that as people age, they require fewer hours of sleep, with most old people doing 6-7 hours of sleep.

In this article we will explore 15 ways of how to get more deep sleep, enhancing the overall quality of your health and body functions.

Stages of Sleep

There are different stages of sleep. A session of sleep involves an evolution of sleep from one stage to another. Sleep is categorized into two, with a Non-Rapid Eye Movement (Non-REM) stage and a Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage.

Throughout a sleeping session, for instance, during the night, your sleep will move back and forth from the Non-REM to the REM stage, with cycles of deep sleep interspersed with light sleep.

Deep sleep, occurs in the last stage of Non-REM sleep and may last for between 1-2 hours. During this phase of sleep, your whole body is relaxed, and your breathing becomes slower and methodical. Your heart rate changes to its slowest at this point with a heart rate falling below 60 beats, as opposed to the normal 60-80 beats per minute.

It is in this stage of sleep that people are hardest to wake, as they easily block out all noise.

The importance of deep sleep


So why is it important for you to understand how to get more deep sleep?

Deep Sleep is essential for the growth and restoration of the body. The reason why the number of hours required for sleep decreases with age is that the long sleeping hours in childhood are needed for the growth desired by your body at that age.

However, it all changes, as you age and the body’s priorities shifts, and you need more hours awake to fend for yourself, and do everything else that is needed to stay alive, like working, learning and socializing.

During deep sleep, the body generates human growth hormones from the pituitary glands, which are required for the growth and development of the body. It is also at this stage of sleep, where hormones for cell regeneration, necessary for the growth and repair of tissues, bones, and muscles happen.

Deep sleep is also important for energy restoration, as well as the strengthening of the body’s immune system. If our bodies were electronic gadgets you would equate sleeping, with getting recharged after a full day’s use.

Scientists agree that sleep is essential for humans. It is the quality of your deep sleep that determines the quality of your overall sleep, and how well-rested you feel the next morning.

Let us, therefore, look at some 15 ways in which you can get more deep sleep.

15 Ways to Get More Deep Sleep

1. Develop a bedroom routine and stick to it

To get a daily dose of a deep sleep, it will be important to adequately prepare yourself for it each night before going to bed. Use the last 30 minutes of your day for this exercise, by doing things that will induce sleep and ensure you get the best quality sleep.

Schedule sleeping hours, and get into and out of bed at the same time each day. Don’t be tempted to sleep more over weekends, as they will disrupt your cycle. Avoid afternoon naps, and if you must take power naps, then make sure they are short.

In setting a bedroom routine, you can include some of the tips given in this article. If you have a partner, it will be best that you follow the same routine, and you will both get deeper sleep.

Most of all, stick to the routine and deviate from it only when necessary, or when it is unavoidable. With time, you will find that you will not require an alarm clock, and you will wake up well-rested and rejuvenated, after your scheduled sleeping hours.

By orienting yourself to a daily bedroom routine, your body will become accustomed to a daily cycle that makes it easier for you to gain more deep sleep.


2. Unwind before going to bed

Unwind with a cup of chamomile tea, or use skullcap, California poppy, and valerian. These are great natural remedies that can induce sleep, and prevent insomnia.

You can also unwind with relaxation or meditation techniques that will help you relax for instance yoga, a massage or warm scented baths.

You should also include soothing background music, beautiful scents, and fragrances, with dimmed lights as you set the tone for the body to fall asleep.

A proper wind down as part of your daily bedtime routine will be a sure way to ensure that you get more deep sleep.


3. Switch off all gadgets and electronics at least one hour before you go to bed.

At least one hour before going to bed, you should switch off all the gadgets and electronic devices in your house. If soothing music is part of your bedroom routine, it would be best that this music comes from a device that does not emit light, for instance, a traditional radio, or CD player.

Your bedroom routine should not include things that will require the use of gadgets and electronics. Stay away from your phone and your laptop, as they emit blue light that will stimulate you, and disrupt your sleep pattern.

For a good night’s rest, and deeper sleep, ensure you keep your cellphone particularly off. Just as it needs recharging often, so do you. You can share an alternative emergency number with your loved ones, just in case.

Also, remember that you can always catch up with your social media feeds the next day, and you do not have to glance at it just before bedtime.

4. Sleep with ideal temperature and humidity levels

If you use an air conditioner, you should set the temperature of your room to the same level every night.

The ideal sleeping temperature would be between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but even minor variations may disrupt your sleep.

Experiment and take notes about your sleeping pattern, and see what works for you as your ideal temperature, and once you have discovered it, stick to it.

If you live where the temperature variations within a year, are not extreme, you could orient yourself to sleep with room temperature, and only make adjustments to your beddings, depending on the season.

The optimum humidity level should be between 45% and 55%. Use a home ventilation system to ensure that you keep the humidity level in your bedroom to the same level all year round.

5. Block out the noise

Noise is an important factor of good sleep, that must be considered when answering the question of how to get more deep sleep.

factor Noise is a sure disruptor of good sleep, and with excessive noise, it will be difficult to achieve enough hours of deep sleep.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, or next to a highway or airport, you should insulate your house as much as possible using heavy curtains and carpets.

You can use a white-noise machine that will run in the background, drowning out all the bad noise. White noise will produce a soothing effect that can make you relax and will ensure that you block out sudden noises, such as a passing vehicle.

The whirling of a fan is also good white noise that will result in a more deep sleep for you.

6. Get a good quality bed, mattress, and pillow.

It is estimated that humans spend at least a third of their lifetime sleeping. It, therefore, follows that a bed should be one of your best investments in life.

To ensure you get good quality sleep, and more deep sleep, you should get a good quality bed and beddings, including the mattress, pillow, bedsheets and blankets or duvets.

Mattresses and pillows are widely acknowledged as significant determinants of your quality of sleep.

Research on the best mattress for you, and read on what users of different brands say. The best mattress will ideally be one that is neither too hard nor too soft.

The choice of mattress is also determined by your sleeping style. Side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers will have slightly different mattress type requirements. If you have a partner, hopefully, you can come to a compromise, on what will work for both of you.

Consider changing the pillows as often as possible, and usually not more than a year. With time, pillows lose their softness, and their quality deteriorates.

Also check on the other beddings including sheets, duvets, and blankets. Use good quality cotton sheets, that are standard and assured to provide a good night’s rest. Get a high-quality duvet with appropriate thickness and good material. Ideally, you should sleep with one duvet. and avoid multiple sheets and blankets, that may disrupt your sleep when you roll over.

7. Watch the food you take before you sleep

The food you take during the day, and especially a few hours before you sleep will affect the quality of sleep that you will get.

You should first of all aim to finish eating at least one hour before bedtime. Avoid heavy meals and foods that can give you indigestion such as spicy foods.

You should also avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine, as they may stimulate you and cause you to lack deep sleep.

Equally, you should avoid taking a lot of fluids just before bedtime. Fluids will give you a full bladder and will interrupt your good night rest, as you have to get up to urinate.

8. Lighting your bedroom

To get more deep sleep, check the lighting of your bedroom, and how it complements your bedtime routine.

