Top 10 Best Mattresses Under 500 of 2021 (Save Your Money )

Are you searching for the best mattresses under 500 of 2020 ? In this post you will get the whole answer.Mattresses are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your home. And unlike your dining table, its quality and performance impacts your quality of life. Furthermore, there are many options when you’re looking for a new mattress. Nor is quality necessarily correlated with price.

There are expensive mattresses that may give you pain after a few months. And there are great mattresses that provide an excellent night’s sleep while lasting for years. They balance quality with cost. Here are the top 3 best mattress under 500 dollars.

01. Signature Design by Ashley Brand 10 Inch Chime Express


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This mattress is available is in 8, 10 and 12 inch versions. We recommend the ten inch mattress because it offers full comfort and reasonable support, and it comes at a lower cost than the 12 inch thick mattress.

It doesn’t always fully inflate. Yet that doesn’t affect the comfort. The Chime mattress is even available in both king and California king sizes, though we’re reviewing the king version.

Why did this bed make our list of the best mattress under 500 dollars? It has great support as long as you aren’t a side-sleeper. It is very firm for a mattress, but the plush top isn’t soft enough to prevent pressure points if you sleep on your side.

Don’t buy this mattress if you have joint problems, unless you were recommended to buy a firm mattress. It will not soften over time. Fortunately, it almost always expands to full size and without lumps when you unpack it.

It is unusual for limiting motion transfer, even with heavy owners. The coil layer under the memory foam prevents one person getting out of bed from disturbing the other sleeper.

A bigger problem is the lack of a backing on the bottom. This mattress can slide around on your bed platform, though this isn’t a problem in a properly fitted bed frame.

The mattress is somewhat durable. It will last one or two years, and that’s good performance given its product class. It has some edge support.

The memory foam over the coils has a strong odor. Another issue is the heat retention. It doesn’t have good air flow or cooling gel to prevent the overheating that’s a common problem in memory foam mattresses.

This is a classic bed in a box. It can be shipped directly to your home. You can take it up the stairs or into an RV with relatively little effort, because it is lighter than average.


  •  Limits motion transfer
  •  Good overall value


  • Unusually firm with little pressure relief
  • Will slide around on a bed frame


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02. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Brand 14 Inch Chime Elite Mattress


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Ashley Furniture makes a variety of mattresses. Their Signature Design line is the more affordable product. The Chime mattresses are their bed in a box line. Here, we’re recommending the 14 inch Chime Elite mattresses. It is thicker than the Chime Express model we just reviewed.

It is available in 10, 12 and 14 inch versions. It comes in sizes ranging from twin to California King. We recommend the queen mattress as the best overall value.

Like other Chime mattresses by Ashley, it is very firm. It won’t contour to your body unless you’re very heavy, a side-sleeper or there are two of you in the bed. This is the best mattress under 500 dollars for those who won’t get enough support in softer mattresses.

The mattress has a silky smooth surface, though this is very thin. This can be pleasant to the touch. It can also make non-fitted sheets slide right off. Like the first mattress on our list, the bed may slide on a bed platform, too.

The mattress is easy to set up. Unbox it. Unwrap it. It will fully inflate in two days.

The mattress has memory foam on top of a thick layer of metal coils. The memory foam will smell for days. It does not dissipate body heat, so you may want to put fitted sheets or a mattress topper on top of it to prevent heat retention, unless you actually want to trap in body heat.

Note that the ultra-plus label won’t make it soft or offset the firmness. If you don’t want firm to hard, don’t buy this mattress.

One point in favor of this mattress is its durability. It can last for several years.


  •  Firm support
  •  Easy setup
  •  Durability


  •  Can slide around


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03. Sleep Innovations Brand Marley Model 10 inch Cooling Gel Mattress



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This is the only Sleep Innovations mattress on our list. We’re recommending the king sized mattress that’s ten inches thick. This model is available in 8, 10 and 12 inch thicknesses. The 10 inch mattress is more comfortable than the thinner one, but the extra two inches of memory foam doesn’t make a difference with this bed.

It is a classic bed in a box. It has Certi-PUR certified foam. It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals or metals. It has the added benefit of being made in the United States. On the flip-side it can take a while to fully inflate.

This bed has medium-firm support. If a bed that’s too firm or hard hurts, this is the best mattress on our list for you. A side benefit is the fact it can support sleepers in any position. You’ll be as comfortable as a side-sleeper as a stomach sleeper.

One point in favor of this bed is the three inch layer of foam with air channels to help vent hot air. This is on top of the two inch thick memory foam layer infused with cooling gel. You’re not going to overheat in this memory foam bed.

