Top 7 Best Mattress For Sex Reviews of 2021 (Comfortable )

It is one thing to be sexually skilled, and another to have a comfortable mattress for comfortable sex. This is a delight and a morale boost knowing that your mattress somewhat aids in guaranteeing a smooth sexual experience and a good feel to both you and your partner while engaged in sex, a feeling of just letting go and rocking your lives out.

There are quite some mattresses ranked most ideal for setting the mood, and serving as a catalyst to coitus, and they give quite the feeling of making love, enhancing specific sexual positions. Here is a review of 7 of the best mattresses for sex.


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The Tuft and Needle Original Mattress manufactured by Tuft and Needle is an ideal mattress for a romantic night with your partner.

This mattress was designed to conform to one’s body shape while also letting you assume any sleeping or sexual position. They made this mattress with top quality materials that meet CertiPUR US standards.

The materials used are chemical-free and non-hazardous. So, you don’t have to worry about having skin reactions and irritability for those with sensitive skin.

This all-foam constructed 10-inch mattress is medium-firm and designed in two layers. Each layer of this mattress provides a unique level of comfort and makes for an amazing sexual experience.

The first layer of this mattress features infused graphite gel foam of about 3-inches. The graphite lets you and your partner stay cool even at the moment’s heat. This layer also helps to distribute weights evenly across the mattress, so even if you both are having sex, the cowgirl position, and the reverse cowgirl technique, or the pro-bone, it would balance the weights.

This advanced memory foam has a 7-inch base foam as a second layer. Its plush feel does not let you and your lover sink deep as you engage in passionate sex. it would be the best fit used for the spooning position thanks to its open cell structure. This mattress allows you to adjust several positions and syncs with your body movement.

This mattress goes a long way to give you an extra boost of confidence. You’re completely assured that not only will you and your partner have a great time; you’ll also have comfort while at it.


  •  This mattress is made with non-hazardous materials.
  •  It has a unique cooling gel that helps to dispel heat.
  •  It lets you assume different sleeping and sexual positions.


  •  It is not ideal for couples with above-average weights.
  •  It is not so durable.


The Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is of top quality material, comfortable to both you and your partner. Its standout feature is probably its ability to let you assume various positions with great ease. Although some couples would disagree with this because of their weight.


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This is another mattress that considered and ranked amongst the best mattresses for sex. It goes a long way to provide the comfort necessary for an orgasmic sexual experience with your lover and also has a cover that is skin-friendly and made with an exquisite rayon cotton fabric. This mattress is also friendly on the cost side.

This mattress is a 12-inch queen-sized mattress with a unique 4 layers and 3 zones design. This features 3-inches of gel-infused memory foam that allows good airflow. It ensures that you have a cool sleeping and sexual experience with your partner.

It also has a 3.5-inch comfort foam that adapts to any body size and weight. This helps to relieve pressure and helps to keep the body aligned. It has a 5.5-inch support foam that helps to eliminate motion disturbance.

This mattress is also medium-firm and ideal for people with a long history of back pain. The medium firmness also helps to create a slight bounce when you are fully engaged in steamy, passionate sex, thus enhancing rhythm. It also circulates air easily, so even if you are sweaty, you would be cooled off easily by this comfortable and stylish mattress.


  •  This is ideal for people with back pains and body aches.
  •  It has a firm base.
  •  The mattress eliminates motion disturbance.
  •  It has a unique cooling system.


  •  People with plus size weights will find it difficult making love on this mattress


This mattress is a couples’ delight. It provides a good level of comfort for a pleasurable and memorable sexual experience. Its unique 3-layered design is admirable.


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This mattress does not just provide sleeping comfort; it is also one of the best mattresses for sex. It is also a cost-friendly made with high-quality natural materials that have met proper safety standards. This mattress is one that would be the best fit on a romantic night like Valentine’s Day or date night.

This is a queen-size mattress designed with about 5 layers. It features a bamboo-derived rayon material cover soft on the skin. New Zealand wool is used to regulate the temperature of the body, so you don’t feel extremely hot while making love. It acts as a moisture remover so that your sweats don’t stick to the mattress. This unique wool lining system featured also helps to dispel unpleasant odor off of the mattress.

There is a 3.5-inch gel memory foam layer that provides relief and aids spinal alignment. It also uses a motion isolation system that helps you to not feel your partner’s tossing movements on the mattress. A ventilated airflow layer of about 2-inch is also added. This layer, as the name implies, provides good air circulation that makes it cooler to sleep on. The last layer is the 7.5-inch base foam. It was designed as a support system to absorb and distribute weights evenly at a low noise level.

Cypress Gel Memory mattress is medium-firm, making it ideal for several sexual positions like the missionary position, spooning position, cowgirl position, etc. So, don’t be shy to express yourself sexually. Get wild and naughty as extreme as possible. This mattress has got you covered.


  •  The materials used are safe and eco-friendly.
  •  It is durable.
  •  Its gel memory foam helps a lot with spinal alignment.
  •  It is naturally cool.


  • Weights are not properly absorbed.


This is one mattress suitable for those with persistent body pain issues. It does not just make sex more enjoyable; it also makes it a cozy experience.