If possible install dimming lights, where you can adjust the light intensity, as part of your bedtime routine.

For the best deep sleep, you should sleep in complete darkness. If you are affected by external lights such as car lights on your street, or the lights from the lamp posts, consider buying heavy curtains that will block away from all the light.

Use eye shades if your sleeping partner is still using the lights, or cannot sleep without the lights on.

If you must sleep with lights on, consider using red lighting, as it has been confirmed with research that red colors would induce good sleep better than blue or white color light. There are lights available that also adjust automatically until it is completely dark.

9. Take a hot shower or a bubble bath

Before going to bed you should take a hot shower or a bubble bath with warm water. A hot shower before bedtime will get you in a sleeping mood and will ensure you get a good night’s rest.

Conversely, a cold bath will stimulate you, and keep you alert for longer, and is great for a morning bath.

As an alternative to a hot shower, you could soak your feet in warm water, probably as you relax and read a book. Try adding Epsom salt on the water, and you will notice the relaxing feeling that it will give you. Dry your feet well before jumping into bed.

10. Check on your partner, and how sharing a bed prevents you from getting deep sleep.

Check on your sleeping partner and how their sleep affects yours. The quality of your sleep will be directly affected by the sleeping habits of your partner. Some of the sure sleep killers include snoring, excessive rolling over in bed, and pulling and tugging of bed covers.

Or, you could be the one with the bad sleeping habits, affecting the quality of sleep that your partner gets.

As sleep is a fundamental component of life, it will be a good idea to have an open discussion with your sleeping partner about your respective sleeping habits.

If your partner pulls and tugs on the beddings, try using different covers in the same bed. If their rolling and turning are excessive, try different beds. Also consider using earplugs if the snoring is unbearable, or eye shades if your partner can’t sleep with the lights off.

If you have a sleeping partner with sleeping behavior that interrupts your deep sleep, you will have to compromise – or worse, sleep in different rooms.

11. Let’s talk about sex baby

Talking of partners, before you kick them out of your room, consider how they can help you get more deep sleep.

Having sex is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep. Sexual activity induces sleep, due to the hormones that are released while having sex. During sex, the body releases prolactin, especially when sexual satisfaction is achieved. Prolactin causes a feeling of relaxation that induces sleep.

Sex will also relax you more, and relieve any stress, worry or anxiety that you may have.

12. Don’t Worry – Worry is a killer of good sleep

Before bedtime, take time to release all the worry and negative habits of the day. Worry is a killer of good night rest, and you should set aside all the cares of the world, as you prepare to sleep.

Whatever may be troubling you, will not be solved by worry. You will find that a good night’s sleep will keep you well-rested, and will probably help you handle whatever it is that is causing the worry and anxiety.

Try meditations and affirmations, if you are a constant worrier. Before going to sleep, say affirmations for 30 minutes about how you are about to get the best sleep ever.

To quote a famous book “who by worrying can add a single day to their life”

13. Exercise during the day

To get more deep sleep, you need to keep your body active and vibrant during the day. This you can do by doing physical exercises, including a session at your gym, jogging, a basketball game or taking a brisk walk by the park or with your dog.

Physical exercises that wear you out is instrumental in giving you more deep sleep during your sleeping cycles. It will also relieve you of stress, and the bath that you will get after the exercise will relax your body.

Exercises done outdoors will be the best as you absorb the natural sunlight and air, putting you in a more natural state.

Avoid heavy exercising just before bedtime, and ensure you get sufficient rest before sleeping. Physical exercises will ensure that you get longer cycles of deep sleep.

14. Avoid sleeping pills and medication.

If you are unable to sleep, avoid sleeping pills and try more natural remedies to get your sleep back. Usage of sleeping pills can lead to addiction, and increase your reliance on them.

To induce some sleep, get a book and read it until you are sleepy. Also try deep methodical breathing, inhaling and exhaling long deep breaths. This will calm you and will help you achieve some sleep.

If you have to take any medication before you sleep, check the active ingredients and ensure they will not interrupt your sleep. Some medication also leads to hallucinations and heavy dreaming. Check for the side effects.

In general, avoid pills and medication unless you are on a prescription.

15. Go to a sleep therapist, or get professional help

If your lack of sleep persists, you should seek professional help and see a sleep therapist, to help you understand how to get more deep sleep.

You could be suffering from any of the 88 sleep disorders, and it will be important that the disorder is diagnosed for appropriate remedies to be instituted.

A therapy that could be effectively employed is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which can enhance the quality of your sleep by altering your thought patterns before bedtime. It works by improving relaxation skills and causing lifestyle change habits.

What Is A Duvet Cover ? Know Everything About It (Very Useful)

What is a Duvet Cover

Having proper bedding materials is an essential thing to get quality sleep. When it comes to buying some bedding materials, many people do not have a clue on the best bedding they need. Therefore they end up choosing the unworthy linens. In this article, we are going to guide you on the essential type of bedding that you need to know and other things about duvet cover.

A duvet cover is a very crucial bedding material that helps in protecting duvet. After you have bought your best mattress, duvet, and other essential bedding, you need to protect them from dirt as possible. That is because cleaning things such as comforter, duvet, and others are very hard.

There is a need to get a duvet cover to offer a protective layer for the bedding. Below are some of the things you need to know about duvet covers

What is a duvet cover?

Many people confuse between a duvet and duvet cover. Therefore if you do not differentiate between the two mentioned types of bedding material, then you need to relax because this article got you covered. A duvet cover is a pillowcase like a sack that contains either zip or buttock and used to provide a protective layer to the duvet and comforter.

Duvet refers to a type of bedding made of a flat bag that is filled with things like feathers, cotton, wool, or any other synthetic alternative. In some places, many people refer to duvet as comforter.

What is the main uses of duvet covers?

Having known what is a duvet cover, now let discuss some of the uses of a duvet cover. Generally, duvet covers are essential. Some of the common uses of duvets covers include;

  • Used to protect the duvet

The primary purpose of the duvet cover is to protect the duvet from things such as dust and other types of specks of dirt. Therefore if you need to keep your duvet clean always, you should consider getting a good duvet cover.

Since duvet covers are machine washable, one can wash the duvet easily as compared to the duvets. According to the duvets maintenance tips, it is highly recommended not to wash your duvet more frequently. That is because the fabric inside your duvet will be affected by frequent washing.

Many people have reduced the duvet’s lifespan by washing them regularly. Thus to keep your duvet clean always, choose to buy a good duvet cover to provide maximum protection.

  • It also improve aesthetic appearance of the bedroom.

How to choose the best duvet cover?

It is crucial to know that not every duvet cover will fit in your bed duvet well. Therefore, you need to consider various things when choosing the perfect duvet cover. Some of the things you need to consider when buying a duvet cover are such as;


The material used to make a duvet cover is among the essential thing that one should consider when choosing a perfect duvet cover. Various duvets covers are classified according to the material used to make them. Also, the materials will determine the lifespan of the duvet cover, the ease of cleaning, the temperature regulation, and much more.

