Top 13 Best King Size Mattress review of 2021 (Don’t Miss)

Welcome to our best king size mattress review of 2021 post .In this post you will learn what is king size mattress its pros and cons and how to choose this mattress .We have reviewed here 13 most popular king size mattress  for you. Read the whole post and choose the best one that is suitable for you. 


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What is King Size Mattress?

The market is full of mattresses of different sizes which are intended to meet various purposes. One of such sizes is the king mattress that suits couples perfectly by offering the partners enough sleeping space. It is also a perfect size for people who share their beds with children, cats, and dogs. The king size mattress measures 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length.


  • The king size mattress is roomy enough to accommodate two big-sized adults by offering each one of them a personal space of up to 38 inches. Hence you and your partner can move around freely during sleep and wake up strain free.
  • The bed sheets are easy to find.


  • It takes up a lot of space and may therefore hinder movement. It is large in size that it may not fit easily upstairs or in small rooms.
  • The king size beddings are expensive.
  • Its sheer size requires it to be accessorized well to give it style and pomp. It requires three standard pillows or two king pillows to fit its large width.

Top 10 Best King Size Mattresses


01.Sweetnight 10 Inch King Sized Memory Foam Mattress


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This memory foam mattress is CertiPUR certified. It has a modest chemical odor, but there are no harmful chemicals in the mattress itself. Give it several days to air out at a minimum. If you cover it in sheets, it may take weeks for the smell to dissipate. We recommend covering it with a plastic mattress cover after it airs out, because it can be hard to get stains out of this mattress.

This is a medium-firm mattress. This mattress is unusual in that one side is softer than the other. It is incredibly comfortable no matter how it goes, though you may want to flip it to find the side that’s most comfortable for you.

It has a great mix of softness and support. The soft side lets people sink right in, though that’s a bad choice for those who have back problems and need their spine kept straight.

This mattress by Sweetnight is infused with gel to help keep it cool. That reduces the over-heating problem common in memory foam mattresses. However, it does retain some body heat, and this issue is made worse when you have multiple blankets or comforters on the bed. You can reduce the problem by putting several sheets or blankets on top of the bed.

The mattress is supposed to be 10 inches tall once it expands after you take it out of the box. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always expand evenly. You could end up with corners eight and nine inches tall when the middle is ten inches thick.

One benefit of this bed in a box is that you can get it upstairs and into bedrooms that may not accommodate a traditional box spring mattress. However, you can’t compress it back down and easily ship it back if you’re unhappy with it.

The queen sized mattress by Sweetnight is several inches larger than the standard queen sized bed. This creates problems if you have a queen sized bed frame or box springs. We recommend just buying the larger king sized mattress, since that does fit king sized beds.


  • Portable bed in a box
  • Cool for a memory foam bed
  • Two different firmness levels in one mattress


  •  Odor
  • Sometimes uneven


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02.Sleep Innovation Shiloh Model 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress


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This memory foam mattress by Sleep Innovations is a whopping 12 inches thick once it has fully expanded. It has a 2.5 inch memory foam layer on top of a firmer, supportive 9.5 inch thick base layer.

The manufacturer says this can support any body shape and sleeping position. That makes this mattress suitable for heavier individuals and side sleepers who otherwise sink too far into memory foam beds.

However, if you are a heavy individual who sleeps on their side, this mattress does not provide enough support for you. This mattress is more firm than soft, and that may make it a poor choice for those who have joint problems.

For some, the fact it is made in the United States is a selling point. The bed in a box model reduces shipping costs and means anyone can get it up into their bedroom.

This memory foam mattress is unusual for coming in both a standard king and California king sizes. There’s also a 14 inch thick version of both. The fourteen inch version is less likely to full expand after a few days out of the box. Both the 12 and 14 inch thickness mattresses sometimes don’t expand all the way, though that problem is far worse for Sweetnight brand mattresses.

