How to Clean Mattress Stains Easy & Effective Way

If you want to know how to clean mattress stains, the answer will depend on the type of stain. Don’t worry. We’ll tell you how to clean mattress stains whether it has sweat stains, urine stains or spilled wine discoloring it. Where possible, we’ll tell you how to clean mattress stains without using toxic chemicals or the next choice for cleaning a stain when the standard option isn’t good enough.

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15 Effective Tips For How to Fix Mattress Sagging (Important ! )

how to fix mattress sagging

Mattresses can sag for a number of reasons. Material inside the bed may settle or deform. The material could wear out. It might sag because it lacks adequate support. Let’s look at few ways you can fix mattress sagging, no matter what the cause may be. We’ll also share a few tips on how to prevent your future mattresses from sagging.

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How To Flip a Mattress ( Very Easy Ways )

How to flip mattress

welcome to our how to flip a mattress post. If you grew up using an innerspring mattress, flipping must have been part of the general care. While flipping a mattress may look like an old-age process, it ensures it wears down evenly over time. Besides, it helps to distribute weight across all parts over a long time.

After the flipping, the part that was resting on the bed frame will face up. How often you should flip will depend on the mattress in question. While this simple chore will prevent depressions and sagging, the number of times will also depend on who uses the mattress.

Most innerspring and some foam mattresses are designed to be flipped. And because they have two sleep able surfaces, you can use the side you prefer. If you’re not sure how to flip your mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a quick guide on how to flip the mattress.

How to flip a mattress

Flipping a mattress on your own can be a cumbersome process but with a few tricks, you can make the process a breeze.

01.Check the mattress instructions

If the manufacturer’s instructions say that you shouldn’t flip the mattress, then you should adhere to that. But if the label recommends that you flip it, you should do so to increase the life expectancy. Those that come with a pillow top don’t require flipping. But even if the pillow is not uniform, you still have to check whether it might need flipping at all.

What if the mattress doesn’t have a tag for instructions? You can get the information from the manufacturer’s website. Simply type the name of the manufacturer and size of the mattress on the search engine and you’ll find the care instructions.

02.Make flipping reminders

Depending on the type of mattress, you can do the flipping every few months or twice a year. You may want to place a reminder card on the side of the bed. Other than that, you should mark the dates on the calendar to track the maintenance of the mattress. It can be difficult to know when you should flip the mattress if you don’t set the reminders.

03.Ensure you have a clear space

Since you have to spin the mattress at 180 degrees, you should get rid of those things around your bed. It could be a table or a lamp. Also, there should be no breakables in the area. You may want to move away from any cups, heaters, glasses, etc.

04.Reposition the bed

If there’s no buffer or a board between the walls, you should think of repositioning your bed. Sometimes, flipping can damage the bed, so you may want to move the frame away from the wall.

05.Ask for help

For large mattresses, it can be daunting to do the flipping on your own. You can ask a friend to help in the flipping process.

06.Strip the bed

When flipping the mattress, the sheets and beddings should be pinned beneath the bed. If you’re not careful, the sheets could get tangled and it may be difficult to get a grip of your mattress. Be sure to strip the bed before you start the process.

07.Position the mattress

To start with, you should pull the mattress away from the headboard. You may have to lift the bottom of the mattress if you have four-poster beds or large mattress beds.

For king-size mattresses, you should hold the mattress on one corner and drag the bottom to the right or left. You can now flip the mattress to whichever side is convenient. Your end goal is to ensure the bottom side is now the top side.

You should avoid pivoting the mattress on the foot pad or head pad as the sharp edges can cause damage if it’s not stable.

08.Complete the flipping

Grasp the mattress at the corner to complete the rotation. Keep in mind that king-size mattresses can develop a hump in the middle.

Another way of flipping the mattress is pulling it such that it hangs off the box frame. Next, lower the tall end to the opposite side of the bed. Make sure you complete the rotation until the bottom makes it to the top.

Unless the tag instructions indicate otherwise, you can try side-to-side flipping. After you flip the mattress, you should ensure the mattress doesn’t overhang on the side of the bed. And as you flip it, this could be a good chance to vacuum the bed and clean the covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you flip a one-sided mattress?

No. Some modern mattresses come with one surface designed to be slept on. This is common in foam mattresses that have many layers for support. Because the top side consists of soft foam, it shouldn’t be flipped.

Do you need to flip a memory foam mattress?

Most memory foam mattresses don’t need to be flipped. Generally, the top layer is designed to cater to your dream and comfort level. Nevertheless, most manufacturers’ will recommend that you change the topper to suit your sleeping style. It’s usual for the memory foam to sag on one side unless you’re lying on an uneven surface.

What happens if you don’t flip your mattress?

Those couples who like to sleep close to each other at night put a lot of pressure in the middle of the bed. It’s no wonder most mattresses have depressions in the middle. If you don’t flip the mattress, it can be difficult to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

A mattress that has springs in the middle will loosen and you may have to replace it. If these springs lose resilience, the mattress will not return to the original shape. And you never know; it can even be more expensive to replace the springs.

Although flipping will help to extend the lifespan of the mattress, this only applies to high-quality mattresses. Because a mattress is a long-term investment, you should choose a brand that suits your needs and sleeping preferences. If after many years of use you notice that your sleeping comfort is not improving after flipping the mattress, you should think of replacing it altogether.

Final thoughts

From a statistical standpoint, flipping a mattress can make it last 5 years longer. While flipping can be a daunting process, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. If you’re in good shape, you can do it on your own. You can also have someone help you to avoid injuring your back. Be to follow the above guidelines to flip your mattress and give it an extension.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress? ( Essential Tips )

Maybe you just bought a new mattress and you’re wondering how to maintain it. Did you know that sleeping on a mattress every day can leave your body impression on it?

If your mattress is not offering the comfort you need or you can see a slight sag, then you should rotate it. Rotating means what used to be the head is now the foot area and vice versa. This will make the mattress feel like new again.

Rotation keeps the spine aligned and extends the life of a mattress. Also, it allows the mattress to take a new spot on the weight and gives the previous one a break.

How often to rotate mattress

In general, you should rotate the mattress once every three months. Older mattresses need to be rotated frequently for optimal care. With occasional rotation, a good mattress can last up to 10 years.

The best indicator to tell whether the mattress needs rotation is looking at the care instructions. For the vast majority of mattresses, you should rotate them regularly. This applies to latex, foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. However, the frequency depends on several factors.

01.Is the mattress double-sided?

To start with, you should understand the different materials used in construction. A double-sided mattress should be rotated every quarter of a year. For other types, you may need to do this more regularly.

02.Who is sleeping on the mattress?

If you’re the only person who sleeps on the mattress, you may be using the same position to sleep at night. It’s no surprise the mattress is sagging on one side of the bed if you don’t make any changes to the position. Rotation ensures balanced wear and tear.

03.How often do you use the mattress?