Therefore if you need a duvet cover to use during the summer season, you can consider choosing a duvet cover made up of heavy material. That is because it will help in increasing the temperatures on the bed. Also, if you need a duvet cover that can be cleaned easily or a cheaper duvet cover, you will need to choose a different duvet cover material.

Therefore depending on several things, you can select different duvet covers. Some of the common types of duvet cover classified according to the material that the duvet cover is made of are such as silk, cotton, cotton-poly blend, and polyester duvet covers.


Since the duvet cover will be used to cover you’re your duvet, it is clear that the duvet cover will always be visible to everyone entering your bedroom. Therefore for uniformity, you need to choose a duvet cover with almost the same color as your other bedding.

Matching the color of your duvet cover and other bedding improved the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom. Thus, ensure the duvet cover that you chose will improve the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom.

Ease of washing

It is essential to consider the fact that you will need to wash your duvet cover always. Therefore when buying a duvet cover, you need to ensure that the material of the duvet cover is easy to clean.

That will save you time that you could waste when washing the duvet cover. Choose the duvet cover made of soft materials that can be easily cleaned.


Price is another factor to consider when buying a duvet cover. Different duvet covers are sold at a varying amount depending on several factors such as the size of the duvet cover, the decoration and design, color, material, and many more. Ensure you consider the quality duvet covers sold at a pocket-friendly price.

Avoid duvets that are sold at a very high or low cost. That is because duvets covers sold at a meager price might be of low quality while the ones sold at high price lead you to a financial crisis. Choose the duvets to cover that their prices range between your budgeted amounts.

Size of your duvet

When buying a duvet cover, you need to ensure that the size of your duvet cover is slightly bigger than your duvet size. That is because choosing a duvet cover that is smaller or equal to your duvet; the duvet will not fit in it well. Therefore ensure you consider the size of the duvet before choosing any.

Seller reviews

Only a few sellers can provide quality duvet covers. To know the best duvet cover seller, you need to consider the seller reviews. Give priority on the sellers with the best reviews because they provide the best quality duvet covers.

Brand reputation

Various types of duvet covers are made by different companies. Companies that have been able to provide the best quality duvet covers are very reputable. Therefore you need to buy the duvet covers made by reliable manufacturers. That is because those duvet covers will serve you’re for a long time.

Different types of duvet covers you need to know

There are various types of duvet covers meant for different uses. For instance, if you need a duvet cover to use during the summer season, you will not require a similar duvet cover during winter. That is because those different duvet covers have varying priorities. Some can reduce the room’s temperatures while others increase the warmth. Therefore, below are some of the common types of duvet covers . They include;

1.Cotton duvet covers

As the name suggests, the cotton duvet covers are made of cotton material. There are various benefits of using the cotton duvet cover. If you need to choose a quality cotton duvet cover, you need to select the one with a thread count of above 300 to get a quality one. Some of the top reasons to choose a cotton duvet cover include;

  • They are easy to clean
  • A cotton duvet provides maximum comfort
  • Require little maintenance
  • They are soft

2.Polyester duvet cover

The polyester duvet cover is well known for providing a warmer sleep condition. In most cases, the polyester duvet cover is used during summer. Some of the things you need to know about the polyester duvet cover are such as;

  • They are less breathable as compared to other types of duvet covers
  • Traps moisture from your duvet
  • Increases heat

3.Cotton-poly blend duvet cover

The type, as mentioned earlier of the duvet cover is made up of cotton and polyester blend. According to the various reviews, the cotton-poly blend duvet cover contains very unusual features. One fantastic thing about the cotton-poly cover is that it is less expensive.

4.The silk duvet cover

For the people looking for a luxurious duvet covers, it is good to consider choosing a duvet cover made up of silk. The silk duvet cover is perfect to use in areas with low temperatures. If you have some conditions such as allergy or asthma, you need to choose a silk duvet cover. That is because that duvet cover repels dirt particles.

How to wash your duvet cover?

Since duvet cover is easy to clean as compared to cleaning things such as the duvet, it is essential to know how to clean the duvet cover. If you have a washing machine in your room, then washing your duvet cover will be very simple. But if you are planning to hand wash your duvet cover, consider the below-listed tips .The tips are;

  • Choose a suitable detergent
  • Clean your duvet cover on a bathtub using lukewarm and detergent.
  • Wash every dirty part of your duvet cover thoroughly
  • hang your duvet cover on appropriate position to dry

By considering the above-disused things, you will be able to clean your duvet cover thoroughly.

When do I need to wash my duvet cover?

Since many people inquire about how long they should wait to wash their duvet cover, it is recommended to clean your duvet cover once after every week. That is because it is the one absorbing all the specks of dirt.

What are the benefits of a duvet cover?

Finally, we have researched for you the top benefits of duvet covers that you need to know. Some of those benefits are;

  1. Helps to improve the duvet lifespan
  2. Helps in keeping other bedding clean
  3. Duvet covers are easy to buy
  4. Duvet covers do not need various maintenance tips
  5. Duvet covers are easy to clean
  6. Enhances the aesthetic appearance of the bedroom
  7. Protect to the duvet
  8. Helps in adjusting temperatures

Therefore by considering all the above-discussed things, you will be able to know everything you need about duvet covers.

Thanks for reading our what is a duvet cover article .I hope you have enjoyed this post.

How to clean a cotton mattress Easy way

mattress cleaning

Cotton mattresses may be very thin mattresses you use in an RV or cabin bed. Or you may have a thin cotton mattress because you don’t need much padding and support, just something softer than sleeping on the floor. In some cases, the cotton mattress has suffered the same stains as other mattresses, whether due to sweat, blood, urine or spilled drinks.

If you’re dealing with a mix of solids and liquids like vomit or poop, first use paper towels to remove the solid mess before you deal with the liquid mess. This minimizes how much of it can be smeared or pressed into the mattress. Next, blot the affected area to absorb as much of the mess as possible. Biological matter is heavy in protein, and that’s hard to break up without leaving a stain.

If you have it, spray pet stain remover on the stain, even if it was a child or spouse or threw up or pooped in bed. The next best solution is meat tenderizer, since this helps break up the proteins. Note that this can be used on blood stains, as well.

If you are dealing with urine, drink or sweat stains or you’ve already applied cleaner to break up the proteins, you’ll want to use another cleaner on the mattress. One common homemade cleaner is made by mixing one tablespoon of dye-free liquid soap with two table spoons of hydrogen peroxide and a dash of salt.

A similar mix that’s more effective with urine uses hydrogen peroxide and dye-free detergent with two table spoons of baking soda. Mix until you get suds, and then apply that to the stain. Hydrogen peroxide can cause color to leak from a rag to the mattress, so only use a white rag with this cleaning mixture.

Pick up some clean towels and get them damp enough to be able to press moisture into the stained area, diluting the cleaning solution and stain. Then use clean towels or a dry sponge to absorb that mixture out of the mattress.

What if you have a cotton mattress thin enough to throw in the washing machine? You’ll still want to spot treat the stains as we described above before throwing it in the clothes washer. The next step here would be putting the mattress in the washer while making sure the weight is evenly distributed and every surface could be reached by the flowing water. Add plenty of soap.

