Top 6 Best Hotel Mattress Reviews of 2021 (Sleep in Comfort)

Hotel mattresses differ from the average residential mattress in a variety of ways. They have to accommodate nearly everyone, so they tend to have medium firmness. The hard part is finding mattresses that will make side, front and back sleepers equally happy.

The ideal hotel mattress will provide support without causing joint pain for anyone. People pay for a nice place to sleep, so hotels in general put a premium on plush mattresses. Health and hygiene are a priority. Little details can affect the hotel’s image, though this is a lower priority.

There are many options for businesses and individuals looking for the best hotel mattress. We’ll share our top recommendations so that you can find the best mattress for your home or business.

01. DreamCloud Brand King Hybird Mattress

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This hybrid mattress is designed to give everyone a great night’s sleep. There are six different layers. The combination of springs and varying densities of foam are intended to give everyone the right level of support. It is thus comfortable for the light back sleeper and the heavy side sleeper.

The pocketed coils reduces motion transfer, making this bed a good choice for two or more sleepers sharing the same bed. It is closer to soft than firm. It is better for back and stomach sleepers than side sleepers, but everyone can sleep on it for one night. That makes this a great choice for hotels.

The mattress is CertiPur certified. It doesn’t have a nasty chemical smell, and it is non-allergenic. It doesn’t always expand 100 percent, but the manufacturer’s warranty makes it easy to return if it doesn’t. Failure to expand can result in a lumpy service no one wants to sleep on.

The memory foam contains cooling gel, and unlike some beds that advertise such a thing, it is actually effective. This reduces the overheating problem that’s common in memory foam mattresses. The quilted top provides decent ventilation, as well. People rarely overheat in this bed.

Some of the complaints about this mattress unfairly compare it to the prior version. For example, this model has 6 layers instead of 8. That lowers the cost without hurting its qualify. It is roughly 13 inches thick. This is lower than the prior version, but the design makes it just as comfortable.

The pocketed coils are top notch, but the sides of the mattress aren’t thick enough to hide the coils. In a worst case scenario, the coils protrude from the side of the mattress, poking into or even through the mattress cover. The odds of this happening are greater when the mattress bows out at the sides.

The mattress is prone to sagging after a year or two of heavy use. On the flipside, it can support two moderately heavy sleepers at the same time. Some beds will sag within a few months with one such user.

The mattress itself is heavy. It is shipped as a bed in a box, but realize that it will take two people to move it. This is especially true for the king size we’re recommending. Once it expands, it will be difficult to remove.


  • Supports every type of sleeper
  • Excellent heat dissipation for a hybrid mattress


  •  Lasts about a year with heavy use


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02. GhostBed Mattress, Queen Sized 11 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress


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The Ghostbed is designed to accommodate everyone, though it is better for back and stomach sleepers. The Ghostbed line of beds is firmer than average. It has a little bounce but won’t sag. That can make this bed acceptable to lighter side sleepers but can cause issues for those with back and hip pain.

The light and airy surface on the mattress is likened to sleeping on a cloud, though there is a firm layer underneath. This layer wears down relatively quickly. Expect to replace the bed after a year of heavy use.

If the surface layer doesn’t fully expand, then the bed will be too hard for most users. Fortunately, the bed generally expands to a flat surface even if it doesn’t expand to the full height. You won’t get a brand new, lumpy mattress.

The bed has a slight chemical smell that dissipates within hours of unwrapping it. The bed is advertised as having some bounce, but the bed does nothing to limit motion transfer. One person tossing and turning will disturb the other.

One downside is the heat retention. All memory foam mattresses have this problem, but it is disappointing to see in a mattress supposedly designed to let you sleep cool. This can lead to tossing and turning. You can reduce the issue by having light blankets on it or having mattress covers that improve ventilation. Note that a cover like that prevents people from feeling the pleasant mattress cover.

This may be the best hotel mattress for the money. It offers excellent quality and serves a wide customer demographic, but it does so at a much lower cost than similar mattresses. We recommend the queen mattress because it can serve either individual or couples sleeping in the same bed. That is true whether it is used in a private home or commercial hotel.

A side benefit of serving a steady stream of customers is that they have different sleeping habits. That actually delays the formation of indents in the middle or sides of the mattress. Don’t expect to have to turn the mattress to keep your customers comfortable. Note that you can’t flip it, because the bottom is not designed to be slept on.


  • Balanced support at the onset
  •  No smell by the next day
  •  Good overall value


  • Heat retention problem
  •  Massive motion transfer


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03. Sleep Innovations Marley 12-inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress


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Sleep Innovations beds have a number of points in their favor. They are made with CertiPUR US memory foam. There are no toxic chemicals in the memory foam, though this doesn’t mean the mattress will not smell. It simply means the odor will not carry volatile organic chemicals or VOCs or heavy metals. Yet it manages to achieve this rating despite the cooling gel in the mattress. Furthermore, this mattress is made in the United States.

