Top 5 Best Single Mattress For 2020 ( Save Money & Time)

Single sleepers have the distinct privilege of having the bed all to themselves, which allows you to choose a mattress without compromise. Whether you like it firm or a super comfy plush memory foam, the only person you have to answer to is you. Because of that, we’ll explore five different distinct mattresses that are great for single sleepers who want the best sleep of their lives.

What is a Single Mattress?

Single mattress is just smaller mattress, typically around the twin, twin XL or queen size for those who toss and turn, where only one person intends to sleep. While there isn’t any mattress specifically made for single, this allows you to make very specific decisions about texture, material and features that you may otherwise have to compromise on.

Best Mattresses for Single Reviews

01.LUCID 12 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress 

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This mattress gives you the perfect combination of texture and features. From being a very thick mattress to simultaneously being both firm and slightly soft, this unique skill set makes the LUCID 12-inch ideal for single sleepers who want to experience everything a mattress can be.

The base layer is a thick 6.5 inches with individual coils that improve air flow while also keeping your motion isolated. That may not seem too important as a single sleeper, but it actually provides a more restful sleep.

On top of the base layer is a plush layer of latex followed by a firm layer of memory foam. This gives you the mixed benefits of both, as you slightly sink into the material, but still feel firm support around your body.

For those worried about aesthetics, the outer cover is two-tone and has an intricate design that most will love.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about this bed is that it takes all the best sleep materials, including springs, latex and memory foam, and mixes them together perfectly. You get a bed that’s just firm enough for good support along with great durability.

Perhaps the only con is that the bed isn’t super firm, which may be a problem if you want a firm bed. It’s also slightly heavy for a single mattress.


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02.LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – Ultra Plush – Individually Encased Coils

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Going to the other side of the spectrum, this ultra-plush mattress is so soft that you’ll just sink in and never want to get out. The base layer is a good 8-inch layer of heavy-gauge springs, which is necessary to ensure the durability of the mattress. Anything less and the bed loses its longevity.

Above that is a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam, which is super soft and cooling, and then another 2-inch layer of even softer memory foam.

You also get superior edge support so that the edges remain intact, even if you sit on the edge. This is the softest bed Linenspa offers, so it doesn’t get more plush than this.

Pros and Cons

If you love soft, cooling beds, then you’ll fall in love with this one. Not only that, but it negates the usual weakness of poor durability with the thick base layer. You’ll also enjoy how you sink into the mattress as you lie down on it.

On the other hand, this bed is incredibly soft, which may be too much for some people. Only get this if you truly love softer beds.


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03.Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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Some people are on the fence about the benefits of green tea mattresses. The potential health benefits are that the antioxidants will absorb through your skin. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal effects.

However, what can’t be disputed is that green tea reduces the amount of chemicals necessary to make the foam, as this oil is used instead of petrochemicals. This also reduces the off-gassing smell when you first get the mattress.

Even if you don’t believe in the benefits of green tea, this is an amazing mattress. You get four different layers, each one ventilated to improve comfort and coolness.

The texture is about medium, which gives you plenty of support throughout the night. Another benefit is that the mattress can be rolled and shipped, making it easier to buy the mattress.

Pros & Cons

This is a very cool bed that has a good amount of softness and all the benefits of green tea mattresses. The memory foam does a wonderful job of supporting your body weight.

On the cons side, the edge support could be better and it might be somewhat softer than you may like.


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04.Sunrising Bedding 8 Inch Hybrid Natural Latex Independently Encased Coil Innerspring Mattress

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Latex is regarded as one of the best materials for beds because it’s wonderfully comfortable, shockingly durable and incredibly responsive to shifts and moving.

This hybrid bed combines both latex and independent coils to give you great durability, but at a fairly affordable price.

The base layer uses thicker coils than normal. Most coils are around 1.5mm to 1.8mm, but this uses 2.0mm coils to give extra support. The latex layer is CertiPUR approved, meaning that it’s free of harmful chemicals.

Texture is medium firm, and both layers resist sagging and sinking, which many sleepers find annoying. Latex does a great job of regulating temperature throughout the night, so you’ll stay cool while you sleep.

Pros and Cons

As a hybrid mattress you are getting both the benefits of coils and latex. Also, this mattress has been made to specially resist sagging, which improves durability and makes your sleep more comfortable.

While this is more affordable than other latex mattresses, it still costs more than other mattress types. Latex is also fairly firm, so this may not work if you like softer sleep surfaces.


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05.Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress


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Some people love very cooling beds, and this mattress fits the bill. Utilizing two different layers of gel-based memory foam and a ventilated base layer, this mattress ensures the best airflow to keep you nice and frosty. Each layer works together to disperse heat and keep you cool.

The base layer is a durable 6-inch layer of high-density memory foam, followed by a 3.5-inch layer of cooling poly foam, and finally a 2-inch layer of foam specifically made to keep you cool. This is ideal for warm sleepers who wake up sweating, or tossing and turning because the heat is so high. The texture is medium-plush, so it’s a little on the softer side.

Pros and Cons

If you want a cool bed, then this is perfect. Everything here is made to reduce temperatures and keep you feeling comfortable throughout the night. The plush texture is also nice if you like softer beds that aren’t too soft.

As with most beds made with memory foam, this one will get softer over time. It also won’t be good for those who get cold overnight, as this will make the problem worse.


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