Top 7 Best Contour Pillows of 2021 For Your Comfort Sleep.

Contour pillows are great for getting a restful sleep as they give you more support and comfort around your neck, head and shoulder region than a normal pillow. If regular pillows aren’t cutting it anymore, or if you’re propping up multiple ones in the hopes of getting the support you need, then check out one of these contour pillows to get what your neck has been asking for.

What are Contour Pillows?

Aptly named, the contour pillow is a sturdy pillow with a contour in the center. This allows the pillow to better your neck and head. Usually these pillows are made from memory foam or similar materials. They are not known to have any harmful side effects, and they are much cheaper than other treatments designed to help with neck pains, such as massages or heat treatments.

Top 7 Best Contour Pillows

01. Nakital Ventilated Contour Memory Foam Pillow


The Nakital contour pillow is a wonderful product in this market as it gives you just enough support while also being cooling and comfortable. The memory foam has been ventilated in order to keep the pillow nice and cool during the night, which is essential for some sleepers.

The lower side is raised to 2.7 inches while the higher side is 3.9 inches. These are fairly standard sizes which ensure that you can switch between how much support you need.

The cover is a hypoallergenic polyester and cotton blend that is also quite soft. The texture is medium, which is best for those who don’t like things too soft or too firm. If you’re looking for a pain free night while also keeping yourself cool, then this is the pillow to go with.


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02.Sleep Innovations Microfiber Cover with Cooling Memory Foam


The Sleep Innovations cooling contour pillow is made with ventilated memory foam that allows proper airflow, this cooling the pillow and preventing it from getting too hot overnight. While not quite as cooling as a gel-infused foam or those made with open cells, it’s still much cooler than standard memory foam.

The microfiber cover on this pillow is guaranteed to be comfortable, and the texture is around medium to medium-soft. This makes it better for those who like their pillows just a little bit on the softer side, but it still gives you excellent support.

The lofts are 2.7 and 3.8 respectively, and the memory foam will cradle your head as you drift to sleep.


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03. NURSAL Orthopedic Support Memory Contour Foam


Looking for some extra features in your pillow? This contour pillow does more than just offer a high and low loft for your neck. The design is made specifically with your spine in mind, ensuring that you get orthopedic-level support, along with a nice face and neck massage.

You will notice a small notch at the bottom of this pillow. That’s for your cervical spine. It’s made so that you can directly integrate with your pillow, without any material getting in the way.

The memory foam also has little bumps throughout it. That might sound weird, but it gives you a little massage as you move around on the pillow.

The foam is on the firmer side, making it perfect for those who really want a good amount of support throughout the night.

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04.Limber Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow


If allergies are your concern, or if regular memory foam pillows give you a little redness around the face, then this bamboo memory foam contour pillow is a dream come true. 

Using natural bamboo fibers, which are naturally hypoallergenic and very soft on the skin, this pillow should give even the worst allergy sufferers a good night’s sleep while properly support your neck.

The cover is wonderful and soft, and the texture of the pillow is around medium. The lofts are of a standard size, but the inclusion of bamboo does cool things down a bit.

When it’s time to wash the bamboo cover, just unzip, toss it in the washer, and slip it back on. If you’re looking for a good night with a pillow that’s gentle on your skin, then it doesn’t get better than this.


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05.Cr Sleep Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow


The Cr contour pillow has two unique attributes that you may love, depending on your preferences. The lofts are a little higher than others, and it has gel-infused memory foam.

The higher lofts are 3.5 and 4.3 inches respectively. This gives you a tiny more support, and it’s good for those who feel the high loft on other pillows isn’t quite high enough.

The gel has a couple of characteristics that make it amazing. This gives the pillow a medium-firm feel, which ensures that it doesn’t squish down too much while you’re lying on it.

It also ensures that the pillow remains cool. If you need a good, firm surface to rest your head, then this may be the best pillow for you. Not only that, but the contour wave design of the outer cover is nice and relaxing.


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06.Linenspa High Loft Gel-Infused Contour Pillow


Here’s another gel-infused contour pillow, but the attributes are a little different here. On the cooling side, the gel doesn’t have quite as much impact here as it does with the Cr pillow, but it’s still quite cool compared to other memory foams.

The texture is also on the plush side, but the pillow itself has a compacted feel to ensure that it doesn’t squish down while you’re sleeping.

The most unique aspect of this contour pillow is that the lofts are very high. They are 4.5 and 5.5 inches respectively, making them higher than any other on this list.

This may be too much for some sleepers, but it’s ideal for anyone who feels like the high lofts on other pillows isn’t making a different in their support.


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07.YiiMO Breathable Ergonomic Natural Latex Contour Pillows


While the majority of the market is memory foam, there are contour pillows made with other materials. The case in point in this natural latex pillow, which uses all of the benefits of latex to craft a wonderful pillow that will relieve pressure from your neck and shoulders during the night. Latex is quite breathable, ensuring that it doesn’t heat up too much from your natural body temperature.

Another great benefit is that latex has a medium-firm feel, which for many pillow enthusiasts is the ideal texture. This ensures that the pillow keeps its shape, and this provides excellent support throughout the night. This particular pillow contains 95% natural latex without any of the artificial stuff.


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