Best Mattress Brands in USA-Everybody should know

Best mattress brands in usa

Buying a mattress is one of those things that you don’t need any unnecessary stress while buying. Ever purchased a mattress, and it didn’t fit, or simply it isn’t what you wanted. The hassle of going to a store to buy a mattress and then having to arrange for the transport again is very costly and tiresome. Below are some 6 of the best mattress companies in the USA that provide you with a trial with not less than ten-year warranty and free shipping and free return.

1. Zinus Mattresses

Zinus mattresses is a company that mainly specializes in manufacturing mattresses, among other things like pillows, toppers, bases, and other furniture. Zinus was first founded by Youn Jae Lee as an outdoor business in 1979, initially building tents and later started making indoor items like furniture and mattresses.

In 2004 Zinus launched its first series of mattresses in Seoul, and since then, they have grown into more 9 locations and in 6 different countries worldwide. Currently, this brand is building a state of the art mattresses manufacturing facility in China.

The main manufacturing center is located in Xiamen, China, but they have their distribution centers spread out all over the globe, including in California, Arkansas, and Ontario in Canada. Their head office is located in San Leandro, California.

Zinus has a collection of three different mattresses that is Hybrid mattresses, Memory foam mattresses, and iCoil Spring Mattresses. The Memory foam mattresses have over 18 different models making it the most extensive collection under the Zinus mattresses brand.

iCoil and Hybrid mattresses have 7 and 5 mattresses models, respectively. Most of the Zinus mattresses models are manufactured in China except the Gel Memory foam made in the United States under the Liberty mattresses brand.

The materials used in making most of the Zinus mattresses models include Foams. The different foams used include the Viscolatex foam, Bio foam, Memory foam, and Polyurethane foam. The other materials include Gel, wherein the Memory foam mattresses models, Gel is added to the Memory foam, and a Green tea extract is added to provide much-needed freshness and controlled odor.

The Zinus best mattresses include:

  •  Pressure relief Euro Top iCoil Hybrid mattress
  •  Pressure relief Green Tea memory foam mattress
  •  Cooling gel memory foam iCoil Hybrid mattress
  •  Mint Green Foam hybrid mattress
  •  Green tea Memory foam mattress
  •  Cooling gel memory foam mattress

Their mattresses models are mainly sold online on platforms like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon, and Wayfair. With over 510 000 positive reviews from their broad base of customers, especially for Memory foam mattresses, it is safe to say that many customer have high trust in the Zinus Foam mattress brand.

2. Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle mattresses was started way back in 2012 by two software engineers friends(JT Marino and Daehee Park) who were frustrated with how the then Mattresses industry was operated. They first put up an online platform to see if anyone was interested in buying a mattress online, and as they say, the rest is history. In 2018 Tuft and needle merged with Serta Simmons Bedding to provide their customers with the top of the line mattresses.

The materials used to make the Tuft and Needle include fabrics from a textile mill in Carolinas; the foam is poured and cut in the United States, graphite, and ceramic Gel. The mattresses are then finished in their manufacturing factory in Southern California. They have three different models of mattresses, that is Mint mattresses, Hybrid mattresses, and Original mattresses.

Their best mattresses include :

  • The mint made by their enhanced T&N Adaptive foam
  • The hybrid mattress
  • The original Mattress

All three models are highly regarded and trusted by their customers because they are associated with Serta Simmons, but also are built with their unique materials.

Most of the Tuft and Needle mattresses brands are available on almost all of the online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Wayfair. They are also locally sold in stores in the United States. Tuft & needle head office is located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

3. Linenspa Mattresses

Rated 7.2 out of 10 for customer satisfaction, Linenspa was founded in 2003 to produce beddings and linens. It is currently owned by Malouf Marketing Inc. in Logan, Utah. Their most recognized Mattress is the Lucid brand. The other mattresses made by Linenspa include gel memory foam mattresses and Polyurethane mattresses.

The materials used by Linenspa to make their mattresses include gel memory foam, latex, coils, and fabrics. Although they are based in the United States, most of their mattress brands are manufactured in China. Having one of the most sold mattresses on the online retailers and most positive reviews on Amazon puts the Linenspa mattresses on the map.

They also provide free shipping and returns, a ten-year warranty on your Mattress, and most of their mattresses are below $500 hence quite affordable.

