Top 15 Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews of 2021 (Honest Review)

Innerspring mattresses are the classic design, something the developed world graduated to as we moved beyond mattresses that were little more than over-sized pillows.

Newer models of innerspring mattresses minimize or even eliminate problems like harsh pressure points, motion transfer and sagging. Pocketed coils in an inner spring mattress, for example, provide more isolated support and relatively good motion isolation.

However, these issues vary between brands and, sometimes, models by the same companies. Nor can you assume that quality goes up with price, since there are expensive mattresses that perform poorly compared to mid-priced rivals. Nor will a higher spring count necessarily make a bed more comfortable.

We’ll share the best innerspring mattress Consumer Reports recommends, too. Here are the best innerspring mattresses of 2021.

Top 14 Best Innerspring Reviews

01.The Signature Design By Ashley-12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring

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I am giving the Signature Design by Ashley-12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring a 5-star rating. This product is excellent because of its many features and overall quality. It is extremely comfortable to get a great night’s rest on as it is designed with gel memory foam.

This innerspring mattress also has an upholstery grade comfort foam and 680 individual power packed wrapped coils. The quilted foam gives you a cozy, soft, and comfortable experience. This innerspring mattress also is made with hypoallergenic material making it an excellent choice if anyone in your family has allergies.

The Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Queen Size Innerspring Mattress is compatible with most queen size bed frames. It is really nice because when you receive your innerspring mattress it is ready to use instantly. The product will arrive in a box and it is as simple as cutting off the protective wrap and unfolding the mattress.

The only con to this mattress is that when I purchased and received mine, it took a couple of days for the residual odor from the packaging to dissipate. Other than that I am completely satisfied with this brand and this innerspring mattress.

I often recommend this mattress to my family and friends when in casual conversations. In this genre and I am confident in my recommendations. This mattress has become a luxury item for me because since I’ve purchased it, I have had an excellent night’s sleep every time.

Overall, in my opinion, I believe this innerspring mattress is affordable, practical, and definitely an upgrade from the other products I have owned.


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02.  The Inofia 10 Inch Responsive Memory Foam Queen Mattress


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One of the pros of the Infoia Hybrid innerspring mattress is that it has individual pocket springs and CentiPUR-US certified foam. This innerspring mattress also has the benefit of reducing pressure points and decreasing the feeling of rolling into your partner.

I love memory foam mattresses because they contour close to your body giving you a comfortable night’s rest. Buying a memory foam mattress is a wise idea as it can last anywhere from eight to ten years if you properly care for it. In contrast, it is true that gel benefits mattresses retaining less heat than memory foam.

If you are a person that gets hot when you sleep then a memory foam mattress may not give you much relief from this. Another thing to be conscious of is when you are unpacking your mattress. as it can bounce back at you. For this innerspring mattress, you will find that the 10-inch mattress will be sufficient as long as you weigh under 250 pounds in weight.

Inofia is a proven brand with an excellent reputation. They sell some of the market’s top-selling and high-quality mattresses. This is definitely a mattress that you should keep in mind the next time you are in the market to buy a new one. It is a great value for the money and also delivers an amazing level of comfort.

The superior quality of the material used to manufacture this mattress surpasses many other brands. In conclusion, when it is time for you to upgrade your current innerspring this is a great mattress that has memory foam.


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03.The Olee Sleep 13 Inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress


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The Olee Hybrid 13 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is excellent because you get the benefits of a gel mattress and a memory foam mattress all in one. This memory foam mattress is gel-infused which makes it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a mattress to regulate your body temperature.

This particular mattress is built to last for many years as its coils are protected by multi HD and memory foam layers which add to exceptional quality and comfort. This product is definitely worth the price for the value you receive. It is of high quality and made from a leader in the industry.

The memory foam on this product will also adjust to your body shape allowing for a great night’s rest every time. This innerspring mattress is soft and firm due to the memory foam cushion layer and heavy steel coils. When you first receive and open your mattress you will need to allow 48 hours for the recovery of the mattress before adding your bedding.

Another excellent benefit to this mattress, if you choose, is that you can purchase an Extra Thick Mattress Topper and an Extra Thick Cooling Mattress Pad Cover Topper to compliment your product.

I find the gel and memory foam combination to be an incredible quality of this mattress. I would highly recommend purchasing this product in the future for its unique design and incredible comfort.


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04. Vibe Quilted Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring:


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The USP of this innerspring mattress is that it consists of high-quality memory foam. The memory foam contours to your body, which means that the level of comfort you get is excellent.

In case you’re wondering about its dimensions, it is available in 6 different size options. The one which we are speaking about today is the king-size. The dimensions of that variant are 80” x 76” x 12”.

