Top 7 Best Neck Roll Pillows For More Comfort

Neck roll pillows allow someone to lay down on their back or side while the pillow provides support for the neck. It helps keep the spine properly aligned, whether the neck roll pillow is used in conjunction with a standard pillow or in place of one. Some are designed to be used anywhere, such as letting you sleep on the train with a neck roll pillow behind your head.

01.Huzi Infinity Pillow

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This neck pillow is uniquely designed for travelers. You can wear it around your neck like a scarf or fold it up for convenient storage in your bag. You can use it as a neck pillow so you can sleep on the train or as a conventional head rest when you want to take a nap at your desk. The light, downy microfiber makes it as soft as a thicker pillow.

It isn’t going to win points as a neck supporting pillow to exacting standards when you’re sleeping for eight hours.

However, it will let you comfortably sleep for short periods without cricking your neck. It is also machine washable, so you can toss it in the washer and dryer if you spill coffee on it.
It is affordably priced. It comes in four different colors.

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02.Sammons Preston Half Lumbar Roll Pillow

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This neck roll pillow is a half roll so that it easily fits on your bed next to a primary head pillow without making things awkward. A side benefit of the half-moon design is stability; it won’t roll and shift but instead stay where you put it.

This is enhanced by a snap and lock buckle on the pillow so you can put it exactly where it is supposed to be. A side benefit of that lock and buckle is that you can fix it to a chair for similar comfortable support during the day.
The Sammons Preston neck pillow contains high density foam to offer maximum support.

It is affordable. The only downside is that it is only available in a 5 inch diameter and the diameter itself cannot be adjusted.You can get it in both blue and burgundy.

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03.Original McKenzie Cervical Roll Neck Pillow

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This neck pillow is also called the OPTP Original McKenzie Cervical Roll. This neck roll pillow, also called a cervical roll pillow, is designed specifically for supporting your neck and spine all night. The 20” length means you can toss and turn, and you’ll still be supported. It provides some support but isn’t too hard.

You can use it in conjunction with a standard pillow for comfortable rest instead of buying a much more expensive contoured pillow.

It fits many long, narrow pillow cases. It comes with a removable, machine washable cover. It is light weight and durable. It is firm enough to keep its shape over a year or two.

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04.Back Support Systems Brand Neck Roll Pillow

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Back Support Systems offers a memory foam neck pillow with a washable bamboo cover. This means it offers the support of a memory foam pillow without smelling like one, and the washable cover ensures that it won’t smell like drool or sweat after a few weeks of use.

What makes this pillow stand out is the fact that it comes in several different diameters. A petite woman may want the 4” diameter neck pillow. The average consumer would want the 5” diameter neck roll pillow. A taller man may need the 6” diameter neck pillow by this company.

This is a touch more expensive than some of the other pillows on this list, but that’s the price you pay when you need precision.

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05.Newpoint Neckroll Pillows

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The Newpoint brand neckroll pillows have several benefits. The first is price; you pay as much for a pair of these pillows as you’d pay for a single neck roll pillow by many other brands. Second, the cotton filling gives you gentle softness and just a little support, perfect for those who will see back and neck pain worsen if they sleep on something too hard. The cotton outer layer and polyester fill is machine washable.

They’re six inches across and sixteen inches long, so it is ideal for those who want a broadly supportive pillow but not hard resistance to their head. It’s plush, but not so fluffy that it ends up puffed up in your face while you try to sleep on it. A number of pillow cases fit these neck roll pillows.

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06.Mindful Design Memory Foam Round Pillow

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The Mindful Design brand memory foam pillow stands out for the cooling gel layer built into it. Now you get the support of high end memory foam without the heat retention and sweating that typically comes with them.
This pillow is available in 4” and 6” diameters. It is sixteen inches long.

The only downside is the fact that you can only spot-clean the removable cover, not machine-wash it. After spot cleaning, it needs to air dry. One consideration is the durability of the cooling gel; it may only last a year or two before being replaced, a rate made worse by wear and tear if you take it on public transit and aircraft as the manufacturer recommends.

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07.Alibo Beige Neck Roll Pillow

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This neck roll pillow comes with a machine washable pillow case.It is 20” long and roughly 4” thick. It is lightweight and comfortable, and it offers a significant degree of support. It is a relatively hard pillow, ideal for those who need the most support. The pillow only deforms a little under your weight. The filler slowly recovers its shape.

The middle section of the pillow has a charcoal bamboo mixture, perfect for absorbing odors and moisture. This will reduce odors like bad break, smelly sweat or drool on the pillow.

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The Huzi Infinity pillows are the best neck roll pillows for people who need just a little support and softness, no matter where they need to nap. The Sammons Preston neck roll pillow offers support whether in bed or a badly designed office chair. The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll is a good choice if you need a somewhat supportive neck pillow that will be in the right place whether you toss and turn at night or stay still.

If you need a neck roll pillow of exactly the right dimensions, the Back Support Systems brand neck roll pillow is for you. If you want a basic cotton neck pillow, the Newpoint brand cotton pillows are right for you. If you have problems overheating at night, the Mindful Design neck roll pillow is the right choice for you. If you drool on your pillow or sweat heavily, Alibo has the best neck roll pillows for you.

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