The best of their mattress brands include:

  • The Lucid 10-inch memory foam mattress
  • The Lucid 4-inch Triple-layer memory foam mattress
  •  Gel memory foam mattress
  •  Innerspring Mattress
  •  The Gel memory foam hybrid mattress

Almost all of the Linenspa mattresses brands are sold on online retailer platforms like Alibaba and Amazon. They have more than six brands of their mattresses listed on Amazon. Although some people like Dr. Swartzburg have doubted the quality of their Gel memory foam mattress, they have a remarkably high rating on Amazon, which means their customers highly trust the mattresses from Linenspa. It is also worth mentioning that Linenspa cools their gel mattresses with airflow.

4. Classic brands

Classic brands mattresses was founded by Mike Zippeli, who is currently the Chief innovation officer and the lead director of the company. It was started in 1971 under the Classic Corporation, where they sold waterbeds then, until 2002, where they expanded their niche to include mattresses, pillows, and bed frames.

Later in 2018, they started making and selling furniture. All of the Classic brands products, especially mattresses, are designed and manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland, at a 100,000 square foot facility.

Apart from the Baltimore headquarters, they also have a warehouse and a showroom in Las Vegas. They have a wide range of mattresses brands, including Hybrid memory foams, gel memory foams, innerspring mattresses, Hybrid latex memory foams, and cooling Gel ventilated memory foams.

Materials used to make these mattresses include Talalay and Dunlop latex, gel-infused memory foam, memory foam, wrapped coil hybrid classic line of gel memory foam and innerspring.

Classic brands was founded to create a friendly, affordable, and stress-free sleeping arrangements for their customers all over the world. The combination of technology and the use of the best materials in the industry makes classic brands mattresses to stand out.

Some of their bestselling mattresses are:

  •  The Cool Ventilated gel memory foam mattress
  •  The Cool Gel Quilted gel memory foam mattress
  •  The Hybrid memory foam and innerspring Mattress
  •  The Mercer Hybrid gel memory foam and innerspring Mattress
  •  The Sutton Hybrid gel memory foam and Innerspring Mattress
  •  The Celadon Hybrid Latex foam and innerspring Mattress

They sell their mattresses through their online platform, their showroom in Las Vegas, and online retailers like Amazon. Like all online reviews, most of the reviews on their website are positive, but the best reviews are on other online retailers platforms like Amazon.

With their rich customer base, the Classic brands mattresses are adored by many not only because they are made in the United States, but the quality of their materials is top of the line.

5. BedStory Mattress

CertiPur US certified, the BedStory manufacturers all kinds of mattresses using top of the line materials. They also make pillows and bed toppers. BedStory mattresses were started by two engineers whose main desire was to make a difference in how they sleep and make themselves comfortable for a reasonable price.

Mattresses manufactured by BedStory include the highly recommended Lavender memory foam mattress, the BedStory Hybrid mattress, and many more. Some of their top mattresses with high reviews are:

The best mattresses are

  • The Lavender memory foam mattress
  • The BedStory hybrid mattress
  • The  Bedstory latex hybrid mattress
  • The  Bedstory Gel memory foam hybrid mattress
  • The  Gel-infused memory foam mattress
  • The Bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress

With a 36-year experience in the mattresses industry, Bedstory provides free shipping to your doorstep and a ten-year warranty on each Mattress you buy.

Materials used by Bedstory to make their mattresses include Memory foam, high-grade latex, Gel-infused memory foam, and Lavender extract.

BedStory mainly sells its mattresses through its website , other online retailers like Amazon and locally in stores. Their mattress Lavender memory foam is one of the highly-rated Mattresses on Amazon; hence they meet their customer demands satisfactorily.

6. Brentwood Home

Brentwood home is a one-stop-shop for all the beddings, including mattresses, toppers, and pillows. Brentwood home mattresses is located in California Los Angeles, United States. Their main aim was to provide affordable mattresses at your doorstep without you as a customer breaking any sweat.

Brentwood Home has a fantastic collection of luxury mattresses like the all-time customer favorite Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress with over 503 reviews and 4.8 stars out of 5 on their website The Brentwood home mattress provides a one year trial, free shipping, and return, in-home delivery, and a 25-year warranty.

Their bestselling mattresses are as follows:

  • The Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  • The Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress
  • The  Hybrid latex mattress
  • The  Crystal cove mattress
  • The  Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood home mattress sells their mattresses online on their website and also through other online retailer platforms like Amazon and E-bay. Their Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress is among the highly rated Mattress on Amazon.