This is another CertiPUR mattress. It contains no toxic chemicals, and the modest chemical smell doesn’t pose a health hazard. Unlike other mattresses on this list, it hardly smells at all. There’s no latex in this, so it is safe for those allergic to latex. This is the best king size mattress for those with chemical sensitivity or allergies.

One downside of this mattress is that it wears quickly. It is firm and supportive at first. It may start to sag after just two or three years. The soft upper foam layer often wears out after three years. The manufacturer warranty doesn’t help in this regard, despite being rated to last ten years. It forms a low spot you cannot get rid of. Note that if you’re very heavy and sleep alone, you could experience this in as little as six months.


  •  Multiple King sizes and thicknesses
  •  Bed in a box
  • Guaranteed non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Excellent support


  •  Support degrades relatively quickly
  • Not recommended for heavy side sleepers


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03.Layla Sleep Brand Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress


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One side of this mattress is moderately soft, while the other side is firm. This means you have two different firmness levels in one mattress.

The mattress comes with a cover that is infused with cooling gel. This allows you to avoid over-heating, and it does so with a cover you can wipe down if you do sweat all over it. This has the side benefit of protecting the mattress memory foam layer. Furthermore, you can remove that cover if you want to stay warm at night.

One problem with this mattress is how quickly the foam collapses. It can start to form indentations or gullies after six months of wear and tear, even if you aren’t overweight. It does not have the soft upper layer combined with firm support that makes it a viable choice for those with joint pain.

It is so soft that it can make back, shoulder and neck pain worse. And it gets softer with body heat. If there are two of you in bed, it will get hot and deform at the same time. On the other hand, it is fine if you like very soft mattresses.

An interesting side effect of the material is that it retains its flexibility. You can bend the mattress in half and carry it through a doorway, though you can’t roll it back up and put it in the original box.

We do need to say that the copper in the mattress cover is a gimmick. It doesn’t heal you. It doesn’t fix anything. In theory, copper has anti-microbial properties, but you still need to clean or wash the bed cover. In short, having copper in the mattress material is not value-added and not worth the paying extra for.


  •  Two layers of firmness in one mattress
  •  Cooling cover included


  • Not suitable for those who need significant support
  • Short life for a memory foam mattress



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04. Ashley Chime Express 12 Inch Mattress


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This bed in a box is unusual for several reasons. First, it is available in both king and California king sizes. Second, it expands to 12 inches thick when it is unboxed. Ashley also makes 8 and 10 inch thick mattresses, but we aren’t recommending those.

This mattress is 75 inches wide, 79 inches deep and 12 inches thick. Our king size mattress review process found that it is compatible with most king bed frames and box springs. Expect to use deep pocket sheets with this mattress.

The support memory foam layer of this mattress reduces motion transfer. That makes this mattress a good choice for couples where one tosses and turns at night. This mattress is somewhat unusual for getting firmer rather than softer in many cases.

It is also much firmer than comparable memory foam mattresses. We do not recommend this mattress for side sleepers due to how firm it is. If you sleep on your stomach or back, it is OK if you like a firm mattress. We don’t recommend this mattress for those who need a certain balance between firmness and softness due to joint pain or arthritis.

A pillow top cover can make it a little softer, but that must be purchased separately. You may want to put a plastic cover on the mattress due to the fiberglass in the protective cover on this bed that can occasionally get into your sheets.

This bed is hypoallergenic. For example, it is safe for those allergic to latex because it doesn’t contain any. It doesn’t have cooling gel, so it will retain body heat. Like other memory foam mattresses, it resists bedbugs and fleas.

This unit is a bed in a box. That makes it easy to ship and move into a room, assuming it stays in the box. Set-up is easy. Unbox it. Unwrap it. Let it expand naturally. It won’t be ready to sleep on for at least three days. It may smell longer than that, though the chemical odor is not dangerous.


