Top 10 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Of 2020 (Fit for You)

Are you looking for the best mattress for side sleepers? This is a very common sleeping position, with many adults sleeping on their side or in full fetal position. However, science shows that there are some painful drawbacks to this. Your lower back and hips may hurt, along with your neck. To alleviate these potential symptoms and just to make your night as comfortable as possible.

What are Mattresses for Side Sleepers?

In general, side sleepers tend to do better with firmer mattresses or those that offer additional support. However, some people like soft and plush beds, so finding hybrid beds that offer this along with adequate support is crucial. You’ll want to focus on latex, memory foam and hybrid beds, as these tend to offer the most support and good firmness.

Top 10 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

01. Nectar king Mattress + 2 Pillow Included -Geal Memory foam

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Nectar is a memory foam mattress designed to accommodate every kind of sleeper. This makes it the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers as well. The nectar king mattress is specially made to mold to your body, in an effort to relieve all bodily pains and aches. It is soft and comfortable enough to be tender, yet firm enough to support your weight fully.

This memory foam mattress is also equipped with Tencel cooling cover, to regulate heat, and keep you warm, on cold nights, and cool on warm nights.

Two layers of gel memory foam help the mattress circulate air, distribute weight evenly, and contour your body. You can also remove the Tencel fiber cooling cover. With a high core transition foam, medical-grade Visco elastic memory foam, and a great vegetable base support foam, you will definitely wake up more rested after sleeping on this cloud-like mattress. With every nectar mattress purchase, you get two memory foam pillows free.

It is made of quality material to guarantee you the best ever quality of sleep. It is an excellent choice and the best memory foam for side sleepers because it provides such tangible and sturdy back support. It relieves the pressure that side sleepers experience on their hips and shoulders.


Nectar mattresses are legit and affordable. They are made from the best memory foam and are also available at affordable prices. It can fit on most adjustable bed frames, as well as sit directly on box springs, or flat platforms and surfaces.

The nectar king mattress only weighs 89ibs (40.36 kgs) The Nectar mattress comes with a forever warranty and a 365 night trial period. It can basically last for a long time, even with normal tear and wear. It is also refundable, in that, if you do not like it, you can return it and get a full refund.


With regular wear and tear, it forms lumps over time. Sometimes it takes a longer time for this mattress to expand. Nectar proposes you wait for at least 24 hours before sleeping on it, but sometimes, it may take a week on some mattresses and pillows. The memory foam smell will stay in your room for a couple of days.


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02. Lucid 12 Inch King Latex Hybrid Mattress Review -Memory Foam

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This mattress is a hybrid because it uses both memory foam and responsive latex. Steel coils that are individually insulated form the base, followed by transition foam, memory foam, and lastly latex on the top. Steel coils enhance airflow. This layering gives this mattress a soft and comfortable feel for both spring and sink.

It is perfect for anyone who wants the soft and comfort of memory foam, coupled with the properties of latex such as breathability and anti-allergenic. With the steel coils providing support, as you sleep, your back is supported and aligned. Pressure points are relieved for a great night’s rest.


It is packed to fit into narrow spaces and hallways.It comes with a ten year warranty from manufacturer’s defects. It is perfect for sensitive skin due to the anti-allergenic latex topping. It inflates in a matter of hours and not days (12-hour inflation).

It has no latex smell. This mattress is cheaper than any other hybrid mattress. It does not absorb heat and therefore keeps you cooler than most memory foam mattresses.Its springs offer motion isolation such that you will not feel your partner move.


The spring coils fail after a few years. It is heavy and needs at least two people to carry it. After six months there is a significant sink in the middle and does not offer a right level of support. The mattress topper is subject to wear and tear very quickly. Some mattresses only rise to 11 inches instead of the advertised 12 inches.