Your mattress will lose support if you use it every night. This is not the case for those who use it occasionally. If you only use the mattress when guests come to your home, then you don’t have to rotate it once every three months. Perhaps, you can rotate the mattress twice a year.

You must follow the manufacturer’s manual before you make this crucial change. To rotate the mattress, you should complete a 180-degree rotation.

04.What mattresses need to be rotated and how often

  • Pillow-Top Innerspring Mattress

This mattress has a pillow-like pad on the top. To keep the mattress in tip-top shape, you should rotate it season-to-season. One way of telling it’s time to rotate is the wear and tear on the pillow. A general rule of thumb is to rotate a pillow-top innerspring mattress once a month or so.

  • Innerspring Mattress

A typical innerspring mattress is made up of identical materials at the top and bottom. While these mattresses are hard to find, you should rotate them every season to increase the lifespan.

  • Innerspring and Memory Foam Mattress

This hybrid mattress is newer in the market. It consists of a latex topper and an innerspring coil system. Because this mattress combines two into one, you should rotate it quarterly. It’s worth mentioning that a hybrid mattress is heavier than the traditional counterparts, so you may need assistance when rotating.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

While some companies suggest that you don’t have to rotate a foam mattress, this is not always the case. Some will have labels like `no rotation required’ or `no need to rotate’.

But just like the traditional mattress, memory foam requires rotation once or twice a year. You’ll surely benefit from this little task. Sometimes, the fact that a mattress can be rotated is a sign of quality.

Tips on how to rotate a mattress

Some mattresses don’t require rotation because they are constructed to face one position. So as you make the rotation, you should not interfere with the lumbar position. Here are some tips to ensure the process is pain-free as possible.

01. Prepare the space

There’s nothing more frustrating than holding a big mattress as the other people watch you. It can even be confusing if you don’t know whether to turn the mattress clockwise or anticlockwise first. Before you make the rotation, you may want to remove the bedding first.

Besides that, you should remove any furniture around the bed. Then, you should rotate the mattress at 90 degrees, raise it on the side, and lower it so that the top is now the bottom. Finally, you should rotate 90 degrees back into the bed. By doing this, you’ll have rotated the mattress at 180 degrees.

02. Plan the rotations

You don’t just make rotations through guesswork. You must have a set schedule that you should follow religiously. Of course, you can set alerts on your phone to ensure you don’t make the changes before the time is due. For those brands that recommend a rotation every 3 months, you may want to set the alerts before the beginning of a quarter.

03. Strategize the rotation

This will depend on the type and position of the bed. If a mattress rests on the foot table, you may need some assistance. If your bed has a headboard, the rotation can be a little easier. Because heavier models are tough to rotate, they could hurt your back if you do this on your own. It gets worse if you’re not in a good physical position.

Invest in a mattress topper

A topper will not only add a layer of bedding but also increases comfort and luxury. Of course, this reduces the pressure on the mattress.

The bed rotation will affect the frequency of rotation

Did you know the base of the bed will affect the lifespan of a mattress? If your bed has strong frame support, the mattress won’t bow or sag. This is because the pressure of the body is distributed frequently.

A sprung slatted base will deliver natural springiness and avoid the sagging of the mattress. Nevertheless, rotation is important if you want to get the most from your bed.

Can you rotate a one-side mattress?

A one-sided mattress is designed to lie in a certain way. It comes with additional support at the top and bottom, so rotation can make it comfortable to sleep on.

Final thoughts

Regardless of the type of mattress you use, you should rotate it accordingly for a good night’s sleep. This also keeps the spine in neutral alignment. Keep in mind that if you don’t rotate your mattress and give it some space to recover, you’ll soon need a new one. If you’re not sure how often you should rotate the mattress, you should check the manufacturer’s label.

 Best Mattress Brands in USA-Everybody should know

Best mattress brands in usa

Buying a mattress is one of those things that you don’t need any unnecessary stress while buying. Ever purchased a mattress, and it didn’t fit, or simply it isn’t what you wanted. The hassle of going to a store to buy a mattress and then having to arrange for the transport again is very costly and tiresome. Below are some 6 of the best mattress companies in the USA that provide you with a trial with not less than ten-year warranty and free shipping and free return.

1. Zinus Mattresses

Zinus mattresses is a company that mainly specializes in manufacturing mattresses, among other things like pillows, toppers, bases, and other furniture. Zinus was first founded by Youn Jae Lee as an outdoor business in 1979, initially building tents and later started making indoor items like furniture and mattresses.

In 2004 Zinus launched its first series of mattresses in Seoul, and since then, they have grown into more 9 locations and in 6 different countries worldwide. Currently, this brand is building a state of the art mattresses manufacturing facility in China.

The main manufacturing center is located in Xiamen, China, but they have their distribution centers spread out all over the globe, including in California, Arkansas, and Ontario in Canada. Their head office is located in San Leandro, California.

Zinus has a collection of three different mattresses that is Hybrid mattresses, Memory foam mattresses, and iCoil Spring Mattresses. The Memory foam mattresses have over 18 different models making it the most extensive collection under the Zinus mattresses brand.

iCoil and Hybrid mattresses have 7 and 5 mattresses models, respectively. Most of the Zinus mattresses models are manufactured in China except the Gel Memory foam made in the United States under the Liberty mattresses brand.

The materials used in making most of the Zinus mattresses models include Foams. The different foams used include the Viscolatex foam, Bio foam, Memory foam, and Polyurethane foam. The other materials include Gel, wherein the Memory foam mattresses models, Gel is added to the Memory foam, and a Green tea extract is added to provide much-needed freshness and controlled odor.

The Zinus best mattresses include:

  •  Pressure relief Euro Top iCoil Hybrid mattress
  •  Pressure relief Green Tea memory foam mattress
  •  Cooling gel memory foam iCoil Hybrid mattress
  •  Mint Green Foam hybrid mattress
  •  Green tea Memory foam mattress
  •  Cooling gel memory foam mattress

Their mattresses models are mainly sold online on platforms like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon, and Wayfair. With over 510 000 positive reviews from their broad base of customers, especially for Memory foam mattresses, it is safe to say that many customer have high trust in the Zinus Foam mattress brand.

2. Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle mattresses was started way back in 2012 by two software engineers friends(JT Marino and Daehee Park) who were frustrated with how the then Mattresses industry was operated. They first put up an online platform to see if anyone was interested in buying a mattress online, and as they say, the rest is history. In 2018 Tuft and needle merged with Serta Simmons Bedding to provide their customers with the top of the line mattresses.

The materials used to make the Tuft and Needle include fabrics from a textile mill in Carolinas; the foam is poured and cut in the United States, graphite, and ceramic Gel. The mattresses are then finished in their manufacturing factory in Southern California. They have three different models of mattresses, that is Mint mattresses, Hybrid mattresses, and Original mattresses.

Their best mattresses include :

  • The mint made by their enhanced T&N Adaptive foam
  • The hybrid mattress
  • The original Mattress

All three models are highly regarded and trusted by their customers because they are associated with Serta Simmons, but also are built with their unique materials.