We’re recommending the 12 inch mattress, though Sleep Innovations makes 8 and 10 inch thick mattresses of the same general design. Our best hotel mattress review is for the 12 inch because it is the most comfortable in the set.

It has a 7 inch layer of base foam for support, a three inch layer of air channels to provide airflow, and a 2 inch layer of soft memory foam mixed with cooling gel. You won’t overheat in this bed. The intermediate layers even give it more structural support than classic memory foam mattresses.

This mattress is an excellent overall value. And it isn’t just us saying this. That is why U.S. News & World Report rated it one of the best budget mattresses in their 2020 rankings. No best hotel mattress review would be accurate if we didn’t include independent third party certifications like that.

One issue with the bed is a common one with memory foam and hybrid beds. It starts to sag after a year or two of use. Once it starts to sag, there is no support. The heavier you are, the faster it happens.

It is a full memory foam mattress. This makes it lighter than hybrid mattresses. However, this increases the odds it doesn’t fully inflate. It should fully inflate within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, you may want to return it. Sometimes the mattress doesn’t fully flatten despite being unpacked. That causes problems, too.


  • Excellent overall value
  • Great heat dissipation
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Relatively firm out of the box


  • Doesn’t always fully inflate
  • Sags within a year or two


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04. Sweetnight Brand Queen Mattress in a Box, 12 Inch Plush Pillow


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The plush pillow-top on the top of this mattress gives it a luxurious feel. It also gives you a soft layer between you and the sturdy memory foam and coils underneath it. The mattress may take three or four days to fully inflate.

It sometimes doesn’t fully inflate but remains relatively flat if that happens. The greater issue is the soft intermediate layers. It doesn’t offer much support. This can create problems for side-sleepers, those with joint problems or back pain. It can’t handle very heavy loads, either. It can support one person who is heavy or two of average weight.

The coils are individually wrapped. This limits motion transfer, so one person tossing and turning won’t disturb another. This does not prevent the springs from making noise, though. Furthermore, you can feel the springs if the top is starting to wear down.

One downside of this mattress is its poor durability. Its sides collapse within twelve months of use. The mattress develops high and low spots soon after. That can make it hard to get out of bed.

While this is a bed in a box, it is very heavy. You may need help to move it into the room it will remain in.


  • Limited motion transfer
  • Lovely plush top


  • Sags on sides and middle within a year


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05. BedStory Brand 12 inch Queen Mattress, Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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This mattress has a layer of Certi-pur memory foam on top of more supportive layers of foam.

Our best hotel mattress review wouldn’t be complete without comparing the mattress to the needs of public accommodations. One point in favor of this mattress is the relative cleanliness. It has a bamboo cover that resists bacteria. The charcoal in the foam resists bacteria, mold and fungus while neutralizing various odors. It does not resist stains.

Another benefit of this mattress model is the low cost relative to value. It is cheaper than average, but you get a medium-firm mattress that can accommodate almost everyone. Note that it is somewhat firmer than traditional memory foam mattresses, and this can be too hard for those who need a truly soft bed. It has an average level of pressure relief.

The memory foam contains gel that is supposed to help dissipate body heat. There is also a one inch layer of grooved cotton fabric. However, the foam wears down relatively quickly. The mattress may sag in the middle within a few months of purchase. Conversely, it has decent edge support.

The mattress may take up to four days to fully inflate once you unwrap it. The bed is true to size. We’re recommending the queen size, because it can accommodate couples as well as individuals.


  • Anti-bacterial by design
  •  Good overall value


• Poor durability

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06. Modway Brand Aveline 10 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam King Mattress



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The Modway bed in a box is available in six, eight and ten inch sizes. We’re recommending the ten inch thick mattress. It has the greatest level of comfort and support. We’re recommending the king size because it can accommodate two adults of all sizes. This size bed is also the best overall value.

This mattress is CertiPUR certified. There are no heavy metals or toxic chemicals used in its manufacture. It has a moderate smell, but the bed won’t emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs. This is despite the mattress being infused with cooling gel. More importantly, the mattress has open cell inner layers to give it as much ventilation as possible. You won’t overheat in this bed.

This mattress is not rugged. It can start to fall apart after a few months at the seams, and that’s not taking sagging and edge collapse into account. If the sides start to break open, plastic pieces or bits of fire-proof fiberglass may come out.

The smell may return, too. Inspect this mattress regularly and replace before it literally spills its contents. Note that this may not be stopped by a bed cover. Expect it to last a year at most with moderate usage.


  • Heat dissipation
  • Non-toxic bedding materials


  • Odor
  • Not durable


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Hotels exist specifically to give people a safe, comfortable place to sleep. The best hotel mattress will allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. From the hotel’s point of view, it needs to do so with minimal effort and at a reasonable price. We’ve provided our recommendations for the best hotel mattresses that allow you to meet your customer’s needs without breaking your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Hotel Mattress

01. What is a hotel mattress?

We’re starting this hotel mattress FAQ with basic vocabulary. What is a hotel mattress? The simplest answer is that it is a mattress found in hotels. However, hotel mattresses often meet very different standards than the average mattress in your home. For example, they’re slept on by a large number and wide variety of people. They cannot be very firm or very soft, because most hotel customers would be unhappy with them.