If you’re dealing with a bad urine stain, you could add a partial cup of household ammonia, as long as it is dye-free. Set the washing machine to a gentle cycle and let it run. If the stains are bad, go ahead and set the washer for a second rinse.

If possible, put the cotton mattress in the dryer on a gentle cycle as well. If you’re afraid the batting will come out, then you’ll need to put the mattress on a clothes line or lay it out on a floor with fans blowing over it to dry it. Don’t cover the mattress in sheets or a mattress protector before it is completely dry, or you’ll be dealing with mildew smells next.

The best way to get wee out of a mattress

best way to get wee out of a mattress

Maybe your child’s diaper leaked at night. Or you let them sleep without a diaper because you thought they were toiled trained. In other cases, the pet is to blame. Regardless of how it happened, you have to find out the best way to get wee out of a mattress surface to minimize the smell and eliminate the urine stain.

The Prep Work

Remove the blankets and sheets from the bed. You’re going to need to wash these anyway. When you throw them in the washer, you could add a small amount of household cleaning ammonia to neutralize the urine in addition to the laundry soap. Don’t use bleach or laundry soap that contains bleach with the bedding.

The Cleaning

Turn your attention to the bed. Soak up as much of the wee as possible, if there is some left on the surface after you removed blankets and sheets. If the smell is bad, you can spray with a little household ammonia and let it sit for a few minutes. We’re talking about a table spoon of ammonia in a cup of water; do not use ammonia based window cleaner on your bed, especially if it contains blue dye. Another option is spraying the area with a little bit of vinegar.

You need a cleaning solution to break up the urine. Pet stain remover can be used on human urine stains. Meat tenderizer can help break up urine stains, but it isn’t very effective compared to your other options – that’s better for blood and poop stains. You can use a solution made from equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda. Some people use salt instead of baking soda in a cleaning solution for use on beds, but baking soda is better when dealing with urine stains.
Spread this on the stain to help break it down. After ten to twenty minutes, remove the solid residue.

Take clean wet sponges or towels and press them into surface of the mattress. Use white or light colored towels to do this so that the colored dye in it doesn’t transfer to the bed, especially if your cleaning solution has hydrogen peroxide in it. Then take clean cleaning materials and press it to the affected area to wick up the cleaning solution and stain. Repeat this process until you’ve lifted up most of the stain. You absolutely want to rinse out ammonia, vinegar and other cleaning solutions before you prepare the bed for reuse.

The Restoration

We’re assuming you’ve removed most of the urine. You can use baking soda or borax scattered on the surface of the bed to absorb the odor and dry out the mattress. [easyazon_link identifier=”B01C5EJ9NM” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]Vacuum[/easyazon_link]or sweep it up. In the case of borax, you need two or more passes to get it all up since it can burn your skin if you sleep on it.

After this point, you’ll want to thoroughly dry the mattress. Blowing a hair dryer or fan on the affected area helps achieve this. Then cover the bed with a bed protector or several layers of sheets. This will prevent future stains from reaching the mattress in the first place.

The best way to remove urine smell from mattress

Maybe you, your pet or your child had an accident in bed. Or the bed has become stained so often that the smell just can’t be eliminated by spot cleaning and airing the mattress out. Let’s look at the best way to remove urine smell from mattress.

When the Stains Are Old

One factor to consider is how old the stains are and how long the urine smell has been there. If the stains are old, you can use general deodorizing techniques like covering the mattress in a heavy dusting of baking soda, leaving it for 24 hours exposed to the open air, and vacuuming up the baking soda. That works for every type of odor imaginable. You can also try the baking soda deodorizing trick before you move on to more serious cleaners.

When the Stains Are Fresh

If the accident happened last night, you want to soak up as much of the liquid as possible before you try to neutralize the smell. If you’re dealing with a relatively fresh stain, you want to try a stain remover as soon as possible. If you have pets, you could use your pet stain remover on your mattress.

After all, human urine is pretty similar to that produced by your pet. Another option is natural enzyme cleaners you can use for blood, poop, vomit and other biological messes. Some people have that for cleaning up after pets or cleaning in and around the kitchen.

However, we don’t all have that on hand and you may not want to rush to the store to buy what you hope you’ll only use once. Let’s look at what else you could use to deal with a urine stain.

One option is mixing dye-free, bleach-free laundry detergent with an equal amount of [easyazon_link identifier=”B000GUP7KW” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]hydrogen peroxide[/easyazon_link]. Some people add a spoonful of baking soda or salt to increase the grittiness and consistency of the mix. You can add a couple of drops of essential oils to the mix to replace the unpleasant odor with a more pleasant one. Lavender is popular since it is considered a sleep aid, but citrus scents work well, too.

Layer this mix on the urine stain. Let it sink in for at least an hour. Then scrape up the solid mixture. That doesn’t completely do the job, though. You’ll want to grab clean white rags or sponges and get them damp. Then press this into the urine stain. After the moisture seeps into the upper layer of the mattress, use a clean rag to draw out the moisture – and the urine traces with it. You’re essentially washing the upper layer of the fabric manually. Work from the outside of the stain inward so you don’t accidentally spread the urine traces you’re trying to remove.

While ammonia can neutralize urine smells, you should not use that at the same times as the hydrogen peroxide mixture. You could spray the diluted ammonia on the bed and dab it up as we described above before applying the hydrogen peroxide cleaning mixture. Or you could stay safe and use a neutral cleaning solution like a mix of lemon juice and salt.

The mix would sit on the stain for half an hour to an hour before you wipe it away with a clean towel. The lemon juice helps neutralize the odors and attacks the stain at the molecular level. You can dab the area with clean towels and dry it to remove the last of the cleaning mixture.

After You’ve Treated the Stain

At this point, you want to dry out the mattress to prevent mold growth. You could accelerate the process and further reduce odors by spreading baking soda on the mattress and leaving it for a few hours prior to vacuuming it up. If you don’t have the time, turn on the fans to air dry the mattress before covering it in sheets or a mattress cover. If you’ve already removed the worst stains, then this step can be used to minimize the general urine smell.

The Best Way to Wash a Mattress

Best Way to Wash a Mattress

Whether you have pee stains, poop stains, food stains or sweat stains on the mattress, you may find that you need to clean the mattress. In some cases, you need to know the best way to wash a mattress to remove a variety of stains. We’ll also warn you of what not to do so that you don’t end up in a worse situation.

Warnings Of What Not to Mix

This mattress wouldn’t be complete without addressing what you should do to your mattress and what you should not use on a mattress. Don’t use cleaners that contain bleach on a mattress, even if it is laundry detergent containing bleach mixed with other substances to treat a stain. The bleach could discolor the mattress, and it would only add to the corrosiveness of cleaning mixtures that contain hydrogen peroxide.

If you used vinegar to minimize urine odor, rinse it out with water before you apply any hydrogen peroxide or cleaning compound that may contain bleach. Vinegar plus hydrogen peroxide creates toxic parecetic acid, while bleach vinegar creates dangerous chlorine gas.

