Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

Recent research shows that close to 15% of the adults prefer sleeping on their side. Pregnant women are also recommended to sleep on their side since it’s the most appropriate position to accommodate their growing baby bumps. Side sleeping is also particularly beneficial in minimizing snoring and acid reflux. If you prefer sleeping in this position, then you should consider buying a mattress that offers you enough support and comfort to guarantee you a good night’s sleep.

But are all mattresses for side sleepers appropriate if you are experiencing shoulder pains? No, not all mattresses are appropriate for relieving shoulder pain. You need to get a mattress that is well cushioned and soft enough to cup your shoulders thus offering you the much-needed comfort to help you relieve shoulder pain.

Selecting the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain

Before we review some of the best mattresses to help you relieve shoulder pain, we will first take a look at what happens when we sleep on our side, possible causes of the shoulder pain and the best mattress features to counter such pains.

When sleeping on your side, your body weight is usually placed on your shoulders and hips. This is because one can hardly achieve a perfectly symmetrical sleeping position. It’s always more of an inward-turned position where the top leg, arm, and shoulder tend to fall towards the mattress for the support thus twisting your shoulders and hips.

This distorts the inner structure of the spine, therefore, exerting more pressure on your shoulders and hips. The accumulated tension thus causes discomfort and pain in the shoulder area. To avoid the pressure build up, you need a mattress that features softness and firmness.

The ideal level of firmness will vary from one person to the other. But generally, you should consider a mattress that is less firm than the medium firm. A softer mattress, on the other hand, allows your shoulders and hips to sink in thus providing uniform contact between your mattress and the entire side of your body. This will enable you to attain a more natural position. They should not, however, be too soft since this can exacerbate lower back pains.

In this guide, we have reviewed some of the best mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder pain to help you with the selection process.

1. Layla Mattress


Layla mattresses feature flappable firmness thus making them ideal for side sleepers with shoulder pains. The overwhelmingly positive reviews regarding this mattress speak for its effectiveness in relieving shoulder pain.

Layla mattress has various layers of carefully designed materials to offer you maximum comfort while still providing pressure relief. Firstly, this mattress contains a copper-infused memory form on both sides that cushions the entire body while fitting your shape on it.

Memory foam additionally enhances heat transfer and offer deep compression support and comfort. What’s more, users can choose to sleep on either side based on their preferred level of firmness. One side is medium-firm while the other is relatively firmer.

Again, Layla Mattress has a convoluted support foam situated between the base support foam and the memory foam. This enhances air circulation hence adding to its breathability.

It’s time to welcome more refreshing night’s sleep and say goodbye to sweating at night. More importantly, Layla offers 120 days trial period which proves their confidence in their products at fulfilling their customers’ requirements.


2. Dynasty Mattress cool Breeze


If you are looking for a mid-priced mattress that still offers enough support to help relieve shoulder pain, then this is the ideal pick for you. It provides a better balance between cushion and support.
Most reviewers pointed out that this mattress is relatively firm thus minimizing pressures build up at the shoulder area while still preventing back pains associated with extra soft cushions that tend to sink in more severely.

Cool breeze gel memory foam mattress is composed of 4 different foam layers with each layer having been specially formulated to provide a perfect balance between support, cooling comfort and luxury. These layers achieve maximum body comfort by ensuring correct alignment of the spine and shoulders which minimizes tender pressure joints by promoting uniform distribution of body weight.

This mattress is most appropriate for heavy side sleepers, those who occasionally sleep on their back and also those who fancy firmer mattress. Some people find it a little bit firm, but it readily conforms to the body exquisitely.


3. Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress


Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress comprises 5 layers of innovative construct that are perfectly blended to offer maximum comfort and coziness. Most consumers have praised this product for being the most comfortable mattress in the market today.
It features a soft quilted top layer which is wonderfully fluffy and an aesthetically appealing. This top layer fabric is also excellent when it comes to offering ergonomic support thus a viable solution for side sleepers with shoulder pains. What’s more, this support is also felt at the edges, and it’s designed to accommodate people of all weights and sizes.
One distinguishing factors that set this mattress apart from its competitors is how well it has incorporated an innovative pocketed coils system into its design to offer comfort and perfect back support to side sleepers. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to keeping shoulder pain at bay.
More importantly, Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattresses are available in 3 levels of firmness. Consumers can choose between soft, medium and firm.
When it comes to motion transfer and sinkage, this mattress has shown a high level of bounce but relatively minimal motion transfer when compared to an all foam mattress. Still, it’s ideal for side sleepers with shoulder pain.

4. Nectar Mattress


Nectar mattress is constructed using multiple layers with the primary aim of providing maximum comfort while proving pressure relief to minimize shoulder pain. The engineering dedicates an entire inch to the cover which is made of Tencel-cotton blend. Tencel adds to its breathability and softness.
The layer of gel memory foam and the middle layers of this mattress which are made of memory foam provide a slow response to pressure, enhance even distribution of weight and provide a classic memory foam-feel. The base layer of the nectar mattress is constructed from dense poly foam that helps to keep the mattress in shape.
Its design also promotes rapid air circulation which is efficient at wicking away heat and humidity. This product combines the softness and the contouring capabilities of the top layers, and the average level firmness of a breathable base layer to offer maximum level of comfort to all types of sleepers and more specifically to side sleepers.



Overall, we recommend the above mattresses as the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain available in the market today. However, the level of firmness quoted on each of the above products can vary slightly based on one’s size and weight distribution.

It’s wise to consider all factors that may affect the choice of your mattress to assist you in significantly relieving shoulder pain and pick one that guarantees you an all-around great night sleep.