Top 7 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews of 2020 (Save Money)

Welcome to this  best memory foam mattress reviews  post of 2020.You will get very good reviews on memory foam mattresses so read the whole post .I hope this post will help you to choose the best mattress.


1.What is Memory foam mattess

2.Pros & Cons of Memory foam mattress

03. Top 7 best memory foam mattress reviews

What is Memory Foam Mattress:

A memory foam is a top quality foam that has been made using substance called viscoelastic. This foam is very soft and highly energy absorbent. Memory foam mattress is very comfortable and protects you against impact. This mattress evenly distributes the body weight and return to original shape when not in use. These mattresses are available in different sizes. There are 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14 inches memory foams available.


  •  Memory foam offers total support
  •  Full body relaxation
  •  These mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions
  •  Motion isolation. You will be able to sleep undisturbed even when your partner makes some movements.
  •  This mattress has been made with high-quality foam that offers the necessary comfort.
  •  Unlike ordinary mattresses, this mattress provides correct spinal alignment
  •  It promotes healthy blood circulation/flow
  • This mattress is breathable, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and durable.



  • This mattress is too warm
  • Expensive
  • New mattress has smell that most people will not like
  • These mattresses can be quite heavy

Top 7 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

There are different memory foams on the market from different brands. It is difficult for most people to purchase the best memory foam mattress. There are many out there, and each brand claims to sell the best. We will review the best memory foams below.

1. Lucid Memory foam Mattress Review

This is one of the best memory foam mattresses available on the market today. This is a top quality mattress that features dual memory foam layers and offers a supportive base.

It has been infused with gel and features a ventilated design to improve airflow. This mattress is breathable and creates a comfortable sleeping environment.

Unlike ordinary mattresses, this mattress confoams to your body. This mattress comes with a decent price tag. It is firm but very soft. If you have been researching on the actually one of the best.

This mattress offers a decent value for your money. It is top rated and worth buying.You can buy  your for need because there are different sizes of mattresses are available .


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2. Ghostbed Memory Foam Mattress Review



This mattress contains the best technology. This mattress has been made by a reputable company and incorporates several technologies that improve support, comfort, and durability.

This mattress has a high-density base that enhances support. This is a very important feature especially to those suffering from constant backaches or spine problems.

This mattress may cause some discomforts during the first day, but with time it gets better.

This mattress has a density of 11 inches and features a plush removable cover that has been perfectly made with best fabrics. This mattress is durable, comfortable, absorbs body pressure and body heat.




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3. Restonic Memory Foam Mattress Review


Restonic is a reputable brand that has been selling high-quality mattress since 1938. This company has a lot of reviews from customers.

This mattress has been perfectly layered with latex foam that is naturally porous, buoyant and breathable. This makes it possible for the mattress to regulate the temp of the bed. This helps reduce allergens and dust mites.

This mattress has an infused memory that supports the memory foam and also contains a gel that dissipates heat. This mattress has coils that prevents premature sagging.

The coils also offer better support. This memory foam appears in the list of top rated reviews because of quality, comfort, and durability.


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4. Serta Memory Foam Mattress Review

If you love Serta mattresses, this is one of the best mattresses available. It is a good quality mattress that has been made with best quality material. This memory foam attracts many buyers because of quality and durability.

This 14-inch mattress has 4 layers supportive foam. It is a gel memory foam that gives you the best uninterrupted sleep.

The top layer of this memory foam has been perfectly infused with gel to ensure great support and comfort. This is one of the best mattresses a couple can find on the market.

This mattress has been perfectly developed and designed to minimize motion transfer. You will be able to sleep uninterrupted even if the other person moves.


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5. Lull Memory Foam Mattress Review

This memory foam mattress enhances your sleep by giving you the best comfort. This mattress is a 3 layered mattress that has been infused with gel.

This allows the mattress to cool down your body temp and offer undisrupted sleep. This mattress is loved by most people because it offers a sense of comfort. This mattress contours the body and creates a nested experience.

This mattress also eliminates body pain that is caused by regular mattress. If you prefer a bouncier or a mattress that has a soft feel, this is not the mattress.

This mattress comes with a decent price tag and offers real value for your money. It is a great mattress that features on the list of best memory mattresses.


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6. Leesa Memory Foam Mattress Review


This is the best memory foam we have in these reviews. It is a great mattress that has been made with best quality material. This mattress is luxurious and very comfortable.

This mattress offers a soft and bouncy feeling. This mattress has 3 premium layers that include; ovena top layer, memory middle foam, and foundation layer. This mattress also comes with a thick outer cover.

If you’d like to purchase one of the best and best-rated memory foam mattress, this mattress is undeniably the best in terms of quality, comfort, and durability.

Memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses you can find on the market. Unlike regular mattresses, these mattresses are very comfortable and durable.

If you really want to have some great sleep, you need to purchase one of these mattresses. We have reviewed the best quality mattresses above.


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7. Saatva Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is a luxury mattress. This mattress has coils that offer comfort and support. This mattress is covered with two sets of coils that responds to your body curve. The coils are sturdy steel that also prevents the mattress from sagging after a long period of use.

