Best Rated Firm Mattress in 2021 (updated)

Are you searching for the best rated firm mattress in 2018 ?You have landed a very good page to know about it.In this Review article you will get best information on the three best rated firm mattress in the world now.

Firm mattresses certainly aren’t for everyone, but many people love them and find them quite comfortable. For those without troublesome back pain plaguing their sleep, firm mattresses can give you the best sleep ever because of how your muscles react to the material.

When laying on a firm mattress, your bones are responsible for absorbing the majority of the pressure, thus allowing your muscles and arteries to relax a little. This in turn allows your body to truly get a good night’s sleep. Here we will go over three of the top rated firm mattresses so that you know exactly what to look for when buying one.

03.Zinus 10 Inch Firm Responsible Memory Foam Mattress, Comfort Support

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Zinus has been in the business of producing wonderful mattresses for years, so their name should be familiar. Here is there 10-inch firm mattress that has quite a few health benefits that you’re sure to love. As you can tell from the title, there is quite a lot of memory foam here that will cradle your body with its firm touch.

There is a 2-inch layer of viscolatex foam that is responsive to your body, followed by a 1-inch layer of firm memory foam, 2 inches of high density support foam and then finally a very dense 5-inch layer of base foam. All in all, this ensures that your body stays still and that the entire bed is nice and firm when you lay on it.

Another benefit is that the foams are all infused with an extract of green tea, plant oils and charcoal. This greatly reduces the amount of petro chemicals used, reduces odors and actually makes the foam even firmer. Not only that, but the foam is CertiPUR certified for low amounts of noxious chemicals.


-Provides a very firm sleep surface that will cradle your whole body
-Uses green tea extract and other plant materials to reduce petro chemical usage
-Remains cool during use and will keep you still as you sleep


-Some people find that the corners don’t fill out properly when you let the mattress expand. This is easily fixed by adjusting the top cover

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02.Leesa Mattress 10-Inch Cooling Multi-Layer Design, Memory Foam Mattress

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Leesa Mattress creates premium mattresses that provide unique advantages not found with many other mattresses. Their multi-layer design gives you many benefits, and there is even a 100-day trial where you can decide whether the mattress is truly for you or not. However, most people find that they have a hard time switching back to other mattresses after just one night.

First of all, it should be noted that many people rate this around medium firmness to very firm. Some say that it’s just right while others say that it’s too firm. In general, this ensures that you’re getting a comfortable bed that will give you the firmness that you’ve been looking for.

The three-layer design ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the night. The top layer uses a 2-inch thick slab of Avena cooling memory foam with some bounce and the ability to remove heat. Nobody likes sleeping hot, so this is perfect as the top layer. Under that is a 2-inch layer of dense foam that will properly cradle your body and remove pressure. The bottom 6-inch layer is very dense foam that provides more firmness while keep the bed nice and solid.

Leesa is dedicated to making their clients happy. Here you’re getting a firm mattress sure to give your body the comfort you’ve been looking for, while also giving you a very generous 100 days to decide whether the mattress is right for you or not. Not only that, but it keeps you cool as you sleep, and everyone should love that.


-Uses a multi-layer design that keeps you cool while providing extra comfort and firmness
-You have 100 days to decide whether the mattress is right for you or not
-Has a little bounce that cradles your body, but it doesn’t transfer body movements, making it ideal for couples


-Some people find the mattress too firm, but those reviews are typically from those who like softer surfaces

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01.Live and Sleep Premium 10-Inch Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress, Sleep Resort Classic

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With over 2,000 reviews and 90+% of them being 5-star, you know you’ve got a top rated firm mattress on your hands. Live and Sleep is the producer of fine, premium mattresses that are affordable and comfortable. While a little softer than the other mattresses here since it’s medium-firm instead of just firm, many people are very happy with how it feels and how it relieves pressure on their bodies.

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of this mattress is its 2.5-inch layer of air-flow viscolatex that provides a cool surface while still being quite firm and comfortable. This ensures that you don’t overheat while you sleep, a problem that many people face during their sleeping hours. The other layers all use dense foams meant to give you firm support that cradles your body and refuses to transfer motion whenever you move.

All the foam here is CertiPUR certified, plus it’s naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial. It doesn’t get much cleaner or better than this. There’s also no reason to ever flip the bed. The high-quality materials are meant to stay both firm and comfortable for many years, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here.

The only soft thing here is the top cover, which is made to be very soft and comfortable. The rest of the mattress is firm for your body, but the top cover is great for your skin. It’ll feel like a cloud against the firmness of the foam.


-Overwhelming number of 5-star reviews and many happy customers, this is a definite crowd pleaser
-The medium-firm surface is enough to help your body relax during your sleep hours
-A 2,5-inch layer of cooling, airy memory foam ensures you don’t overheat during the night


-Softer than the other mattresses on this list. If you’re looking for ultra-firm, then this may not work for you

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