Most of the Tuft and Needle mattresses brands are available on almost all of the online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Wayfair. They are also locally sold in stores in the United States. Tuft & needle head office is located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

3. Linenspa Mattresses

Rated 7.2 out of 10 for customer satisfaction, Linenspa was founded in 2003 to produce beddings and linens. It is currently owned by Malouf Marketing Inc. in Logan, Utah. Their most recognized Mattress is the Lucid brand. The other mattresses made by Linenspa include gel memory foam mattresses and Polyurethane mattresses.

The materials used by Linenspa to make their mattresses include gel memory foam, latex, coils, and fabrics. Although they are based in the United States, most of their mattress brands are manufactured in China. Having one of the most sold mattresses on the online retailers and most positive reviews on Amazon puts the Linenspa mattresses on the map.

They also provide free shipping and returns, a ten-year warranty on your Mattress, and most of their mattresses are below $500 hence quite affordable.

The best of their mattress brands include:

  • The Lucid 10-inch memory foam mattress
  • The Lucid 4-inch Triple-layer memory foam mattress
  •  Gel memory foam mattress
  •  Innerspring Mattress
  •  The Gel memory foam hybrid mattress

Almost all of the Linenspa mattresses brands are sold on online retailer platforms like Alibaba and Amazon. They have more than six brands of their mattresses listed on Amazon. Although some people like Dr. Swartzburg have doubted the quality of their Gel memory foam mattress, they have a remarkably high rating on Amazon, which means their customers highly trust the mattresses from Linenspa. It is also worth mentioning that Linenspa cools their gel mattresses with airflow.

4. Classic brands

Classic brands mattresses was founded by Mike Zippeli, who is currently the Chief innovation officer and the lead director of the company. It was started in 1971 under the Classic Corporation, where they sold waterbeds then, until 2002, where they expanded their niche to include mattresses, pillows, and bed frames.

Later in 2018, they started making and selling furniture. All of the Classic brands products, especially mattresses, are designed and manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland, at a 100,000 square foot facility.

Apart from the Baltimore headquarters, they also have a warehouse and a showroom in Las Vegas. They have a wide range of mattresses brands, including Hybrid memory foams, gel memory foams, innerspring mattresses, Hybrid latex memory foams, and cooling Gel ventilated memory foams.

Materials used to make these mattresses include Talalay and Dunlop latex, gel-infused memory foam, memory foam, wrapped coil hybrid classic line of gel memory foam and innerspring.

Classic brands was founded to create a friendly, affordable, and stress-free sleeping arrangements for their customers all over the world. The combination of technology and the use of the best materials in the industry makes classic brands mattresses to stand out.

Some of their bestselling mattresses are:

  •  The Cool Ventilated gel memory foam mattress
  •  The Cool Gel Quilted gel memory foam mattress
  •  The Hybrid memory foam and innerspring Mattress
  •  The Mercer Hybrid gel memory foam and innerspring Mattress
  •  The Sutton Hybrid gel memory foam and Innerspring Mattress
  •  The Celadon Hybrid Latex foam and innerspring Mattress

They sell their mattresses through their online platform, their showroom in Las Vegas, and online retailers like Amazon. Like all online reviews, most of the reviews on their website are positive, but the best reviews are on other online retailers platforms like Amazon.

With their rich customer base, the Classic brands mattresses are adored by many not only because they are made in the United States, but the quality of their materials is top of the line.

5. BedStory Mattress

CertiPur US certified, the BedStory manufacturers all kinds of mattresses using top of the line materials. They also make pillows and bed toppers. BedStory mattresses were started by two engineers whose main desire was to make a difference in how they sleep and make themselves comfortable for a reasonable price.

Mattresses manufactured by BedStory include the highly recommended Lavender memory foam mattress, the BedStory Hybrid mattress, and many more. Some of their top mattresses with high reviews are:

The best mattresses are

  • The Lavender memory foam mattress
  • The BedStory hybrid mattress
  • The  Bedstory latex hybrid mattress
  • The  Bedstory Gel memory foam hybrid mattress
  • The  Gel-infused memory foam mattress
  • The Bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress

With a 36-year experience in the mattresses industry, Bedstory provides free shipping to your doorstep and a ten-year warranty on each Mattress you buy.

Materials used by Bedstory to make their mattresses include Memory foam, high-grade latex, Gel-infused memory foam, and Lavender extract.

BedStory mainly sells its mattresses through its website , other online retailers like Amazon and locally in stores. Their mattress Lavender memory foam is one of the highly-rated Mattresses on Amazon; hence they meet their customer demands satisfactorily.

6. Brentwood Home

Brentwood home is a one-stop-shop for all the beddings, including mattresses, toppers, and pillows. Brentwood home mattresses is located in California Los Angeles, United States. Their main aim was to provide affordable mattresses at your doorstep without you as a customer breaking any sweat.

Brentwood Home has a fantastic collection of luxury mattresses like the all-time customer favorite Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress with over 503 reviews and 4.8 stars out of 5 on their website The Brentwood home mattress provides a one year trial, free shipping, and return, in-home delivery, and a 25-year warranty.

Their bestselling mattresses are as follows:

  • The Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  • The Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress
  • The  Hybrid latex mattress
  • The  Crystal cove mattress
  • The  Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood home mattress sells their mattresses online on their website and also through other online retailer platforms like Amazon and E-bay. Their Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress is among the highly rated Mattress on Amazon.

Many of the above mattress companies not only provide long term warranties, trials, and free returns and shipping but also put the customer’s desires forth while making these mattresses.

You only need to visit Amazon or their specific website, choose what’s best for you, test it, pay, and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep. If it isn’t what you wanted, you can return it free of charge. The mattresses companies above have revolutionized and made it easy how we purchase mattresses.

How to Dispose of a Mattress ( 05 Easy Ways )

mattress dispose

There are a variety of ways you can dispose of a mattress. The options will vary based on the type of mattress you have, its condition and any issues with it. Here are our recommendations for those who want to know how to dispose of a mattress. We’ll cover everything from proper disposal to do-it-yourself recycling of mattresses.

Ways of How to Dispose of a Mattress

01. Donate It

mattress donate
mattress donate

Mattresses are good for up to seven years. Assuming the mattress is in good shape, you could donate it. You could give it to someone directly. Or you could donate it to a charity that passes it on to their clients. This list includes women’s shelters and homeless shelters.

All charities are desperate for cribs with mattresses. Charities that run thrift stores may be willing to take an old mattress that’s in great shape. In these cases, they sell it to someone in need and the proceeds help the charity. No matter where you donate the mattress, you can get a tax deduction for doing so.

02. Sell It

This requires that the mattress be in good enough shape to be of interest to third parties. It is easier to sell a child’s bed frame and mattress and a crib with a matching mattress than an adult sized mattress. The only major exception to this is adjustable beds.

