Top 6 Best Twin XL Mattresses Reviews of 2020 (Most Affordable )

Welcome to this section,In this section you will learn what is twin xl mattress,where you can use, its pros and cons and lastly the 7 best twin xl mattresses .

Now it is very hard to find a quality-full and affordable twin xl mattress because so many twin xl mattresses are available in the market.So , We have picked best seven among them for you.Our goal is to give you the best and correct information.We have spent hours of time to research and write this article.

What is Twin Xl mattress?

The modern industries manufacture mattresses in different sizes with the aim of meeting specific user needs. One of such sizes is the twin XL which has a width of 38″, a length of 80″ and fits perfectly in small rooms.

The twin XL mattress is intended for adults or teenagers who are not active sleepers. Twin XL is the most affordable mattress size for tall adults, but its design only favors single sleepers. They are widely used in colleges, kid rooms, and guest rooms.


  • The size of the mattresses allows an adult or teenager comfort during sleep since it offers enough space.
  • Fits well in small rooms where there is no sufficient space for larger and bigger mattresses to fit.


  • Though they are perfect for kids and single adults, they are too small for couples.
  • Tall teenagers can outgrow the mattress leading to other expenses regarding the cost of buying a bigger size.
  • Due to bedding options and limited availability, the mattress may be rare to find.

 best twin XL mattresses Review

01. Artic dreams 10” cooling gel Twin XL Mattress

The gel infused breathable foam on the comfort layer of the artic dreams cooling gel mattress allows it to provide a cool and quality sleep. The mattress has three layers which are 0.75 inches of super soft quilting, 2.5 inches fast response EnergexTM gel foam.

The top is comprised of 6.75 inches of polyurethane foam. The mattress is firm to offer proper support to the neck, back and hips regardless of the sleeping position.

It has a ten-year warranty, and it is available in three different heights which include 8 inch, 10 inches, and 12 inches.


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02.Night Therapy Memory Foam 8″ Pressure Relief Mattress

The multiple-layered night therapy memory mattress allows users to have long and comfortable sleeping time. The layers include 4-inches high-density base support foam, 2 inches pressure relieving comfort foam and 2 inches therapeutic comfort memory foam.

It also uses the latest evolution of memory foam which is the BioFoam which includes all natural active charcoal and natural green tea extract to eliminate odors, absorb moisture thus keeping the mattress fresh.

It also contains Zinus which is another innovation to offer comfort. The foam is Certified foam for durability, performance, and content.


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03.Tuft & Needle Mattress, Twin XL Mattress with T&N adaptive foam

The ability to provide the supportive feel and pressure relief allows tuft & needle mattress to offer quality sleep to all kinds of sleepers. The mattress is easy to ship since the foam material can be compressed to fit into a small box.

The high level of comfort helps to prevent back and neck ache. It offers a bouncy and supportive feel at all sleeping positions.

The high-grade foam material is more advanced to prevent it from sinking even after prolonged use. It also has localized bounce which reduces the impact of pressure caused during turning and tossing.

There is no risk associated with buying the tuft and needle twin XL mattress since it has a 100-night sleep trial and 100% refund guarantee.


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04. 12-inch twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress for Adjustable Bed Base

The making of the twin XL deluxe memory foam mattress comprises of high-quality CoolBreeze gel memory foam that creates a cooler feel compared to memory foam and latex. It has a zipper cover which is washable. The mattress is neither soft nor hard.

Therefore, it comfortably distributes the body weight evenly by reducing the pressure caused by turning and tossing thus providing universal comfort.

Its mode of construction makes it compatible with an adjustable bed base. It is possible to pay less shipping fees since the mattress can be vacuum packed without causing any compromise on its quality and comfort level.

It conforms back to the original size and shape within one or two hours after unpacking.


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06.Leesa Mattress, Twin XL 10 inch cooling Avena and contouring memory foam


The multiple-layer design of the Leesa mattress allows it offer the most outstanding experience to customers. The multiple layers include the Avena foam and the memory foam.

The Avena foam is exceptional since it is an in-house trademark technology of the Leesa mattresses. The design is unique and suitable for all kind of users. Leesa mattress has 100-night trial and a 10-year also has an appealing finish which made of cotton or lycra cover.


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