The best way to get wee out of a mattress

Maybe your child’s diaper leaked at night. Or you let them sleep without a diaper because you thought they were toiled trained. In other cases, the pet is to blame. Regardless of how it happened, you have to find out the best way to get wee out of a mattress surface to minimize the smell and eliminate the urine stain.

The Prep Work

Remove the blankets and sheets from the bed. You’re going to need to wash these anyway. When you throw them in the washer, you could add a small amount of household cleaning ammonia to neutralize the urine in addition to the laundry soap. Don’t use bleach or laundry soap that contains bleach with the bedding.

The Cleaning

Turn your attention to the bed. Soak up as much of the wee as possible, if there is some left on the surface after you removed blankets and sheets. If the smell is bad, you can spray with a little household ammonia and let it sit for a few minutes. We’re talking about a table spoon of ammonia in a cup of water; do not use ammonia based window cleaner on your bed, especially if it contains blue dye. Another option is spraying the area with a little bit of vinegar.

You need a cleaning solution to break up the urine. Pet stain remover can be used on human urine stains. Meat tenderizer can help break up urine stains, but it isn’t very effective compared to your other options – that’s better for blood and poop stains. You can use a solution made from equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda. Some people use salt instead of baking soda in a cleaning solution for use on beds, but baking soda is better when dealing with urine stains.
Spread this on the stain to help break it down. After ten to twenty minutes, remove the solid residue.

Take clean wet sponges or towels and press them into surface of the mattress. Use white or light colored towels to do this so that the colored dye in it doesn’t transfer to the bed, especially if your cleaning solution has hydrogen peroxide in it. Then take clean cleaning materials and press it to the affected area to wick up the cleaning solution and stain. Repeat this process until you’ve lifted up most of the stain. You absolutely want to rinse out ammonia, vinegar and other cleaning solutions before you prepare the bed for reuse.

The Restoration

We’re assuming you’ve removed most of the urine. You can use baking soda or borax scattered on the surface of the bed to absorb the odor and dry out the mattress. [easyazon_link identifier=”B01C5EJ9NM” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]Vacuum[/easyazon_link]or sweep it up. In the case of borax, you need two or more passes to get it all up since it can burn your skin if you sleep on it.

After this point, you’ll want to thoroughly dry the mattress. Blowing a hair dryer or fan on the affected area helps achieve this. Then cover the bed with a bed protector or several layers of sheets. This will prevent future stains from reaching the mattress in the first place.

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