Many of the above mattress companies not only provide long term warranties, trials, and free returns and shipping but also put the customer’s desires forth while making these mattresses.

You only need to visit Amazon or their specific website, choose what’s best for you, test it, pay, and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep. If it isn’t what you wanted, you can return it free of charge. The mattresses companies above have revolutionized and made it easy how we purchase mattresses.

King Mattress Size Dimensions- You Should Know it !

King Mattress Size Dimensions

King Mattress Size Dimensions

Getting poor sleep at night is annoying as it creates fatigue instead or reducing it. It unknowingly makes one feel moody, edgy, irritable and it can ruin your day by making it unproductive. We run our lives by creating daily objectives for our careers and general growth and we arise each morning to chase for our dreams.

Anything that causes us to unproductive should be completely shunned and removed from our lives because it is a destiny killer.

There are many reasons why we can lose sleep at night. It might be our partner’s tossing, turning or other disturbances, ill health, poor posture, fatigue, anxiety, stress, illness, etc.

One of the ways of solving some of these problems is getting a king-size mattress. It is possibly what you need right now as the missing link to your dreams and great health.

Many people make a mistake of buying a mattress that is too small for them due to a lack of information about mattress size dimensions.

King mattress size dimensions can be quite confusing and it is probably the reason why some people are not able to get it right when making the initial purchase.

Mattress chart for dimensions:

Sl NoMattress NameSizeNo Of Person
Sl No01.Mattress NameFull (Double) MattressSize54” x 75”No Of Person1 person/ 2 adults
Sl No02.Mattress NameQueen MattressSize60” x 80”No Of 2 adults
Sl No03.Mattress NameKing MattressSize76” x 80”No Of Person1 adult with child(s)/ 2 adults with child
Sl No04.Mattress NameCalifornia King MattressSize72” x 84”No Of Person1 adult with children/ 2 adults with   children

Another Important thing you should know what are difference between king and california king mattress.

The king-size mattress dimensions are 76 x 80 inches and it can provide plenty of room for 2 adult sleepers and is best used in bedrooms that have a lot of space in them.

Therefore, you may need to know whether your room is big enough to accommodate this mattress and leave a little space between the bed and the walls.

This bed is appropriate for couples because It will give you enough space to toss and turn and reduce the risk of disturbance which is one of the major causes of lack of sleep. It can comfortably fit 2 adults and give them adequate space to themselves regardless of their sleeping positions.

king mattress dimensions
king mattress dimension

Benefits of king mattress size dimensions

Are you aware that king size mattress has health benefits?

Sleeping well continuously is important for your health because it gives your body enough rest thus keeping it healthy. Yet, you may not be able to sleep well in a mattress that is crowded and squeezed.

A king-sized mattress has an increased surface area which makes sleep you comfortably through the night and wakes up feeling fresh and ready to start your day to chase your dreams.

Below are some health benefits:

01.Good blood flow

When you lie comfortably in a bed during sleep time, you give your body a chance to have a good flow of blood which is essential for good health.

Whenever blood doesn’t circulate properly, you might wake up feeling like you have pins and needles in the parts where there was poor circulation.

Ultimately, this poor circulation may have adverse health effects on your body over an extended period of time. With a king-size mattress, you will ensure a good blood flow because the mattress is big enough for total comfort.

02.Leg Comfort

The king mattress size dimensions of the length of 80 inches of 6.67 feet and it gives you adequate space to stretch your legs all through the night.

This eases pressure on the ankles and Achilles tendons that may come when you sleep on a small mattress that causes you to fold your legs due to its short length.

03.Ease of breathing

This mattress is big enough to ensure that your breath easily. With smaller beds, due to poor sleeping positions, you might end up not having enough space to breathe especially if you are with your partner. Good breathing ensures that oxygen flows into your body properly even in slumber.

04.Good Sleeping positions

This mattress ensures that you have good sleeping positions that are responsible for the reduction of joint tension and pain, body soreness, and reduction of pressure points.

Does bigger mean better?

In most instances, a bigger bed means better conditions for your body as research shows that couples who sleep on bigger beds have more quality time. They are able to relax more and therefore sleep better and they are in great moods in the morning.