On the flipside, if you want to use vinegar to neutralize urine smells, use colorless cooking vinegar mixed with water, not the blue-dyed ammonia window cleaner sitting in your cabinet. The dye in it will stain the mattress worse than the stains you want to remove.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in small amounts as part of a cleaning mixture, but you are taking the risk that it will discolor your mattress. If using hydrogen peroxide in a cleaning mixture, use light or white cloth to dab the stain so that color can’t leach out of the cloth and into the mattress.

You can use enzyme cleaner that you can easily make at home.Click here to know How to make enzyme cleaner.

How to Wash Your Mattress

Now that we have covered what you shouldn’t do, let’s outline the best way to wash your mattress. We’ll give general tips to cover pretty much any type of mattress.

Prep Work

Before you start treating stains, take off the sheets and blankets. You can spot treat stains on the blankets and rinse them off in the sink before you throw those in the washing machine. Barring this, rub the spots on the bedding with a bar of soap and rinse it before throwing it in the clothes washer.

Cleaning the Mattress Itself

If there are obvious wet spots even after you’ve stripped away the bedding, soak it up with a sponge or towel. Get everything up you can, working your way from the outside in so that you don’t spread the staining substance.

If you’re dealing with a stain that contains protein, be it blood, vomit, chicken noodle soup or poop, apply meat tenderizer, pet stain remover or something else that can break up the stain. After you’ve rinsed that away, you can move on to the generic mattress cleaning compounds.

You could try upholstery shampoo on the bed. You can make your own with dye-free laundry detergent and water. You could add baking soda or salt to the mix to make it more abrasive. Dab the mixture into the stain. Let it sit. Then rinse it out with wet towels pressed against the stain before drawing the moisture and stain out with clean towels or a sponge.

Cleaning Up

We’re going to assume you’ve wiped up any physical remnants of your cleaning mixture. You could spread baking soda on the bed to help neutralize the odors or dry things out, though this should be vacuumed up afterward. If you haven’t vacuumed the bed for a while, go ahead and use the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the bed. You’ll lift up dead skin, dander and possibly dust mites. This will speed up the process of drying out the bed, too. Then air dry the bed, since letting it remain wet will breed mold and mildew.

What to Use to Clean a Mattress-Know Everything !

What to Use to Clean a Mattress

What should you use to clean a mattress? The real answer depends on the nature of the stain you need to clean up. We’ll share what to use to clean a mattress based on what you need to clean.

Urine Stains / Poop Stains

Whether it is a human or pet who had an accident in bed, the best cleaner you can use is one designed specifically for urine and poop stains. Note that you can use pet stain remover on a human mess. Remove any physical material and try to soak up any immediately liquids with towels and paper towels. Next, apply the stain remover to the surface of the bed. Let it soak in and do its work. Dab the area to try to draw out the mixture of mess and cleaner.

You may need to repeat this process more than once. Next comes cleaning the area to get the cleaner out. Get a sponge damp or towels moderately wet. Press it into the area to let some of that moisture seep in. Then use dry towels or paper towels to wick the moisture out.If you want to know complete process how to remove urine from mattress just click here.


Blood may originate from a wound or a woman’s period leaking through her clothes and into the mattress. The literal solution here is mix of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. Another option is applying a paste made from table salt and dish soap with a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide. Either way, apply the mixture to the stain and let it do its magic. You don’t want to put hydrogen peroxide on a wound because it kills healthy cells around the edge of the wound, increasing the odds it will scar.

However, it will break up blood cells and break them down in stains for the same reason. After it has bubbled for a while, scrape off the residue, taking care not to push the mass into a new, unaffected area. Dab the area with a clean rag to soak up any residue. You’ll probably want to apply a wet sponge, letting the water soak into the mattress before drawing it out to get the remaining chemicals and blood out of the mattress.

Vomit and Other Biological Stains

Biological messes like these need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Find towels or rags and scoop up as much as possible, getting it off the bed. Remove solid chunks and wet liquid, soaking up what you can’t clean up. You may want to put paper towels around the worst of the mess while you do this in order to prevent the mess from being spread around and inadvertently pushed into the fabric. Next, apply the enzymatic cleaner that breaks these biological stains down. Let it sit for at least five minutes.

Dab the affected area with clean towels to soak it up. Get sponges damp before pressing them into the affected area. Next, dab these same areas with clean towels and try to soak up the mixture of water, cleaner and biological matter. Repeat the process as necessary. Avoid pressing dirty towels into clean sections of the mattress or else you’ll spread the stain.

Note that you can use this same process with other protein based stains like the chicken soup you spilled in bed.

General Cleaning

Your mattress may need to be cleaned simply because. It may need to be cleaned not because of a specific stain but because it is on the receiving end of dead skin cells, sweat and dust mites. The first step in this case is vacuuming the surface of the bed. This can suck up dead skin cells, pet hair, your hair, dust mites and crumbs.

For general stains or mixed stains, create a cleaning solution from dye-free liquid dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix it in a spray bottle, and spritz the affected area. Let the mixture soak in for a few minutes. Then dab it up. Use a wet sponge to dab the area, allowing some water to soak in. Then use a towel or dry paper towel to draw out both the water and the cleaning solution.

Purple Mattress Review 2018 For You

purple mattress review

Purple is one of the greatest names in the market, and they are a special case in the way they make their mattress. It is made of durable materials, and you might be interested to know the Purple Company performs that fantastic work. In case you want to learn about purple mattresses, read that purple mattress review.


A Purple mattress is a fantastic mattress made with a hyper-versatile polymer said to provide a privileged experience. Designing siblings Tony and Terry Pearce began in comfort materials by making Foam, which was utilized as a part of mattress doing for wheelchairs and other therapeutic instruments and went ahead to air up a stunning toy for youngsters. Starting there, the Pearce siblings began Purple to utilize a hyper-versatile polymer they made in sleeping mattresses.

From that point forward, Purple has been one of the quickest developing firms in the mattress industry, using paramount showcasing that incorporates dropping crude balls and Goldilocks on the mattress to show the soothing weight capacities of the material.


PURPLE is exceptionally steady paying little respect to your sleeping inclination. The blend of the comfort flexible foam and gel comfortable foam make for a reliable and stable foundation which is over the support foam. Its flexible foam show which is uncommon makes for a weight reducing sleeping surface which will please even the most requesting. It will in a flash adjust to your body once you set down, offering complete support and comfort. The embracing shape is incredible, so you are mitigated satisfactorily.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”1851″ identifier=”B018EV1HQW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”2560″]


• Hyper-versatile polymer
• Polyester
• Lycra
• Viscose

The Purple mattress’s outstanding Comfort layer is developed from a hyperefinalic material that is shaped into a lattice structure. You might be intrigued to learn how that plan influences and material the experience of the mattress and what sort of support and weight alleviation it might provide.

Purple is 9.5 inches thick and accompanies a three-layered development. The best layer is developed from a 2-inch thick hyper-flexible polymer. That material provides an outstanding background of the mattress when likewise keeping it fresh. The second layer is produced from 3.5-inch thick polyurethane foam for improved support. At long final, the base layer is 4 inches thick and formed from polyurethane foam.