Many older adults need an adjustable bed as their mobility declines. Adjustable beds are expensive. If you are selling an adjustable bed and compatible mattress, the sheer cost of the new item forces many to buy them used.

03. Recycle the Memory Foam Mattress Yourself

This advice is specifically for memory foam mattresses that are wearing out but otherwise in great shape. For example, we don’t recommend this advice be followed if the mattress has severe stains, infested with insects or has mold. Suppose the mattress is simply worn or not as supportive as you need. If you want to know how to dispose of a mattress, know that there are many do-it-yourself options in this case.

Pure memory foam mattresses can be cut up and reused in a variety of ways. For example, you may be able to pull the top layer off a memory foam mattress and make your own pet bed. The memory foam could be cut to fit the shape of your pet’s existing bed or one you are making. Make sure you put cloth over it, so that your pet doesn’t claw up the foam.

You could cut the old foam mattress to make custom chair cushions. You could also cut up memory foam and use it to make replacement couch cushions. These could be replacement cushions for your living room couch or outdoor bench cushions. You will still need to dispose of the leftover material, but there will be less of it that goes to waste.

Furthermore, you could make cushions for seats that don’t currently have one. For example, you could cut out squares of the foam and place them on top of chests or wood benches. We’d recommend making a cushion cover in these cases, so that you don’t get foam particles on your clothes.

We’d recommend taking the measurements of the seat you want to fit and then cut the mattress to match. The seat cushion should be close in size so that it isn’t awkward to sit on. After all, it can’t shift very much if it fits tightly on the chair.

Alternatively, you could cut out pieces of foam and place them inside existing cushion covers and use them as portable seats. Then you’ll be comfortable sitting on the bleachers at the next game, and that boat seat won’t be so hard. The same cushions could be put down in portable chairs to make them more comfortable. Or you could bring your own seating when you’re visiting a location that typically asks people to sit on the floor.

You might be able to make a DIY trundle bed using your old memory foam mattress. The memory foam could be put on any old portable bed base. You can buy one, too, though that adds to the cost of the project. Because it is a guest bed, it isn’t going to be held to the same standards as a regularly used bed. On the other hand, you could put the old memory foam mattress on top of the existing guest bed or trundle bed, making it that much softer.

If you have a camper, the memory foam could be cut to size to add additional support to an RV bed. This is far cheaper than buying a short queen or short king RV bed. And it is one of the few options for those who need a replacement mattress that fits around various cutouts.

Do not use recycled memory foam mattresses in your child’s crib. Infants need a much firmer bed in order to minimize the risk of crib death or suffocation. Do not use memory foam pieces as pillows for your child’s bed, whether it is raw or wrapped in a cushion cover for the same reason. There is no value in putting a layer of memory foam under the crib mattress, either.

Squares of memory foam are increasingly used as pillow filler. You could take your old memory foam mattress and cut it up to make your own pillow. However, you’ll want the material fully enclosed so that you don’t inhale particles of latex and fiberglass. A safer alternative is using the pieces of memory foam to stuff a bean bag. You already have a container for the memory foam pieces, the bean bag. You will probably make the beans or plastic pieces inside of the bean bag more comfortable.

You could make a back cushion, as well. These cushions may be smaller than a standard chair seat. For example, you might make it narrow enough to fit in the curve of your back. We’d recommend standard memory foam for this application. Gel based memory foam isn’t as good at conforming to the curve of your back. Do-it-yourself lumbar pillows can be put inside a standard pillow case, so no additional sewing is required. You could hold it together with elastic headbands.

Another way to use salvaged memory foam is as a cushion topper. For example, you can create a cushion that fits on top of ottomans and footrests. This allows you to create padding for a rather hard footrest or simply raise its height. Or you could cut the memory foam to size and put it inside of an existing cushion, if the old one is wearing down. In the case of footrests, you could simply put the piece of foam on top of the footrest and wrap it in a sheet.

04. Let the Professionals Recycle It

Mattresses can be recycled. We’ve already addressed a few do-it-yourself options, but these were limited to memory foam mattresses. Professional recycling is the only option for those with a deteriorating coil mattress or foundation. Furthermore, professional recycling is the only option for disposing of the metal core of a hybrid mattress once you’ve stripped off the memory foam layer.

Know that they should not be set out with your standard recyclables. Those sorting facilities can’t handle a mattress.

mattress recycle
mattress recycle

Instead, you can arrange for the professionals to recycle it. Depending on where you live, you may be able to arrange for mattress recyclers to take the mattress, or you may need to take it to a recycling center that accepts mattresses.

Another option is asking the manufacturer of the mattress about any recycling programs. They may have buy-back or disposal agreements. This information may be available on their website or even on your mattress warranty tag.

Know that the mattress will probably go on to a recycler if you have the old memory foam mattress taken away when the new one is delivered. However, that isn’t the case when you order a bed in a box. That’s one reason why bed in a box manufacturers can sell beds at a lower cost than traditional mattress manufacturers and furniture stores.

The disposal becomes your responsibility. However, they are also able to offer a lower cost because they don’t have to pay for retail storefronts and pay fees to middlemen like furniture stores. Ask local furniture stores if they allow you to bring your own mattress to them for recycling or disposal.

What do the mattress recyclers do with the mattress? Once the mattress is disassembled, the metal can be recycled. Lumber may be repurposed, burned for fuel or simply thrown away. The cloth covers of the bed are almost always discarded.

05. Throw It Out

If the mattress is too old or otherwise doesn’t meet the standards of donation centers and recyclers, the only alternative is to throw it out. You might be able to put it in the trash on bulk trash pickup days. However, not every municipality is willing to take mattresses. And you may not be able to bag and haul the mattress to an approved disposal point.

One option is hiring a mattress removal company. They may work with local furniture stores but be willing to haul

mattress throw

off old mattresses for you for a modest fee. They will be more flexible on date and time than bulk trash pickup days. They’ll take the mattress through the door and down the stairs, making it a great choice for those who couldn’t move a mattress on their own.

Another option is hiring a junk removal company. They may take mattresses, but you can ask them to take a lot of other junk, too. For example, they will take the mattress and mattress frame. They’re an ideal choice for those who need to get rid of a lot of flooded or damaged furniture.

They’ll come to your home at any point during their standard office hours. They are also one of the more expensive options on our list. But they’ll take everything to the dump for you. A side benefit of this approach is that their visit to the local dump won’t count against your limited numbers of free visits to the dump.

If you have a vehicle capable of holding a mattress, you could take a mattress to the dump yourself. However, this requires having the ability to load the mattress into the vehicle, being in driving distance of the dump and being allowed to discard of anything you want there.

Do not burn the mattress in an effort to reduce the amount of weight you have to haul or make it safe for recycling. The fire-retardant in the mattress cover will release toxic fumes. Furthermore, the leftover twisted metal is difficult to transport or recycle.

