Top 7 Best Body Pillow Covers -2021

A body pillow can be a great addition to your bed, couch or even floor since it offers longer support for resting, relaxing, playing video games, or just sitting and reading a book. While there are a wide variety of these types of pillows to choose from, did you know there are different covers available as well? The seven best body pillow covers listed above are examples of these and will not disappoint if you want something great. Take a look to see which is right for you!

1. Comfort Crazy Body Pillow Cover

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This popular pillow cover is made from high-quality 400-thread count cotton that is silky to the touch. It offers a smooth surface that’s comfortable to rest and sleep on and is hypoallergenic as well as breathable and soft. If you’re looking to add style to your home, this also comes in a variety of colors, including neutrals such as white, tan and black. This is an excellent choice available at an affordable price point for body pillows that are 20×54″ in length.


– Great reviews and track record
– Envelope closure for easy on and off
– 90-day guarantee


– Wrinkles easily
– Stiff
– May be too short for some pillows
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2. American Pillowcase Body Pillow Cover

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As one of the most affordable body pillow covers, this won’t disappoint anyone who is looking for something soft and beautiful. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, the yard is woven to create a sateen feel that’s both soft and luxurious. In addition to this, the 21×60″ oversized size is perfect for longer pillows or 54″ body pillows, as the excess can be tucked into the pillow quite easily. You will also find this available in several colors, including pink, ivory, black, and green.


– 300-thread count is very soft
– Can fit many sizes of pillows
– No stiff zipper
– Double stitching for durability


– Doesn’t tuck in well at the end
– Wrinkles easily
– Rough texture
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3. Moon Rest Body Pillow Covers

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Available in bold and neutral colors, this long body pillow cover is made of 100% cotton and feels smooth under your skin for comfortable rest. Available in two sizes, the 21×54″ comes with a built-in zipper that makes it easy to contain the pillow inside and create a pulled together look. For easy cleaning, simply wash on warm and then tumble dry. With so many bold choices of colors, this is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a cover that stands out from the rest.


– Easy to care for
– Edges are sewn with 5 stitches to prevent fraying
– Wide variety of colors


– Opening is small
– Tears easily
– Material isn’t very soft
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4. Web Linens Sherpa Body Pillowcase

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For those who are looking for a pillow cover that’s soft and fuzzy, this product by Web Linens is the perfect choice. Available in several colors, this pillow is made from a super soft sherpa and microplush that will keep you warm and feel cozy against your skin. This pillow cover measures 20×54″ and can be machine washed in cold or warm water and then dried on low heat. A zipper is also sewn in to make taking the cover on and off easy.


– Soft and durable
– Easy to take care of
– Made of 100% polyester


– Thin material
– Zipper gets in the way
– Material sheds
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5. Brilliant Home Design Faux Fur Body Pillow Cover

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As one of the best body pillow covers available, this product by Brilliant Home design is soft, cozy, and comes in several beautiful colors (including hot pink, teal, white, and gray). Designed to fit body pillows measuring 20×54″, this cover has a plush faux fur texture that is cozy and comfortable but also soft to the touch. Slip this on by opening the sturdy zipper closure, which conveniently stays hidden once the pillow is inside.


– Rich and vibrant colors
– Ultra soft
– Machine wash cold at home


– Cheap zipper
– Product sheds
– A lot of lint
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6. Pillowtex Plush Body Pillow Cover

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This plush and cozy pillow cover comes in three different sizes including 20×54″, 20×60″, and 20×72″. There is also a wide range of colors you can choose from to suit your home decor and taste, including red, green, blue, pink, and purple. The exterior is made from 100% polyester and feels silky smooth against the skin due to the plush fibers. There’s also a zipper built right in that makes it easy to take your inner pillow in and out. This is an excellent choice for use in winter but can also offer comfort during the rest of the year.


– Soft and cozy
– 90-day guarantee
– 3-year warranty
– Looks nice


– Material can shd
– Colors are different in person
– Tag says to dry clean
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7. Cotton Craft Body Pillow Cover 2-Pack

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This 2-pack of body pillow covers by Cotton Craft is available in white, charcoal and ivory, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. Each pillow cover measures 54×21″ and is made from high-quality pure combed cotton that offers a sateen feel that is soft to the touch and won’t irritate the skin. To use, insert your pillow through the side of the cover that features a zippered closure, then zip shut! It’s easy to use, easy to care for and looks great thanks to the neutral colors that fit in with any decor.


– Affordable
– Measures 21×54″, which fits most body pillows
– Hidden zipper
– Fabric is soft


– Looks cheap
– Some users say fabric isn’t soft enough
– Attracts lint
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Covering Your Body Pillow

The seven best body pillow covers listed above won’t disappoint! In addition to being affordable, they are also the perfect size for almost any body pillow you might already have. There are also several colors available by most brands, so you can choose a cover that suits your taste in particular. Whether you want a cover that is plush and fuzzy or one that’s soft and silky, you’ll easily find one that you’ll want to cuddle up to every night of the week.

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