Top 10 Best Bamboo Mattress Review of 2021 (Natural & Comfortable)

Welcome to our bamboo mattress review post . A new mattress can make all the difference with how well you sleep at night. Memory foam mattresses that are made with bamboo, in particular, are excellent because they help absorb odors while keeping the bed as fresh as possible. While there are many memory foam mattresses on the market, not all feature bamboo. To narrow down your choices, five of the top bamboo mattresses are listed below.

1. Lucid 10″ Mattress with Bamboo and Charcoal

This mattress features 10″ of support thanks to 5″ of support on the base followed by 2″ of support foam, 1″ of aloe vera transition foam, and 1.5″ of bamboo charcoal memory foam.
The charcoal and bamboo are essential in this design, as they help eliminate odors in the bed while pulling moisture away from your body as you sleep.
This hypoallergenic bed also features aloe vera infusions that help keep the bed fresh while encouraging a deeper sleep every night. Another unique feature of this mattress is are the coils, which help provide better balance and support.


  • 10-year warranty
  •  Soft with support for those who suffer from back issues
  •  More affordable than other mattresses


  • May need a mattress topper for additional support
  • Can sink in the middle when used regularly
  • Difficult to move after being placed

2. Lucid 14″ Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo 

This plush 14″ mattress is made with three layers to ensure ultimate comfort and eliminate pressure points that cause back and joint pain. These layers include 1″ of bamboo charcoal, 3″ of ventilated gel memory foam and 10″ of high-density base foam, all of which come together to create a supportive and soft sleeping surface.
The bamboo and charcoal, in particular, are excellent additions that help get rid of odors while keeping you cool as you sleep.
This bed also features CertiPUR-US certification and it does not contain any dangerous or chemical-laden synthetic latex of any kind. To further enhance your rest, this product features a breathable and moisture regulating cover that’s made with Tencel blend fabric.



  •  25-year warranty for peace of mind
  •  Available in a wide range of sizes from twin to king
  •  Can help reduce back pain and discomfort during the day


  •  More firm than it is plush
  • Too tall for some bed frames
  • Can sag in the middle after repeated use


3. Lucid 16″ Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo and Charcoal

As one of the tallest memory foam mattresses available, this is an excellent choice for those who want a bed that makes a statement.
It’s made of several layers, beginning with 10″ of supportive high-density base foam. From there you’ll find 2″ of natural latex foam, 3″ of ventilated gel foam and 1″ of bamboo charcoal memory foam sitting on the surface. Over that is a removable cover that’s breathable for reduced heat while you sleep and easy washing in your home washer and dryer.
This product also features open-cell technology that helps better adhere to every curve of your body to reduce pain and support aching joints. The bamboo and charcoal are added benefits, as they absorb moisture and odors for more restful sleep.



  • Easy setup thanks to compression when packaged
  •  Breathable Tencel-blend fabric cover
  •  Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king
  •  25-year warranty included with purchase


  •  Can get softer in certain spots after extended use
  •  Smells after being unboxed
  •  More comfortable without a frame underneath


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4. Lucid 12″ Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo 

Available in twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, and California king, this 12″ memory foam mattress is an excellent addition to any home.
It is designed with 8″ of high-density base foam for support, 1″ of charcoal and bamboo memory foam for freshness, and 3″ of ventilated gel memory foam for comfort as you sleep. The mattress is then enclosed in a Tencel-blend cover that’s breathable and easy to clean.
When you lay on this, the bed forms to your body and supports the natural curves of your lower back, shoulders, head, neck, and other areas that commonly ache after a long day.
This can help you wake more refreshed while simultaneously helping to alleviate chronic aches and pains. For those who tend to get hot at night, this product can help with the gel beads that are in the top memory foam layer.



  •  25-year warranty
  •  More affordable than other memory foam mattresses that are the same size
  •  Many positive reviews
  •  Helps reduce overheating while you sleep


  •  Firm; may not be as plush as desired
  •  Some edges may fill out better than others and cause dips
  •  Can sag in the middle with repeated use


05.Lucid Brand Fourteen Inch Bamboo/Charcoal/Memory Foam Mattress


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This memory foam mattress has a charcoal infused bamboo layer on the top. That allows it to absorb odors well for years, assuming a standard environment.

This mattress is recommended to our readers because it is as comfortable as the thicker hybrid bamboo mattress by this manufacturer but comes at a lower price.