Hotels put a premium on cleanliness. They prefer mattresses that resist mold, stains and bacterial growth. And they’ll pay more for nearly sterile mattresses. They won’t pay for luxury mattresses unless they can charge that much more for a room that contains one.

02. What mattress do the best hotels use?

Hotel mattresses typically fall into two categories. One type is the large, plush box spring mattress. These tend to minimize motion transfer and noise so that everyone around you can sleep when you toss and turn or have intimate encounters.

They are generally covered with a memory foam mattress topper to minimize pressure points for the elderly, disabled and side-sleepers. That approach has the added benefit of being correctable, if someone asks for their bed to be firmer. All the hotel staff has to do is remove the topper. The topper has the added benefit of absorbing stains while protecting the mattress underneath.

The other solution is the hybrid mattress. That type of mattress already combines an innerspring core with a thick layer of memory foam. This approach may be cheaper than buying a high quality inner spring mattress and topping it with a memory foam mattress topper.

The memory foam layer reduces pressure points and provides a soft surface, while the inner spring underneath often provides a moderate level of support. The hybrid mattress may not be good enough for heavy couples or a heavy side-sleeper, but it meets the needs of 70 to 80 percent of the population. And that is good enough for most hotels.

03. What mattress do 5 star hotels use?

Five star hotels are expected to meet the needs of all of their customers. Some hotels let you choose the firmness of the mattress you want, and they’ll assign you a room with the right type of mattress for your sleeping preferences. But not all hotels can do this. This is why many five star hotels use higher quality hybrid mattresses, and they can add soft mattress toppers for those who want or need an extra layer of softness.

04. Are hotel mattresses better?

Not necessarily. Hotel mattresses are typically higher quality than the average mattress. And they may be much better than your futon mattress. However, hotels are a business. They seek to keep costs to a minimum unless they can charge you more for the luxury amenities.

This is why hotel mattresses are generally a better than average quality mattress, not the best mattresses in the industry. After all, they may have to eliminate all their mattresses after a bed bug or flea infestation, and they regularly discard mattresses that have been too badly stained to keep.

They also host a steady stream of customers, and this wears out beds faster than average because the bed is more likely to be abused by someone who doesn’t own it. They can’t afford to install a two thousand dollar mattress, if they have to get rid of it within a year for one reason or another.

One difference between hotel mattresses and regular mattresses is that hotels are more likely to pay for denser foam than normal, because it improves the durability of the bed. It is worth it to pay 10 percent more for a bed if it lasts six months longer.

05. How do hotels make their beds so comfortable?

One way they do so is not buying cheap innerspring mattresses that offer no support. Another method is preferring hybrid mattresses that provide a better than average balance of support and softness. They add to this with thick pillows, plush bedspreads and crisp, clean sheets. Furthermore, they use two utterly smooth flat sheets to create that smooth sensation as you slide into the bed.

06. How can I make my bed like a luxury hotel?

One option is buying a much better hybrid mattress, unless you want something very soft or very firm. Another option is adding a memory foam topper to your existing bed. This has the benefit of being cheaper than buying a new bed, and you can choose from a wide array of options.

07. How often do hotels change mattresses?

The average hotel changes mattresses after three to five years of regular use. However, they may have to replace the mattress at any time due to health reasons. This may be due to bad stains or bugs.

This is why the hallmark of a bad hotel is a stained, aged, lumpy and up to ten year old mattress.

08. Are hotel mattresses firm or soft?

They tend to choose medium-firm beds, because anything too firm or too soft will cause problems for more than half of their customer base. Where hotel beds differ is in the consistency of the bed. For example, they typically have excellent edge support and an even surface. You won’t get lumps or sloping sides on the bed.

09. Do hotels sell their bedding?

Hotels rarely sell their old beds for liability reasons. However, a few upscale hotel chains are selling sheets, pillows and even whole beds based on their designs. That’s why you can buy a Four Seasons Signature Sleep bedding collection including the beds, sheets, duvets, pillows and even bed frame and foundation. You can get either the whole bed or just the linens.

Note that the hotel chain doesn’t actually make the mattress and linens. For example, the Fairmont bed sets are made by Sealy. The same is true for the AKA beds. Simmons Bedding Company makes the Four Seasons package. The Ritz-Carlton bed is made by Stearns and Foster. This is available through the hotel’s online store. The Marriott sells both beds and branded bedding sets.

10. How much does a hotel mattress cost?

Expect a good hotel mattress to cost you several hundred dollars. At the high end, you’ll pay two or three thousand dollars for the bed, the linens, pillows, toppers and everything else. But then you get the 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets you fell in love with.