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It would be a delight for couples to have this special latex mattress in their bedrooms. It is one of the best mattresses for couples providing them with comfort and space for bonding.

A team of manufacturers in Chicago took out time to handcraft the beautiful mattress. There were so much details and attention given to it that one would think they made it for couples only.

The Pure Green Mattress is all foam constructed, comes in queen size, and made with 100% natural latex. The mattress is with a two-layer design to ensure premium comfort and vitality.

There is an organic wool padding used as the first layer of this mattress. The function of this wool padding is to conform and align to the body curves of the couples lying on it and also make the mattress firm, which makes sleep much more comfortable.

The mattress’ second layer uses a 6-inch base foam. The base foam provides firm support to the mattress, and it absorbs both the weights of the couples and disperses the weight without disrupting the shape of the foam. So, couples can have a wonderful time on the mattress, knowing that it would support their weights.

Pure Green Latex Mattress is neatly covered with an exquisite, breathable quilted cotton cover. The cotton cover makes the mattress look fitting for a king and queen.


  •  Made with natural latex
  •  Supports the combined weights of the couples
  •  It has a beautiful and attractive cover.


  •  The motion isolation technology used is poor.


The firm feel of this mattress is delightful, and couples of above-average weights can also use it. Thumbs up to the manufacturers for creating the ideal mattress for couples while making it eco-friendly.



For new couples starting off on a stringent budget, the Signature Design is the best fit for them. It is a very cheap, high-quality bed in a box mattress, guaranteed for comfort and also a good long-term investment.

No matter the couples’ different sleeping position, the Signature Design is made to provide an additional level of comfort and vitality. The makers made this stylish 12-inch mattress with materials free from chemicals.

Its distinct three layers distinguish it from other mattresses. There is a thin breathable stretch knit cover used as the first layer. This first layer aids in air circulation, so you and your partner have a cool night sleep.

The Signature Design’s mid-layer is a customized 2-inch gel and charcoal-infused memory foam which functions as a pressure reliever. It ensures that the neck, back and joints are properly supported and in natural alignment.

The third and final layer has a 10-inch support foam core whose primary function is to aid in the reduction of motion transfer. This means couples don’t get to feel their partner’s movements and toss and turns on the mattress.

The mattress is wide enough to give the couples room to express themselves and assume any sleeping position they feel naturally comfortable in.


  •  The Signature Design Mattress is budget-friendly and durable.
  •  It is made with non-hazardous materials.
  •  It has wonderful motion transfer reduction system in place.


  •  It is not ideal for couples with plus size weights.


This mattress is almost perfect for couples who have different sleeping styles and highly recommended for couples who have allergies.



Another one of the best mattress for couples is the Leesa Luxury Hybrid. This unique bed in a box mattress makes cuddling feel naturally warm, comfortable and enjoyable.

Couples can assume any position with no form of discomfort or unease. Also, couples who are sexually active find this mattress reliable.

This 11-inch king-size mattress combines to greater effect the functions of memory foam and wrapped coil springs.

It has cooling avena foam that regulates and maintains a cool temperature for a much-relaxed sleeping experience. Also, the avena foam gives the Leesa Luxury Hybrid a good bouncy feel while also relieving pressure on the body.

Contouring memory foam is added to naturally align the couples’ necks and backs.

The last layer of this stylish hybrid mattress contains about a thousand pocket springs that give the mattress edge support. The edges do not slack off, so you and your partner need not worry about falling off.

The Leesa Luxury Hybrid Mattress has a fine finishing with a breathable 4-stripes cover which gives the couples premium quality comfort. The mattress also comes in white or gray.


  •  It has a unique edge support system.
  •  Relaxes and naturally aligns the body.
  •  Uses top quality air circulation avena foams.


  •  Not suitable for over weighted couples.
  •  There is little or no motion reduction system.


This is one of the best mattresses for couples who have unique sleeping styles.



For premium sleep quality, the Prim Asleep is a delight. This high-quality mattress is one of the best mattresses for couples.

Every second spent on this mattress is not just comfortable; it also gives value for your money. The Prim Asleep is an all-foam construction design that helps couples to create beautiful memories from the comfort of their bedroom.

This mattress is multi-layered. It is comfortable enough to limit tosses and turns.

There is a 2-inch gel foam present to disperse and regulate temperature so that your sleep becomes naturally cooler and enjoyable. There’s also a 2.5-inch convoluted foam to relieve body pressure, especially on the joints, back and neck.

A 6.5-inch hard foam acts as a base to support your back and absorb the weight. Couples will wake up from the Prim Asleep feeling refreshed with no trace of body pains.

The Prim Asleep keeps couples in ambient temperature at all times. A unique poly jacquard cover is used to protect the mattress and keep it clean.


  •  The temperature on this mattress feels very cool.
  •  It is firm to support weights.


  •  It may not be ideal for all sleeping positions.


If you are looking for a mattress to spend your life savings on, then this probably is the mattress for you. It is not your average mattress and stands above other mattresses when we compare.



Sex is meant to be pleasurable for you and your partner.The mattress helps determine how free or inhibited partners could feel before or during sex. It is ideal you choose a mattress that would provide comfort and also a good visual stimulator for you on your romantic night together.