We also recommend this mattress over the sixteen inch version because it lacks the extra layer of potentially allergenic latex the thicker model has. Yes, this mattress is safe for everyone.

The gel infused memory foam offers excellent support, making this a great choice for those with back problems. This makes this mattress particularly soft and plus, a necessity for side sleepers and those who want to sink into their bed at night.

 This mattress stands out for its 25 year warranty. The environmental awards granted to the company for the sourcing of its memory foam and bamboo.

Another benefit of this mattress is the range of sizes available. You can find twin, full, queen, king and extra-large versions of these sizes.

This mattress is breathable while providing good support. The mattress also compresses well for compact shipping, often saving a lot of money on shipping costs. It decompresses over several days.

In short, get this mattress if allergies or back support are your biggest considerations.


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06.Signature Sleep Brand Bamboo/Coil Mattress


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This hybrid mattress stands out as one of the only choices for those who don’t want just memory foam under their bamboo charcoal mattress layer. It puts the charcoal infused bamboo layer on top of a standard coil mattress. That makes this the cheaper bamboo mattress on this list.

The relative lack of memory foam means that it won’t smell, ever. The mattress is certified low VOC. Nor do you have to worry about this mattress needing to decompress before you can sleep on it.

The Signature Sleep brand bamboo/coil mattress has three thin layers of foam so that it can relieve pressure points before your body sinks down to the coils.

It is only ten inches thick, so it fits on a lot of beds and doesn’t put the bed surface too far above the floor. It is relatively light, as well.

It is available in full, queen and king sizes. You can fit almost any brand of sheets and blankets on it, unlike the overly big sheets necessary with the ultra-plush mattresses that are often the alternative to this model.

Note that this Signature Sleep mattress model is not reversible like several other models by this manufacturer are.

In summary, if you want a thin bamboo mattress to fit in your existing bed and sheets, pick this mattress.


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07.Customize Bed Brand Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover

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This relatively thin memory foam mattress with a bamboo cover. The gel infused memory foam is supportive while preventing the heat retention problem of many rival products. However, it won’t need ages to decompress; it decompresses in a matter of minutes of being unpacked.

This mattress is found in sizes from twin to California King sizes, as well as some unusual sizes like COT33 mattresses perfect for RVs. This mattress is very lightweight; it can be handled by a single person. It can be safely stored, whether you use it for guest beds or as a travel bed.

The exterior is so durable that you can even put it on the floor of a cabin and still sleep on it comfortably. However, you should put it on a foundation / box springs if you’ll be sleeping on it full time.

This bed is fire resistant above the standards set for the average memory foam bed. The bed itself is non-allergenic and all natural. It resists dust mites. It comes with a basic five year warranty.

In summary, this is the bamboo mattress to buy if you need one for an RV, guest usage or periodic use.


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08. Brentwood Home Bamboo Mattress


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This bamboo mattress is the most expensive one on this list. However, that’s because we’re recommending the thirteen inch thick mattress, though there are thinner versions available by this manufacturer.

This mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. You can’t find this in RV sizes like the Customize Bed brand bamboo mattresses. Regardless of the size and thickness of bamboo mattress by this manufacturer you find, you’ll enjoy support, distributed weight and no painful pressure points.

For those who care, the bamboo layer is made from bamboo-derived rayon. Conversely, the mattress was made without the potentially toxic flame-retardants some of its rivals contain.

One of the standout benefits of this mattress is the detachable natural wool cover that comes with the bamboo mattress. This makes the surface softer while keeping it cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

And you can wash that cover many times or replace it if it starts to wear out or becomes stained. Plus the fact that the mattress cover comes with the mattress means you don’t have to find a separate mattress cover.

The thick base layer prevents noise as you get in and out of bed, while the mattress foam layers isolate motion so it won’t disturb your partner. This product comes with a limited 25 year warranty.

In short, if eco-friendliness is your deciding factor, you want this bamboo mattress.



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9. Zesens 10″ Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress 

With several sizes available, including twin, full, king and queen, this mattress can fit frames for any bed you have in the home.
It features several layers of support for comfortable sleep, which begin with 7″ of support foam, 2″ of soft foam, 1″ of gel memory foam and a top layer of bamboo fabric. As an antibacterial and UV resistant bed, this is an investment that you can expect to last for years to come.
It provides exceptional comfort and is CertiPUR-US certified for safety, indoor emissions, and durability. If you’re looking for something that offers full-body support for better alignment, this is the ideal choice.