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03.Zinus  Plus Support King mattress Review

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At the core of this mattress, there are wrapped explicitly in multiple 7.5-inch spring icoils that provide a firm base for motion isolation and guarantee a night of blissful and uninterrupted sleep. All the while maintaining a spiral alignment. The foam layers adjust to the shape and contours of your body to offer firm but comfortable support. The bi-foam layers are also induced with activated charcoal to reduce odor and absorb moisture.

The quilted and microfiber top covers, coupled with two high density, pressure point, relieving foam covers, offer a snug feel. For anyone with back and joint problems, this would be the perfect fit for you.


It is firm and comfortable. It is affordably priced.It comes with a ten year warranty. The memory foam is certified for durability. Matches comfort ability of the best foam mattresses by 85%.It is considered one of the best mattresses for coping with lower back pain, general back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other joint aches.

It has two layers of high-density foam which add molding comfort.It offers breath ability and free airflow through the memory foam to keep you dry throughout the night. It is a great match, especially if you are a side sleeper.


The chemical smell can linger in your house for multiple days, sometimes weeks. The smell can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and throat. It is not designed for flipping, hence it will sink in one place and become uneven. The edges are not reinforced and sink when weight is placed on them.

Some Zinus mattresses are uncomfortable as you can feel the spring coils on your ribs and back. Some Zinus mattresses don’t fully inflate and become saggy in the middle. It is not as firm as an “extra firm” mattress should be. In some instances, this mattress can form clutter lumps.


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04.Modway Aveline 10″ Gel Infused Memory Foam King Mattress

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Modway Mattress is the most thrilling mattress-in-a-box brand with the best hybrid mattresses on the market. As an illustration, it offers 1o inch of the high-end materials best for pressure relieves, making it most comfortable for the side sleepers. To tell the truth, Modway produces the best brand, which has a low price and delivers high-quality memory form to anyone who wants the mattress.

Subsequently, the mattress reduces pressure on the neck, head, hips, shoulders, and lower back because it assists in aligning the spine. The inside of the form is CertiPUR-US certified which help to affirm to you that the mattress is free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, PBDEs, TCEP flame retardants, or TDCPP, and low on VOC.

With this memory foam mattress, it comes with the top layer of the ventilated and open cell. This makes sleeping to be comfortable with reduced sweat and also perspiration during humid or hot weather. The sleep is peaceful, with reducing bounce between the two sleepers. Also, the mattress dissipates the body heat quickly hence conforming to your position and weight.

Those who have been using traditional mattress they find a big difference because this memory foam mattress takes between two and four hours to expand in the best way that you will enjoy. On the other hand, it is topped with the gel-infused memory form, which is used to keep the body temperature steady and intern make the sleep very comfortable and enjoyable.

Also, it comes with rolled and vacuum-packed, which can fit into the portable box very quickly. It can either have foundation or box spring. When you want to set it up, it very easy because of the excellent material. It comes with affordable price which everyone can afford.

Besides, it has customer satisfaction of over 98% who have approved the product. This makes many people look for this brand because of its comfort and durability. There is a 10-year warranty where you will use it, and in case there is any problem you can go back to the company and demand a repair, replace or seek any guidance.


  • Very nice material
  • It is very comfortable
  • Easy to set up
  • Has affordable price
  • Comes with the softcover


  • The room smells like chemicals


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05.Queen Mattress- Sweetnight Queen Size Mattress


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Because of its unique properties of comfort and Gel support foam, the Sweetnight excels in offering both the responsiveness and stability that many side sleepers require. In particular, it has adequate conforming to attract the average weight sleepers and also those who are heavyweight. It is constructed with comfort layers of the memory foam which target pressure points and cradle the sensitive body areas of the sleeper.

Similarly, it offers body-hugging support and long-lasting durability with ease movement. Equally, it keeps the body aligned by curling up and washing away the stress of the day when you sleep on it. Further, it is CertiPUR-US Certified which shows that it has no harmful substance, for example, heavy metals, mercury, and formaldehyde. It has breathable Rayon cotton material which is designed to remove both moisture and heat from the memory foam mattress surface.

