Top 3 Best Mattresses for Back and Neck Pain

An incredible number of people suffer from back and neck pain caused by a mattress that doesn’t offer the right level of support. For many others, sleeping on the wrong mattress aggravates existing conditions like arthritis, back pain and joint problems. Here are our recommendations for the best mattress for back and neck pain depending on your body shape and sleeping position. We’re including several products because we realize that there isn’t a single solution for every person with back and neck pain.

03.Suiforlun Brand Hybrid Mattress

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A hybrid mattress is one that combines design elements from one or more type of bed. In this case, the core of the mattress consists of an innerspring mattress. In order to minimize pressure points and maximize support, this mattress has many small, individually encased coils.

On top of that is a memory foam layer that offers gentle yet firm support. It is soft, but you won’t sink deep down into it and end up sleeping with your spine out of alignment. It is poor alignment of the neck and spine that can cause back pain and neck pain in many, and it will aggravate back pain in those with other health issues.

This ideal choice if you need something relatively firm to be comfortable; it has medium firmness but offers good support while feeling soft. Side sleepers and heavy people in particular would benefit from this model. The mattress is available in sizes from twin to California King.

One of the benefits of this model is the reinforced coils at the edge of the bed. It won’t start to sag on the sides because you sit on the side of the bed while getting dressed. Nor will you lose support if you sleep close to the side. A side benefit of this design is the fact that the same coils won’t transfer motion to someone else lying on the bed.

In summary, this is the best mattress for back and neck pain if you need good support when you’re prone to pressure points but don’t want an ultra-firm bed.

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02.Beautyrest Brand Silver Extra Firm 600 Mattress

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There are times when the doctor says you must keep your spine utterly aligned all night in order to prevent back or neck pain. You can buy the right supportive pillow to help your neck, but what about your back? That is where an extra firm mattress can save you from your back and neck pain.

This is an extra firm mattress by Beautyrest, and they mean it. It is built out of 600 extra firm, individually wrapped coils. Note that coil count doesn’t make it firm or soft. Beautyrest sells mattresses with fewer and more coils that are plush or firm. However, this mattress’ design ensures that you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a board.

There is a thin layer of memory foam on the top to make it somewhat soft. A lower layer of gel memory foam disperses your body heat so that you don’t overheat at night. Underneath that layer are the pocketed coils. Around the bed is a stiff layer of foam that keeps the coils contained and makes it comfortable to sit on the edge.

The mattress is sold separately from a foundation, but the mattress can be put on a platform bed, as well. The mattress itself is about 14” thick.

This mattress’ layer of memory foam is relatively thin, so if you’re particularly big, that layer of softness doesn’t mitigate the hardness, so it could end up making your back pain worse. If you’re tall but thin or simply petite, this is an excellent mattress for curing your back and neck pain. In short, this is the best mattress for back and neck pain if you need a very firm bed to alleviate your suffering.

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01.Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

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At the opposite end of the spectrum from the ultra-firm mattress is the ultra-soft one. If you’re heavy and a side sleeper, almost nothing offers the right level of support to keep your back and neck from hurting. If you’re just tall and heavy, few mattresses can support you without creating pressure points. That is where this Tuft and Needle brand foam mattress comes in.

This Tuft and Needle brand mattress has adaptive foam. It is soft, but it compresses under pressure. You’re not going to sink into it and suffer joint pain because your neck and back aren’t straight.

The mattress is a mixture of stiff and soft foam so that it offers the right amount of pressure relief if you have joint problems that make pressure points agonizing. Its absorbs motion so that you won’t disturb another sleeper if you toss and turn.

This mattress comes in a variety of sizes. You can find it in twin and twin XL. It’s available in full and queen. And you can choose between king and California king.

You can buy the mattress alone or a set of matching pillows. The mattress can be rolled up and shipped, so it costs less to have delivered and you don’t have to arrange for a furniture delivery truck to get it. The compact size makes it easy for one person to pull up a flight of stairs, too. It is like latex foam in that regard, but it offers much more support.

One potential issue is the fact that the mattress has to be allowed to expand to its full dimensions before you can comfortably sleep on it. This mattress doesn’t have particular problems with chemical smells, though it does contain memory foam. The gel in the memory foam does a good job dissipating body heat.
This is the best mattress for back and neck pain if you want something that feels ultra-soft but still offers a good level of support.

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Bonus Feature: Lucid Brand 3” Memory Foam Topper

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If you have a hard coil mattress, you could use a memory foam topper to add softness and form-fitting curves to your bed without replacing the bed outright. In cases like this, products like the Lucid brand 3” memory foam topper can help you.

However, foam toppers like this do not really help if the bed is already sagging or too soft. If bed foam like this would provide the gentle yet firm support you’re lacking, this brand stands out for the excellent ventilation that prevents the overheating that is so common with memory foam beds.

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Understand the level of firmness you need in a bed, whether this is based on your sleeping position or your doctor’s recommendation, and you will be able to identify the right mattress for your situation.

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