Top 07 Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Reviews of 2021

Sleep is more appreciated when you have a mattress that lets you express yourself naturally. You can assume any position you feel more comfortable sleeping in without having to worry about waking up with pains. Amongst an extensive list of mattresses available. Below are reviews of some of the best mattress for stomach sleepers:

07 Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Reviews


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If you are one that enjoys sleeping flat on your stomach, then Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Box Mattress would suit you just fine. The foam’s unique style lets you assume a comfortable sleeping position and gives you the luxurious night rest that your body truly deserves.

The mattress is very reliable and durable, making it a good long-term investment purchase. This mattress lets you enjoy the full benefits of a good memory foam and also individually attached coil spring.

The Leesa Luxury Hybrid is an 11-inch king-size mattress that comes in a box on purchase delivery. The mattress features a 3 unique layered design that ensures premium comfort and guarantees maximum satisfaction when you sleep.

The top layer is designed with cooling avena foam, which provides the right level of bounciness to the mattress, and helps to maintain a cool temperature while you sleep.

It also acts as a means of pressure relief to the body parts, most notably the joints, neck, and back. The second layer features a contouring memory foam, effective for neck support and spinal alignment by creating a slight dip or curve.

The last layer is an active 1000 individually wrapped pocket springs layer that provides a unique edge-to-edge support system, a unique system that helps the mattress to adapt to your body and relieves you of any form of discomfort.

This mattress is finished with an exquisite 4 stripes mattress cover with no tapered edges, which makes it breathable, thus giving you a pleasurable and comfortable sleeping experience.


  •  Uses a special edge support system
  •  It has a cool surface to sleep on
  •  Very durable


  •  Soft and becomes even softer when a fat person sleeps on it
  • There is no motion isolation system in place


It’s a top-quality mattress, and also comes in different stylish colors and a well-packaged delivery system. All of its features are unique and adds up to the comfort it provides.

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The Ashley Furniture Company has gone a long way to create one of the best mattress for stomach sleepers. This classy mattress brand is a very cheap bed in a box mattress that is guaranteed for a deep, fulfilling sleep. It is compatible with full bed frames and is very easy to assemble. The mattress provides a whole additional level of comfort to sleep; you can say that sleep is sweeter on a chime mattress.

This 12-inch mattress is designed in 3 layers. The mattress has an ultra-plush feel experience to look forward to while you are in a quest for a decent sleep.

The first layer is a thin stretch knit cover. It is a breathable cover that gives the mattress its durable quality. It also helps with air circulation that gives you a cooler and more refreshing sleeping experience. There is a 2-inch gel and charcoal-infused memory foam that aids in pressure relief.

The third layer is a 10-inch support foam core that acts as a base, which helps to reduce motion transfer, so you don’t feel the tossing and turning movements on the mattress. It is suitable for several sleeping positions, especially when you lie down flat on your stomach.

This mattress uses an all-foam construction design too, made with safe, hypoallergenic materials that have a certified fit for use by CertiPur US. A perfect fit for people who suffer from allergies.


  •  It is Cheap and very affordable
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Uses a special motion transfer reduction technology
  •  Made with chemical-free materials
  •  Can be used by people with allergies


  •  Excessive weight can disrupt the mattress’ shape
  •  The maintenance procedure is much
  •  It takes days to dispel odor from the mattress


This bed in a box mattress is somewhat cool, ideal for couples.

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Here we have another top quality mattress that has guaranteed the comfort of its consumers over the years. Stomach sleepers are basking in the euphoria of having such a premium, durable mattress. It truly delivers value for money with its exceptional design and is also more sophisticated than your regular memory foam.

This mattress was made in the United States and has been certified fit for use because it uses safe non-hazardous chemicals. A medium-firm mattress that supports a beautiful night sleep.

The mattress is about 10-inch in size and layered uniquely into three. Just before the top layer, there is a premium quilted cover soft on the skin to ensure that you are comfortable while sleeping on the mattress. The top layer is made up of the cooling gel memory foam that naturally conforms to your body shape and provides alignment to the joints, neck, and back, so you don’t wake up feeling sore.

The second layer is the breathable base foam that helps to dispel heat and increase air circulation. This makes you sleep cooler, and you wake up feeling happy and refreshed. The bottom layer is an adjustable base that provides firm support to your body and disperses weight evenly.

The support you get from the base lets you feel relaxed and comfortable sleeping on your stomach. The mattress has been designed to specifically reduce stress and fatigue to the barest minimum.


  •  Uses hypoallergenic materials
  •  It Has a very cool, breathable surface
  •  Regulates temperature and increases air circulation
  •  Easy to set up


  •  Firmness is almost described as hard
  •  It is not durable


A mattress, as such, is ideal for any room in the house, very cheap and affordable, but the firmness leaves a big unanswered question mark.

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This is not your average sleeping mattress. It’s synonymous with comfort and vitality.

Element is one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. It is durable, cheap, and has quite a unique cover made with recycled materials.

Element is an all-foam constructed, full-size mattress with multi-layers. Each of these layers helps to make sleep at night desirable and comfortable.

Its first layer, called AirScape TM, is unique. It has some tiny holes that dispel sultry air and body heat away quickly.