Sleeping on smaller beds, on the other hand, is likely to cause fatigue, backaches, joint pain, and several other issues that make a couple uncomfortable and can lead to disagreements.

Why you should get king mattress size dimensions

Reduce back-ache

There are many reasons why your back could be aching including sports injuries on your joints, bad posture when working. A low-quality mattress that you don’t fit on properly could be the cause. The worst thing is that you may not think that it is culpable because it is like a hidden enemy.

A king-size mattress, on the other hand, will help you sleep in your natural position and allow you to comfortably turn without hurting your back.

Good Health

Sleep is an important part of our health and in fact, we should spend a third of days sleeping. It is recommended that we should sleep for between 6 and 8 hours every day. Getting quality sleep at all times is as essential as getting food and water for the body.

It affects almost all tissues and processes of the body including the brain, heart, metabolism, and the lungs. In fact, the lack of sleep leads to high blood pressure, depression, obesity among other complications.

There are 3 stages of sleep and your body needs to undergo all of them in every sleep cycle for good health conditions. You should set your body to work on a sleep schedule where it goes to bed at a certain time and wakes up at a certain time. This way the body will adjust itself and you will be able to undergo all the stages of sleep.

Also, before falling asleep, you should have a bed that you can relax your brain by having a time of self-reflection, devotion, quite-time just to prepare your mind for shutting down. A king size mattress is big enough to allow you to put your body in different positions that can stretch your body as it prepares to shut down in sleep.

Twin Vs Full Mattress : Comparison Guide in 2020 (Never Miss ! )

twin vs full mattress

Twin Vs Full Mattress: Comparison Guide

A good night’s sleep is crucial in anyone’s routine, and to ensure you get the best sleep you can, it is important to have a mattress that is the right size for you.

The two most popular mattress sizes out there sold at modest prices are the twin (single bed) mattress and the full (double bed) mattress, in this guide we have highlighted the main differences of the two popular mattress sizes, let’s begin the twin vs full mattress discussion.

Before going to know the comparison of twin vs full mattress you should know about the different types of mattresses and their dimention.

Mattress Sizes:

Sl NoMattress NameSizeNo Of Person
Sl No01.Mattress NameTwin MattressSize38” x 75”No Of Person1 person
Sl No02.Mattress NameTwin XL MattressSize38” x 80”No Of Person1 person
Sl No03.Mattress NameFull (Double) MattressSize54” x 75”No Of Person1 person/ 2 adults
Sl No04.Mattress NameQueen MattressSize60” x 80”No Of 2 adults
Sl No05.Mattress NameKing MattressSize76” x 80”No Of Person1 adult with child(s)/ 2 adults with child
Sl No06.Mattress NameCalifornia King MattressSize72” x 84”No Of Person1 adult with children/ 2 adults with   children
Sl No07.Mattress NameToddler MattressSize28” x 52”No Of Person1 Toddler
Sl No08.Mattress NameCrib MattressSize28” x 52”No Of Person1 baby


Twin (Single Bed) Mattress

How Big Is A Twin Mattress?

Also known as “single bed” has a size of 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is slim in size and it is the smallest sized bed out there besides a crib mattress. Its standards are one of the shortest out there and are commonly used for single adult sleepers or in the children’s room.

Where Can You Use A Single Bed?

  • Children’s room – They are easy to fit side by side, so they are commonly used in shared kids bedrooms or stacked like bunk beds.
  • Solo sleepers – A twin mattress provides ample sleeping space for one adult, toddler, or teen sleeper. Though many adults think a single bed is too small.
  • Small guest rooms – They can also be used in smaller guest bedrooms, with their small size, they are easier to move around.

How Comfortable Is It?

If you are sleeping solo, a twin bed is enough for the job, but for those who are in the taller side may need to stretch out a bit. Maximum comfort ensured in this bed is when you are sleeping alone.

What Is The Recommended Room Size For A Twin Mattress?

A room that is 7 feet by 10 feet (2.1 meters by 3 meters) is ideal for a twin-size bed.

What Are The Different Types Of Single Beds?

  • Standard twin – The single bed and is used often by children, toddlers, teens, and sometimes adults.
  • Twin XL – Wider than the standard twin size but is similar in length to a king or queen-sized mattress, has a 38” x 80” dimension.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Single Bed?


  • It is modestly priced.
  • Lightweight and portable, easier to carry around.
  • The accessories it requires such as bed sheets are cheap.