  • Relatively firm memory foam bed but not too firm
  •  Non-allergenic
  • Perfect for someone whose partner tosses and turns


  • Traps body heat
  • Very firm
  • Needs a protective cover


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05. Ghostbed 11 Inch King Mattress


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The Ghostbed comes in a wide range of sizes including traditional king and California king. The model we’re recommending is the 11 inch version. This mattress weighs around 110 pounds. You’ll get it in a box you can more easily carry upstairs to a bedroom, but you can’t roll it back up and stuff it in the box if you don’t like it or need to move.

This memory foam mattress is made from three different types of foam. This bed contains cooling gel, so it won’t cause the heat buildup that is a common problem with memory foam mattresses. Yet it goes one step further with a layer of aerated latex, something that lets the heat escape. This is the coolest memory foam mattress you’ll find without paying for even more expensive engineering.

Better yet, there is a 7.5 inch thick layer of high density support foam. You won’t sink so far down that you can’t get out of bed. We’ll say it has a moderate degree of support. It may not provide enough support if you’re heavier than average, have back pain and joint problems, or there are two of you in the bed. We don’t recommend it for side sleepers unless you’re lighter than average.

The mattress comes with a plus removable cover. This eliminates the need for a separate bed cover. It also protects the mattress from stains. It has its own zipper so that the cover stays securely in place. This mattress is notable for having almost no out-gassing.

The Ghostbed memory foam bed starts to deteriorate after a year of heavy use. At that point, it will no longer give the same level of support. It rarely lasts more than 18 months. The mattress may not inflate to create an even surface, either.


  • Multiple features to keep it cool
  • Comes with a bed cover


  • Not recommended for those who need gentle support
  • Relatively short functional life




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06. Vibe Brand 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress


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The Vibe memory foam mattress is available as both a memory foam only mattress and hybrid mattress. We recommend the memory foam only mattress. That model is 12 inches thick. This model is available in both King and California King sizes, and the manufacturer makes the same mattress in twin and queen sizes, too.

One point in favor of this model is that it is flexible enough for adjustable beds. That is on top of being flexible enough to roll up and ship in a box.

This memory foam mattress is cooler than average. Depending on the size of bed you choose, the gel infused layer is two to three inches thick. We’re recommending the standard king size bed that’s 76 inches by 80 inches.

The gel infused surface layer covers a 7 inch thick layer of high density foam that provides better support than traditional memory foam mattresses.

This memory foam mattress is much firmer than average. The hybrid mattress is actually softer than the memory foam mattress. Both versions of the mattress control motion transfer, though it isn’t as good as mattresses with individually wrapped coils.

This mattress is Certi-PUR certified. It does out gas , but it is non-toxic. It takes two to three days to lose its initial odor.

The mattress doesn’t always expand to the full 12 inch thickness. It often develops low spots within a few months. The odds of this are higher if you’re heavy or there are two people sleeping on the bed.

Yet this mattress can meet the needs of a very large and/or heavy person who sinks very far into standard memory foam mattresses. It is OK for side sleepers but not recommended for those with back pain.


  •  Flexible yet comfortable
  •  Adjustable-bed friendly
  •  Non-toxic


  • Very firm
  • Develops low spots rather quickly


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07.Tuft & Needle Mattress, King Mattress with T&N adaptive foam

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The tuft & needle mattress mixes the best qualities of memory foam and latex foam to offer comfortable firmness to sleepers as well as to minimize motion transfer.

The construction of the mattress with freshly poured T&N allows it provide a bouncy yet supportive feel at all sleeping positions. It also makes it easily compressible to fit into a small box for easier and cheaper shipment.

The tuft and needle mattress also contains high-grade foam that is neither too soft nor too hard allowing it to offer great pressure relief. Chances of disturbing the other partner are minimal since the mattress offers localized bounce.

There are no risks associated with this mattress since it has a 100% refund guarantee, 100 nights sleep trial as well as 10-year warranty. It has a thickness of 10 inches and an average weight of 82 pounds.