When You Should Just Throw the Mattress Away

Do you have bed bugs? It is a challenge to get rid of them. Furthermore, no one wants the mattress due to the liability risk. For example, charities will not want to take the risk of spreading bed bugs to their clients or ruining other perfectly good donated mattresses. In this case, you should bag up the mattress in two or three layers and have it taken to the dump, if you can’t take it to the dumpster.

If the mattress has been flooded, it is best to throw it in the trash. In many areas, you have to seal the mattress or box spring in a large plastic bag. This rule is intended to limit the spread of bed bugs, since you’ll have to carry the mattress through hallways and it may come into contact with other items where bed bugs could live.

In general, you can use any bag or mattress cover. Many cities will not allow you to use red or orange bags on such mattresses, because that is associated with hazardous waste.

Recyclers will not take a mattress that has mold or spoiled. For example, if it has blood stains or other biological stains, they may refuse to recycle it due to the health risk to their workers. This means the toddler bed your child peed on every night for months can only be thrown in the trash or hauled off by a junk removal company.

What Can You Do With a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Memory foam mattress toppers are actually far easier to work with than a full mattress. They’re thinner and more flexible, so there’s no work for you to do other than cut it up and use according to one of our DIY recycling projects. You could use the memory foam mattress topper as it is as a pad under sleeping bags or air beds.

Mattress toppers are often flexible enough that you can simply bag it in a large trash bag and leave it at the curb.


Mattresses are one of the bulkiest items that we regularly use up. They may be recycled in the right situation, but they may be discarded, as well. Understand your options so that you can chose the right solution for your situation.

How To Move A Mattress Without Damage (Must Read)

How to move a mattress

Moving from one place to another is already as difficult as it is, since there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to moving bulky furniture, and a mattress happens to be one of them.

Moving a mattress is a tricky process thanks to its heavy and floppy nature, and at times it can be a real pain to move it from one place to another. Hence, a lot of the people end up leaving their mattresses behind and they buy a new one.

However, there is no need to spend that extra money on a new mattress when you can move your perfectly good old one by following the proper instructions and guidelines. In this article, you will learn how you can efficiently move your mattress from one place to another.

Things To Consider Before Moving Your Mattress

Before you go ahead with the task of moving your mattress, there are a couple of factors that should be taken into consideration.

  • Is Your Mattress Worth Taking With You In The First Place?

You might want to think about the age of your mattress before you start to wrap it and load it into your vehicle. Is your mattress at least seven to ten years old, uncomfortable, or sagging?

If all this is true then you might want to get a new one. This is the perfect opportunity for you to replace your old and uncomfortable mattress since you’re moving to a new place. However, do not leave a perfectly good mattress behind, when you could easily take it with you.

  • Think About The Size Of The Mattress

It might seem like the bigger the mattress is, the harder it will be to move it. However, this is not always the case. For instance, take a queen size mattress and a split king size mattress. Even though the split king size mattress might be bigger when set up,it still splits into two different parts, whereas a queen size mattress does not.

Therefore, it will probably be more difficult to move a queen size mattress around corners and through narrow

different mattress sizes
different mattress sizes

hallways. You need to think about factors like this one prior to moving the mattress.

Moreover, it is always better to be prepared beforehand. Therefore, in order to avoid any unnecessary problems, it is best to measure your mattress way before you start to move it.

Trying to maneuver the mattress and attempting to move it out from your home is going to be a challenge if the mattress turns out to be longer than you anticipated, even if it is only by an inch.

  • Choosing The Appropriate Vehicle

Once you have figured out the size of the mattress, the next step requires you to choose the right vehicle in order to make the move. It is advised to not fold your mattress; therefore it is best to pick a vehicle that will be large enough to hold the mattress, while laying it flat.

mattress moving vehicle

Moreover, when thinking about how you are going to move the mattress, keep in mind that the standard king size mattress usually only fits inside a moving truck; however this does not apply to the split king size mattresses.

The ideal vehicle to transport a mattress safely is a DIY moving truck. It can fit any size of mattress in its back. But, make sure that nothing heavy is sitting on your mattress and it is resting on something flat. On the other hand, if you cannot get a moving truck, then worry not as there are other options available.

Another great vehicle option for moving a mattress would be a van. If you are wondering how that’s possible then here is an explanation for you. All you have to do is either fold down or remove the seats of the van and then simply slide the mattress inside. Another vehicle option to move your mattress is a pickup truck.

A pickup truck can fit in it most double, twin, and even some of the queen size mattresses. However, keep in mind that this option will leave your mattress all exposed, but it should be alright as long as your mattress is wrapped and secured properly.

On the other hand, if you cannot get a hold of a truck or a van, then this is where things get a bit tricky. If your mattress cannot fit inside your vehicle at all, then you can load it and secure it at the top of the vehicle. However, this last option is not recommended since a lot can go wrong when an individual transports their mattress this way.

There are chances of the mattress getting greatly damaged, other vehicles can get damaged, or worse, it can cause an accident. Therefore, it is not worth the risk, even if it is possible. You can always find a safer option for your mattress and for the safety of the people around you.

  • Get Help From Family Members Or Friends In Order To Move Your Mattress

Mattresses are, no doubt, a heavy piece of furniture and can be hard to handle when it comes to moving them from one place to another. The best way to move a mattress, without resulting in any back pain, is to get help from a family member or a friend.

Recruiting a few friends or family members at least a week or two prior to your move will help you easily move your mattress to your new place. Make sure you have food and refreshments available afterwards to thank them for helping you out.

  • Purchase The Essential Equipment To Move Your Mattress

When you don’t have the proper tools, even the easiest task can become a struggle. Therefore, when you decide to move your mattress, make sure that you pick the right equipment and keep it nearby for when you have to move. Listed below are all of the essential equipment you would need in order to make it less of a struggle to move your mattress.

  • A mattress cover that is waterproof.
  • Ratchet straps or moving straps.
  • You can also use rope, but these straps are more secure.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Mattress shipping box.
  • Plastic mattress bag.
  • Moving blankets.

How To Move A Mattress

Now that you have all of your supplies, it is time to move your mattress. By following the steps listed below, you should have no trouble moving your mattress.

  1. Purchase a cover for your mattress and a bag.
  2. Place your mattress inside the cover and pack it in your plastic mattress bag.
  3. Make sure your exit route is clear. Move all furniture, open all doors, and make space inside your moving vehicle.
  4. With the help of your friends or family members, carry the mattress out to your vehicle.
  5. Load the mattress and secure it using the moving straps.

How To Move A Memory Foam Mattress

Every mattress is created differently and not all of them are the same. When it comes to memory foam mattresses,they need to be moved extra carefully so they won’t get damaged. These mattresses do not keep their form like the standard mattresses; hence they can be hard to move.

Therefore, the key is to stabilize the foam mattress before you move it. There are a couple of extra steps that you need to take in order to move your foam mattress the right way, so be ready to put in the extra effort. Listed below are all of the steps that you need to take in order to move your memory foam mattress without damaging it.

Firstly, measure your mattress.