The cover is a mix of polyester and Lycra. It is a delicate, breathable material that is thin to provide air circulation to the mattress. Lycra is a stretchy material, regularly found in athletic apparel, and supports with temperature control by wicking dampness far from the body. It is very thin and breathable, so there is a lot of space for air current. The outline includes a white cover with a precious stone example, which looks great.


The Comfort layer is built from the hyper-versatile portrayed prior. That layer of the mattress is 2 inches tall and reacts in a split second to weight, giving the mattress some bob, which will provide you with a chance to change positions on the mattress without obstruction.

The layer is set up in a grid structure to support weight alleviation and weight circulation. The network structure makes segments of polymer that are strong to the point that a specific limit of weight is come to. Once that point is achieved, the section discharges to let that zone to soak in, giving weight alleviation.

The weight is then exchanged over the framework, which means the hyper-versatile polymer can provide where there is expanded weight while being steady by and large to maintain a strategic distance from the making of weight focuses. That making likewise makes pockets of air in the Comfort layer of the mattress to support safeguard against overheating when sleeping.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”940″ identifier=”B018EV1HQW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”1300″]


The center layer of the Purple is 3.25 crawls of poly foam with a 1.8-pound thickness and acts to provide some pressure support to the mattress. That layer is additionally intended to change the sleeper from the Comfort layer on top to the base of the mattress.


The base of the mattress is four downers of poly foam with a 2-pound in thickness. That solid layer goes about as the foundational support of the mattress and provides the mattress with its shape.


When crushing into the highest purpose of the mattress, the essential experience is of the hyper-flexible polymer. It is to a high degree bouncy at that point responds quickly to weight. In the wake of adding more weight and capacity to your push into the mattress, you may feel the advanced layer of foam underneath, be that as it may, the polymer arranges on top does an impressive work of weight spread, so most of the vibe begins from the Comfort Layer.

When discussing the stability of a mattress, observe that people will feel it giving the light of contrasts in body and size makes. As opposed to just giving your experience on the stability level, you may buy three differing analyzers to endeavor the Purple moreover. That ought to provide a predominant experience the solidness goes you may expect out of the Purple. One thing to note about the Purple network is that if you are to a remarkable degree light, you may not accomplish the weight edge to fall the polymer segments. That would lead you to feel the mattress as a bit on the firm side.

In this purple mattress review, purple uses an unrefined ball test to show that their polymer is impressively firm to support all types of weight. That deciphers to some degree a shaped vibe when lying on the mattress, letting your hips and shoulders to absorb when sleeping while enduring to change parts of the body.

If you lie on the mattress, you will get the limit of the mattress to hold weight consistently, avoiding the improvement of weight advancement. The Purple support your weight in various positions.


As opposed to just delineating the vibe of a Purple mattress, you may provide a visual depiction of where some person may feel weight improvement shape when lying on it. To do that, you may put a weight outline best of the mattress and lay on your side, back, and stomach.

There is a slight addition in weight at the hips due to the extended weight obsession in that position and is for the most part low. Side sleepers will feel weight advancement shape at the hips and shoulders; be that as it may, the Purple finished an incredible work of letting those zones to push support into the mattress for easing, when so far supporting your body with everything taken into account. The weight comes to fruition due to the side position on the Purple are a bit off and also might be regular get while doing reviews. That is undeniably and more for side sleepers.


Purple is extraordinary with motion trade, despite it is bouncier and more responsive. Regardless, we think Purple is fairly better since it provides versatile foam and its advancement.

In case you envision granting your mattress to an assistant, you should perceive what it will feel like when someone else is throwing and changing or gets into and out of mattress at night. That next test is a support technique for demonstrating the power of the motion that is unmistakable starting with one side of the mattress then onto the next.

For that test, you may drop a 10-pound steel ball from statures of 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches and evaluated the moving impact on the opposed side of the mattress. That should be intuitive: The more prominent the lines, the more prominent the exacerbation.

The 4-inch drop on the Purple makes a little irritation on the opposed side of the mattress. That drop is proposed to replicate some person moving around in mattress, and as ought to be evident above, there is a little spike in traded motion, and quickly disperses.

The 8-and 12-inch drops on the bedding reproduce some individual getting into or out of the bed, and there were greater moving impacts, yet these are about ordinary results when appeared differently about mattresses that you have attempted.

An unquestionable victor in that characterization, there aren’t different mattresses which may rest cooler than Purple. It is a unique structure makes for a breathable mattress with upgraded air current dispersal and a reliable cooling snoozing power.


With a particular true objective to get a shrewd idea of how some person may sink into a Purple, you may put four groups of varying densities and sizes. These different weights, thicknesses, and sizes support to duplicate different parts of the body or different people to exhibit how far into a mattress you may sink. In this purple mattress review, there are four sinkage tests which include;

• A steel heap of 6-pound of an answer ball provides a sinkage of 1 inch

• A steel heap of 10-pound provides a sinkage of 2 inches

• A steel heap of 50-pound of an answer ball provides a sinkage of 4 inches

• A steel heap of 100-pound of an answer ball provides a sinkage of 5.5 inches


In case you envision conferring your mattress to an assistant and need to use the entire surface zone of the mattress, by the edge support is something you should examine. The limit of a mattress to support weight similarly near the side of the mattress is the thing that will shield you from experience as you will take off of the mattress. In perspective of the excellent material utilized as a part of the comfort or Comfort layer, you might be fascinated to see how the Purple will perform on that test.

You may start that test by lying on your back near the side of the mattress. Purple may finish an extraordinary work of supporting me even by the edge. You will feel that there is a genuinely even affair from the point of convergence of the mattress to the side, and it didn’t involve as though you will drop out of the mattress when you move around and changed positions.

On your side, there is a pinch of weight, as the Purple empowers your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress for weight support, nonetheless, you will feel grapple in that position. You should, at the end of the day, get that when you rotated and hung off the mattress a bit, you may get a little amount of weight yet in the meantime feel secure on the mattress.

By sitting up on the edge of the mattress, you may put most of your weight more than one locale. That reproduces putting your shoes on at a young hour in the day or getting into mattress around night time, and again, you will get some weight, which is very typical among the mattresses exhibit. That may not be the most essential position when wanting to purchase a mattress and does an incredible work of indicating how the mattress will perform when a considerable amount of weight is set in one place on the edge of the mattress.

Purple isn’t the best choice for edge support. It needs around there diverged from Purple, so in case you intend to use the mattress for sitting and eating among shifting activities, lean toward Purple.


• Sleep Trial-There is a 100-night free trial for that mattress.

Purple offers 100-night free trial. In case you are not happy with your new mattress you can return it and get your money back.

• Warranty – Purple has a 10-year warranty.

Purple is sure that their thing is profited, so they offer a 10-year warranty for maker relinquishes. There is no place close as a respectable as Purple’s lifetime warranty and is more than regular.

• Shipping – Free in United States and it will arrive in packed

Purple, as it were, transports at no cost to you particularly to your home paying little mind to where you are in the States. It likely takes two days to transport from the time you buy it.