Besides, it is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it cannot cause any allergic reaction to the body and also, it prevents the growth of odor or stain-causing mold, mildew, and bacteria. The memory foam mattress is 8 inch which helps one to get a rejuvenating rest required with the double layer of the form structure.

The 2-inch Gel-infused is useful for it helps to adjust the body temperature and weight slowly, and help to circulate airflow and to transfer heat. This also helps you to remain comfortable with no overheating.

Subsequently, 6-inch comfort foam help to strengthen the edges of the mattress. This will help to provide support and comfort for the superior sleep every night. Likewise, it fits every frame like slatted and adjustable base, hospital bed, and the box spring. This is so because you only need to unbox and expand to start enjoying the mattress. Also, you can quickly move it to narrow staircases and hallways.

Besides, it comes with a fair price which even the low-class people can afford with high-quality material. This memory form mattress comes in different sizes like twin, full, and queen, which means it can accommodate everyone irrespective of body size and height. More important, it is perfect for the spinal alignment for back, side, stomach sleepers, and heavy or lightweight.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • It is super comfortable
  • Come with price affordable
  • Has adjustable loft
  • Perfect spinal alignment
  • Provides long-lasting durability


  • It is a bit stiff for the first time


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06.LUCID 10-Inch Latex Foam Mattress Ventilated Latex and CertiPUR-US Certified Foam

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This is a perfect bed for side sleepers, along with those who are new to firm mattresses as it’s just a little softer than other firm mattresses.

With two distinct layers, this mattress gives you all the benefits you’ll need for great support and pain reduction. It can be smartly shipped, so it’s rolled in a box and delivered to your doorstep without any fuss.

The bottom is a 7-inch layer of high-density foam that gives you good support while also giving the bed excellent durability.

The top 3-inch layer is made of firm latex that gives adequate push back while also being ventilated to improve breathability. You won’t have to worry about your body sinking into the bed as you sleep.

Pros and Cons

As a slightly firm latex mattress, this gives you adequate support so that you don’t experience any pain as you sleep. Also, it’s just soft enough to be comfortable to most sleepers.

Those who want truly firm mattresses may find this bed too soft. It also doesn’t have any reinforcement around the edges, but it tends to retain its shape very well.



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07.Zinus Responsive Memory Foam 10 Inch / Firm / Universal Comfort Support Mattress

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Coming with multiple layers that work synergistically to give you great sleep and support, this mattress is ideal for many side sleepers. Made from memory foam, each layer gets slightly softer and more comfortable, but they all work together to support your hips and back.

The bottom 5-inch layer is your usual high-density base foam, then followed by a 2-inch layer of high-density foam, 1-inch of medium memory foam and lastly a 2-inch layer of “Viscolatex.” Despite the name, this is not latex, but it mimics the feel of latex by being both firm and supportive.

The foams are infused with green tea, and you’ll find that its medium texture is good if very firm beds are hard for you to sleep in. Many users find the bed cooling as well, ensuring that you don’t overheat.

Pros and Cons

Despite being mostly memory foam, there is little sinking into the bed. You’ll also enjoy the medium feel as this often pleases people who like firm beds, along with those who want a softer sleep surface.

One of the biggest cons is the “Viscolatex” layer. It’s good, but many find the name deceptive. Aside from that, the bed will get softer with age.


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08.TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima Medium-Firm Mattress

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You’ve probably heard of Tempur-Pedic mattresses and how they’re held in high regard. That’s because they are among the best, and their benefits are like a laundry list of comfort and support.

This mattress is medium-firm, being just slightly softer than what would technically classify as firm.

The bottom layer has individually wrapped springs that gives you exceptional support. Above that is a responsive layer of memory foam that shifts and adjusts based on your position.

There also a layer specifically made to keep you cool and get moisture away from your body as quickly as possible.

The best thing about this mattress is that every part has been made to respond to your movements, ensuring that it will support you regardless of how you sleep.