  • It is too small for more than one sleeper.


Full (Double Bed) Mattress

How Big Is A Full Mattress?

This is the most purchased bed size. Also known as “double bed” it is a notable upgrade in space from a single bed, this bed has a size of 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, wider than a twin. Giving people extra room, this bed is big enough for an adult sleeper, couples will have the equivalent width of a crib mattress when using a double bed.

Where Can You Use A Double Bed?

  • Teenager’s bedroom – A full mattress a good alternative between queen and twin mattresses. This bed is recommended for teenagers who have outgrown their childhood bed, giving them ample size.
  • Smaller apartments – A double bed is ideal for young college graduates with its economical price and size that can easily fit in smaller apartments.
  • Guest bedroom – This mattress can be used in a decently sized guest bedroom.

How Comfortable Is It?

A full mattress is ideal for a single person providing plenty of room stretch. But its sides are short, but it is only 6 inches shorter than a queen bed, which is the next size option after it.

At 54 inches wide, couples can also use this bed but only if they are comfortable if being extremely close with each other. Though, it ensures maximum comfortability when only being utilized by one sleeper.

What Is The Recommended Room Size For A Full Mattress?

A recommended room size for this bed size is 10 feet by 10 or 12 feet (3 meters by 3 meters or 3.6 meters).

What Are The Different Types Of Double Beds?

  • Standard fullA double bed may have the same length as a twin bed, but this bed size is ideal for an adult single sleeper because of its additional width.
  • Full XL – Longer than the standard full-size bed by 5 inches. It has a size of 53 inches wide and 80 inches long.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Double Bed?


  • A full mattress has more foot room for single sleepers.
  • This bed size is suited for people on the taller side.


  • A double bed is significantly heavier than a twin mattress.
  • The accessories that this bed size requires such as bed sets are expensive.
  • Though longer in size, a double bed provides less sleeping rooming width wise.

Twin VS Full Mattress Specifications

SubjectTwin Mattress (Single bed)Full Mattress (Double bed)
SubjectWidthTwin Mattress39 inches (99 centimeters)(Single bed)Full Mattress54 inches (137 centimeters)
SubjectLengthTwin Mattress75 inches (191 centimeters)(Single bed)Full Mattress75 inches (191 centimeters)
SubjectPrice/CostTwin MattressA twin mattress is cheaper than a full mattress.(Single bed)Full MattressThis bed size is more expensive than a twin-size bed, but its mattresses, accessories, and frames are cheaper than queen size beds.
SubjectTarget Audience/UsageTwin MattressIdeal for children, toddlers, teens, and single adults.(Single bed)Full MattressIdeal for single sleepers but it can also be used in a teenager’s bedroom and couples that do not mind the smaller room movement can use this bed size as well.
SubjectAccessoriesTwin MattressInexpensive Accessories(Single bed)Full MattressSlightly more expensive.
SubjectSpace consumptionTwin MattressWith only 38” x 75” dimensions, this bed size only takes up a little space.(Single bed)Full MattressWith a dimension of 54” X 75”, it is wider than a twin bed and may require more space.
SubjectPortabilityTwin MattressEasier to move & Portability(Single bed)Full MattressHarder to move.


What Are Their Overall Differences?

The overall difference between the width a twin and full mattress is 15 inches, they have no difference in their length. Unless you are trying to use the less commonly used twin XL and full XL.

When sleeping it is ideal to have ample space for stretching out and moving around, but since both the bed sizes are relatively inexpensive, it is ideal to purchase a full mattress to ensure maximum comfort and decent space.

When it comes to the bed’s accessories, both single and double beds are modestly prized, making it easier for people to save money whilst looking for a new bed, this additional cost will not be a big factor when it comes to the twin vs full mattress comparison.

Final Verdict

Always go for a full-size bed if you are looking to buy a bed for yourself, it provides more space and it is only a little more expensive than a twin mattress.

Peaceful Sleep: Does Mattress Thickness Play a Role ?

mattress thickness role

Does Mattress Thickness Matter?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions amongst buyers who are hesitant to purchase a thinner mattress. However, you may be surprised to find out that thicker mattresses do not equal a better sleep experience.

In fact, it is advised that a mattress between 9 and 14 inches in width is the best for sleep quality. Mattresses that are thicker than 14 inches are attractive in the store as they look more plush and comfortable, however this is not always the case.