• Eco-friendliness

Purple doesn’t have a particular fragrance, so it beats Purple around there. The two mattresses go with a warrantied mattress, so you don’t have to worry over harming yourself or nature in any way.

Take a look at for purple mattress review

Despite whether you buy at a store on the web, it is advantages to check customer reviews. Not solely will you get a savvy thought of the general conspicuousness of a particular brand, yet you’ll get an experience of which sort of mattress works for different sizes and body composes.

It is undeniably advocated paying little heed to the pinch of your chance to do the investigation. Furthermore, guarantee you know whether you may return your mattress. All the time you may yet not by and large. That is mainly basic in case you purchase online it is good to test it before buying. A soft mattress may have a considerable impact concerning a normal night’s rest.


There are different sizes of purple which come in changing estimations and weight, and they go with shifting expenses. For instance,

-Twin XL which is 37.5-inch x 79.5-inch x 9.5 inch and amounts 70 lbs.  Costs $$$

-Queen which is 59.5-inch x 79.5-inch x 9.5 inch and weighs 110 kg   costs $$$.

-The King which is 75.5-inch x 79.5-inch x 9.5 inches and weighs 140 pounds may go at $$$.

-The California King which is 71.5-inch x 83.5-inch x 9.5 inches and 140 pounds. may go at $$$$


Since we’ve carried a significant bounce into the Purple mattress, it is an incredible chance to discuss who I think would be a reliable counterpart for one. These are shifting people who have differing necessities.

• Body weight

The polymer system structure in comfort layer of the mattress does an incredible work of scattering weight evenhandedly to moderate weight when sleeping supporting your body to hold you in a good position.

• Worry about resting unreasonably hot:

The system structure on top makes pockets of air in the mattress to empower you to sleep cooler and solidifies with the thin, breathable cover to provide a temperature-impartial ordeal.

• Need a mattress with some ricochet:

The hyper-comfortable polymer on top responds quickly to weight. That will empower you to move around on the mattress and change positions without impedance.

• Side sleepers:

The weight depicts to an incredible degree low weight over your body in all positions, yet especially of note was your partner. Side sleepers need to watch weight improvement at the hips and shoulders, as they have extended weight obsession, and Purple mattress performed well in the test.


• Anyone who engages a medium firm feels in the mattress
• Someone who is troubled sleeping due to warmth upkeep or sweat
• An individual or a couple who require a smart response time from their mattress
• People who are versatile to new experiences in their rest as the Purple has a fantastic vibe to it.


• Quick response time and extremely bouncy
• Features a breathable and solid cover
• One of the most amazing mattresses made
• Hold for all sleepers
• More than satisfactory weight easing
• Made with CertiPUR-US confirmed mattress


• Has a powerless edge support
• Rather expensive paying little respect to whether it is a beautiful thing


When buying a foam mattress online from Amazon, you may have the ability to get a splendid markdown interestingly with free markets. Furthermore, Amazon will convey the mattress to your doorsteps with no or minimum deliverance charges. Here are a few differing ideal conditions like purple mattress review and other advantages for acquiring mattresses from Amazon:

Several options

In Amazon, you may go over a couple of traders who are showing their things. In that way, taking a look at the things ends up being basic. That infers in case you a look at the consequences of merchant An and Seller B you may quickly do accordingly. In a physical store, you will have lacking choices. A few picked suppliers may have the ability to show off their things in a physical store.


In Amazon, you are giving refunds and an extensive variety of choices. You may without quite a bit of a stretch buy the exorbitant foam mattress, which was out of your budget, from an online store. It could be possible as a result of the fantastic discounts offered by the Amazon. The concessions in the mattress stores depend upon your managing aptitudes and your relationship with the shop proprietor. It might be an unsafe condition for people who require dealing abilities.

Best return policy

In case the mattress you acquired from Amazon turned out defective, you can return it. Amazon has an essential return and doorstep pickup game plan which make the substitution of the imperfect thing less requesting. You are merely required to request, and the support will manage the rest. Thus, buying a mattress online isn’t only a productive instrument, yet moreover, you may have the ability to get excellent discounts.

The choices for cushions are more and furthermore; you may take a look at different things by specific merchants. As it were, then if an abandoned develops in the conveyed items; you may quickly return them and get a substitution soon. These advantages of buying mattresses from Amazon are particular advantages in your buying tendencies.


The above purple mattress review we tried to review Purple the extent that it provides, remembering the ultimate objective to empower you to pick which mattress is best for you. However sharing some accurate likenesses, for instance, their magnificent weight easing and development partition feature with different mattresses in the market, Purple provide a more grounded resting surface on account of It is thicker foam structure. It, as such, seems to support rest more undisturbed stood out from substitute mattresses, as they have no cash, and moreover offers better edge support.

Top 3 Best Mattresses for Back and Neck Pain

An incredible number of people suffer from back and neck pain caused by a mattress that doesn’t offer the right level of support. For many others, sleeping on the wrong mattress aggravates existing conditions like arthritis, back pain and joint problems. Here are our recommendations for the best mattress for back and neck pain depending on your body shape and sleeping position. We’re including several products because we realize that there isn’t a single solution for every person with back and neck pain.

03.Suiforlun Brand Hybrid Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”900″ identifier=”B07BPSQW6V” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”1200″]

A hybrid mattress is one that combines design elements from one or more type of bed. In this case, the core of the mattress consists of an innerspring mattress. In order to minimize pressure points and maximize support, this mattress has many small, individually encased coils.

On top of that is a memory foam layer that offers gentle yet firm support. It is soft, but you won’t sink deep down into it and end up sleeping with your spine out of alignment. It is poor alignment of the neck and spine that can cause back pain and neck pain in many, and it will aggravate back pain in those with other health issues.

This ideal choice if you need something relatively firm to be comfortable; it has medium firmness but offers good support while feeling soft. Side sleepers and heavy people in particular would benefit from this model. The mattress is available in sizes from twin to California King.

One of the benefits of this model is the reinforced coils at the edge of the bed. It won’t start to sag on the sides because you sit on the side of the bed while getting dressed. Nor will you lose support if you sleep close to the side. A side benefit of this design is the fact that the same coils won’t transfer motion to someone else lying on the bed.

In summary, this is the best mattress for back and neck pain if you need good support when you’re prone to pressure points but don’t want an ultra-firm bed.

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02.Beautyrest Brand Silver Extra Firm 600 Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”1505″ identifier=”B01MR0BPXK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”2560″]

There are times when the doctor says you must keep your spine utterly aligned all night in order to prevent back or neck pain. You can buy the right supportive pillow to help your neck, but what about your back? That is where an extra firm mattress can save you from your back and neck pain.

This is an extra firm mattress by Beautyrest, and they mean it. It is built out of 600 extra firm, individually wrapped coils. Note that coil count doesn’t make it firm or soft. Beautyrest sells mattresses with fewer and more coils that are plush or firm. However, this mattress’ design ensures that you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a board.

There is a thin layer of memory foam on the top to make it somewhat soft. A lower layer of gel memory foam disperses your body heat so that you don’t overheat at night. Underneath that layer are the pocketed coils. Around the bed is a stiff layer of foam that keeps the coils contained and makes it comfortable to sit on the edge.