Pros and Cons

This bed has a massive number of benefits and it’s made to respond to your movements. It will give you amazing support whether you’re sleeping on your side or any other way.

The major problem though is that this bed is very pricey, often being 2x-3x more expensive than other beds on this list.


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09.Classic Brands Decker Hybrid Memory Foam and Innerspring 10.5-Inch Mattress

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This affordable hybrid bed gives you both innerspring support and memory foam comfort. The base layer uses individual coils that isolate movements and give you support wherever your body is on the mattress. Above that are three layers of memory foam, with the bottom one being the hardest and then the top being soft.

The corded edge and reinforced edge support should keep this mattress from losing its shape, which improves longevity and keeps the bed from getting too soft with age.

This bed is significantly softer than other ones on this list, which may or may not be an issue depending on preference and how much support you individually need.

Pros and Cons

This bed is more affordable than others on this list, and it’s still good for side sleepers since it gives you adequate support.

The biggest problem (or strength to some) is the bed’s softness. It’s softer than others here, which may not give you enough support if you’re in pain. At the same time, it’s good for those who can’t stand firm mattresses.


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10.Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam

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This medium mattress is both comfortable and affordable while still give you the support you need to sleep on your side without pain. As a smartly shipped mattress, this will come right to your door and will inflate to its proper size within 24-48 hours.

This mattress is composed of two layers. The bottom is an 8.5-inch layer of high-density foam that supports you and keeps the mattress nice and firm throughout the years.

Above that is a 3.5-inch layer of softer memory foam, the comfort layer, that allows you to relax your back as you drift to sleep.

The mattress cover is soft and breathable, which reduces heat and makes your naptimes more relaxing.

Pros and Cons

You’ll find that this bed is fairly affordable and offers good support for your back. Comfort level is around medium, making this a good bed for those who don’t want too firm or too soft.

As being made completely from memory foam and without special ventilation, this mattress might be a little warm. This could be problematic for people who get hot while sleeping.


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How to choose best mattress for side sleepers

Around the world, sleeping on your side is considered to be the most common sleeping position. There are many advantages to side sleeping, including minimizing back pain, improved breathing, and improved digestion of food and drink. Overall, sleeping on your side is a net benefit for your health and well being.

The type of mattress you sleep on affects how much support and comfort you can receive night after night. For people who have been sleeping on an older mattress, research has suggested that a new mattress is positively correlated with sleep quality and a reduction in overall pain and stiffness.

Side sleepers frequently report a pain in their shoulders as well as in their lower back if their mattress does not support their weight evenly. The most beneficial candidate for side sleepers should contour to the shape of the body and provides pressure point relief. These features reduce back and shoulder pain while providing cushioned support for the parts of the body that lie deeper into the mattress.

With so many different mattress types and features available, it can be time-consuming to decide which mattress is right for you. We include more on the benefits and drawbacks of sleeping on your side, and how this position affects sleep.

I’m a Side Sleeper, which kind of mattress should I choose?

The best mattress for side sleepers will offer consistent support and contouring comfort. Most mattresses fall into one of the four types. These are the most common mattress types available in 2020.

Recognizing how each is better suited for your needs is key to choosing the one for the best night’s sleep. While every mattress model will have different materials, construction, and unique features, there are common features too that will help you decide.


 A hybrid mattress has a support system consisting of inner springs with generously sized layers of memory foam or latex for added comfort. Combining elements of these different types of mattresses into a hybrid design maximizes the benefits of each, with fewer downsides.

A hybrid mattress may include a transition layer of poly-foam or micro coils beneath the foam comfort layers, while a base consisting of innerspring coils adds airflow and needed structure to the mattress.

 Contouring support comes with heat regulation. Since a hybrid mattress has substantial comfort layers, it tends to provide contouring support that relieves pressure points and keeps the spine aligned.

While an all-foam mattress can stop airflow and maintain heat, a hybrid mattress typically has better temperature regulation because of the thermal-conductive properties of metal innerspring coils.For side sleepers, this means comfort without too much heat.



