Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain

Are you looking for the best pillows for shoulder pain? Many people face both neck and shoulder pain when sleeping (the two tend to go together), thankfully what fixes one often fixes the other. Normal pillows are just a little too flat to support the weight of your shoulder, but the following pillows will ensure that you get a restful sleep with reduced pain.

Top 7 Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain

01.Comfy Life: Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow for Shoulder/Neck Pain

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Contour pillows are great for shoulder pain, and you’ll be seeing a lot of them on this list. Here’s a bamboo contour pillow that uses incredibly comfortable memory foam that will help you sleep while also keep you free from pain. It works by lifting your heading properly, cradling the weight and removing stress from your shoulders.

Created with a standard wave design found in contour pillows, you can transition from low support to high support by just turning the pillow around. It also utilizes “Kool-Flow” ventilation to keep you cool while sleeping. You get the natural benefits of bamboo, including it being hypoallergenic and resisting dust mites.

Pros and Cons

This pillow hits all the right spots with comfort, support and benefits. The scientifically designed wave ensures you are comfortable overnight, and the bamboo gives you many natural benefits.

Perhaps the only con is that some people report that it’s too firm, but that’s a minority opinion.

02.Remedy: Contour Pillow Side Sleeper

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This is a specialty pillow designed specifically for side sleepers who want pain reduction in their shoulders, neck and head. It has a unique U-shaped design that lets you sleep on your side while getting ultimate support.

The cushion itself is made from poly-fiber, and the outer cover is a soft cotton. The thicker body ensures that you get enough support, and there is even a hole on one side for your ear, ensuring that it doesn’t hurt as you lie on the pillow.

Pros and Cons

This pillow is made for side sleepers, giving unique support to those who can’t sleep on their back or stomach. It’s very comfortable and you’ll fall asleep instantly.

At the same time, this makes it very hard to use if you don’t sleep on your side. Some back sleepers report that it works, but that’s not the product’s intended purpose.

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03.Malouf: Z-Shoulder Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

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Meant for side sleepers but not as specialized as the Remedy pillow, this one comes with some unique benefits that you’ll love making it one of the best pillows for shoulder pain. The material itself is black memory foam. The coloring is due to the high inclusion of bamboo charcoal, which firms up the pillow and makes it resist dust mites and bacteria.

There is a semi-circle cutout made so that your shoulder better incorporates with the pillow, better reducing strain. The foam has many holes made intentionally to better support weight and improve longevity of the material.

Pros and Cons

This pillow was made with your shoulder specifically in mind, ensuring you get pain relief. Not only that, but the bamboo foam is comfortable and great against dust mites.

However, the unique shape makes it difficult for most pillow covers to work with this pillow. Ensure you get one with a recess, otherwise it won’t fit properly.

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04.Hullovota: Cervical Pillow Side Sleeper

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This pillow is fairly standard on first glance, and its low price may fool you into thinking that it’s only good if you don’t have a big budget. Made from memory foam and using a standard wave design, it’s made to relieve your shoulders while being nice and comfortable.

What separates it is that the foam is gel-infused. This firms up the memory foam and also makes it cooler. Also, the outer cover has many little bumps made to soothe your skin.

Pros and Cons

This pillow is quite affordable and uses quality, firm materials that will help your shoulder pain.

Some people complain that the pillow is a little too high. However, it’s only slightly higher than average wave contour pillows (by about 0.2 inch).

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05.Queen Rose: Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Support

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Most contour pillows use a wave design, but if that’s not working for you then you can try this Queen Rose offering. It has a deep divot in the center that’s large enough to either accommodate your head or entire arm, allowing you to sleep in positions that would otherwise be difficult with other pillows.

Using high-density, slow-rebounding memory foam, this gives you adequate support for your whole neck and shoulder area while being comfortable. This pillow is made for those who toss and turn.

Pros and Cons

The unique shape gives you support in various positions that other pillows simply can’t support. Not only that, but the high-density foam ensures longevity and comfort.

If you don’t toss or turn, then the divot might be too much for you. Also, the shape may take some time to get used to.

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06.Roscoe Medical: Indention Pillow for Cervical Support

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This is another affordable offering that has a deep indention in the center made to support your neck, head and shoulders. It uses poly-fiber to fill out the pillow and has thicker areas along the sides to support your neck.

This pillow is softer than others on this list, and provides gentle support along your body. Most pillow cases will work with this pillow. The fibers will spring back to proper shape after you take your head off it.

Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for an affordable pillow that offers support, then this is perfect. The indent design has also been proven to help with headaches and shoulder pains.

On the other hand, it may be too soft for some people, and it won’t stay as fluffy as memory foam.

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07.Therapeutica: Sleeping Pillow

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This is similar to the Queen Rose pillow, but with denser material and from a more orthopedic perspective. The indent in the center has little ripples to provide better support for your neck and shoulders. One of the sides even has a little extra material to provide a ramp for your neck.

The pillow is intended for firmer mattresses, so you may need a bigger pillow if you have a soft mattress. While you can sleep on your side, this is best if you sleep on your back.

Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for orthopedic-level support to reduce shoulder pain and reduce tossing and turning, then this pillow checks all the right marks.

At the same time, it may be too firm for some sleepers, and it’s not ideal if you sleep on your side.

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Finding the best pillows for shoulder pain might seem difficult, but there are many offerings out there. The best ones will support both your neck and shoulders while also being firm enough to not flatten under the weight of your head. These seven pillows will each help you wake rested and without pain.

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