The mattress is sold separately from a foundation, but the mattress can be put on a platform bed, as well. The mattress itself is about 14” thick.

This mattress’ layer of memory foam is relatively thin, so if you’re particularly big, that layer of softness doesn’t mitigate the hardness, so it could end up making your back pain worse. If you’re tall but thin or simply petite, this is an excellent mattress for curing your back and neck pain. In short, this is the best mattress for back and neck pain if you need a very firm bed to alleviate your suffering.

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B01MR0BPXK” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

01.Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”1553″ identifier=”B074NH47T2″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”2560″]

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the ultra-firm mattress is the ultra-soft one. If you’re heavy and a side sleeper, almost nothing offers the right level of support to keep your back and neck from hurting. If you’re just tall and heavy, few mattresses can support you without creating pressure points. That is where this Tuft and Needle brand foam mattress comes in.

This Tuft and Needle brand mattress has adaptive foam. It is soft, but it compresses under pressure. You’re not going to sink into it and suffer joint pain because your neck and back aren’t straight.

The mattress is a mixture of stiff and soft foam so that it offers the right amount of pressure relief if you have joint problems that make pressure points agonizing. Its absorbs motion so that you won’t disturb another sleeper if you toss and turn.

This mattress comes in a variety of sizes. You can find it in twin and twin XL. It’s available in full and queen. And you can choose between king and California king.

You can buy the mattress alone or a set of matching pillows. The mattress can be rolled up and shipped, so it costs less to have delivered and you don’t have to arrange for a furniture delivery truck to get it. The compact size makes it easy for one person to pull up a flight of stairs, too. It is like latex foam in that regard, but it offers much more support.

One potential issue is the fact that the mattress has to be allowed to expand to its full dimensions before you can comfortably sleep on it. This mattress doesn’t have particular problems with chemical smells, though it does contain memory foam. The gel in the memory foam does a good job dissipating body heat.
This is the best mattress for back and neck pain if you want something that feels ultra-soft but still offers a good level of support.

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Bonus Feature: Lucid Brand 3” Memory Foam Topper

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”1500″ identifier=”B01H2OCWUM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”1500″]

If you have a hard coil mattress, you could use a memory foam topper to add softness and form-fitting curves to your bed without replacing the bed outright. In cases like this, products like the Lucid brand 3” memory foam topper can help you.

However, foam toppers like this do not really help if the bed is already sagging or too soft. If bed foam like this would provide the gentle yet firm support you’re lacking, this brand stands out for the excellent ventilation that prevents the overheating that is so common with memory foam beds.

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B01H2OCWUM” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]


Understand the level of firmness you need in a bed, whether this is based on your sleeping position or your doctor’s recommendation, and you will be able to identify the right mattress for your situation.

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain Sufferers in 2018

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain sufferers

Lower back pain occurs to almost everyone at some point in their lives. According to statistics, a massive 80% of people will face some episode of lower back pain, with many of those have recurring or chronic episodes of pain. This impacts all aspects of your life, from working to moving to even sleep.

While your sleeping style can change which mattress is ideal for you, there is a range that nearly every type of sleeper can agree on. Here we’ll go through what you should look for in a mattress for lower back pain and our top pick for the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers.

Be sure to speak with your doctor about your condition and decision to get a new mattress. Some conditions may require different types of mattress. This is based on what the majority of lower back pain sufferers need.

Plush? Firm? Which is Best?

The feel of the bed is perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a mattress. Your back needs to relax, but not so much that sags and causes pains from going too inward or outward. Not only that, but your sleeping style can also impact which feel is best.

There are three types of sleeping styles: side, back and stomach. Back sleepers need a bed that is soft enough to cradle their weight, but firm enough to hold their back in place. Side sleepers need a bed that can curve their spine properly while holding their shoulders and hips. Stomach sleepers need a bed that keeps them afloat and keeps their back properly positioned.

In general, a medium firm mattress tends to be the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers. This is ideal for back sleepers, tends to offer enough support for side sleepers and should keep your back properly positioned if you sleep on your stomach.

Not only that, but firmer mattresses tend to take pressure off your muscles and transitions it to your bones, allowing your muscles to relax as you sleep. Many people who use firm or medium firm mattresses find that their back pain reduces or goes away completely. Be sure to speak with your doctor to give his or her opinion, but many find that this transition helps their pain.

Best Material for Back Pain

There are many types of mattress. There are latex, spring, hybrid, memory foam and so on. So, which is the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers? While you might have your own preference, in general most people find that memory foam helps the most with back pain.

There are a myriad of reasons why. Unlike most other materials, memory foam is truly ergonomic. It literally curves around your body, creating a little pocket that is specific to your body shape. Each night it will allow your body to mold it, thus ensuring that you are molding the bed itself of it molding you.

This ergonomic nature allows the bed to cradle your spine the way it should be handled. Aside from cradling your spin, memory foam tends to have a firmer feel, making it much easier to find a properly firm mattress that will help reduce your lower back pain. Not only that, but unlike other materials, memory foam will rarely sag with age, ensuring that you get more use out of it.

Comfort is Ideal

You could go the extra mile and search out a mattress specifically made for lower back pain, but that doesn’t mean that it will be comfortable. Remember, you’re trying to sleep, despite your pain. Sleep should take priority, so you need to consider some features that will keep you comfortable throughout the night. This will reduce excess movement (which could lead to further back pain) while allowing you to wake up, rested and happy.

We have already covered the proper firmness and material, so what other features should you consider? A massive number of sleepers find that they overheat during the night, which leads to tossing and turning. You can fix this by choosing a mattress with a cooling gel foam and breathable foam layer.

These are made specifically to stay cool and allow air to flow through the mattress, which whisks the heat away before it can build and bother you during the night. It will also have a soft cover that feels good against your skin. Remember, the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers will be comfortable.

Lastly, the bed should be designed to relieve your pressure points so that it feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. This will allow your whole body to truly relax so that you can get the best, pain-free sleep of your life.

Our Recommendation

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With all that in mind, our top pick for the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers would be the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00474X5DO” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress .[/easyazon_link] This mattress combines literally all of the elements discussed thus far, ensuring that it’s perfect for your lower back pain and overall sleeping needs. Plus, if your back pain does disappear, you still have a comfortable bed to sleep on.

So, let’s go over the basics. This 10-inch bed uses medium-firm memory foam with a gel layer that keeps you cool during the night while properly supporting your overall weight and spine so that you feel little to no pain while sleeping. It will remove pressure throughout your body and allow you to really relax as you drift to sleep.

The memory foam has been properly ventilated so that you get fresh air while sleep, which keeps you cool and removes smells. The top cover is soft and feels wonderful on your skin, ensuring that you get some comfort as you lay on it. The two layers (gel foam and dense foam) are made to keep your body still as you sleep, plush it won’t transfer any motion.

On top of all that, the foam is CertiPUR certified, meaning that it’s safe, independently tested and that it uses only the minimal amount of petro chemicals in its formation. All of this together should tell you that this mattress isn’t just great, it’s the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers.