Top 10 Best Mattress in a Box Reviews of 2021 (Important)

Mattresses in a box have exploded in popularity. Beds in a box became popular because they can be delivered by your door without having to arrange for furniture delivery from a store. You could purchase them through a website from a retailer that may not manage any retail stores. This often results in lower product prices. The mattresses are either memory foam mattresses or flexible hybrid mattresses that combine a thin layer of metal coils with a memory foam layer. Here are some of the best mattress in a box options on the market.

Top 10 Best Mattress In a Box Reviews

01. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam

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This mattress in a box product by Classic Brands is available in sizes from twin to California king. They also offer several mattress thicknesses. They have both eight and nine inch thick mattresses. You can even order matching foundations or platform beds. For example, you can order a four or eight inch instant foundation, or you can buy a platform bed frame.

We recommend the eight inch thick queen size mattress on its own. This is large enough for individuals and couples while fitting almost any bed frame. This is the best mattress in a box for those who want to buy everything they need in one go.

This bed can breathe. That’s aside from the two inch thick memory foam layer that is infused with cooling gel. Beneath this is a durable layer of supportive high density memory foam. This provides a good layer of support while letting the bed be flexible enough to mail to your front door.

The memory foam is CertiPUR certified. It is non-allergenic while resisting mold, bugs and bacteria. On the other hand, it has a strong chemical smell. Furthermore, that takes a long time to dissipate.

This mattress is medium-firm. Don’t get this if you need a high degree of support. For example, it may be too soft for a back sleeper. It won’t handle a heavy side sleeper. It may form low spots in the middle after just a few months.

The bed can take a while to fully inflate. The bigger the mattress, the longer it takes. This means a twin mattress may expand in a day but a queen could take several days to reach full size.


  •  One stop shop options
  • Non-allergenic


  •  Odor

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02. Avenco Brand Queen Memory Foam Mattress, 10 Inches Thick

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This mattress by Avenco is available in twin, queen and king sizes. Furthermore, you can find longer twin XL and California king versions. We’re recommending the queen as the best overall value. It is only available in a ten inch thick version.

This mattress has open cells to allow for air flow in addition to the gel-infused foam you sleep on. This helps prevent overheating. There are actually four layers of foam in this bed in a box. A roughly one inch layer of cooling gel foam sits on top of a two inch layer of comfort foam. Beneath that is a three and a half layer of ventilated “airflow” foam.

Then there’s a three and a half inch thick layer of high density foam that prevents you from sinking all the way through the mattress. The supportive foam layers make it suitable for back and side sleepers. Yet the mattress is flexible enough to use on adjustable beds.

The foam is covered in rayon fabric. The patterns in it don’t really aid breathability. However, this makes the bed easier to clean than if you were lying directly on memory foam. This also protects the memory foam to a degree. The foam is not Certi-pur certified, but there are no toxic metals or chemicals used in its construction. It doesn’t have a worse odor than average.

One issue with the bed is size. It may be plus or minus half an inch in any and all dimensions. You may get a bed half an inch narrower than your queen bed frame. Or it may expand unevenly, creating an uneven sleeping surface. This can make it uncomfortable. It will expand within a few days.


  • Excellent ventilation and cooling
  • Works for side and back sleepers
  •  Flexible enough for adjustable beds


  •  Uneven in many cases
  •  Not Certi-PUR certified


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03. GhostBed Queen Sized 11 Inch Memory Foam Mattress


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The Ghostbed made by a company of the same name capitalized on the bed in a box trend. This one is notable for being available in less common sizes like twin XL and full. This is in addition to standard sizes like queen and king. You can also find twin and California king sizes by this company. We’re recommending the queen bed. It is large enough for couples and a good overall value. The king beds are much more expensive. The mattress is only available in 11 inch thicknesses.

The bed provides average levels of support. It conforms to your body as long as you’re not putting a lot of weight on a given point. This makes it is good for back sleepers and stomach sleepers but not side sleepers. It is OK for two average sized adults but you’ll sink in if you’re lying right next to each other. It does nothing more to limit motion transfer than standard memory foam beds.

This mattress is a good deal, but it is not as durable as you’d expect. It starts to break down within a year. That causes it to go soft until it fails to offer any support at all. However, there are other budget memory foam mattresses that develop low spots even faster. Fortunately, it does expand to its full size without developing lumps or wavy areas.

A serious issue with this bed is heat retention. It will capture body heat like conventional memory foam mattresses.


  • Available in hard to find sizes
  •  Good overall value


  • Loses support within a year of heavy use
  •  Heat retention


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04. LUCID Brand 10 Inch 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress


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Lucid updated their gel memory foam mattress line in 2019. They modified both the firm and medium plush versions of the bed. We’re recommending the medium plush version, because memory foam mattresses rarely meet the needs of those who need a firm mattress.

Lucid also makes a just plush version, but you can find very soft and far from firm memory foam mattresses everywhere. It is the medium-firm mattresses that serve most people’s needs. We’ll say it is on the firm side of medium-firm.

This mattress is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Lucid is unusual in making a short queen edition that can fit in RVs as well as a longer California King size. They even make a twin X and full XL version.

The mattress itself is ten inches thick. It has a 7.5 inch high density foam layer topped with a 2.5 inch gel-infused soft memory foam layer. This gives you a soft surface to sleep on before you sink down into the supportive layer.

The mattress can expand in a matter of hours. However, it may not completely expand to the promised ten inch thickness. This can result in a lumpy surface in some cases.

It has an average smell. The odor will last longer if you keep it in the plastic for a while or put a plastic cover on it. The material does not include toxic chemicals. The mattress is Certi-PUR certified.

This mattress has below average durability. It may last two years of heavy usage and may deteriorate after just one. It takes time to return to its shape, and you may be left with a bowl in the middle if you don’t turn the mattress 180 degrees periodically.


  •  Comes in a range of rarely available sizes
  •  Moderately firm without being hard
  •  Certi-PUR certified


  • Not very durable


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05. Sealy Branded 12-Inch Hybrid Bed in a Box, Medium-Firm


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This Sealy bed in a box is available in ten and twelve inch thicknesses. This best mattress in a box review is for the 12 inch version, because it provides more support and is more comfortable. The bed is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. All versions of the mattress include a memory foam layer on top of inner spring mattresses.

The mattress expands relatively quickly once you unpack it. There’s no memory foam smell.

The mattress foam is soft, but it offers no support on its own. You’ll sink down to the coil level. This mattress is similar to adding a memory foam topper to a low coiled spring mattress. It is medium-soft. Once the foam wears down, it feels like a basic coil mattress. Note that this can cause problems, since the mattress is described as medium firm but it is not firm.

One issue with this mattress is the lack of edge support. You can slide off the side if you sit there. There is no padding on the sides, either.

A different issue is the thin foam. It is described as high density, but it doesn’t prevent you from feeling the coils underneath if you press down. If you’re a side sleeper or very heavy, this mattress is not a good choice for you.


  •  No chemical smell
  •  Comes in a wide range of sizes
  •  Expands quickly
  •  No nasty smell


  •  Relatively little support for the sleeper
  •  No edge support
  •  Not firm though advertised as such


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06. Live and Sleep Brand Resort Ultra Bed in Box, 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress



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Live and Sleep brand is not a well-known bed in a box brand. They make decent memory foam mattresses. They’re available in sizes from twin to king. We’ recommending the king sized bed as the best overall value.

All of the mattresses are twelve inches thick. It has an 8.5 inch thick high density foam base. A 2.5 inch thick layer of vented foam lies on top of this. It is topped with a 1 inch thick layer of cooling gel infused memory foam. There are no coils underneath it that you could feel or even have poke outside of the mattress.

One point in favor of this mattress is the Certi-Pur certified mattress. There are no toxic chemicals used in the mattress.

The Live and Sleep mattress is very firm. This can cause problems for those with joint pain, but it may be what you need if you’re heavy or a back sleeper in need of strong support. We do not recommend it for side sleepers. This may be a problem for some, since it is listed as medium firm.

Quality is an issue for this mattress. Its seams aren’t very strong, so the cover could split along the seams if you toss and turn a lot. It could even be damaged during shipment. Another issue is durability. It will develop low spots within months if you don’t change your sleeping position. Note that you can’t flip it over to even out wear due to the design.


  •  Certipur certified memory foam
  •  Cooling gel plus venting keeps you cool
  •  Firm for a memory foam mattress


  •  Develops low spots

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07. Ashley Furniture Brand Signature Design 12 Inch Chime Express Mattress

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This mattress is available in 8, 10 and 12 inch thicknesses. We recommend the 12 inch thick version of the Chime Express bed in a box. It is just as portable as the thinner versions, but it is much more comfortable.

The memory foam core in this mattress does a better job of preventing motion transfer than average. The entire memory foam mattress resists mold, pollen, and dust mites. However, this is true of all memory foam mattresses.

This mattress only takes a few hours to inflate. It can take a few days to have the smell dissipate. This mattress is unusual for actually firming up over time, when other memory foam mattresses lose their support or form indents. It is medium-firm until it starts to wear down.

This means it is firmer than most memory foam mattresses. That makes it good for couples and heavier individuals, as long as you aren’t a side sleeper. Don’t use this mattress if you have issues with pressure points, such as when you have back or neck pain.

This bed does retain body heat. It doesn’t have cooling gel or ventilation channels.

The Chime Express is one of the cheaper mattresses on this list, but it has a similarly short lifespan. It may only last a few months of heavy usage.


  •  Expands quickly
  •  Limits motion transfer
  •  Firm for a memory foam mattress


  •  Retains body heat

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08. Molblly Brand 10 inch Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Mattress


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This bed is unusual for being an innerspring mattress that can be delivered as a bed in a box. This makes it a relatively cheap option, too. This mattress is available in full, queen and king size. We’re recommending the king sized mattress because it is the best overall value. It is only available in a standard ten inch thickness.

This is a basic mattress. It has a knit cover over the springs, so it has a rich texture. This does not mean it is easy to clean. The manufacturer says it has a layer of memory foam, but if it is there, it is so thin that it doesn’t prevent you from feeling the springs.

The metal coil springs result in very good support, making it better than average for side-sleepers.

There is no foam on top of the mattress thick enough to relieve pressure points. Do not use this bed if you have arthritis or issues with pressure points. You can put a memory foam mattress topper on top of this mattress. It is so thin that this won’t make it hard to get into bed. You can also feel the springs through the knit cover. This bed in a box can be put on top of a standard bed foundation.


  •  Low cost
  •  Can support side sleepers


  •  No relief for pressure points


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09. Sleep Innovations Brand Shiloh 14 inch Memory Foam Mattress Bed in a Box


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This king sized bed in a box is available in 12 and 14 inch heights. We are recommending the 14 inch thick mattress because it is more comfortable. It features a 2.5 inch memory foam layer that dissipates body heat. This is on top of a nine inch thick layer of supporting foam. Sandwiched between them is a two inch layer of channeled air foam to vent excess body heat. Heat retention is not an issue with this memory foam mattress.

It does a good job of conforming to your body, providing better support when your back needs to be kept straight. Furthermore, the memory foam is rather firm without creating serious pressure points. That makes this the best mattress in a box of 2020 for side sleepers.

Note that this bed is firm, while it is advertised as medium-firm. Some of the complaints against it come from those expecting a much softer bed.

The memory foam is Certi-pur certified and hypoallergenic. It resists dust mites and mold, and it won’t trigger latex allergies. It doesn’t have a worse chemical smell than other memory foam mattresses.

One issue with this bed is how often it fails to fully expand. For example, your 12 inch mattress may only expand to 10 inches. Fortunately, it tends to expand evenly, so you aren’t left with waves and lumps. We recommend opening it up almost as soon as you get it, because it may not completely unfold if it sits in a box or plastic wrap too long.

A different issue is the quality of the material. It wears out rather quickly. You may see the mattress cover start to fall apart within months, especially if you sit on the edge a lot.


  •  Firm and supportive for a memory foam mattress
  •  Good heat dissipation
  •  Non-allergenic


  •  Advertised as medium-firm
  •  Not durable

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10. LUCID Brand 10 Inch Thick 2020 Edition Gel Memory Foam Mattress


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Lucid updated its memory foam bed design in 2020. You can find 2019 versions that are plush, medium plush and firm. We’re recommending the 2020 plush edition. It is softer than the firm versions. It also offers more support than the 2019 versions of this bed by Lucid. That’s aside from the fact this company is considered one of the best online mattress companies in general.

We are also recommending the king sized bed as the best overall value, though twin, full and queen versions are available. One benefit of this mattress is that it is one of the cheaper bed in a box brands on the market. The Lucid memory foam mattress is unusual for being available in unusual sizes like full XL and the short queen size designed for campers and RVs. This is the best mattress in a box on Amazon for RVers.

The Lucid king sized bed we’re recommending is ten inches thick. It does a good job of relieving pressure points. This is due to the plush 3.5 inch top memory foam layer. It is soft enough to relieve pressure points but not so thick you sink into it and get stuck like traditional memory foam beds.

The top layer of foam is infused with cooling gel to help keep you cool, too. Underneath this is a thick layer of supportive memory foam. There is a two inch layer of transition foam to prevent you from feeling pressure from the supportive layer, too. However, the mattress does not have the strength to prevent problems if you are very heavy. In this case, you’ll sink in too far.

The memory foam includes bamboo and charcoal. The company says this provides dimensional stability along with various health benefits. Honestly, you’re going to see the same resistance to dust mites and mold in almost any memory foam bed.

The charcoal may reduce the chemical odors from the bed, but it won’t prevent a wet bed from developing mold. You may want to let the bed air out before you put a plastic cover on it, because there are some complaints of it developing mold based on storage conditions prior to shipment.

The bamboo does nothing except add a selling point. For example, it doesn’t change the fact that the memory foam used is certi-pur certified. Nor does this prevent fiberglass-like particles inside the mattress from potentially leaking out if there are tears in the mattress cover.

The mattress has average to below average durability. It will develop low points after a few months of steady use. The problem is worse if you’re heavy, a side sleeper, or a couple uses the bed.


  •  Relieves pressure points
  •  Excellent overall value


  •  Advertised extras don’t make a real difference


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The best bed in a box provides the right balance between quality and price. It provides the firmness level you need while fitting your lifestyle and bedframe. Understand what you need out of your new bed so that you can choose the right one for you.

 What is a mattress in a box?

A mattress in a box is any mattress that can be shipped rolled up and delivered in a large box to your door. This is in contrast to the large, flat conventional mattresses that are difficult to even bend so you can get them through the door.

Mattresses in boxes are much easier to ship than standard bulky mattresses. This made it possible for them to be sold online and shipped directly to the customer instead of being sold in retail stores and delivered by truck to someone’s home.

A mattress in a box must be flexible enough to fit in the box. These are typically either pure memory foam mattresses or a hybrid memory foam and flexible coil mattress. Regardless of the material used, there are a number of benefits to buying a mattress in a box.

The Benefits of Buying the Best Mattress in a Box

Any mattress in a box is going to be easier to carry through a hallway to a bedroom. A bed in a box will be far easier to carry up stairwells to a third story apartment or even transport in an elevator. However, that’s just the first step in getting the mattress to its destination.

The best mattress in a box is sold online by a retailer that can reduce the price because they don’t have to maintain a chain of stores. Because the mattresses are generally mailed, they may be cheaper to have delivered to your home, too. Note that this may force you to figure out what to do with your old mattress.

The disposal of the old mattress may be included in white glove delivery services, especially if you order through the right e-commerce site.

One benefit of the mattress in a box is convenience. You can pick almost any mattress and have it arrive at your home without having to go to a store. You can order any mattress and choose from all of their sizes available.

They’re all coming from the same warehouse, so you don’t have to choose between the king size you don’t like and the queen size you do. Nor is there any sales pressure to buy the bed that gives the salesperson a higher commission. Furthermore, you have more time to research the mattress relative to similar products, both beds by the same manufacturer and other brands.

Online retailers tend to be more flexible in their offerings, as well. For example, you can choose from a variety of platform beds, bed frames and box springs. You’re not limited to the few brands the furniture store offers. On the flip side , you won’t be pressured to buy the matching pillows and sheets that you don’t like. You can order any supplemental items you like from the same e-commerce site or get them somewhere else.

The delivery may be more convenient for you, too. The bed is delivered to your front door, and you’ll find it there when you get home. It is very different from waiting for the delivery truck to arrive at some point during the day. For example, you might order a mattress, bed frame and sheets to be delivered to your child’s dorm or new home.

Buying online gives you more opportunity to save money or get a better overall deal on your purchase. You might be able to take advantage of discounts on shipping or bulk buying if you buy the mattress and other items online.

They’re eager to match the competition’s price, because they know that you’re able to close the browser tab and go somewhere else. And e-commerce sites may mark things down or offer coupon codes to incentivize you to buy at certain times. For comparison, you’d be lucky to get a mattress store to give you a discount on the delivery or provide a discount that offsets the sales tax.

 Buying guide of best mattress in a box

Be aware of your medical history before you shop for a memory foam or hybrid mattress. For example, don’t buy a natural latex mattress if you’re allergic to latex or rubber gloves. If you’re allergic to dust mites, prioritize pure memory foam mattresses that these pests can’t live in. If you have hot flashes, a memory foam bed with good ventilation or cooling gel in the foam is invaluable.

Know what firmness level you need in a mattress before you start shopping. If you have joint problems or suffer from pain, you don’t want a hard bed. However, you can’t sleep in a bed so soft you sink down into a bowl shaped depression. Determine if you need a soft, medium-soft, medium-firm or firm bed. Your doctor could give you advice in this regard. You could also try lying on beds in the store, though you need to lay on it long enough to know how it really feels.

One of the risks you take with a bed in a box is buying something sight unseen. That’s why you must read as many reviews as possible to find the best mattress in a box for you. For example, some mattresses are softer than their official rating, while others are much harder. Find out how much support the bed needs. Some people need a bed with enough support in the middle to keep their spine straight, while others just need a soft or plush top that’s enough to ease pressure points.

Also read the reviews and third party ratings of the mattress instead of relying on the manufacturer’s description. Don’t buy a bed that smells so bad it will trigger your asthma. Do find mattresses that are Certi-pur certified and thus certain not to contain toxic metals or chemicals.

Don’t buy a memory foam mattress that breaks down so fast that you’re wasting your money. Read reviews by people who owned it for at least a year instead of five star reviews left by people who are thrilled they just received it. Pay particular attention to corrected reviews based on experience.

Be careful about buying a mattress based on a warranty or guarantee. This may only apply if you buy from the retailer’s store or website, not if you buy it through an e-commerce site.