The adjustable base design means that installing it is not going to be a problem. The innerspring wrapped coils ensure that the mattress can provide you with automatic support as well. It eliminates motion disturbance, as well.

Are you wondering about hygiene?

If yes, you would be happy to know that it is hypoallergenic. Moreover, it is resistant to dust mite, molds, allergens, bacteria, and so on.

It comes along with a sapphire blue pillow top. The quilted cover ensures that it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

The thickness of 12 inches can provide proper support to your body. Also, the construction quality is such that it can last for years together, which means that you need not search for a replacement anytime soon.

The breathable construction keeps you comfortable throughout the night. The highlight of this innerspring mattress is the hypoallergenic construction and the memory foam on offer.


  •  Memory foam construction
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in various size variants
  • Adjustable base design


  •  Packaging can be better.


In case you’re looking for a hypoallergenic mattress that is breathable as well, this one will fit your requirements perfectly.


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05. Molblly 10 inch Mattress



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Do you prefer a thinner mattress?

How about a 10-inch one?

If yes, you need to consider this mattress. It consists of 3-D knitted fabric, which means that the comfort you get is excellent. The wrapped coils provide you with proper support. Also, the mattress is available in 4 size variants.

The tempered coil system means that it provides support all over your body.

Did you know that it consists of reinforced foam as well?

Yes, you read it right. The reinforced foam maximizes the support at the edges. That is why; you get the same level of comfort all over the mattress.

The dual cover design makes it easy to maintain. Also, it makes the mattress breathable as well.

The construction of the mattress is such that you will not have to worry about formaldehyde, mercury, or other such harmful substances. It is entirely safe to use.

As for comfort and support, it provides pressure relief, which is another reason to go for it.

The USP, however, is the heavy-duty and comfortable construction of this mattress.


  • 10-inch mattress
  •  3-D knitted fabric
  •  Reinforced edge foam construction
  •  Excellent support on offer
  •  Breathable design


  • Finishing can be better.


The best aspect of this mattress is that it consists of knitted fabric and reinforced edges. Also, the dual cover makes it aesthetically pleasing as well. If you’re looking for an innerspring mattress which excels in various departments, this is the one which you should go with.


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06.BedStory 12 Inch Gel Hybrid Mattress:



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The USP of this innerspring mattress is the various types of foams that it consists of with a thickness of 12 inches.

When you look at the construction, it consists of soft gel-infused memory foam. It provides you with the comfort which you want. Beneath it, you will also find the coil base to support your body. As a result, the mattress offers a medium firmness.

Additionally, when you dissect the foam top, you will observe that it consists of only one layer of memory foam and two layers of egg crate foam as well.

On the top, you get a 3-D knitted fabric cover, which makes it comfortable and breathable. Also, the construction of the mattress is such that it conforms to the shape of your body and, therefore, quite comfortable.

You might have read above that it consists of gel-infused memory foam. The function of this memory foam is to provide proper temperature regulation. It will release the trapped heat, which ensures that the mattress stays at a comfortable temperature always.

The dimensions of the mattress are 60” x 18” x 12”. It is for the queen-sized mattress. There are in total of seven other size options available.

The gel-infused design provides better temperature regulation, which is what helps this mattress stand out.


  • 12-inch thickness
  •  Incorporates various foam types
  •  Provides proper support to your body
  •  Breathable & comfortable
  •  Available in 6 size variants


  • Edge support can be better.


Do you prefer an innerspring mattress that offers proper temperature regulation?

If yes, you should go with this one rather than any other. 


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07.Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam:


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The fourth option in our list of best innerspring mattress reviews once again has a thickness of 12 inches. However, the gel memory foam, along with the innerspring wrapped coils, provides you with a relaxing sleep experience.

On the top, you will notice a quilted pillow net cover. The corded edges, as well as knitted sides, ensure that you get proper breathability.

The gel-infused memory foam traps the heat from your body and creates a comfortable sleeping surface. Also, the automatic support foam on offer ensures that you get excellent support all over your body.

The 8-inches of the wrapped spring coils ensure that the support is long-standing.

Also, due to the hypoallergenic memory foam, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about allergens, mold, bacteria, dust mites, and so on.

If you look at its inner structure, it consists of a gel memory layer on top, followed by soft comfort foam in the middle and wrapped innerspring layer at the bottom. The adjustable base means that installing it is not going to be a problem.

The construction of the mattress is such that it is incredibly breathable. As a result, it becomes easy to use it throughout the year.

Also, you get to choose between 6 size options as well, which means that you can select the one which fits your bed perfectly.

The innerspring coils consist of 13 gauge stainless steel, which means that the durability is not going to be a problem.

With all these features on offer, it is hard to ignore this innerspring mattress in favor of any other.