It has average durability. It will last one to two years of heavy use. On the other hand, even the thick king mattress costs less than five hundred dollars.


  •  Excellent heat dissipation
  •  Nontoxic memory foam


  •  Takes a while to inflate


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04. Zinus Support Plus Mattress, King



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This best mattress under 500 review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the ergonomics of the mattress. This bed is the best choice for those who need the exact level of support. This bed is great for side-sleepers and those with joint problems. It is quite firm, but is has a moderately soft surface to offset this.

We consider this bed better for back or stomach sleepers in need of good support. This is why we recommend the Zinus Support plus that’s 12 inches thick in place of the 10 inch thick classic spring mattress by the same manufacturer.

One point in favor of the Zinus Support is that it can support very heavy people who end up sinking too far into softer mattresses. The roughly four inches of foam on top of 7.5 inches of coils balances the load.

The bed is rated to support as much as 500 pounds. Note that this is a total weight, so two 300 pound people will not be comfortable on this bed. The bed does better than average at limiting motion transfer, but if one

The bed wears relatively quickly, though it is almost average in regard to other beds in this price range. The springs start to wear down after a year to a year and a half. There is little support on the edges, and it will deteriorate at the corners first. This can result in lumps up to six months after you buy it.This is the best mattress set under 500.

The bed is Certi-pur certified, proving that it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals in the bed or the fumes it may put off. The memory foam in the bed smells bad when you open it, but this dissipates after two to three days.


  •  Gently firm surface
  •  Comfortably supports heavier users


  •  Less durable than average


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05. Modway Brand Jenna 10 Inch Quilted Pillow Top



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This bed by Modway arguably has the best overall value. We’re recommending the 10 inch thick mattress because it is soft, somewhat firm, and has the same motion-control ability as the thicker mattresses. Yet the springs squeak when you move.

The mattress is designed around thick inner springs. However, the entire thing is flexible enough to ship as a bed in a box. The roughly two inch thick layer of foam adds cushioning.

The padded polyester top reduces the memory foam smell while simultaneously minimizing the sweat and other bodily fluids that might seep into the mattress. This makes the bed relatively easy to clean. You don’t even have to put a bed cover over it.

The bed has a medium-soft level of support. It isn’t suitable for very heavy people, and it may not be good enough for side sleepers. The fluffy, nearly quilted top is a problem for those with back pain because you sink in so far that it is painful. You’re left in a U-shaped depression.

The problems may be compounded when the memory foam and surface layer don’t fully expand. An extra inch or two might make it more comfortable.

The mattress itself is heavy. This means that it can be hard to get up the stairs or put sheets on even though it can ship in a box to your front door. That also makes it hard to rotate the bed 180 degrees as the manufacturer recommends for preventing permanent depressions from forming.


  •  Bed in a box
  •  Limits motion transfer
  •  Good overall value


  •  Softer than most expect
  •  Some noise when you move


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06. Revel Brand Custom Cool Mattress, full Size



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We are recommending the full sized mattress because it is the best overall value.

This mattress is made of alternative latex. It isn’t going to trigger anyone’s allergies. That’s on top of the general benefits of memory foam such as resisting dust mites, bed bugs and mold growth. The foam itself is nontoxic.

The Revel mattress is cooler than average. It goes beyond the three inch thick all climate cooling gel layer. The intermediate level has two inches of foam with ventilation foils. This has a side benefit of helping keep the mattress cool even if you have thick blankets on the top.

Another point in favor of this mattress is the way the cooling gel reacts to temperature changes. It doesn’t harden on exposure to cold temperatures, just as it doesn’t soften too much when you’re hot.

This mattress is made in the United States. That’s a selling point for some customers.

This mattress has relatively little support. It is so soft that people who need a specific level of support due to joint problems or back pain is going to have problems

. The biggest problem with this is that the mattress is advertised as having medium firmness when it obviously does not. The heavier you are, the less able it is to support you.

This mattress wears out in a year or two. However, that’s fairly common for mattresses in this price range.


  •  Allergen-free
  •  Made in the United States
  •  Cool and ventilated


  • Less support/firmness than advertised


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07. LUCID Brand 12 Inch Queen Sized Latex Hybrid Mattress



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This is a queen sized hybrid mattress. The thick sturdy strings are covered with a thick layer of memory foam. The foam doesn’t have an odor. As a bed in a box, it is flexible enough to be rolled into a cylinder and shipped to anywhere. This queen mattress is true to size.