This first layer also increases airflow, so that sleep is cooler even during the day. It also makes the mattress breathable and gives it a touch of softness and bouncy effect.

The second layer, which is probably the most important layer is the Memory Foam. This layer is the part of the mattress that relieves the pressure points of the body, aligns the body, and cradles the body curves as well.

The Element mattress also has a firm and durable base foam that supports and absorbs weight. Stomach sleepers exert so much weight and pressure on a mattress; the base foam does not let the sleeper sink deep into the mattress.

Also, this layer functions as an edge support system to prevent the mattress from sagging and also from accidentally falling off while tossing.

A goodnight rest is essential for everyone, and the Element provides us with that, especially the stomach sleepers.


  •  Presence of AirScape TM to dispel heat.
  •  Ideal for various sleeping positions.
  •  Supports weights of different body sizes.
  •  There is the presence of edge support.


  •  No motion reduction system.


The Element is genuinely wonderful, one of my personal favorites, and highly recommended for stomach sleepers and other sleeping styles because of its high-quality features.


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This fantastic mattress made by Tuft and Needle is another one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. Sleep becomes more comfortable because of the mattress’s firmness.

It has a unique way of conforming to the body. It automatically makes any sleeping position feel natural and safe.

This high-quality Original Mattress was made with standard materials certified by CertiPUR US. Materials used are chemical-free and non-hazardous.

They designed Original Mattress using all foam construction. It is about 10-inch in size with 2 layers providing its comfort and vitality for a splendid sleeping experience.

The first layer has a 3-inch infused graphite gel that has several functions. Some essential tasks are to dispel heat, regulate temperature, and aid the proper circulation of air across the mattress.

The mattress uses advanced memory foam as its second layer. Because of pressure exerted from sleeping on your stomach, this layer ensures that one does not sink deep into this mattress.

It also provides enough base support and helps in the distribution of weights. There is an open-cell structure, too, that allows for good oxygen intake and breathability.

Stomach sleepers have a better sleeping experience on the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress.


  •  It has good airflow and circulation.
  •  It has a firm base foam to absorb the weight.
  •  Stomach sleepers feel naturally comfortable.


  •  Little or no motion transfer reduction technology.
  •  Weak edge support system.


Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is top quality. It is ideal for various sleeping styles, especially stomach sleepers.


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This mattress is not just one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers; it is also cheap and durable. It has a stylish design that makes you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

This mattress  seamlessly combines the features and functions of gel-infused memory foam and a wrapped coil innerspring. It’s made with high-quality, safe materials and certified by CertiPUR US.

It is a medium-firm mattress which makes it perfect for people who prefer sleeping on their stomach.

This 14-inch queen-size mattress has two main layers, which add comfort and vitality to the mattress.

A gel-infused memory foam layer happens to be its first layer. This layer dispels heat faster, ensuring that you always stay cool and refreshed throughout the night.

An innerspring coil is also present to help reduce motion transfer across the mattress. This feature makes it ideal for couples and stomach sleepers.

Also, there is comfort foam used alongside the base layer that acts as a pressure reliever. It aids in the relaxation of the joints, neck, and back.

It naturally conforms and aligns to the sleeper’s body shape also. The addition of an open gel memory foam makes the mattress breathable and increases airflow and oxygen intake.


  •  It dispels heat and circulates air faster.
  •  Cheap and durable.
  •  Motion transfer reduction system present.


  •  Not suitable for overweight stomach sleepers.


This mattress is slightly above average and very affordable at a little cost. This mattress is just perfect for stomach sleepers on a budget.


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This mattress is a joy for people with frequent cases of back pains and aches. It’s a very comfortable mattress which accommodates various sleeping positions, especially stomach sleeping position.

Its rayon cotton fabric, which is also friendly on the skin, aids for an extra level of comfort. This exquisite cover makes the mattress breathable, protects it, and keeps it clean.

Sweetnight is a high-quality mattress that guarantees premium comfort. The queen-size 12-inch mattress has about 4 layers with 3 sub zones.

There is a gel-infused memory foam that ensures that one has a very cool sleep. Its air circulation system is so unique that feeling hot or uncomfortable does not come into play.

The 3.5-inch comfort foam added helps to absorb weight and adapt helps the mattress to adapt to any body size. There is a natural relief of pressure points from just lying on it.

For stomach sleepers, the mattress evenly disperses the weight they generate so that their body stays naturally aligned. There is also a 5.5-inch support foam used to reduce motion disturbance.

People with a history of back pains will appreciate this mattress more because of its medium firmness. This firmness gives the mattress a small bouncy effect.


  •  Comfortable for people with back pains and aches.
  •  It has a stylish and unique cooling system.
  •  Ideal for several sleeping positions, especially stomach sleepers.
  •  Motion elimination technology present.


  •  Plus-size people may find this mattress softer.


This mattress is very classy and comfortable. With its unique style, no wonder we regard it as one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.


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Sleeping on your stomach shouldn’t mean waking up with sores and pain anymore. When next you are shopping for a mattress that would suit your stomach position, be sure to add any of these mattresses mentioned. You deserve to sleep whichever position you see fit, and with these foams, heck yeah, you can.