  • 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty
  •  Two layers of fireproof fibers included in the design
  • High quality for an affordable price


  • Not as popular as other mattresses
  • Doesn’t feature as much memory foam on the top as other mattresses
  • May require an additional mattress topper for better support

Bamboo mattresses are a new product on the market for modern consumers. Let’s learn what bamboo mattresses are and the pros and cons of bamboo mattresses relative to other types of mattresses. 

10.Dahlia Charcoal and Bamboo Mattress


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This bamboo mattress’s bamboo layer is infused in charcoal to control odors whether from the memory foam or the user. The mattress itself doesn’t smell like traditional memory foam mattresses. Like other bamboo mattresses, it is hypoallergenic and naturally anti-microbial. However, you still want to have a cover on it if it is at risk of getting wetting or stained.

It is an affordable memory foam mattress, and you can often get free shipping with this mattress. The complete mattress weighs around ninety pounds, though the protective packaging may weigh even more.

Since it is an integrated bamboo mattress, you get better performance and durability than a bamboo fiber mattress cover that may be put on top of your existing memory foam mattress.

It is available in twin, queen, king and California king sizes. Extra-long sizes are often available, but this depends on the retailer you’re buying it from.

This mattress stands out for the “wedge” system to help the memory foam keep its shape, preventing sagging. The mattress itself is somewhat firm. The biggest “pro” of this mattress is the fact that it won’t sag after a few months of you sitting on the edge while getting dressed.

This particular mattress has channels in the memory foam itself to maximize air flow. Its channels are both horizontal and vertical so that you’re comfortable whether it is a hot summer night or you’re wrapped under several blankets.


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What Is a Bamboo Mattresses?

Bamboo mattresses are not made entirely out of bamboo. Instead, they are made from a mix of memory foam and cloth made from mostly bamboo fibers. The “bamboo” fiber often contains some cotton or other materials, so it is still comfortable to lay on.

The bamboo itself may be turned into fiber by breaking down the cellulose to create fibers or converted chemically into rayon; the latter case has a worse environmental impact than the earlier one.

In most cases, the memory foam layer is covered by an attached bamboo layer you can remove and replace, but it is integral to the mattress. A traditional memory foam mattress or inner spring mattress with a bamboo fiber based mattress cover does not count as a “bamboo mattress”.

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Mattresses?

01. In most designs, the bamboo layer is on top of the memory foam, keeping you cool.

02. When you have a bamboo mattress, you’re avoiding allergen problems that come with latex memory foam. In some cases, the bamboo layer makes it safe to lay on a latex memory foam bed because it is sealed within one to two inches of bamboo fiber.

03. These mattresses are naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

04. If eco-friendliness is a key deciding factor for you, the fact that the bamboo layer reduces the need for chemically based memory foam is a plus. Bamboo itself is an endlessly renewable material, in contrast to the petrochemical manufacturing process of most types of foam, latex excepted.

05. In some designs, the bamboo layer is infused with charcoal to absorb odors – whether it is from your sweat or the memory foam’s outgassing. In a few cases, the charcoal embedded in the bamboo layer is derived from burned bamboo.

06. Bamboo mattresses resist dust mites.

07. Bamboo mattresses share the same stability as other memory foam mattresses; if one partner is tossing and turning, the other sleeper is unlikely to be disturbed.

What Are the Potential Issues with Bamboo Mattresses?

These mattresses can absorb bodily fluids, so don’t use it without a mattress cover if you, your children or your pets may have accidents in bed. Do not let it get wet, and if wet, dry it immediately.

These mattresses are stiffer than traditional gel or memory foam mattresses. If you are a heavy side sleeper, this may be too stiff.

Choosing Your Bamboo Mattress

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your night, as it helps you prepare the day ahead. If you don’t have a mattress that facilitates quality sleep, then it’s worth looking into those listed above for a change. They are well worth the investment and have positive reviews to prove it.
With most offering warranties, you will want to take the chance to see what a difference a good mattress can make in the way you sleep. If you’re like most, it will help you wake more rested and energetic so you can tackle the day ahead without fatigue or pain.
I hope you enjoy this bamboo mattress review post because we picked the best mattress here.