We’re recommending the 12 inch thick version of this mattress, because it is more comfortable than the 10 inch version. It has a good balance of firmness and softness for the first few months you use it.

However, it is not so firm or hard that it will push back against your spine. Thus it isn’t a good choice for those with back problems. It doesn’t offer enough support for those over 200 pounds.

It will develop dips after several months, especially if you don’t rotate it 180 degrees. You can’t flip it over, because the other side lacks the supportive memory foam layer.


  •  Odor-free
  •  A portable bed in a box hybrid


  •  Average to below average durability


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08. Sweetnight Brand Queen Mattress



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You get two inches of soft memory foam on top of several inches of comfort foam that offer some support. The high density foam in the middle and on the sides gives it better than average edge support. A side benefit of this design is that it won’t sag nearly as soon as other memory foam mattresses.

One reason why we recommend this mattress under 500 dollars is because it is really two-in-one. One side is soft. The other side is medium firm. This means you can flip it over if the soft side is too soft for you. Or you can use the softer side when you’re dealing with joint pain or burns, assuming you don’t need to keep your spine straight. Both sides have memory foam, though the firm side offers more support.

The memory foam in this mattress is CertiPUR US certified. This means the foam and any fumes it puts off are non-toxic. The downside is the smell. It can take two weeks for the odor from this mattress to fade.

On the other hand, it decompresses in just two hours. Some beds take two or three days to reach their full thickness. Note that you need to remove the cover from the mattress for this to happen.

Some memory foam mattresses are smaller than the official king and queen dimensions. This one is a full 60 inches wide, but it is sometimes a fraction of an inch larger. This mattress weighs 64 pounds. It will be hard to maneuver.

This memory foam contains cooling gel to help prevent over-heating. It does better than average in this regard, but only if you’re sleeping on the soft side. It lacks that cooling layer on the firm side.


  •  Two different levels of firmness in one mattress
  •  Excellent edge and overall structural support


  • Odor
  • Cooling gel is only on one side


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09. Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam, 12-Inch Mattress



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This mattress is available in queen, king and California king sizes. All models are 12 inches thick.

The bed has a three to four inch layer of foam. The surface is cool gel foam that dissipates body heat. The second layer is “comfort foam”. This is intended to provide some support while still letting you sink down into the foam layers. These layers of foam sit on top of eight inch thick 12 gauge steel coils. They’re individually wrapped to reduce noise and motion transfer.

The mattress top is rather soft, but it offers good support if you’re lighter than average. (The foam and springs combined are rather firm.) We do not recommend this bed if you’re tall or heavy. You’ll sink into it until you’re lying in a concave spot. This can also be a problem if you’re a side sleeper.

It has better than average edge support. It is not a good choice if you need a precise level of orthopedic support, such as people with back pain or arthritis.

The foam doesn’t just have a cooling gel layer. The foam is also porous, allowing for better than average ventilation. You won’t overheat in this bed unless you put a plastic cover over the foam. The foam may take several days to fully inflate.This is the best mattress under 1000 USD.

The memory foam is hypoallergenic. You don’t have to worry about a latex allergy with this bed. The material also resists mold and dust mites. It doesn’t have much of an odor. On the other hand, the memory foam is not durable. It rips up easily.


  •  Non-allergenic
  •  Low motion transfer
  •  Excellent heat dissipation


  •  Can’t support heavier sleepers
  •  Doesn’t have good back support
  •  Not durable


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10. LUCID 14 Inch Memory Foam Bed Mattress Conventional, Queen, Medium


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One could argue the 2019 or 2020 Lucid mattresses are a good choice. We actually recommend the 2019 version, because it went on sale once the 2020 edition came out. You get a medium-plush mattress at a reasonable price. It has features typically reserved for more upscale products like the one inch bamboo, charcoal memory foam layer.

This is in theory to prevent mold and bacteria from growing in the mattress. The memory foam is Certipur certified. There are no toxic chemicals involved. There are some fiberglass fibers inside the bed; these can come out if the cover is punctured or ripped.

This mattress is very firm. It may be too firm for those with joint problems. This is despite the medium plus top on the model we recommend. The mattress without that plush top is almost impossible, unless you’re in need of a 5 out of 5 on the firmness scale.

The mattress is supposed to have good ventilation. It is not as cool as advertised.


  •  Unusually firm, which is rare in this product class
  • Non-toxic


  •  Poor heat dissipation


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You don’t have to choose between affordable and comfortable. We’ve identified three budget mattresses that allow you to sleep soundly night after night. Each has its pros and cons, but you can find the right affordable mattress for your particular situation form our list.