Top 5 Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples in 2020 (Must Read)

Foam mattresses offer excellent support. This is why they’re popular for side sleepers. That also makes them a good choice for couples. Let’s look at the best hybrid mattress for couples, since hybrid mattresses are the ideal compromise for those with different sleeping styles or support requirements. We’ll also share the pros and cons of each mattress so you can find the one that is right for the two of you.

Top 05 Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples Reviews

01. Flip Brand Mattress by Nest



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It isn’t just a bed in a box. It is a full hybrid mattress. One of the concerns about buying a mattress online is that you can’t test it out. Does it offer enough support? What if it is too firm? One reason why this might be the best hybrid mattress for couples is that it has two different levels of support, one on each side. (Hint: that’s why it is called a Flip.)

One side is firm. The other is moderately firm or “medium”. That means it will probably have the right level of firmness for you, assuming you don’t want an ultra-soft bed. This bed is not the right choice if one of you has a number of health issues.

It will not provide the support someone who sleeps on their side requires, and it can sag so much that it worsens back pain. Nor can the mattress support a large amount of weight. Two people of average weight are fine, but anyone who is heavy will find themselves sinking into the bed and seven sliding toward the middle. Sagging gets worse as the mattress warms up from your body heat.

On the other hand, the bed’s top layer is relatively soft, so you won’t need a pillow top on top of it to make it comfortable. There’s no latex in the memory foam, so allergies are not an issue.

Both sides of the mattress have a cooling gel foam layer. And the center of the mattress is supported by a coil layer. This makes the entire thing thinner than comparable flappable mattresses. We’re recommending the queen sized because it is the right size for most couples, though they sell both a King and California king size, as well. For those who care, it is made in the United States.

The Flip mattress by Nest is Certi-pure certified. This means that the foam doesn’t emit toxic volatile organic compounds, and the bed doesn’t contain any toxic metals. This also explains why the mattress loses the chemical smell in a matter of days, when some of its competitors continue to smell for a month or more.

This memory foam mattress is almost unique in that it is made to be flipped, though you really can’t do that to extend its life since the other side probably isn’t what you’ll sleep on for six months.


  • Cooling foam on both sides
  • Get the firmness you need by flipping it
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • No allergen risk
  • Quickly loses its chemical smell


  • Not suitable for back pain or arthritis sufferers
  • Not a good choice for heavy individuals
  • Only moderately firm on the “very firm” side


  •  Generally affordable but rarely on sale

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02. Leesa Luxury Hybrid Mattress


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This Leesa brand mattress isn’t new to the market; it was previously sold as the Sapira luxury hybrid mattress. The mattress is available in sizes from twin to California King. We’re recommending the King size here because we recognize that some couples need the additional space kings have over queens.

This mattress has a foam layer on top of individually wrapped pocket springs. This minimizes the noise the mattress makes when you sit on it. This minimizes the transference of motion, too, whether one partner tosses and turns or gets out of bed often. It has better than average edge support. That matters over the years if you sit on the side of the bed to get dressed.

The mattress comes in a cover that breathes. This helps keep you cool without an excess of memory foam or chemical gels. On the other hand, this cover does nothing to vent body heat in the winter if you’re covered by blankets. This can make it too hot in the winter, though you may remain comfortable in the summer when under a light blanket. This means you may need to use fewer blankets in the winter to avoid overheating, but it certainly rules out using hot pads in the winter.

The company advertises their charitable giving, such as giving away pillows or beds to the community. That comes at a cost and it is in the form of more expensive mattresses for the consumer.

The mattress is moderately firm. For example, it would be an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale, though the company describes it as more like a 6. What if you want a mattress this firm? The downside is that it gets less firm with use, and that can happen in just a few months.

The moderately firm top is not diminished by the knit cover. However, the mattress is too hard for side sleepers of any weight. It is suitable for back and stomach sleepers who want a firm mattress.

The memory foam in the mattress takes around two weeks to fully air out. The chemical smell is not particularly bad.

Customer service regarding this product is poor. If it arrives used or damaged, good luck getting help with it.


  • Support charitable causes with your purchase
  • Good edge support
  • Keeps you cool in the summer
  • Firm


  • Loses support over time
  • Hot in the winter unless you’re careful
  • Not a good choice for side sleepers


  • These mattresses are periodically on sale

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03. Tuft and Needle Nod Hybrid Mattress, King Size


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This mattress by Tuft and Needle is designed to have a low profile. It has two inches of adaptive foam on top of six inches of pocket coils, plus a base layer. This minimizes the movement transferred from one tossing and turning partner to the other. And it does so without creating an ultra-thick mattress. The mattress also features ventilated fabric, minimizing moisture absorption. This controls odors and keeps people cool.