  1. Purchase a mattress cover and place the mattress inside it.
  2. Order bubble wrap and a shipping box for your mattress.
  3. Wrap the mattress in the bubble wrap and use tape to secure it.
  4. Take the bubble-wrapped mattress and slip it into the box. Then use tape to close up the box.
  5. Next, carry the box carefully into the moving vehicle. You can either lay it on its side or lay it flat. Either way, make sure that nothing is on top of that box.
  6. Finally, use moving straps to secure the box. Make sure that you tighten the straps enough so that the box won’t budge. However, be careful and don’t tighten the straps too much because this might dent the box.

How To Unpack Your Mattress

Now that you have gotten your mattress over to your new place without any issue, you must think that the job is done. However, that is not the case since you still need to unload your mattress.

unpack mattress
unpack mattress

Firstly, you need to undo all of the moving straps and slide the mattress out of your vehicle. Again, you would need extra hands to help you with the unloading process as well, so you don’t accidentally drop the mattress or end up sliding it into your new place.

Carefully, carry your mattress inside your home and remove its plastic moving bag, while keeping your mattress on its side. It is recommended to do this close to an open window to air out the mattress as you unpack it.

How To Disinfect Your Mattress Once You Unpack It

When you move from one place to another, it is the best time to disinfect and deep clean your mattress once you have unpacked it. You can start by using a clean brush nozzle to vacuum the mattress in order to remove all the dust that might have gotten collected on the way over. Another thing you can do is stand the mattress outside on a moving blanket for about one to two hours.

After that, you can sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the mattress and then vacuum it off after a couple of hours. A steam cleaner will do an even better job, if you have one. You can just run it over the mattress for several minutes. Finally, use a disinfectant and lightly spray it over your mattress, then use a clean cloth to wipe it off. Once your mattress has completely dried, you are then good to go.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to do all this then at least make sure that you vacuum your mattress, place it close to an open window to air it out, and avoid putting the sheets on for as long as you can. You want your mattress to be clean since you are going to sleep on it; hence this step is highly important.

Additional Helpful Tips

These additional helpful tips will guide you when it comes to moving your mattress from one place to another and will help make the whole process a lot easier.

  • As mentioned above, transporting your mattress on top of a smaller vehicle, like a car, has a higher chance of damaging your mattress since it’s exposed to the elements. Plus, you can seriously harm the people who are traveling beside you if the mattress isn’t secure enough. So, avoid using this method for transporting your mattress.
  • In case of multiple mattresses, a great idea would be to label them either for you or the movers so they can be placed in the right location once you reach your place.
  • Make sure that you are driving more cautiously and slowly than normal if you’re transporting the mattress out in the open. A speedy car will result in the wind getting under the mattress and causing it to lift, which can be hazardous for both you and the surrounding traffic, if any.
  • If you are traveling a long distance, make sure that you are regularly checking your load since ropes and straps can start to feel like they are loosening up as the mattress begins to settle.


Moving a mattress is not at all difficult. Many people avoid the hassle of carrying their mattress with them, so either they leave them behind or sell their mattresses to someone else. However, mattresses can be expensive and you don’t have to leave your perfectly good mattress behind. With a little bit of patience, the right equipment, and some extra help, you can easily transport the mattress with you to your new place.


Full Vs Queen Mattress – You should know Before Buy !

full vs queen mattress

Welcome to our full vs queen mattress comparison article.In this article we described details about the difference between full and queen mattress.If you want to buy a new mattress you should know about it.Read the whole article and know everything.

Full Vs Queen Mattress

A full-sized mattress or “double bed” as they are sometimes referred to are typically bigger than a small twin bed but a little smaller by inches when compared to the queen-sized mattress. The differences in mattresses are seen in their overall surface areas, lengths, and widths.

People are vastly unaware of mattress dimensions and one of the key reasons for that is the many different names such as double beds, kings, queens, and twins that pop out of nowhere and make it hard for people to understand the differences.

Our goal is to equip you with enough information on the difference between a full and queen mattress to help you know the one that suits you better before purchasing it.

Comparison Chart

SubjectFull BedQueen Bed
SubjectWidthFull Bed54 inchesQueen Bed60 inches
SubjectLengthFull Bed75 inchesQueen Bed80 inches
SubjectPopularityFull Bed21 percent of every purchaseQueen Bed32 percent of every purchase
SubjectProsFull BedIt has a perfect size for anyone sleeping aloneQueen BedSuits a taller person or a couple
SubjectConsFull BedThe bed is too narrow to fit a couple satisfactorilyQueen BedThough the bed is meant for couples, its feel could still be quite narrow
SubjectCostFull BedSince a full-sized mattress is smaller than a Queen size, it’ll be less expensive because the size matters when it comes to cost.Queen BedA Queen size bed comes bigger and so is its mattress, hence it costs a little more than a full-bed mattress.
SubjectSpace UsedFull BedUsually set on the Children’s rooms, guest rooms, as well as small master bedrooms.Queen BedSuitable for Master bedrooms and larger guest rooms.


Full vs Queen Mattress Size


full vs queen dimension

According to the comparison chart above, the dimensions of a full-sized mattress is 54 x 75 inches whereas the queen-sized mattress measures 60 x 80 inches. This difference may appear pretty substantial but a queen mattress is still not large enough to offer a comfortable space for a couple to sleep freely. No wonder, couples and people who sleep alone choose both full and queen beds.

A full-size mattress is impressive in that its big dimension allows a single sleeper to enjoy a huge space that doesn’t occupy so much of their room space.

Despite being less compact compared to a twin bed, a full-sized mattress is a good fit in most bedrooms. Having enough space in your room for other important furniture and items is something to appreciate about a full-sized choice.


Whatever the brand or design both mattresses may be, a Queen size mattress will always go for a higher price than a full-sized one. Remember that these are among the most popular choices in the market. Even the spare parts of the queen-sized bed sell at a higher price.

The biggest factor that determines the costs is that full-sized beds are smaller and therefore a less expensive solution and with the queen, its larger size is more expensive. A queen-sized bed requires larger pieces of sheeting, comforters, and duvets, which also jacks up the price a bit.


The comfort and size of your mattress are of fundamental importance to your purchase plan. Comfort also comes from the quality of the mattress in terms of the built. Besides, the additional spaciousness of the queen size option is another reason it’s the most popular choice in the market.

As a solo sleeper with a plan to share a bed with a partner in a few months or years ahead, upgrading to a comfortable spacious queen mattress would be a pretty smart idea.

Choosing a queen size mattress as opposed to a full-sized one means you’re adding 5 inches of length to your sleeping space in the queen size vs full-size mattress comparison. This means that if you’re above 5″10″ taller, you should go for a queen size mattress because it provides ample space for your feet. A shorter bed means your feet will be dangling off the end of the bed.


It’s quite common to find full-sized bed accessories. They come in different sets and sell at fairly affordable prices. You can as well find a nice and suitable duvet set in one of the most regularly visited big box stores around.