 This is a more traditional type of mattress consisting of a support base of steel coils, with a thinner layer of foam. This mattress offers less contouring than a hybrid or foam mattress. Chances are you’ve slept on one of these before innerspring mattresses are usually more affordable, as well as easily recognizable.

The steel coil support base of an innerspring mattress can be reinforced with a mattress protector for better edge support. This increases the overall surface area of the bed available for protection, giving side sleepers who sleep near the edge of the bed longer-wearing support. It also prevents drooping along the edges over time.



 A latex mattress is composed from either a latex comfort layer and/or a latex support base. This type of mattress is most often made with natural latex, which is manufactured from rubber trees. Synthetic latex can also be used, which is a by-product of hydro-carbon distillation.

 Latex adapts naturally to the contours of your body, reducing the pressure points of hips, shoulders and head while preventing the feeling of sinking in too deeply. For side sleepers, this reduces shoulder and back pain. There is also more airflow around the body and stable maintenance of body temperature.



 An airbed supports from internal rubber chambers that are inflatable. The firmness is adjustable by filling the chambers with air, or removing air as needed. Airbed mattresses are often remote-controlled or can be paired with a smartphone app. The built-in pump adjusts the chambers to your preference. This type of mattress typically has added foam, latex, wool or other fibers for comfort.

For side sleepers who are not sure about their preference around firmness is, or for those who find their needs change, an airbed mattress offers adjustable firmness.

Some airbeds have two air chambers, so a couple who share the bed with different preferences can maintain their own firmness preferences. Certain models even include adjust ability for different parts of the body. For side sleepers, this can mean adjusting the firmness under the shoulders and hips to keep the spine in alignment.



 A foam mattress has comfort layers and a support base of foam. The comfort system is often made with memory foam layers, and can include traditional visco elastic memory foam, open-cell foam, or gel-infused foam. The support base is usually constructed with high-density polyfoam for added support and durability.

 Memory foam contours closely to the body, responding to pressure and cushioning areas like the hips and shoulders. For side sleepers, this promotes proper spinal alignment and reduces aches and pains.


What Mattress Features Are Important for Side Sleepers?

Due to added pressure put on the shoulders and hips, these are special considerations that side sleepers should keep in mind when shopping for a mattress:

Mattress Type: Each mattress type has pros and cons, but for side sleepers, it is important that the mattress offers contouring and full-body support. Do you often get too cold or too warm at night?Consider temperature regulation as a feature of your mattress along with other features (like the kinds of heating or tog in duvet).

Do you have a very physical job? Get an in-person representative to discuss a pressure point relief mattress with you. Understanding your priorities and preferences will choose wisely.

Contouring:How a mattress responds to pressure and conforms to the shape of your body determines how well it contours. A contouring mattress keeps the spine aligned and cushions pressure points, which is a vitally important factor for side sleepers.

Quality Materials:The quality of materials used affects the longevity of a mattress. While high-quality materials can be more expensive, they often increase the lifespan of a mattress and make it a more valuable investment. Quality sleep and enjoyment of your life should not have a cheaper price tag.

Firmness Level:While this is a measure of comfort that is only possible by laying down on a mattress yourself, side sleepers need both soft cushioning for the shoulders and hips and support to keep the spine aligned. Consider your personal preferences and weight as well, as these can affect which firmness level will provide the most comfort and support.

Pressure Relief:Side sleeping puts pressure on the shoulders and hips. Contouring materials like memory foam and latex offer relief to the pressure points and minimize the risk shoulder and back pain for side sleepers.



These above best  mattresses for side sleepers offer the side sleepers with the first-class sleeping sensation. The side sleepers can enjoy the relief of the foam profile and also sleep well because of the high-quality materials that promote blood circulation and breath ability.

When you think of buying the  mattress preferably for the side sleepers, then these are the best mattress. They have thin layers of comfort foam that are not too tight, which can be used to align the spine with relieving pain.