This mattress is suitable for back and side sleepers, if you only need average levels of support. However, the hybrid design minimizes noise and pressure points for all users. However, it doesn’t handle heavy side sleepers well, nor can it support very heavy people.

This is the hybrid mattress for couples that have different sleeping styles but don’t want two different mattresses in one. A side benefit of this model is the king size, providing additional space for everyone.

The mattress has the same odor as many foam mattresses, but it will dissipate faster than a full foam mattress. On the other hand, the springs themselves have to decompress, too. That can cause it to be uneven and make noise for several days after you get it. For very heavy people, it remains uneven.

One point in favor of this model is that it fits on almost any king sized mattress frame. Note that it is for standard king sized beds, not California king. Yet the manufacturer does make California king mattresses.

The mattress is soft, and you’ll sink in before the support kicks in. Make sure that’s what you want before you buy the mattress. This can cause problems for someone who already has back pain and needs strong support for their whole body.

It weighs more than a hundred pounds. That can be hard to move, and it adds to the shipping cost. It can’t be rolled up.


  • Low profile
  • Quickly loses smell
  • Available in California king sizes
  • Keeps people cool


  • Not good enough for heavy people, individually or together
  • Soft before it supports you, so bad if you have back pain

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04. Lucid Brand Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

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This hybrid foam / steel coil mattress has a medium firmness. It is thicker than the first mattress on our list, but it is also somewhat smaller, since it is a queen. This may be the best hybrid mattress for couple or individuals sleeping with children close together. This isn’t a good choice when there are two people who take up a lot of space when they sleep.

The memory foam is natural latex, while it contains charcoal and aloe. This is a problem if you’re allergic to latex. In every other case, that’s a plus, since that minimize odors and volatile organic compound emissions. That’s why it is Certi-Pur certified. However, the smell does take two weeks or so to dissipate.

The individually wrapped coils will minimize noise as well as prevent coils from tangling with each other. This mattress has far better edge support than comparable mattresses. The construction method also provides support immediately, instead of letting you sink down and then hit supporting layers.

Be very careful not to wear out the thin foam layer, or you’ll feel the springs sticking through. For some people, an additional mattress topper is necessary. That is essentially if you need a moderately soft mattress. This mattress is not suitable for those who have back pain or have arthritis.

The mattress itself is flexible enough to be rolled up. That makes it cheaper to transport and easier to move carry through halls and doorways. And you can fold it up and move it even after it decompresses. Yet it is surprisingly firm, even after it has expanded to its full size.

It has decent edge support, but the design also means you’re prone to sinking in the middle. This can also cause people to sink together in the middle, especially if they’re heavy. You may have to flip the mattress every month or two to prevent this. It is unusual for flexible mattresses in that both sides have similar degrees of support.


  • Easy to transport
  • Moderately firm support throughout
  • Excellent edge support
  • Very cool
  • No toxic chemical emissions


  • Unacceptable if you’re allergic to latex or aloe
  • Not very soft
  • Needs to be flipped more often
  • Not good for those with back pain

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05. Sweetnight Brand Queen Mattress, 12 Inch Pillowtop Mattress


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Sweetnight’s queen mattress is roughly twelve inches thick. It is unusual for containing gel memory foam, not just memory foam. This does an exceptional job of keeping the sleeper cool, and that’s important when there are two bodies generating heat, not just one.

This mattress by Sweetnight is worse than average at absorbing moisture. Do not get it wet. Protect it from sweaty sleepers. Otherwise, it will foster mold and bacteria growth.

The mattress as a whole is the most environmentally friendly on our list. It is free of toxic metals and chemicals like formaldehyde. The knit top is comfortable to lay on by itself, too. You don’t need a mattress toppers. It is very soft, thanks to the pillow top. For some, this is a plus If you’re heavy, it will deform over time. This isn’t a pro or con, because some people want a soft mattress.

The individually wrapped coils minimize noise and distribute body weight. This also helps minimize how much movement is transmitted to other sleepers, such as when one person gets up or tosses and turns at night.

The mattress can be rolled up compactly. This makes it easy to move through hallways and doorways. That allows it to be shipped in a small box, too. This minimizes shipping costs.


  • Cool
  • Minimizes motion felt by other sleepers
  • Soft on contact and into the depths
  • Easy to transport, low shipping costs


• Thicker than average

• Must be protected from moisture

• Not a good choice if you are heavy

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The best mattress for you both will be one that offers everything each of you needs. You’re not going to be happy if one sleeps soundly through the night while the other wakes up in pain. Choose a model that gives you space, support and comfort each of you deserves.

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