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08. Zinus memory foam 12-inch green tea mattress, king

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The Zinus conforms body shape to offer high levels of comfort. It consists of multiple layers that include memory foam, comfort foam, airflow density foam, and high-density base support foam.

The foam is Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for performance, durability, and content. The infused green tea and castor natural seed oil allow it to retard odor and bacteria naturally.

The use of patented technology makes the mattress to be easily compressible to fit in a box for easier shipment. The ability to distribute weight evenly and motion control make it suitable for all kinds of sleepers.

It has an airflow technology on its bottom two layers that help to circulate heat out of bed. The knitted jacquard mattress cover is breathable and plays a huge role in heat mitigation and also helps it to stay fresh.

It has a 10 years warranty and a one month trial period.


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09.Dynasty Mattress cool Breeze Gel memory foam

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The cool breeze mattress has four layers HD gel memory foam which relies on a cooling technology to lower heat levels at the surface for more comfort during sleep time.

The mattress starts off a little firm but softens through use. It favors all kind of sleepers and also people with back pains. The mattress looks luxurious with brown suede corners. It also has a fire barrier and a washable cover.

Between the gel and high-density layers are two airflow foam layers that play a huge role in temperature regulation. It has 30 years warranty.

The average firmness of the mattress not only provides a comfortable feel but also helps in relieving strain and pressure from muscles and joints which favors people who have arthritis.


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10.Lucid 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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The mattress has a gel infused memory foam that plays a huge role in temperature regulation and conforming to the body to ease pressure points creating a medium-firm feel.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified for performance and safety. All the materials used in construction are tested for safety.

This mattress has 10 inches memory gel foam that can regulates temperature while conforming to the body to ease pressure points

It can be Compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box so you can easily transport this mattress.It is a extra benefit of this mattress.

There are different depth (8 inches ,10 inches and 12 inches) and sizes of this mattress in the market.This mattress has also different model.You can choose any one of them according to your need. 

The foam makes it easy to compress for convenient shipping. The TENCEL cover creates a comfortable air layer by regulating temperature and controlling weighs 70 pounds and has a 25-year warranty.

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11.Signature Sleep Memoir 8-inch memory foam mattress with certiPUR-US certified foam, king

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The signature sleep has three different layers that mold the body’s natural shape giving It a natural feel. The first layer is made of 2-inch comfortable memory foam, while the second one is a 6-inch layer high-density ILD and the last one is a 2-pound memory foam.

The full expansion of the mattress that lets the odor to dissipate takes a maximum of 72 hours.

The signature memoir works on various services that include sofa beds, platform beds, and spring beds. Its cover is made of a soft, breathable knit fabric.

The mattress offers high comfort and provides balanced support no matter how the sleeper tosses or turns.

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12.LinenSpa 8” Hybrid Mattress, King

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It has a 1.5 inches foam beneath it that forms a surface aligns to the body thus helping to reduce pressure on the joints. This also allows the LinenSpa to offer a comfortable medium-firm feel.

This mattress is consists of 3 layers first layer is memory foam second layer is comfort foam and the third layer is innerspring for these reason this mattress is very comfortable.

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a total weight of 70 pounds. The fact that the mattress is pressable makes shipment easy and affordable.

The plush layer of memory foam helps align the spine to minimize pressure points for increased comfort and it is very good for back pain sufferers.

Another important thing is that it is a budget mattress.If you have small budget I think this the best option for you.This mattress is not so weighty you can easily move one place to another place.



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13.Classic brands cool memory foam 12-inch mattress, twin

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The first and the second layers of the classic brand’s cool memory foam contains a layer of cool gel that draws temperature from the body thus helping in heat retention.

The foam contains numerous holes that play a huge role in temperature regulation by allowing hot air to escape the cooling gel particles. The memory foam layer allows the body to sink partially and hugs it comfortably.