It is highly padded to provide maximum comfort and stability. Even though this mattress is expensive it offers the real value for your money.

The plush soft of this mattress has been perfectly designed for all people. This mattress is comfortable and very durable. It is one of the best mattresses you can find on the market today.

Memory Foam mattress FAQS

01. Which is better memory foam or gel memory foam?

It depends on what you need. The best memory foam mattress is the one that meets all of your needs. If you get hot sleeping on a standard memory foam mattress, then a gel memory foam is generally better because the gel dissipates body heat.

Note that there are gel memory foam beds that do a terrible job of keeping you cool. Furthermore, memory foam beds with air channels or air pockets may do as good of a job as a bed laced with cooling gel.

02. What is the best thickness for a memory foam mattress?

This isn’t a simple, numerical answer. The best thickness is one that supports your body and contours, relieving pressure points without making you drown in memory foam.

No successful memory foam mattress company sells beds thinner than six inches, so we can set that as a minimum. While 15 inch thick memory foam and hybrid mattresses exist, they don’t get stellar ratings. In this memory foam mattress faq, all we can say is that a good mattress will be between 8 and 13 inches thick.

03. Should I get a 10 inch or 12 inch memory foam mattress?

This depends more on the mattress and the firmness and support you need than a specific number. For example, there are memory foam mattresses that provide excellent support and pressure relief in only 10 inches. And there are 12 inch mattresses that are too firm or cause you to sink in too far. This issue is complicated by the different needs of various people based on their sleeping positions.

In general, side sleepers need a medium-firm mattress that they won’t sink through. Read the reviews for a given mattress relative to your sleeping position and body type.

04. Do you need a boxspring with a memory foam mattress?

The answer is: it depends. Do you need more support than a pure memory foam mattress provides? This may be the case if you’re heavier than average or a side sleeper. In these cases, a box spring under the memory foam mattress relieves the pressure points of the springs without eliminating the support.

05. What’s the Difference Between Polyfoam and Memory Foam?

Polyfoam is typically made out of polyurethane. Memory foam could be made out of polyurethane, another synthetic material or natural latex. Memory foam mattresses may even combine several types of foam in one bed.

Polyfoam always contains air bubbles embedded in the foam to make it lighter and softer. The classic example is egg carton foam. Memory foam can include such bubbles or mimic it with air channels in the foam. However, the memory foam may be a solid piece.

06. How Much Does a Memory Foam Mattress Cost?

Cheap memory foam mattresses cost several hundred dollars. The most expensive cost more than a thousand dollars. Hybrid mattresses cover the same wide price range. Note that price is not always equal to quality. There are good affordable memory foam mattresses and expensive ones that are worse than the cheap ones.

Memory foams almost always cost more than conventional box spring mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are also more expensive than comparable, traditional beds.

07. Which memory foam mattress is best for back pain?

We think that the Brentwood home brand 9 inch king memory foam bed hits the bill. It has the right level of softness and support to keep the average person’s spine straight. That’s a common problem with memory foam beds intended to relieve pressure points.

We recommend the nine inch thick version of this bed, because the 13 inch version is so thick that you’ll sink in until your back forms a painful U shape if you’re a side sleeper. The wool and bamboo bed is organic and free of common allergens like latex. That’s a selling point for some. The bed is available in sizes from twin to California king.

08. Are cheap memory foam mattresses good?

Perhaps. Most cheap ones are not very good, though good ones exist. You have to do your research. Note that many of the cheap models may feel great on the first night but wear out faster than the higher quality beds. In general, we’ll say you should look at mattresses in the middle of the price range if you want a good one. You have to look at least mattresses that have an average price tag if you have exacting standards due to joint or back pain.

09. Which memory foam mattress is best for side sleepers?

This is the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers on a budget. You get a basic memory foam mattress that moderates pressure points. If you’re heavy and sleep on your side, we’d recommend their more expensive hybrid mattress, since the coils provide that extra level of support. That mattress is also the better choice for couples that spoon or both sleep on their sides.

10. What is the best memory foam mattress for heavy person?

Memory foam beds are a promising solution for heavier sleepers. You put more weight on the bed, and the pressure points may aggravate issues like joint pain. Unfortunately, many memory foam and hybrid mattresses are made for the average consumer.

The Classic Brands cool gel 2.0 14 inch mattress may be the best choice for heavy people. The thick foam can support heavier individuals without forcing you to sink in to the point it is literally hard to get out of bed. It does a good job of dissipating body heat. You can buy it with a quilted mattress to get even more air flow if you’re prone to overheating.

11. How long do memory foam mattresses last?

Cheap mattresses only last a few months. They may literally wear out to the point you feel the metal coils in a hybrid mattress poking you or fiberglass pieces coming out of the mattress cover. More often, the foam will wear down to the point it lacks support.

Note that expensive mattresses may not be more durable than the cheap ones, and they may wear out faster in certain cases. For example, some beds will start to fall apart if used by a heavy side sleeper or a couple. The solution is to do your research and read the reviews.