Bad Mattress Health problems-Do You know?

Do you know your mattress can affect your health? There are so many problems that are caused by mattress but many people are not aware of it. If you feel ace, back pain, arm pain, hip pain and shoulder pain after awake. It may be caused by mattress so you need to take few measures to prevent these problems. Today I will discuss about it and tell you what problems can happened by a bad mattress.


  1. Back pain: Back pain is a common problem in everybody. There are so many reasons for back pain but one of the most important reason of back pain is sleeping on a bad mattress. The stiff mattress create pressure on the spine and soft mattress lead to excessive sinking both are lead to back pain. So you should know which is the best mattress for your body that do not create health problem like back pain.Click here to know the best mattress for back pain.


  1. Hip pain: Hip pain is another health problem that may be caused by bad mattress. This pain is also occur by soft and stiff mattress. Stiff mattress create opposite pressure and soft mattress do not provide enough support to the hip for softness. So you may feel hip pain after leaving the bed.
  1. Health Effects of Bad Mattress info graphic
    Health Effects of Bad Mattress info graphic

    Neck pain: Neck pain is a common pain .if your neck do not get enough support may cause neck pain. Most of the time it occur for the pillow but mattress also lead to this pain. Mainly it occur when middle and upper body are imbalanced this irritate the neck joint. By choosing a proper mattress you can remedy this problem.Click here to know best mattress for neck pain.


  1. Depression: Many doctor said that poor sleeping is the most important reason for depression. If you sleep on a bad mattress you will feel less comfort that disturb your sleep and you may awake in the late night. If you do not sleep properly every day you will feel problem in the next whole day. So sleep on a proper mattress.


  1. Weight gain: Believe it or not poor sleeping help to gain weight because it can help to burn low calories. If you do not sleep in proper way or proper time the enzyme that burn calorie will not produce or less produce. When you sleep two enzyme are produced one is lead to burn your fat and another increase your appetite. So you should never think if you take less food can only lose your fat or body weight. So always sleep on a good mattress.


Everybody should buy a good mattress. Many people do not want to spend much money on their mattress that is not wise because you spend a lot of time on mattress every day. So your mattress should be very good to give you comfort. Your mattress is one of the most important partner so you should buy a good mattress.

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