Besides, with one or two clicks, you can get it online at about $20 or perhaps even less. You’ll as well be offered a room for an added pillow and that’s quite beneficial.

Also, queen-size bed accessories are commonly available and you can find and purchase them without any difficulty. The sets sell at almost the same price range as larger accessories come at slightly higher prices.

Recommended Room Size

Are you looking to buy a full-sized bed? By recommendation, they fit excellently in a room size that measures about 10 x 12 feet. If your room is that size, consider purchasing a twin-size as that gives you the necessary additional breathing space around its mattress.

Most importantly, if you go above 10 x 10 feet, it’ll work just fine though that offers you little space around it for your maneuvers. On the other hand, if it’s a smaller room than 9,5 x 10 feet, then you may have to go down a size to avoid any discomfort.

Pros and Cons of Full size mattress

Here are some pros and cons of the full-sized mattress to consider. Note than they are based mainly on its relative compactness and spaciousness.

The Pros:

  • More affordable
  • It’s a less heavy solution
  • Its accessories are easily accessible


  • Unsuitable for couples

Pros and Cons of queen size mattress

Queen mattresses have several merits and demerits which differ slightly in terms of their various dimensions.


  • It’s quite spacious but not large enough for couples
  • Its popularity makes its accessories quite accessible
  • It offers additional leg room


  • Slightly more expensive
  • A heavier choice


Whatever mattress one chooses, remains a personal decision. Your choice should consider the suitability of the bed as per the number of people to sleep in it, its dimension, the height of the person or people to share it, and the size of the room. A couple can share a full-sized bed but sleeping in a queen bed will relatively fit them more comfortably.

Full beds are a comfortable option for guest rooms and children’s rooms as they leave enough room for accessories and other furniture as well. Now, we hope that you’ve gathered the necessary clarifications to enable you to choose your mattress based on an informed and personal decision.

King Mattress Size Dimensions- You Should Know it !

King Mattress Size Dimensions

King Mattress Size Dimensions

Getting poor sleep at night is annoying as it creates fatigue instead or reducing it. It unknowingly makes one feel moody, edgy, irritable and it can ruin your day by making it unproductive. We run our lives by creating daily objectives for our careers and general growth and we arise each morning to chase for our dreams.

Anything that causes us to unproductive should be completely shunned and removed from our lives because it is a destiny killer.

There are many reasons why we can lose sleep at night. It might be our partner’s tossing, turning or other disturbances, ill health, poor posture, fatigue, anxiety, stress, illness, etc.

One of the ways of solving some of these problems is getting a king-size mattress. It is possibly what you need right now as the missing link to your dreams and great health.

Many people make a mistake of buying a mattress that is too small for them due to a lack of information about mattress size dimensions.

King mattress size dimensions can be quite confusing and it is probably the reason why some people are not able to get it right when making the initial purchase.

Mattress chart for dimensions:

Sl NoMattress NameSizeNo Of Person
Sl No01.Mattress NameFull (Double) MattressSize54” x 75”No Of Person1 person/ 2 adults
Sl No02.Mattress NameQueen MattressSize60” x 80”No Of 2 adults
Sl No03.Mattress NameKing MattressSize76” x 80”No Of Person1 adult with child(s)/ 2 adults with child
Sl No04.Mattress NameCalifornia King MattressSize72” x 84”No Of Person1 adult with children/ 2 adults with   children

Another Important thing you should know what are difference between king and california king mattress.

The king-size mattress dimensions are 76 x 80 inches and it can provide plenty of room for 2 adult sleepers and is best used in bedrooms that have a lot of space in them.

Therefore, you may need to know whether your room is big enough to accommodate this mattress and leave a little space between the bed and the walls.

This bed is appropriate for couples because It will give you enough space to toss and turn and reduce the risk of disturbance which is one of the major causes of lack of sleep. It can comfortably fit 2 adults and give them adequate space to themselves regardless of their sleeping positions.

king mattress dimensions
king mattress dimension

Benefits of king mattress size dimensions

Are you aware that king size mattress has health benefits?

Sleeping well continuously is important for your health because it gives your body enough rest thus keeping it healthy. Yet, you may not be able to sleep well in a mattress that is crowded and squeezed.

A king-sized mattress has an increased surface area which makes sleep you comfortably through the night and wakes up feeling fresh and ready to start your day to chase your dreams.

Below are some health benefits:

01.Good blood flow

When you lie comfortably in a bed during sleep time, you give your body a chance to have a good flow of blood which is essential for good health.

Whenever blood doesn’t circulate properly, you might wake up feeling like you have pins and needles in the parts where there was poor circulation.

Ultimately, this poor circulation may have adverse health effects on your body over an extended period of time. With a king-size mattress, you will ensure a good blood flow because the mattress is big enough for total comfort.

02.Leg Comfort

The king mattress size dimensions of the length of 80 inches of 6.67 feet and it gives you adequate space to stretch your legs all through the night.

This eases pressure on the ankles and Achilles tendons that may come when you sleep on a small mattress that causes you to fold your legs due to its short length.

03.Ease of breathing

This mattress is big enough to ensure that your breath easily. With smaller beds, due to poor sleeping positions, you might end up not having enough space to breathe especially if you are with your partner. Good breathing ensures that oxygen flows into your body properly even in slumber.

04.Good Sleeping positions

This mattress ensures that you have good sleeping positions that are responsible for the reduction of joint tension and pain, body soreness, and reduction of pressure points.

Does bigger mean better?

In most instances, a bigger bed means better conditions for your body as research shows that couples who sleep on bigger beds have more quality time. They are able to relax more and therefore sleep better and they are in great moods in the morning.

Sleeping on smaller beds, on the other hand, is likely to cause fatigue, backaches, joint pain, and several other issues that make a couple uncomfortable and can lead to disagreements.

Why you should get king mattress size dimensions

Reduce back-ache

There are many reasons why your back could be aching including sports injuries on your joints, bad posture when working. A low-quality mattress that you don’t fit on properly could be the cause. The worst thing is that you may not think that it is culpable because it is like a hidden enemy.

A king-size mattress, on the other hand, will help you sleep in your natural position and allow you to comfortably turn without hurting your back.

Good Health

Sleep is an important part of our health and in fact, we should spend a third of days sleeping. It is recommended that we should sleep for between 6 and 8 hours every day. Getting quality sleep at all times is as essential as getting food and water for the body.

It affects almost all tissues and processes of the body including the brain, heart, metabolism, and the lungs. In fact, the lack of sleep leads to high blood pressure, depression, obesity among other complications.

There are 3 stages of sleep and your body needs to undergo all of them in every sleep cycle for good health conditions. You should set your body to work on a sleep schedule where it goes to bed at a certain time and wakes up at a certain time. This way the body will adjust itself and you will be able to undergo all the stages of sleep.