  •  12-inch thickness
  •  Gel and comfort foam on offer
  • Temperature regulation feature
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic


  •  Firmness could be less.


With features like temperature regulation, breathability, hypoallergenic construction, you cannot go wrong with this innerspring mattress. When you combine all of this with its long lifespan due to the 13 gauge steel wrapped coils, it certainly stands out among other innerspring mattresses.


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08. Olee Sleep Euro Box Hybrid Mattress

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A hybrid mattress is one that contains elements from two or more types of mattresses. In this case, the Olee mattress has a memory foam layer on top of its classic innerspring mattress.

You get the gentle, cushioned support of a memory foam mattress without paying for a full memory foam mattress. That makes this one of the most affordable mattresses on this list.

We’re recommending the full size to provide a comfortable night’s sleep to individual sleepers, though this particular model is available in queen and king sizes as well.

For those who are particularly heavy, they’ll sink through the memory foam to the innerspring mattress layer. For any user, the foam surrounds your body without retaining too much heat.

The hollow fibers and knit poly-fiber cover improve on this, making this mattress ideal to those who otherwise tend to overheat at night. Consumer Reports didn’t review any mattresses by this manufacturer in its 2021

buying guide.


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09.Sealy Response Performance Tight Top Mattress, Queen Size

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This queen sized mattress is the right size for a couple or a large individual, though you can find this model in everything from standard twin sizes to California King.

The Sealy Response mattress is thicker than average  more than twelve inches. That doesn’t take into account the foundation that needs to be underneath it.

Note that you can get this exact size and style with a plush top instead of the “tight top”, but we are recommending this mattress for those who need support more than anything else.

It not only has responsive coils that minimize motion transfer while gently supporting your body, but an inch thick layer of foam prevents pressure points for those who would otherwise wake with aching joints.


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10.Otis Brand Galaxy Innerspring Mattress

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Beds in a box are popular right now. You can have it delivered to your home without having to hire a furniture mover. Unpack it in the room where you’ll use it, and it unfurls and expands to its final dimension.

This 8” innerspring mattress stands out as one of the cheaper, firm “bed in a box” options on the market today. At 65 pounds, it is something the average home owner can manage by themselves, critical for those who want to redecorate a bedroom by themselves.

This is a twin size mattress that manages to be firm and supportive at the same time. Its high grade coils provide support without being bouncy, though it won’t isolate motion. Then again, that isn’t an issue in the typical twin size bed.

It is superior to similarly priced futon mattresses, though this particular model can be used on futons, as well. It should last for years.


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11.Classic Brands Decker Model Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

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This is another affordable innerspring – memory foam hybrid mattress providing the best of both worlds. There is a classic box spring tempered by a thin layer of memory foam for a little more money than a cheap innerspring mattress.

It is also another brand that Consumer Reports didn’t get around to reviewing in the 2018 version of their annual buying guide.

This particular innerspring mattress is 10.5 inches thick. We recommend this version over the thinner, less comfortable 9” thick mattress by the same manufacturer.

The memory foam in this bed is superior, and it is more breathable than average. And unlike many innerspring mattresses, it can be rolled up and delivered to most customers’ door without paying special delivery charges above and beyond what you owe for heavy deliveries.


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12.Sealy Kelburn Mattress

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If you’re looking at the best innerspring mattress Consumer Reports ranked in 2018, this one came in second. It ranks lower on our list than others because of the high price tag. That high price is just for the mattress; you’ll pay more if you buy it with an adjustable base.

It was considered among the best innerspring mattress Consumer Reports saw because it literally fit everyone. It ranked perfect for heavy back sleepers and side sleepers, small back and side sleepers, and very tall users.

It had a very high score for durability. The only reason it didn’t rank higher with Consumer Reports was because it wasn’t very firm, but again, not everyone wants a firm mattress.

This mattress is comfortable for everyone who doesn’t need an ultra-firm mattress to solve posture and back problems. It offers excellent support for everyone else.

The coils are unusual in providing support all the way to the edge of the bed. The bed also wicks away moisture better that average as well as not retaining too much body heat.


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13.Signature Sleep Brand Contour Eight Inch Mattress

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This is an affordable inner spring mattress by Signature Sleep. The eight inch mattress is a better deal than the ten inch mattress, and it can be compressed and rolled for convenient (and cheaper) shipping. It is relatively firm for an innerspring mattress.

At roughly forty pounds, it is something many individuals can manage and manipulate themselves. It fits in trundle beds or you can use it as half of a standard king sized bed frame.

It is reversible, so you can flip it over if the top layer starts sagging, extending its life. It is covered with foam to protect you from any single pressure point. Note however that it is only going to last a few years, even if you flip it over.

One problem this brand has is that if the mattress ends up bent or compressed after shipment, you’re not able to get support from the company.