How to Tell If a Mattress is Comfortable?

We each have our own comfort preferences, body supportive needs and sleep patterns. Ever wonder why you can’t sleep as good in a hotel as you do at home? Or the reverse? You may sleep better in a hotel bed than you do at home. The reason for this is individual preferences that determine how well we will sleep. If you’re sleeping on the wrong type of mattress, you will be uncomfortable regardless of how thick it is.

A good night’s rest has more to do with the firmness level, the temperature (cooling ability), support level, body contouring and bounce. This is why the answer to the question, “Does mattress thickness matter ?” is more complex than a definitive “yes” or “no.”


mattress thick ness
Mattress thickness

Superb Quality is Key

The construction of the mattress matters more than the thickness. For example, how well is the mattress made? What type of materials are used for each layer? How firm or soft is each individual layer? These factors have much more to do with the overall outcome.

A thick mattress with low-quality materials will be just as uncomfortable as an extremely thin mattress. It is important to have appropriate thickness. Having the right balance of firm, plush, support, bounce and body contour is the only way to find your perfect fit. This leads back to the original question, “Does mattress thickness matter?”

Before making a final determination on mattress quality, we must first analyze the layers. Most mattresses have anywhere from 2 to 5 layers of support. Low-quality, inexpensive mattresses typically rank on the lower end of layers. Each layers is designed to provide a unique benefit.

The very top layers are used as “comfort layers.” When you test out a mattress, the immediate comfort you feel is from the first two layers. The “cooling” effect comes from these top two layers.

The layers located underneath these top two layers are known as “supportive layers.” The supportive layers are responsible for providing the mattress with balance, flexibility and firmness.

The final layer is known as the foundation layer. This is what holds the mattress together and provides compression support. The mattress’s durability is developed in this layer. Similar to construction, the foundation is what sets the tone for the rest of the project. This is true when comparing mattresses as well. A sturdy foundation will provide enough support for the mattress.

Understanding the Ratios

The Foundation

Very high-quality mattress use 50% thickness from foundation. Mattresses that have less than 50% thickness from foundation are not likely to last long. The mattress will begin to sag after continued use and be uncomfortable and unsupported . As a general rule of thumb, if a mattress is 10/ 12 inches thick, the foundation should be 5 inches thick at the absolute minimum.

The Support Layers

The support layers of the mattress provides resistance to force/ support. The function of this layer also depends upon which type of mattress you are shopping for- firm or plush. It is important to understand what feel works best for your body and sleep habits.

The Comfort Layers

The comfort layers are made out of materials such as pillow top and memory foam. This layer is responsible for comfort and full body contouring. When a customer tries out a mattress in the store, they typically experience that “comfy” feeling from these top layers.

Conclusion: Does Thickness Really Matter?

The short answer to this is yes and no. As we uncovered, thickness does not necessarily mean comfort. The material, build and quality of your mattress is what determines comfort. Comfort also has a different definition for everyone, some prefer firm mattresses, while others prefer plush ones. Selecting a mattress with a well-made foundation is key.

It is also important for the comfort layers to be a minimum of 2 layers thick and provide you with adequate body contouring. Finding the perfect mattress for you is possible, ensuring you look for the highest quality materials and support possible.

Bad Mattress Health problems-Do You know?

mattress health problems

Do you know your mattress can affect your health? There are so many problems that are caused by mattress but many people are not aware of it. If you feel ace, back pain, arm pain, hip pain and shoulder pain after awake. It may be caused by mattress so you need to take few measures to prevent these problems. Today I will discuss about it and tell you what problems can happened by a bad mattress.


  1. Back pain: Back pain is a common problem in everybody. There are so many reasons for back pain but one of the most important reason of back pain is sleeping on a bad mattress. The stiff mattress create pressure on the spine and soft mattress lead to excessive sinking both are lead to back pain. So you should know which is the best mattress for your body that do not create health problem like back pain.Click here to know the best mattress for back pain.


  1. Hip pain: Hip pain is another health problem that may be caused by bad mattress. This pain is also occur by soft and stiff mattress. Stiff mattress create opposite pressure and soft mattress do not provide enough support to the hip for softness. So you may feel hip pain after leaving the bed.
  1. Health Effects of Bad Mattress info graphic
    Health Effects of Bad Mattress info graphic

    Neck pain: Neck pain is a common pain .if your neck do not get enough support may cause neck pain. Most of the time it occur for the pillow but mattress also lead to this pain. Mainly it occur when middle and upper body are imbalanced this irritate the neck joint. By choosing a proper mattress you can remedy this problem.Click here to know best mattress for neck pain.


