Top 5 Best Plush Mattress Reviews of 2021 ( Never Miss )

Plush mattresses are amongst the most popular types of mattresses, but they are also very misunderstood by most consumers. Most people think that these beds are very soft, but they are actually closer to the medium side. Resting comfortably between firm and pillow-top, you’ll find that these mattresses are ideal if you want your sleep surface to be just right, not moving your spine up or down, but instead keeping you in place for the night.

What is a Plush Mattress?

As stated above, these mattresses are around medium to medium-soft with some give. Firm mattresses have little give and push your spine up, while pillow-tops have significant give and push your spine down.

Plush mattresses on the other hand just support your weight. The slight give is for comfort, but your spine isn’t moved one way or the other. This is a very popular type of bed because it offers both comfort and support without over-emphasizing one or the other.

When to Use

Plush mattresses are mostly for back sleepers. While side sleepers might like this as well, it’s best for back sleepers because of how it supports the spine. These are also ideal for those who want neutral comfort without too much or too little give.

Pros and Cons

These beds are amongst the most comfortable, and they take a lot of stress off your spine and joints. They keep your body in a fairly neutral state during sleep, and they last for many years.

On the other hand, they will get softer throughout the years, which may or may not be a good thing. This softening may result in back pain later unless you adjust your sleep.

Top 5 Best Plush Mattresses


01.Lucid 10-Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Medium-Plush

Let your body sink into the gel memory foam top. This 3-inch layer will easily take all the stress away from your day, letting you fully relax and reap all the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Slightly firmer than some other plush beds, this will give you more support while still being very comfortable.

The foam layer has been ventilated, and the cover encasing the foam is made from a proprietary blend of TENCEL fabric to keep you cool while also providing moisture control.

Another benefit is that the mattress can be rolled up and shipped, making it much easier to get the mattress to your home.

The lack of springs ensures that you only feel the memory foam throughout the lifetime of this product. You’ll never have to hear creaking metal, or feel the poke of springs when the mattress gets older. This premium mattress will give you support and cloud-like comfort.

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02.LinenSpa 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, Ultra Plush

If you’re looking for extreme softness, for something that truly feels as soft as plush sounds, then this is your mattress. The LinenSpa ultra plush mattress is the softest in their line, made specifically to give you just enough support, but really emphasizing comfort and letting you sink into the mattress.

Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean the mattress is any less durable. The base layer is made from heavy-gauge springs engineering to keep the foam layer in place without sinking too much.

The top layer is 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. Aside from being incredibly soft, it also is made to keep you cool while giving you the support you need to sleep well.

If you want a bed that’s super soft, but still built to be durable, then it doesn’t get much better than this.


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03.Sealy Response Performance 11.5-Inch Plush Tight Top

Much like the other Sealy on this list, this is one of the best plush mattresses because it’s made to give you multiple benefits through its numerous layers.

Clocking in at a very thick 11.5 inches, you have the very firm base layer that is made of individual-wrapped coils that transfer very little motion and keep you supported throughout the night.

Above that, you have a 2-inch layer of air foam that is cushioned and ventilated for softness and temperature control. The top is a 1-inch layer of extra soft gel foam that is flexible, but also durable. Made with patented PosturePedic support in mind, this gives you support where you need it most: in your midsection.

The knit fabric cover resists moisture and gives an added layer of softness to the whole package, ensuring you get a great sleep with the soft, plush texture that you love.


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04.Lucid 14-Inch Plush Memory Foam, Ventilated Gel Memory Foam


Lucid has outdone themselves with this one. This 14-inch bed is one of the best plush mattresses on the market, giving you all the benefits you’ve asked for.

First of all, the memory foam top layer is made to be super soft. Not quite enough to be called ultra plush, but close to that territory. This makes it great for those who like a softer sleep surface.

The entire mattress has been constructed to allow airflow and ventilation. From the open-cell memory foam, to the ventilated design and bamboo cover, you won’t feel hot or stagnant while sleeping on this bed.

There are no springs, so very little motion transfer and the bed can be rolled up and shipped easily. A dual memory foam comfort layer gives you a great amount of support without interfering with the plush feel you are looking for.


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05. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Copper Plush Mattress


This very thick, 13.5-inch mattress will leave you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Equipped with numerous layers to ensure your best comfort, Sealy delivers on giving you a premium mattress that you’ll love for many years.

First, you get a mattress that is half spring and half foam, with 20% more individually-wrapped springs that most other beds. This gives you all-over support and keeps the bed from sagging too much, while also minimizing motion and keeping you comfortable overnight.

There’s also a layer of cooling gel memory foam, and a 3-inch edge to help with sitting on the edge during the day. This plush mattresses comes with a lot of benefits and will treat your body right as you sleep.

From plush support to numerous layers acting in unison, this is a bed for people who want to maximize their comfort.


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