The last layer of the mattress is strong enough to support the upper layers. The overall structure of the mattress reduces motion transfer allowing reducing disturbance no matter how vigorous the turning and tossing is.

All these features make the mattress adaptive to any body size or weight; a factor that guarantees comfort for all users.


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Our verdict:

Of the 13 king size mattresses we highly recommend the Lucid 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It is not only good for couples, but also sportsmen and women because it eases pressure from your muscles and joints as you lie on it.

It is also appropriate for use in hot or cold weather because it is thermo-regulating. It is pricey, but since it is comfortable and durable, you are guaranteed to get value for your money.


Tips For Choosing Best King Sized Mattress


King sized mattresses are a popular choice for couples and families, providing more space than a queen bed. Then you don’t have to choose between sleeping with pets, children or your partner.

However, there are other factors you need to take into account. For example, they come in a wide range of thicknesses, materials and styles. Let’s learn how to choose the best king mattress for you.

Determine How Much Space You Have

King sized mattresses are 76 inches by 80 inches. California King mattresses are 72 inches by 84 inches. If you’re tall, a California king may be the only viable choice. Suppose you’ll fit on either king bed size.

A traditional king gives you an extra four inches of space across the bed. That matters if you’re often pushed to the edge by children, pets or a partner that tosses and turns.

Another factor to consider is elevation. Most of us want to be able to sit on the side of the bed and have the floor a short distance underneath our feet. Know how far you’re willing to sit above the floor. Subtract the distance between that number and the height of the bed frame, and you have the maximum acceptable height of any new mattress plus mattress toppers and blankets.

Determine Your Body’s Needs

You want to how to choose the best king mattress for your situation. A good way to do this is to list the medical conditions you have that may affect your bedding choice.

Are you allergic to latex? Natural latex foam mattresses are not an option for you. Do you have joint pain, back pain or arthritis? You’ll need a bed with the right mix of softness and support. Regardless of your height or weight, it should let you sink in only far enough to keep your spine and neck straight.

Any bed that causes you to sink into a soft spot and get a U-shaped curve is not a good choice. If you aren’t sure what level of firmness is right for you or you are afraid of memory foam mattresses growing soft over time, an adjustable air mattress is a viable alternative.

If memory foam mattresses are too soft but you like the material, a hybrid mattress with an innerspring under the foam layer is an option. Innerspring mattresses are acceptable for most people who don’t have health problems. They’re an ideal choice for those who sleep on their stomach or back.

Consider What Features You Want in a Mattress

Do you like bouncy beds? An innerspring inner layer or traditional innerspring mattress is an option. Are you tired of overheating at night? Either get a memory foam mattress with air channels or cooling gel, or choose a different type of bed.

Are you unable to sleep because of your partner’s tossing and turning at night? Pocketed coils covered in fabric will limit the motion you feel, though an air bed with separate mattresses for each side are even better. You can use this wish list to decide between your top mattress choices.

Determine the Best Place to Shop

A bed in a box is a reasonable choice if you’re fine with a memory foam mattress. If you aren’t sure of the level of firmness the bed offers, you need to try it out in the store. Don’t buy a bed based on a guarantee you can return it, because you may not be able to do so without paying to ship it back.

When you test the bed in person, lay on it for at least ten minutes in your normal sleeping position. If it is uncomfortable, try something else. If you feel pressure or pain, that bed isn’t right for you, though other models by the same manufacturer may be an option.

Sometimes the bed we want isn’t available in stores. If you choose to shop for a new mattress online, read the reviews carefully. For example, make sure the mattress firmness described by various buyers matches what you want in your own bed.

Choose the Right Mattress for You

You now know the size and type of bed you want. You have a list of tie-breakers that you can use to strike potential options off your list. All that’s left is to do is to choose the best king sized mattress for you and find the best overall value if you don’t go for the cheapest suitable option.

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