  1. Depression: Many doctor said that poor sleeping is the most important reason for depression. If you sleep on a bad mattress you will feel less comfort that disturb your sleep and you may awake in the late night. If you do not sleep properly every day you will feel problem in the next whole day. So sleep on a proper mattress.


  1. Weight gain: Believe it or not poor sleeping help to gain weight because it can help to burn low calories. If you do not sleep in proper way or proper time the enzyme that burn calorie will not produce or less produce. When you sleep two enzyme are produced one is lead to burn your fat and another increase your appetite. So you should never think if you take less food can only lose your fat or body weight. So always sleep on a good mattress.


Everybody should buy a good mattress. Many people do not want to spend much money on their mattress that is not wise because you spend a lot of time on mattress every day. So your mattress should be very good to give you comfort. Your mattress is one of the most important partner so you should buy a good mattress.

What is Memory Foam & Its 4 Awesome Benefits

what is Memory foam

Many people want to know what memory foam is and its various benefits. Memory foam might have one of the most peculiar starts of any mattress material, but it has proven to be an incredibly comfortable material that many people love and actively look for. Not only that, but ithas numerous health benefits and has advanced greatly since its inception. Read on to see what memory foam is and its numerous benefits.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is made from polyurethane, which is a polymer (long chain of repeating compounds) made of organic compounds and urethane links. Known for being dense and viscous, this foam uses an open-cell structure that allows air to move within the mattress. The material changes density according to heat, which is why it can mold around your body so well.

Originally made in 1966 for NASA helmets due to its ability to react to temperature, be super soft and to easily fill out the helmets. It was in the 1980s when NASA released the material to the public, where it was used for various purposes. Many companies found the material hard to work with at first, but in 1991 Tempur-Pedic began to master memory foam and made it into a soft and luxurious bedding material.

Memory foam has gone through several generations and changes. The open-cell structure became more open to reduce heat, and gel foam became the norm as it is easier to work with, cooler and makes a more efficient product. This material is still being worked on and improved today, with constant changes making it better and better each time.


01.Reaction to Temperature and Weight

Unlike most other materials, memory foam reacts to heat and weight. It can easily compress under weight, unlike other materials that are forcefully bent by weight, and it softens with higher temperatures. Your body weight and heat will literally change the material, which makes it form around your body for a custom fit. This allows the material to be softer and provide a better sleeping surface for you.

While some other materials react a bit to your weight and temperature, none do it as well as memory foam. This material is unique in that it gives you a custom fit. Even at the beginning, when the material is adjusting to your body, it is still very comfortable and responsive.

So Memory foam mattress is very comfortable for every one.Here are few best memory foam mattresses for you!

02.Relieving Pain

If you frequently have sores, joint pain or body aches, then memory foam is one of the best materials that you can sleep on. As stated above, memory foam softens when exposed to higher temperatures. You may not know this, but areas that experience pain often have a slightly elevated temperature due to the extra blood and fluids that rush to that area.

The memory foam exposed to those areas will soften as a reaction, making them more comfortable and easier on the body. This material is also known to give above average support to the body’s pressure points, cradling them and ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the night.


When most people experience allergies around their mattress or during sleep it’s caused by dust mites. Microscopic but very problematic, dust mites are a common allergen for people and it can cause fits of sneezing, coughing and other symptoms that just aren’t good for sleep.

The good news is that memory foam inadvertently resists dust mites. This wasn’t intended, but memory foam makes a poor home for dust mites. Not only that, but memory foam doesn’t have any known allergens, so very few people experience issues with this material.

04.Ideal Sleeping Posture

Other materials, like innerspring mattresses, don’t resist your movement very well. Due to this, you can easily toss and turn without the mattress keeping you still. Memory foam’s ability to form around your body makes it harder to move around, which allows you to keep the ideal sleeping posture all night long.


Memory foam is an interesting and unique material with several amazing benefits. Not only is it one of the most comfortable mattress materials available, but it’s also free of allergens, helps with relieving pain and it resists tossing and turning. If you want a great mattress that is durable, comfortable and helps with pain, then you found the best material. Memory foam mattresses are popular and always getting better.