The Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy Person in 2021 ( Depth Review)

welcome to this Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy Person in 2020 post.Most mattresses like most clothes are designed for the literally average consumer. That’s understandable, given that nearly every human metric falls on the bell curve. Designing products for the middle two thirds of the public is generally fine, since it also covers the lighter crowd. Unfortunately, this means many beds are not a fit for heavy consumers. Here are the best mattresses for people who are heavier, taller or both.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy Person

01. Classic Brands Mercer Model Pillowtop Gel Memory Foam/Inner Spring Hybrid, 12 Inch Mattress


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Classic Brands is the name of the brand of this mattress. This model combines the benefits of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. It even comes with a cool gel layer to prevent the heat buildup that can cause people to overheat sleeping on other memory foam mattresses. The mattress literally tops this with a plus pillow top that makes it soft to sleep on before you sink into the supporting layers.

You can buy the mattress with a platform bed or flexible bed. You can also use this mattress on existing flexible beds. It is also so flexible that it can ship in a somewhat large box, meaning you have less of a challenge getting it up your stairwell. (It weighs a little over a hundred pounds.) It does take time to decompress. Once that happens, you can’t compress it back down to easily remove or ship back if you’re unhappy with it.

The memory foam is Certipur certified. This means it won’t emit toxic VOCs or volatile organic compounds. It has the same general odor as other memory foam mattresses. This can take up to a month to dissipate.

A downside of this model is that the memory foam sometimes sags in the middle. And it does this after just a few months of use. That problem is worse if you’re heavy or if there are two of you. And if the mattress sags in the middle, the heat dissipating gel will, too. Note that the foam won’t get cold in this model. It simply prevents you from overheating at night.

A more common problem is developing soft spots or indentations, though rotating it reduces the risk of this issue occurring. Another solution is sleeping in different parts of the bed. However, there is nothing you can do if one corner is crushed or never inflates properly. The divets on the pillow top are a design feature, not a bug.

The manufacturer says the memory foam is resistant to pests. However, the other layers of the mattress can support bed bugs and fleas. Protect it with a bed cover. Yet the pillow top layer does mean this bed is easier to clean if you do sweat heavily or stain it than if you were on a bed that started with a memory foam layer.

The mattress is somewhat soft. It offers limited support. This allows a heavier person to sink in and find support, but that makes this mattress a bad choice if you have back pain. Its limited support makes it the wrong choice if you’re heavy and sleep on your side. Yet the medium firmness and solid support further down makes this the best memory foam mattress for heavy person who sleeps on their stomach or back, if you alone use the bed.

This model does not have edge support. Do not try to sleep on the edge of this bed. It will also wear down faster if you constantly sit on the edge of the bed. In a few cases, the edges don’t inflate, either.


  • Easy to transport
  • Flexible enough for adjustable beds
  • Soft surface and upper layers
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for side sleepers
  • May not inflate to create an even surface


  • Limited support for the sleeper
  • Non-toxic materials used, but smells for a while


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02. Sleep Innovations Brand Marley Mattress


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We’re recommending the 12 inch thick, King sized bed for several reasons. This makes it the best memory foam mattress for heavy person by Sleep Innovations just due to the dimensions. A King mattress gives you space to spread out or share the bed with a smaller partner. The thicker mattress layers provide more support for a heavier user. You don’t sink down to the bottom of the mattress to the frame. It is one of the firmer mattresses among the gel memory foam category, according to Consumer Reports.

This mattress is unusual for the two inch thick gel memory foam. It won’t just dissipate body heat. It will keep you cool at night. That’s a plus in hot climates.

This mattress is part of a bed in a box. That makes it relatively easy to ship and transport. You can get it into your apartment or second story bedroom. That’s a common problem for king sized beds. This model is often available in both King and California King.

The medium firm support is closer to “firm” when combined with the inner layer. However, that level of support is necessary for many side sleepers. This is the best memory foam mattress for heavy person who sleep on their side.

This mattress is unusual for becoming firmer over time. The mattress foam is less supportive. This takes several years to occur, but it does limit the usable life of the bed if you’re a side sleeper. On the flip side, some mattresses end up too soft, and you sink into it without any support at all. It may develop a crease or low spot when this happens, and you can’t fix it. You can only replace it. If the bed doesn’t fully inflate after you unroll it, it will remain uneven. Return it immediately, if this happens.

All in all, it is an affordable, functional bed. These issues are rare but are something potential buyers need to know about.


  • Offers decent support for side sleepers
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Easy to transport


  • Sometimes doesn’t fully inflate
  • Relatively short functional life


  • Can become too firm or too soft after several months
  • If it has problems at the start, it will never work


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03. Sweetnight Brand 12 Inch King Mattress



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This is a classic bed in a box. That makes it incredibly easy to get into the room where you want it to go. However, there are several design features that make this mattress different from the competition – including others on our list.

This mattress is rated as medium firmness, but it is actually very firm. However, the memory foam can form impressions where you sleep. You can reduce this problem by sleeping on the other side or rotating it 180 degrees. This helps it avoid sagging after a few months. (That’s a common problem with memory foam mattresses.) If two sleepers are on this bed, they’ll tend to roll together as the middle of the bed sags. On the other hand, the mattress rarely fails to inflate evenly.

We’ll say this bed is good for a year or two of heavy use. This mattress is a better for heavy sleepers who sleep on their back or stomach. It doesn’t have enough give for side sleepers. However, many heavy users report a sinking feeling as they sink into the bed at night, even when the bed gives you adequate support. That’s a matter of personal preference.

This model is unusual for having built-in ventilation. It doesn’t rely on chemical gels to help moderate the buildup of body heat. However, you can’t get this effect if the bed is covered under a plastic cover or too many blankets. A better choice is a bamboo mattress cover.

This bed is only available in standard king and queen sizes. The manufacturer argues that the limited selection helps them keep prices down. This mattress can’t flex with an adjustable bed. The bed doesn’t have much support at the edges, either. Don’t buy this and expect to sit on the edge of the bed to put your shoes on. It could drop five inches if a heavy person sits on its side.

Protect this mattress with a mattress cover. While you can take the cover off, it can shed fibers that make a mess if you try to wash it. You also want to protect it because the stitching can come undone. That’s also a reason to just replace it instead of trying to flip it or try to remove the cover to wash it.

The foam is CertiPUR-US certified. However, it smells bad at the beginning, and it takes weeks to fully dissipate. It takes the standard 72 hours to fully inflate once you take it out of the box.


  • Unusually firm for a memory foam mattress
  • Doesn’t use chemical cooling gels


  • Difficult to wash
  • Only lasts a year or two
  • Chemical smell lingers


  •  Mediocre heat dissipation
  • Not available in “California” sizes


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The best mattresses for heavy users will provide the necessary level of support, no matter what position they sleep in. It keeps them comfortable at night and doesn’t come with annoyances that make it difficult to live with their decision to buy that particular mattress.

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