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14.Classic Brands Advantage Innerspring Mattress

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This innerspring mattress by Classic Brands is another eight inch mattress suitable for twin beds. It costs about as much as the Signature Sleep brand mattress.

Each coil is wrapped, helping create a responsive surface that minimizes the disturbance of anyone else on the bed when you get up. This mattress comes with a layer of foam on top, so that it minimizes the pressure points you feel with other innerspring mattresses. You really don’t feel the coils.

This mattress can be shipped compressed and rolled, but the company provides very good customer service if there are problems with the mattress. You cannot flip this mattress over to extend its usable life.

Note that the surface of this mattress is not water-proof, while the wrapping around the coils is another surface that can wick and absorb liquid.

Put a mattress cover on this mattress if the user may pee, poop or get sick on it.One benefit of mattress like this, especially with the quilt top layer, is that they don’t cause you to overheat.


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15.Zinus Ten Inch Extra Firm Mattress


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We realize that some people searching for an affordable inner spring mattress need an ultra-firm surface. The Zinus brand innerspring mattress is a good compromise between expensive adjustable beds and innerspring mattresses.

It has more coils than comparably sized mattresses, and each mattress coil is individually wrapped so that one person tossing and turning doesn’t disturb the other person. However, the mattress itself is heavy.

The high quality foam layer on top of the coils ensures that you never feel the coils, while the foam itself is so durable that it won’t fall apart after a few years of tossing and turning on the surface. Surprisingly, the mattress can be compressed and rolled up to ship it in a conveniently sized box.

It decompresses within two days of opening, unlike the three or more days some foam mattresses require, but it doesn’t have the nasty chemical smell that foam mattresses have.

The manufacturer offers a ten year limited warranty.


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To find the best innerspring mattress for your needs, first understand your normal sleeping position. Then compare this to your preferences regarding firmness, since a mattress that is highly rated but too hard simply won’t be comfortable regardless of its price. Then you can look for a mattress that suits you and your budget.

What Is an Innerspring Mattress?

Innerspring mattresses consist of dozens or hundreds of springs encased in a stitched cloth cover. These mattresses became popular in the 1930s as industrialization made springs themselves affordable enough to be mass produced and used in this way.

They provided significant support for the users without the hassle of tightening bed ropes. That’s the origin of the saying good night, sleep tight, by the way.

A higher coil count typically equals a firmer mattress. However, if you want a softer surface after buying an innerspring mattress, you can add soft foam layers on top of it. Or you can combine the two by buying a mattress that has a soft pillow-top layer sewn into the top of the innerspring mattress.

The Pros of Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses now make up around 80% of the mattress market. This makes them quite affordable and you can find them for every size bed, including twin XL and Texas King sizes. In contrast, you may have trouble finding a bed size, much less one that isn’t an innerspring mattress.

Pocketed coil mattresses let one partner get out of bed without disturbing another, since each coil is wrapped individually. And these mattresses are cheaper than split beds.

Micro-coil mattresses provide excellent pressure relief while being cheaper than foam and latex beds, though they are more expensive than standard innerspring mattresses. They have better than average durability.

The Cons of Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are more durable than their predecessors, but you still get mattresses that sag over time.
The cheaper the mattress, the weaker the exterior cover. And the more likely it is that you’ll start feeling individual springs press against you or even poke out.

If you have joint pain or back problems, you’re less likely to get the support you need with any innerspring mattress. The cheap Bonnell coil gives you choices in the firmness level of the mattress, but it only lasts five years. Continuous coils provide good support but cannot contour to your body very well since the coils are connected to each other.

However, you cannot get a combination of firmness control and support with an innerspring mattress. The offset coil mattress allows you to alter the firmness of the mattress, but it costs as much or more than an adjustable air bed.

Things To Consider When You Are In The Market For A Brand-New Mattress

There are many things to decide when you are finally ready to upgrade to a new mattress. Thinking about what features mean the most to you are important and of course, deciding which mattress will give you the best quality and the best value.

I highly recommend looking into the above mentioned 15 innerspring mattresses if you are in the market for a new one. They all have unique and incredible features, are made from high-quality leaders in the industry, and they are all a great value for what they cost. Of course, this list is not inclusive but after personal use and a lot of research, these are the top three innerspring mattresses that I recommend.

Observations about Innerspring Mattresses

A good general rule of thumb regarding innerspring mattresses is to stick to a minimum coil count. For full sized mattresses, don’t buy it if it has less than 300 coils.

If you’re looking at a queen sized mattress, it needs to have at least 400 coils. King mattresses should have at least 480 coils. Anything less than this reduces the support the mattress can provide, and no, connected springs don’t make up for an insufficient coil count.