Also, before falling asleep, you should have a bed that you can relax your brain by having a time of self-reflection, devotion, quite-time just to prepare your mind for shutting down. A king size mattress is big enough to allow you to put your body in different positions that can stretch your body as it prepares to shut down in sleep.

Twin Vs Full Mattress : Comparison Guide in 2020 (Never Miss ! )

twin vs full mattress

Twin Vs Full Mattress: Comparison Guide

A good night’s sleep is crucial in anyone’s routine, and to ensure you get the best sleep you can, it is important to have a mattress that is the right size for you.

The two most popular mattress sizes out there sold at modest prices are the twin (single bed) mattress and the full (double bed) mattress, in this guide we have highlighted the main differences of the two popular mattress sizes, let’s begin the twin vs full mattress discussion.

Before going to know the comparison of twin vs full mattress you should know about the different types of mattresses and their dimention.

Mattress Sizes:

Sl NoMattress NameSizeNo Of Person
Sl No01.Mattress NameTwin MattressSize38” x 75”No Of Person1 person
Sl No02.Mattress NameTwin XL MattressSize38” x 80”No Of Person1 person
Sl No03.Mattress NameFull (Double) MattressSize54” x 75”No Of Person1 person/ 2 adults
Sl No04.Mattress NameQueen MattressSize60” x 80”No Of 2 adults
Sl No05.Mattress NameKing MattressSize76” x 80”No Of Person1 adult with child(s)/ 2 adults with child
Sl No06.Mattress NameCalifornia King MattressSize72” x 84”No Of Person1 adult with children/ 2 adults with   children
Sl No07.Mattress NameToddler MattressSize28” x 52”No Of Person1 Toddler
Sl No08.Mattress NameCrib MattressSize28” x 52”No Of Person1 baby


Twin (Single Bed) Mattress

How Big Is A Twin Mattress?

Also known as “single bed” has a size of 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is slim in size and it is the smallest sized bed out there besides a crib mattress. Its standards are one of the shortest out there and are commonly used for single adult sleepers or in the children’s room.

Where Can You Use A Single Bed?

  • Children’s room – They are easy to fit side by side, so they are commonly used in shared kids bedrooms or stacked like bunk beds.
  • Solo sleepers – A twin mattress provides ample sleeping space for one adult, toddler, or teen sleeper. Though many adults think a single bed is too small.
  • Small guest rooms – They can also be used in smaller guest bedrooms, with their small size, they are easier to move around.

How Comfortable Is It?

If you are sleeping solo, a twin bed is enough for the job, but for those who are in the taller side may need to stretch out a bit. Maximum comfort ensured in this bed is when you are sleeping alone.

What Is The Recommended Room Size For A Twin Mattress?

A room that is 7 feet by 10 feet (2.1 meters by 3 meters) is ideal for a twin-size bed.

What Are The Different Types Of Single Beds?

  • Standard twin – The single bed and is used often by children, toddlers, teens, and sometimes adults.
  • Twin XL – Wider than the standard twin size but is similar in length to a king or queen-sized mattress, has a 38” x 80” dimension.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Single Bed?


  • It is modestly priced.
  • Lightweight and portable, easier to carry around.
  • The accessories it requires such as bed sheets are cheap.


  • It is too small for more than one sleeper.


Full (Double Bed) Mattress

How Big Is A Full Mattress?

This is the most purchased bed size. Also known as “double bed” it is a notable upgrade in space from a single bed, this bed has a size of 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, wider than a twin. Giving people extra room, this bed is big enough for an adult sleeper, couples will have the equivalent width of a crib mattress when using a double bed.

Where Can You Use A Double Bed?

  • Teenager’s bedroom – A full mattress a good alternative between queen and twin mattresses. This bed is recommended for teenagers who have outgrown their childhood bed, giving them ample size.
  • Smaller apartments – A double bed is ideal for young college graduates with its economical price and size that can easily fit in smaller apartments.
  • Guest bedroom – This mattress can be used in a decently sized guest bedroom.

How Comfortable Is It?

A full mattress is ideal for a single person providing plenty of room stretch. But its sides are short, but it is only 6 inches shorter than a queen bed, which is the next size option after it.

At 54 inches wide, couples can also use this bed but only if they are comfortable if being extremely close with each other. Though, it ensures maximum comfortability when only being utilized by one sleeper.

What Is The Recommended Room Size For A Full Mattress?

A recommended room size for this bed size is 10 feet by 10 or 12 feet (3 meters by 3 meters or 3.6 meters).

What Are The Different Types Of Double Beds?

  • Standard fullA double bed may have the same length as a twin bed, but this bed size is ideal for an adult single sleeper because of its additional width.
  • Full XL – Longer than the standard full-size bed by 5 inches. It has a size of 53 inches wide and 80 inches long.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Double Bed?


  • A full mattress has more foot room for single sleepers.
  • This bed size is suited for people on the taller side.


  • A double bed is significantly heavier than a twin mattress.
  • The accessories that this bed size requires such as bed sets are expensive.
  • Though longer in size, a double bed provides less sleeping rooming width wise.

Twin VS Full Mattress Specifications

SubjectTwin Mattress (Single bed)Full Mattress (Double bed)
SubjectWidthTwin Mattress39 inches (99 centimeters)(Single bed)Full Mattress54 inches (137 centimeters)
SubjectLengthTwin Mattress75 inches (191 centimeters)(Single bed)Full Mattress75 inches (191 centimeters)
SubjectPrice/CostTwin MattressA twin mattress is cheaper than a full mattress.(Single bed)Full MattressThis bed size is more expensive than a twin-size bed, but its mattresses, accessories, and frames are cheaper than queen size beds.
SubjectTarget Audience/UsageTwin MattressIdeal for children, toddlers, teens, and single adults.(Single bed)Full MattressIdeal for single sleepers but it can also be used in a teenager’s bedroom and couples that do not mind the smaller room movement can use this bed size as well.
SubjectAccessoriesTwin MattressInexpensive Accessories(Single bed)Full MattressSlightly more expensive.
SubjectSpace consumptionTwin MattressWith only 38” x 75” dimensions, this bed size only takes up a little space.(Single bed)Full MattressWith a dimension of 54” X 75”, it is wider than a twin bed and may require more space.
SubjectPortabilityTwin MattressEasier to move & Portability(Single bed)Full MattressHarder to move.


What Are Their Overall Differences?

The overall difference between the width a twin and full mattress is 15 inches, they have no difference in their length. Unless you are trying to use the less commonly used twin XL and full XL.

When sleeping it is ideal to have ample space for stretching out and moving around, but since both the bed sizes are relatively inexpensive, it is ideal to purchase a full mattress to ensure maximum comfort and decent space.

When it comes to the bed’s accessories, both single and double beds are modestly prized, making it easier for people to save money whilst looking for a new bed, this additional cost will not be a big factor when it comes to the twin vs full mattress comparison.

Final Verdict

Always go for a full-size bed if you are looking to buy a bed for yourself, it provides more space and it is only a little more expensive than a twin mattress.